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Sat 12 Sep 2015
at 22:24
Table talk
Out of character, player to player, table chatting.

First things we should hash out are the characters you'd like to play and what level you'd like to start at.

Then we can get into the general background of the story and where we're going to start our adventure.

Or a bit o' both at once.

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Sun 13 Sep 2015
at 00:01
Table talk
I would really love to start at level 3, if that's okay. Most of the really fun class abilities start at that level. I can start working on the characters tonight, though it will likely take me until Monday to finish them, given RL stuff.

Tell me more about the world and anything relevant to a backstory--I would love that so I can cook up their collective background.

And, yes, I have a character sheet template I'd like to use--I'll share that in the next day or so.

My characters will depend a lot on your world, so tell me about your world first :-)
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
at 01:07
Table talk
I'll give you the details as they are in the book, along with my ideas of how to tweak them to fit in generic fantasy land.  You can tell me what parts you like and what parts we can generi-fy.

Here comes a large bit of information that we may decide we don't want.

The history of the Warlord setting is based on the premise of the fall of the Great Dragon in ancient times and how its death twisted the races and the world.  It had created the world and the lesser races, and then had decided to destroy it.  The races joined together to to defend themselves and their world, and defeated the Great Dragon.

It's corpse sank deep into the earth and started to spawn abyssal demons as it rotted.  The dwarven race was called on to defend against them, and they disappeared down into the depths, and have been fighting the abyssals ever since then.  They've been gone from the surface lands so long, that some believe both the dwarves and the abyssals are only legends and don't really exist.

It's soul became The Storm, a destructive force that sweeps across the land.  Those caught in side it are killed or turned into undead.  The Storm came to be worshiped by a nation of noble humans who were descendants of the heroes who slew the Great Dragon.

The immortal elves, for their hand in the death of the Great Dragon, were cursed.  Their life spans were shortened to 30 years.  To combat this, they started to worship the elements of Bone, Blood, Spirit, and Flesh.  They uncovered the secrets of necromancy, and regained a form of immortality once again.  Eventually their need for sacrifices to appease the dark forces they worshiped drove the wizards of hte human nations to put a hundred year geas on the elven race that prevented further necromancy.  The elves awaited the end of their geas and their chance for revenge.

The goblinoid races were ignored for the most part after the Great Dragon died.  As time passed, they started to interbreed, and eventually became a single race of war-like tribes known as the Nothrog.  Interbreeding stabilized their disparate cultures and strengthened their minds.  They began to build siege equipment and military academies, and looked at the riches of the other races with envy.

The world has recently been torn apart by the outbreak of war.  The human nations are caught in the middle of everything, with no firm alliances to rely on.  The geas against necromancy has been lifted from the elves, and they have started slaughtering the human nations that border their dark forests.  The goblinoid Nothrog have come from the wasted plains to prey upon the rich lands of the humans and elves.  The noble line of humans seeks to join all the human races under their rulership.  Lastly, the Dwarves have started to come up from the depths to seek aid against the rising tide of abyssal spawn that they can no longer hold back alone.  No one on the surface has time to hear their pleas, though.

TL;DR --

The elven race in this setting, as whole, are inclined to evil.  They live short lives, obtaining immortality through necromancy, which they excell at.  This is a big deviation from tradional fantasy tropes, and we can ignore it all together if you'd rather.

The goblinoid races have interbred and become one race of warmongers (think Urukai-style orcs) who have mastered siege machinery.

The humans are disparate and varied, like always, though they generally fall into two types:  the many free nations, and the noble nation that wants to rule over them all.

The dwarves' main concern is the demon-spawn that constantly crawl out of the deep crevasses of the earth.  They've come to the surface races seeking allies.

Those are the basics of the setting.  We can discuss what we like, what ideas it sparked for your characters, and then I'll get into the most recent happenings and how your characters will be called to action.
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
at 01:19
Table talk
Excellent. Will consume this and give you feedback in about an hour.
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
at 02:42
Table talk
Hm. Interesting. My first inclination is to make humans, because that puts them in the center of the crucible.

I like the sound of the setting as-is. Tell me more about the free nations, and let me know if you have a recommendation on where my guys could be from.

I'll be starting on the sheets soon.

Small favor: change the name "Esperan" to "Esperon."
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Sun 13 Sep 2015
at 03:02
Table talk
Quick update: I rolled attributes for all the guys. Character 2's stats go to Greyband, who I'm beginning to build tonight.