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Experience & Treasure
[Game uses Medium Progression Track]

Manor Mauraders & subduing possessed guards: 350 xp each
Diffusing the Elfmarked Haunt: 200 xp each


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Experience & Treasure

Old Ceresian Shrine Scythe (Kiaven)
Armor Display Longsword (Orrin)

10 gp each (courtesy hush money from the Duke)

Decorations & Awards
Crossroads Chevron, 1st Crest (Bastian, Gackitch, Kiaven)1
Initiate of the Order of the Silver Shield, House Hirsch-Dammung (Orrin)2

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Experience & Treasure
Additional Details

1. Crossroads Chevron, 1st Crest
The neophyte medal was awarded to those who accomplished some positive service to the Magdar people or crown. It was better known by its common name, the "Black Bar," which was its most prominent feature; a horizontal black bar over orange backing, crossed by a smaller black chevron pointed upward. The award originated from those units serving the battle wagon patrols and its image resembles the common rank insignia of those warriors, but in reverse orientation.

2. Order of the Silver Shield, Initiate (House Hirsch-Dammung)
The honor was symbolized by a gray bear posing behind a silver gear-shaped shield over a red background within a silver kite shield-shaped emblem. The craftsmanship of the bear and gear were exquisite with fine details for the minute ursine fur and visible clockwork accuracy of the gear.

The Order of the Silver Shield is one of two major knightly orders of the Hirch-Dammung, the other being the Order of the Starry Sword. The Order of the Starry Sword is by far a more militant honor and usually only given for service of arms. The Silver Shield is more holistic honor, involving all manner of service to the Hirsch-Dammung, both martial or civic. It is the broader and more common honor bestowed, but also the less political of the two.

Award Benefits: The awards themselves result in a +1 bonus to Status in their respective kingdom, and when worn (or known you possess such an honor) a +1 bonus to appropriate and lawful social dealings (Diplomacy, Gather Information, etc. while Bluff/Intimidate is conditional, etc.) with peoples of their respective awarding Kingdoms, with the caveat the corresponding Magdar or Dornitian character is passingly knowledgeable about such things. For instance, a commoner who doesn't care for such things wouldn't net much benefit for you. Likewise, an enemy kingdom (or for the Grand Duchy, an opposing house) would not look kindly on such honors, thinking your allegiance is with their foe; this may result in a -1 penalty for situational matters with those factions, but political allegiances hold an element of pragmatism, so reactions will vary.

Awarded: Post #201 on link to a message in this game

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