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Game Background
Call of the Duel is set in the world born of Yusei Fudo's ambition and success. However, once he'd changed New Domino City, for the better, something mysterious happened. The Signers of the Crimson Dragon found their marks burning, like they'd been cut into their arms. The Signs of a new force, a third party as it were, had entered the world... but why?

In this game, you play as a group of Signers representing an oldie-but-goodie of the Duel Monsters world: Exodia

There are a few things that need to be clarified, so if you have a question, PM it to me and I'll make a new notice here about it.

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Game Background
Important Figures

Rider Zero

The name Rider Zero is that of a notorious criminal. The streets of New Domino City are plagued by the near-deadly Duels he instigates. Illegal Dueling, theft, and the destruction of public property are his tools of choice. Sector Security claims that he doesn't exist, that he's an urban legend, but there are desperate cover-ups wherever and whenever he's been riding.

No one knows who he is. And those who claim to have glimpsed his face, never get the chance to tell anyone.

Director Jack Atlas

Once the King of Dueling, (the Sultan of Speed, the Master of Faster, etc.) Jack Atlas now runs the city of New Domino as the Director. He's not the most qualified person, but being as past Directors have attempted to take over the world and used Sector Security as cheap labor, people were more than happy with a Director simultaneously intent on pressing forward in the realm of Duel technology and content to allow the city a period of peace under doting eyes.

(More will be added.)

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