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Story Notes
Here you go!
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Story Notes
The Andoveran dignitaries and their entourage are in the Central Keep.  Most of their remaining soldiers are in the gatehouse, with others scattered throughout the keep.

Elven royalty and their entourages are also in the Central Keep.  The remainder of their forces chose to camp in the small grove just east of the Central Keep.

Representatives from Llyr are in the West Thorn, one the towers in the courtyard between the gatehouse and the Central Keep.

All Deverenians are quartered in the East Thorn, the other towers in the courtyard.

All Nothrog are quartered in the far northeast tower at the back of the keep.

Mercenaries, like yourselves, are spread throughout.  Some are in the employ of the Andoverans, while others were hired by the Elves.  In addition, a five-person delegation from the Dark Horsemen is present as neutral arbiters, contracted by both sides to assure honesty.  The Dark Horsemen reside in the northwest tower at the back of the keep.
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Story Notes
Your team has likely heard of the Dark Horsemen.  They are much respected and known for their reliability.  It's a large band, so the five here would only represent a small portion of the soldiers who make up the ranks of Dark Horsemen.

Greyband and Groboden, with their knowledge of history, would know that the Horsemen are led by a man named Kerebrus.  His soldiers abide by a strict code of ethics.  This code includes absolute honesty and strictures against immorality that would be tough most mercenaries to follow.

Because of his nobility and military experience, Greyband would also have heard that Kerebrus is one of the last survivors of his land and worships foreign gods.  The code he imposes on his men is likely derived from the dogma of his religion.

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Story Notes
Neither the Andoverans nor the Elves expected the Nothrog to send a delegation, and neither group was pleased when that delegation arrived.  Substantial groups in each camp were in favor of kicking them out of the keep, or killing them while they had a chance.

Though they have been in the keep for only a day, the Nothrog have complained that they are not being served as well as the other delegations, particularly when it comes to meals. The best guess is that some servants are scared of the fierce-looking warriors, and are throwing the food away rather than go anywhere near the Nothrog.

Esperon alone overhears a conversation about Caolwader, the Andoveran dignitary who will be signing the treaty on behalf of his nation.  Apparently the man is so fervent in his desire for peace that he has given his guard, Sir Erik Kaisen, the power to sign on Andover's behalf.  If anything happens to the ambassador before the signing, Sir Erik is under orders to sign the treaty on his behalf.
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Ghostwood Keep has stood for over a century on the border of the free nation of Andover and the Elven forest of Myreth.  Its name comes from an Andoveran nickname for Myreth, a forest known to be populated by Elven spectres and other undead.

The keep comfortably holds 200 troops (supporting personnel puts normal keep population at 250).

Water diverted from the adjoining river feeds the keep's moat, 25 feet wide and 15 feet deep.

The stone outer walls are 10 feet thick at the base, rise to a height of 20 feet, and have a DC of 20 for climbing.

Guards are posted at every exterior door inside the walls.

Locations from the game map:

1 Gatehouse
2 The Thorns   (Llyr representatives in West Thorn, Deverenian representatives in East Thorn
3 Stables
4 Central Keep   (Andoveran and Elven dignitaries)
5 The Grove   (Elven forces)
6 Chapel of Neus
7 Hall of the Holy
8 Northern towers   (Dark Horsemen in northwest tower, Nothrog in northeast tower)
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First Floor

1.1 Reception room
1.2 Weapons ready room
1.3 Armor ready room