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Fri 30 Oct 2015
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This thread will cover house rules, clarifications, post requirements.
Fri 30 Oct 2015
at 01:15
The creatures will be posted at the bottom of the thread. They will be color coded to show about how hurt they are. Green 0-25%HP,  Yellow 26-50%HP, Orange 51-75%, Red 76-99%, Brown DEAD? 0hp or less.

All characters will be posted using the character sheet provided. This is due to the fact that I have many PC's that I must review and reference during the game. If everyone uses a different sheet, then I must search for where and how your sheet is laid out.

Posts will follow the following template.
The first part will be your descriptive post, in character action and speech. Please pick a color for when you talk and stick with that color.

The following colors are not allowed for speech, orange and purple. Orange is for the OOC part of your post. Purple I just can't see on the screen for some reason.

The second half of your post will be in orange. This is for the mechanical part of your action. It should include die rolls, the hex you are moving too, and which creature you are targeting. Which actually spell is cast, feat or ability is being used etc. If this information is missing your post will be dealt with as I see fit at the time. Most likely being considered to happen last after everyone else has gone, and all such posts may target the same creature.

If not in combat two to three times a week. More if you want, but at least twice.
If something comes up, please let me know and we can work it out. Hey RL happens, and vacations and such.

Combat: 48hr, if you have not posted you will either stand there confused or I may try and come up with an action that makes sense. Again if you have given me a heads up, I will more inclined to NPC you then not. The weekend counts as 24hrs.

PM threads, I will set up a PM thread for you to use to contact me for questions etc. Please use this and only this thread for that. With so many players, if you add a thread it will quickly clutter my PM screen and create multiple threads with info between you and me. Again this will make my job harder.

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The Watcher
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Sun 17 Jan 2016
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Rules - Combat
Typical combat will start with a Init request.

Those that beat the encounters Init score will give me their actions.

I will post a condensed version of their actions with the actions of the Encounters.

ALL players will post.

I will post a condensed version with that of the encounters.

Repeat.... All players....

There may be a special circumstance that changes this for some reason. But to date I have not encountered one.