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The Town of Nowhere

Nowhere isn't exactly impressive, as far as towns go, but it has all the necessities. Most of the buildings in town are simple wood-sided affairs, save for the five buildings made of stone imported from the Outside. Since compasses don't work properly in Nowhere, most townsfolk refer to directions by the Door so that standing with your back to the Door you are considered to be facing north.

Gumpert Snood's Farm to the east manages to provide a surprising amount of produce and livestock for the growing burg. He claims that his secret is that he trained under an ancient and powerful line of Druids, but he's also known to be a compulsive liar. Most folks just assume that there's something magical about the soil in nowhere.

At the fork in the road stands the Welcome Fountain, a plentiful magic source of clean drinking water for everyone in town. Standing atop the Fountain is an unfinished statue of some humanoid figure with it's arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture. Chief among the few things that will actually net Citizens of Nowhere time in the town's single Jail Cell is desecrating the fountain with spit or litter. Coins and wishes are, of course, acceptable.

To the West, BB's B&B houses those among the townsfolk who haven't built their own homes yet, and the small population who don't plan on building one at all. It also functions as a general store, library, meeting house, performance venue, alehouse, and cafeteria. It is by far the largest building in town, and tied with the forge for being the most well constructed. It is no secret that the owner, Bon-Bon, is a Venture-Captain in the Pathfinder Society, and the Society Crest is displayed proudly above the door.

To the FAR west at the end of the lonely road is Persephone DesQuiet's shop, DesQuiet Concoctions. Potions and Poisons, Narcotics and Necessities, if it requires time, a laboratory, patience and unpronounceable chemicals, Persephone is happy to provide, for a fee. Much to the complaints of the Constable, Persephone maintains that nothing she sells in her shop is explicitly illegal in Nowhere. Yet. And in Persephone's mind, until someone gets around to building a brothel, there's not much in town that's more fun than impairing your decision-making skills and launching some fireworks.

Next door to Persephone's Shop, but still a safe distance away, is the Town meeting hall. If something official needs to happen, this is where the paperwork is stored. Most actual town meetings happen across the street at BB's (where there's beer) but the town hall also serves as a repository for important bits of equipment and municipal utilities, such as a large collection of unused rods of Dancing Lights. The most utilized feature of Town Hall is the noticeboard out front, where news, advertisements, and flyers are attached where people will clearly see them when leaving BB's.

Directly next door to the Town hall is the Constable's office, directly above that on the second floor is the Constable's apartment. So far the Constable himself is the only real member of anything resembling a city watch, and his duties don't often include much more than subduing violent drunks, corralling Persephone DesQuiet, or investigating which of the town children it was who trod through Gumpert Snood's pumpkin patch. 'Steelnose' Hamish Firesoul is ready, though, should anything happen. Perhaps a little too ready.

Directly across the street from the Welcome Fountain is Forgesinger Artifice and Contraption Manufacture, but 'The Forge' is the most that townsfolk are often willing to say. Run by a curious woman with vibrant Blue hair who goes by the obviously-made-up-name of Harmony Forgesinger, this is one of the most important buildings in town. Harmony never seems to sleep, and is therefore almost always working on whatever project the town needs at any given time. Almost every manufactured good that the people of Nowhere use comes out of Harmony's Forge. Wagon wheels, Armor, Weapons, and far more complex and bizarre items all have their origin here. Most of her time is currently taken up by one of King Howard's projects known only as 'The Beacon Tower'.

Set a comfortable distance away from most of the homes and houses on the Main Street are the cluster of buildings that make up the Clinic. Run by a cheerful ginger man in spectacles, the town hasn't had much need for magical healing, thanks to his due diligence. His diagnoses are accurate, his surgeries precise, and his tonics effective. Should anything need healing, care, rest or supervision, he is steadfast and dedicated. Just try to overlook the fact that he's a necromancer.

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