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The Ghostwood Treaty [The Night Before]

Diplomats believe that most elusive goal in the land is finally at hand.  Age-old enemies on the brink of disastrous war somehow negotiated a peace agreement, and representatives of the major nations and races came to witness the historic event.  The small keep of Ghostwood, a holdover from the earliest days of the war between the Elves and Andover, hosted the ceremony.

Ghostwood overflowed with diplomats, soldiers, servants, and hangers-on, as well as uninvited guests.  Some tagged along to see what all the fuss was about.  Some wanted to mingle with the rich and powerful.  Some knew that this historic gathering provided an unequaled opportunity for sowing chaos.  Those dangerous few lurked in the woods near Ghostwood Keep.

The keep has stood for over a century on the border of the free nation of Andover and the Elven forest of Myreth.  Its name comes from an Andoveran nickname for Myreth, a forest known to be populated by Elven spectres and other undead.

Between the two of them, Greyband and Groboden can piece together a good bit of Ghostwood Keep's history.  Established by the army of Andover to provide a staging point for sorties into Myreth Forest, it has survived because if its strategic location.  It has changed hands many times but has never been destroyed; conquering armies always chose to repair rather than raze it.  It has never held a large garrison since it is too far away from major population centers, but its location has kept it in use ever since its construction.

After the fall of Corinth at the southern end of the nation, Andover rushed troops to Ghostwood and the surrounding areas.  The keep comfortably holds 200 troops (supporting personnel puts normal keep population at 250) but it has housed many more in recent days, thanks to the treaty negotiations taking place here.

For defenses, Ghostwood Keep has water diverted from the adjoining river to feed the keep's moat, 25 feet wide and 15 feet deep.  The stone outer walls are 10 feet thick a the base and rise to a height of 20 feet.  Guards are posted at every exterior door.

it is the night before the rumored date of the signing ceremony.  If the rumors hold true, tomorrow night Ghostwood Keep will be a scene of celebration.  Revelers will exalt in the incipient peace for hours or days and the spirit of goodwill between Andover and the Elves crafted here might spill over to the representatives of the other factions that have come to witness the ceremony.  Tomorrow's ceremony could be the first step toward a new era of peace in the land.

But that is tomorrow.  Tonight, at least half of all the soldiers who are present will not sleep, as each side carefully watches the other for the smallest sign of treachery.  For every soldier speaking optimistically about a new dawn of peace, another speaks of long-held grudges and bloodstains that cannot be wiped away by a mere piece of paper.

Your character's will begin play 4 hours before dawn.  Their activities might be constrained by their duties.  If they have the freedom to act as they wish, they may be resting, gathering information, or exploring the keep and interacting with the other peoples who have gathered here.  Attempting to gather information by making a single roll (Investigation or Persuasion) will take all the time available before dawn.

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The Ghostwood Treaty [The Night Before]
You begin at the gatehouse. (Location 1 on the map.) Six narrow windows to the south overlook the draw bridge and moat.  Two soldiers armed with heavy crossbows stand by each window, two more by a winch that raises the bridge.

On the other side of the room, two more windows look into the inner bailey.  normally the guards would not be concerned with them, but tonight two more guards with crossbows watch the interior of the keep's courtyard intently.  Two more guards with drawn swords stand on either side of them.

Two Anodveran soldiers guard each door to the gatehouse.  These guards to do not want to talk to anyone, and they will not leave their post.

The guards are all silent.  The only sound in the room comes from a stairway in the west wall.  Muttering and the occasional angry shout from above drift down the steps.

Acting Commander Janse Stallings (Jance to you) met you inside the gatehouse.  He's a strong man whose short temper makes him intimidating at times.  He leads his men at Ghostwood Keep with an iron will, though.  His shortsword has been replaced with a longsword, evidence that he's been promoted since the last time you saw him.

"Greyband!  You made it."  He claps Greyband on the back and gives his other companions a nod.

OOC: Previously, I said the time begins at 4 hours before dawn.  I'm going to change that to late evening, as your band of adventurers arrives at the gates of Ghostwood Keep.

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The Ghostwood Treaty [The Night Before]
The road was long, and Greyband was eager for it to end. The little band had ridden long and were now eager to make their way to the castle.

Greyband--a tall man with close-cropped black hair--turns to the armored man riding beside him. "I hope the signs are favorable for us, my friend. This is truly a dramatic moment for us all."