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Sat 17 Oct 2015
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RISA Pleasure Planet
RISA Pleasure Planet, 90 LY galactic South from Sol System

Risa hotel. Boardwalk is bigger and fully connected by 25th Century. 2nd building is in rear in jungle. Off-shore island visible.

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Mon 15 Feb 2016
at 04:52
RISA Pleasure Planet
A UFP conference on dangerous and hostile Aliens.
Zarek Thiel
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Mon 15 Feb 2016
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RISA Pleasure Planet
In reply to Event (msg # 2):

Rising to address the assembly, the maroon robes of the Vulcan Diplomatic Corps indicating my position as a Diplomatic Aide - the black webbed sash denoting my Starfleet Exchange Officer status, I will wait to be recognized by the conference moderator...

Nodding in deference to Ambassador Sokketh before beginning, then turning to the assembled conference members "My colleagues - you have all made insightful and valid points about the possible threats of Alien Life.  However, that being said, I feel that we are missing the Long Term repercussions of the actions presented as solutions.  We should analyze the Socio/Anthropological Motivation Factors of these, so called, Dangerous Aliens and look for extended, long-term solutions to the problems that have occurred.  By approaching our engagements and dialogue with these species with a thought towards understanding their Cultural motivations and goals, we position ourselves to be able to broker a lasting peace.

 Let's look to our own history as an example.  At various points in their histories the very Founding members of the Federation were on the verge of annihilation through war and aggression.  Andoria.  Earth.  Vulcan.  At one point, each was not so very different than those we would now classify as "Dangerous Aliens".

 What changed?  At what point did we decide "We will not destroy ourselves"?  What's more, when did we decide that "We can work together to improve all our lives"?  We reached those points when we were able to look at ourselves, and those around us, and Understand the desires we had in common.  Life.  Prosperity.  A Future for those that come after us.  We came together - and we prospered.  We shared that prosperity with others, and rather than diminishing - we continued to prosper and grow.  We each brought our strengths to the others - and we all gained as a result.

 If we are able to ascertain the Prime Societal Motivational Factors of these "Dangerous Aliens", then I believe we are in a position to eventually, over the long term, peaceably integrate them into the fabric of the Federation - again, expanding the prosperity of our system to everyone."

Taking my place once more, I'll listen to the supporting and counter arguments - fully expecting a draft resolution of war to come from the Tellarite delegation.
Ambassador Tev
Tue 16 Feb 2016
at 13:06
RISA Pleasure Planet
"This dribble never ceases to amaze me. The problem is: people are getting killed or incapacitated by these space-faring races the honorable Vulcan assistant to the junior federation flunkie says 'Let's understand their motivation?' Well if you had a plan to make that practical maybe? What are we supposed to do stare at our bellies and hum? Should we put lambs before them, mining colony here military installations there and see who they murder and add it all up to knowing their motivation?"

"If you want to know their motivation you need a practical plan to achieve that. Spies anthropologists I don't care if you capture enemy civilians and brainwash them anything would be better than just blah blah motivation blah. Then tell us the practical set up for defense in the meantime. "

Zarek Thiel
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Wed 17 Feb 2016
at 05:08
RISA Pleasure Planet
In reply to Ambassador Tev (msg # 4):

"With all due respect Ambassador, if I HAD all the answers, it would not be I that would be the 'assistant to the junior Federation... flunkie'.

I do not discount the lives lost to incursions into space we control.  On both sides of the conflicts.  Never have you heard come from my lips any mention of reducing the peacekeeping or scientific missions of Starfleet within our space.  However, it has to be said that the current aggressive militaristic stance towards these alien species HAS NOT reduced tensions in disputed territories.  In fact, it has resulted in a steady escalation in tensions and skirmishes.  In short:  our current policy...  Does.  Not.  Work.

And it has the very real possibility of plunging us into a costly, and potentially devastating, war.

We are here at this conference to look into innovative methods for dealing with these issues, not to fall back upon tired, outdated and failed policies of mindless aggression.  We are, all of us, smarter than that.  We CAN come up with solutions.

And even though it is not the place for this 'assistant to the junior Federation flunkie' to make policy recommendations, since you asked so politely, I will present them:

1)  Pull back all Federation planetary/system claims in frontier systems within 5 light years of a contested border of a multi-system spanning interstellar power.  Rescind authorization of mining/colonization rights within those systems and inform inhabitants of those systems that Starfleet is not responsible for peacekeeping operations within those systems.

2)  Expand diplomatic missions and contacts to those races where conflict is escalating.  Propose joint patrols within the buffer areas with those species we consider 'Dangerous' so that we can study their interactions with others and they can study our interactions.  This is part of that blahblah Discovering their Underlying Motivational Factors blahblah.  We each benefit - we each learn.

3)  Recognize..."
and here I glare icily at Ambassador Tev and the temperature in the room drops a few degrees from my tone "...that CIVILIANS are NOT, and have NEVER BEEN, enemies of the Federation."

Pausing a moment and brightening my inflection - catching the eyes and addressing the attending conference delegates "My desire for peace is a long range goal that is borne of purely selfish motivations.  Those men and women that are stationed aboard ships and bases in the conflict zones may be faceless to you - a casualty number that is within acceptable or unacceptable tolerances when conflict occurs.  But I have served with them.  They are my friends and colleagues.  And I would not see their lives and dreams destroyed because of the egotistical whims of warmongers that romanticize the archaic and wasteful practices of Gunboat Diplomacy.

We are better than that.  We are smarter than that.  And I believe we can develop policies that ensure a lasting peace."

Ambassador Fox
Wed 17 Feb 2016
at 05:16
RISA Pleasure Planet
"Young man, I have always agreed with that. Then I worked with Captan Kirk. He showed an outwardly peaceable world the true horrors of war after that had sanitized it to computers and suicide. They then wanted true peace fast. I brokered it. But with our Starfleet to pressure them it would have been a disaster and their suicide societies would still be pushing people into the disintegration booths."
Ambassador Sokketh
Wed 17 Feb 2016
at 05:19
RISA Pleasure Planet
"We should cut back on Starfleet. Too many of its captains ignore the Prime Directive and would implement General Order 24 at a mere emotional whim."