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VU4 {Zetaboards Superhero RP]
Several years ago, a revolutionary new energy source was invented by a privately-funded think tank, and the material, nicknamed Genesis, clean, powerful and cheap, has begun to make its way into almost every facet of technology in the first world. Computers, medicine, weapons, engines and so much more have been revolutionized by this unprecedented substance. However, it slowly became apparent that Genesis was not only somewhat toxic if mishandled, as had been public knowledge from the start, but it had EXTREME mutagenic properties, leading to dangerous and severe genetic disorders and cancers amongst those who worked around the material often.

Still, the cost efficiency of Genesis outweighed the risks, in addition to every country realizing that to give Genesis up would put them at a disadvantage on the world scale. So instead of Genesis technology being recalled, strides were taken to begin making it safer to work with and handle. However, before that could happen, Genesis revealed one last surprise.

The near-destruction of the International Space Station due to an unexpected burst of cosmic radiation was averted by the debut and assistance of the world's first superhero, Nova Blue. Gaining immediate fame and public approval for her actions, Nova Blue was transparent about the source of her powers - or as much as she could be without revealing her identity - and revealed that it was a mutation caused by exposure to Genesis. Indeed, as more powered individuals started to pop up, it became apparent that on occasion, the mutations caused by Genesis were beneficial. Very beneficial.

Beings with abilities were sorted into two categories: those who had only recieved a basic dose of Genesis poisoning had a chance of mutating into the mildly-powered "alphahumans", while those who had recieved severe doses, like Nova Blue, became the more unpredictable "betahumans." Nova Blue swore to protect the planet from those who misused this destructive power, but seemed to break her oath quickly, leaving the planet to explore the cosmos for months at a time. In her absence, other alpha and betahumans took on the responsability of defending their world, becoming the First Generation of Superheroes.

Years passed. There were heroes, villains, battles, doomsday weapons, team ups, arch enemies, a generation of super-conflict. But as technology advanced and Genesis became safer to use, mutations like this became less common, and new powered individuals stopped emerging. Some heroes died, some villains died, numbers were thinned on both sides with no new replacements, and it seemed to age of superheroes was done, until nineteen years later.

A terrorist organization - anarchists calling themselves Riptide - launched a significant attack on several cities across the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, using powerful bombs based on Genesis technology. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have begun fleeing west... among them, a new, much larger batch of alpha and betahumans.

That was fourteen months ago. The Second Generation of Superheroes rises now.

In the wake of this, a new secret government organization has been formed: the Threat Assessment & Response Government Enforcers. Still unknown to the public, TARGE has been attempting to take the fight to Riptide and the new wave of supervillains on a covert level, and as such have been recruiting powered individuals of their own. TARGE is aided and officially backed by a number of veteran superheroes from the first generation, including Nova Blue herself.

Your character is a rookie superhero recruited by TARGE to be a part of a special metahuman task force named Vigilance Unit 4.

Character creation rules:

-Your character must be a part of the SECOND WAVE of powered individuals, meaning that they were living on the East Coast approximately fourteen months ago.

-Younger, more inexperienced superheroes are encouraged - this is meant to feel like a new generation. That said, this is not a strict rule. Characters cannot be minors, and below 30 is ideal.

-Obviously, it must make sense that your character is joining TARGE.
-Your character must be either an ALPHAHUMAN or a BETAHUMAN.

ALPHAHUMANS have the standard Captain America powerset: enhanced strength, reflexes, senses and healing, but not to supreme levels. Note, however, that this puts no restrictions on equipment, training, or non-superpower-related skills, within reason.

BETAHUMANS can have any power, but with a commensurate weakness or liability: every Beta has some massive disadvantage to their power, no exceptions. Examples may include someone who can turn invisible and inaudible, but becomes blind and deaf as a result, or a teleporter who must always leave a tiny part of themselves behind. And again, "any power" is within reason.

-Mind yourself for trenchcoating and OP characters. The GMs must approve every submitted character.

RP rules:

-Fair warning: permadeath is allowed, and is decided upon via a dice roll system.

-Leaving/betraying TARGE is allowed (within reason), with one restriction: Riptide cannot be joined. Also, it is down to you to make sure that your disparate character still has a logical reason for being in the story.

-Please keep information compartmentalized. Do not share information with other players unless their character could know it; ideally, only share information in-character, period. This is to ensure immersion.

-Unless the entire RP is stalled for whatever reason, failing to post within two months will result in the "tossing away" of your character, generally via an unceremonious off-page death.

If this RP sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), please do not hesitate to send me an rMail, so I can give you a link to the Zetaboards site hosting the RP, as well as directions to access topics.