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Character Creation
Characters are created as per the usual rules in the Mage M20 rulesbook.

Sample Concepts

Superhero: Many an Etherite goes the pulp fiction routine, whether as a government sponsored caped crusader, scientist turned superhero, government vampire agent.

Adventurer: The quintessential adventurer travels the earth, the seas and sometimes even space to vanquish evil and retrieve ancient artifacts. Making use of survival equipment, guns, ancient technologies or homemade gadgets, and a modicum of good fortune favoring the bold the adventurer

Vigilante: Some people have a score to settle or seek to right wrongs the law can't touch. Some of these are euthanatos recruiting material but having been born in the west they are often orphaned. A select few are secret government spies and assasssins.

Steampunk Cyborg: Often bulky and running on steam or sn inbuild electricity generator. Cyborgs are considered weapons and must be registered. The police and military employs steambots and electroborgs in extreme circumstances. Some gangs have been using illegal cybernetics of Technocratic origin recently, supplied no doubt by secret Technocratic cells.

Mad scientist: Science is a messy creative process that sometimes requires taking great risks and overstepping society's moral boundaries. Not all scientists are in the employ of the government or members of the Science Council.

Psionic: Psionics are accepted as existing by the masses on Etherscape earth. A growing number of orphan mages attribute their powers to psionics, often due to some scientific mishap but sometimes claimed to be the result of mutation or alien genetic heritage. With the arrival of the Psion species this claim is even easier made.

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