Sick Call / MIA / RLI.   Posted by The Watcher.Group: 0
The Watcher
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Sat 28 Nov 2015
at 13:20
Sick Call / MIA / RLI
If you can't post for an extended period. Please post a note here, with when you expect to return. I will run your character as best I can if you have posted, if not and you are MIA for more then 14days I will be forced to find a replacement for you.
The Watcher
 GM, 377 posts
Sun 22 May 2016
at 11:32
Sick Call / MIA / RLI
I am on vacation this coming week, we aren't planning a trip but may take a day trip etc. Those may turn into overnight. Anniversary week, so I may not have time to post.
Hulfgren Boorgstaad
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 HP 41/41+Ward10/10, AC 22
Tue 24 May 2016
at 14:40
Sick Call / MIA / RLI
Well... We had a software update at work yesterday and it looks like Rpol is now blocked by the new firewall.  Give me a few days to figure some things out but if I'm still unable to make posts from work computer during breaks and lunch by Friday then I'll have to greatly reduce my games where I run PCs.   I'll let you know ASAP but I may have to bow out.
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Mon 13 Jun 2016
at 15:39
Sick Call / MIA / RLI
I'm going on vacation from 6/15 - 6/23 and we're doing it tech-free, so I won't be around during that time. Been planning it for a couple of months, but the vacation didn't get approved at work until today, so I didn't mention it before hand. NPC me as needed.