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Character History
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Character History
Greyband was born a member of the mighty Grey family in Andover. Esteemed far and wide for their wisdom, martial prowess and wealth, the Grey family were for generations one of the shining examples among noble families. Their fortune began to fall, however, with the beginning of hostilities with the elves. Erebandus Grey, head of the family, took his family into the war against the elves with gusto--and few survived. Their business interests had to be redistributed among the great families and the few remaining members of the family were also absorbed, with one notable exception.

Xander Grey was Erebandus' youngest son. He was always a protector of the weak and innocent. As a child, he repeatedly fought off bullies trying to hurt a small, bright child named Groboden, for example. He was called to the battlefield at age 12 and watched up growing his sisters and brothers die by the sword. He established himself as a brave soldier and soon a brave lieutenant. He earned several reprimands for taking unnecessary risks to save lives. It was on three such occasions that he made friendships that would later save his life.

The first of these was a simple act of mercy. A pick-pocket was caught in the middle of camp trying to steal things. The troops wanted to kill him right away, as he had the appearance of a diseased man, with growths all over his face. Xander persuaded the others to spare him on the condition that Zog, the thief, would work for him for two years. In those two years, Xander helped Zog see the world in a different light, giving him a new sense of purpose. Zog, for his part, saved Greyband's life on several occasions.

Another incident involved a tragedy. The Grey regiment was summoned to help a monastery of Ishara on the border with the elves--an ancient place dedicated to an older worship of the goddess dating back thousands of years. None were thought to have survived, but Xander would not leave until every stone was turned. As a result, he found the unconscious form of a young cleric named Esperon, who recovered from his grave wounds, and who elected to stay with the company afterwards.

In a final battle one year ago, the Grey family regiment was destroyed. Xander fell in the battle, but Zog and Esperon spirited him away and sought refuge. They found it in the tower of Zelebdus, the wizard who was former master Groboden, now a wizard. The trio nursed the young Xander back to health and hid him from subsequent attempts to find him by certain noble houses with less-than-altruistic motives for seeking him.

Determining that it would be unwise for Xander to resurface, the group devised an alternate identity for Xander under the name "Greyband." They then began to earn a reputation as adventurers with a propensity to help those in need. They could hardly resist the call to come to Ghostwood, sensing an opportunity to establish themselves...