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DesQuiet Concoctions
At the end of the lane, set a safe distance from BB's and the Town Hall is the unassuming storefront for DesQuiet Concoctions. Stones fit so perfectly together that not even an elven dagger could fit between them make up the extended foundation of this building. The small windows by your feet speak of the fact that this is one of the few buildings in town with a basement. From your knees up the building is made of a treated wood that looks normal at first glance, but is actually as hard as steel. Hanging from the second floor, the shop's sign is actually one long glass tube shaped into a cursive script and filled with a glowing, bubbling concoction that changes hues as you watch.

Chimes hung above the door announce your arrival to the inside of the shop, which is just as dark as you would expect an apothecary with shuttered windows to be, but actually smells surprisingly pleasant. Perfumes, oils and incenses are secreted all over the shop to counteract any overwhelming smells that may come from the laboratory and the front room's products all have a positively appetizing aroma. Fruits, sweets, spices, even the acrid smells are more citrus than caustic.

In fact, once your eyes adjust to the dim lighting, it appears to be more of a sweet shop than a poison purveyor. Bright colors, tending toward blues browns and pinks line the shelves with stripes and swirls dazzling the eye as the bouquets do the nose. Paper of various bright colors distinguish not only the flavors of each sweet, but it's beneficial or detrimental effects.

Securely fastened to the counter with alchemical glue is a large glass bottle that could probably hold over fifty gallons when full, but contains only some worn glass lab equipment and a small but vibrantly Green Dollop roughly the size of a coin. The tiny ooze will flow playfully around and through the curling glass tubes and according to the paper tag on the outside of the bottle is named Professor Boogersworth the ... Twenty-third?! A folded card next to the tank lists feeding times, the price for a Boogersworth of your very own (80 gold) and demonstration times for something called an 'Alkali Flask'.

For your Insides
Airbubble Gum (Chew, Don't swallow)Breathe freely wherever you are! Each piece lasts about a minute and provides clean air while you chew it. Spit it out when you are done. Seriously. For real. Not kidding. Learned from experience. 50 gold ea.
Hangover HoneySpend all night at Bon-Bon's? One spoonful of this will set you straight, Guaranteed! 1 G for a lozenge, 10 G for a Jar (13 spoonfulls) By Torag's Hammer, What a savings!
Fizzy MindclearComes in Grape, Orange, Cherry, Vanilla and Blue! Need to chase the dragon out from between your ears? About to face a mesmerist in mortal combat? Wanna concentrate gud? Grab a bottle and drink up! 30 gp/bottle, 120 gp for a six-er! How can I even afford this?
Sexopants Funtime CandyLadies: Stops the Baby-making. Gents: Tastes good, I guess? One a day keeps the Midwife away. Lemon, Orange, Tamarind, and Grapefruit. 2.5 G for a month's worth
Wakeup Juice DropsGet skippy in a hurry! Pop one in the mornings and you are ready to face the day! Take some  with lunch to cure the post-lunch-lurch. Comes in Sriracha, Ghost Pepper, Devil-Sauce, Peach, and Nameless Burning Sensation 45G
Doc DesQuiet's Amazing Vital TonicRelax with a bottle of this and you will get your health back in a jiffy! Great against Arsenic poisoning. Mint tea flavor. Chocolate coming soon! 80 Gold
Toffee-Coffee flavored Coffee-ToffeeChewy nuggets taste like Coffee and Toffee, who knew? Chase away the sleepy for up to eight hours, but watch out, crashes hard after that... Sleep is for the weak! 75 G/ ea (sleep is also for the cheap)
Feel-better Candy!Medicine, but tasty! Chocolate up front, mint aftertaste. 50 G
Stillgut SoursPrapare for a nauseating experience or help forget about one! Blue flavor! 50 G or FREE sample for particularly nasty jokes! (limit 1 per customer per day)
DesQuiet Delights-litePlanning on having some poison? Have some of these little dandies first! Fruity-vanilla 50 G (13 for 500G Persephone special!)
Bulk Candy BinsGet you some candy, fool! It's not poison, I promise! The poison is over there by the incense.1sp/lb
LolliesSweeties! Onna Stick! How can you not?2c
Bar ChocolateEat it as is or melt it up for tasty fondue drizzlins!4c each or 4 for 12!
Dark Chocolate BarYou'll know it when you need it, and you'll need it when you know it!4c ea / 4 for 12c
Nougat ChewiesDemonstrate the effects of qualitative strain rate, temperature, and confining pressure on the deformation of materials over geological time periods! Rheology! OR Eat them!2c 1c
Desquiet DelightsA favorite of mine, and I'm sure it'll be one of yours, too. Completely neutralizes toxins in the body while still leaving you just as buzzed as before you took it! Doesn't undo the effects of poison, per-se, but stops it from getting worse. Fruity vanilla outside with a crunchy cookie center.750 gold each

For your Outsides!
BloodblockEver notice that your blood sometimes falls out of the holes other people make in your skin? Put a stop to this tragically common household problem! Smear this stuff up in yo' bleeding wounds! (Do not eat. Also blocks stool. Really.)25G
Regen StypticHealy potions not good enough? Need to grow some stuff back in a hurry? Put some powder on your owies and watch them close before your eyes! Gross! Useful! 12-48 seconds of excruciating invincibility!100g per single pack or 400g for a fiver!
GreaseGuaranteed 4 hours of Fun! ^_~ *wink* Available in Honey, Lemon, Lavender and now, by special request, Cranberry! These are aromas, not flavors, Snood.5 g
No-SmellIt doesn't smell like anything, and neither will you! Lasts for one to three hours of hound-confounding fun!30 gp
Fire-ward GelIt's a gel. Wards fire. Not complicated.150 Gold
Frost-ward GelKeeps the chillies at bay for up to one hour! Hold PURE ICE in your hand and marvel at the wonders of alchemy!150 Gold
Polychromatic Hair DyeYour hair is one color now, and a completely different one in the presence of Deadly Toxins! Be alerted to Noxious gases before the onset of ataxia and death! Discreetly test food and drink for poison by rubbing it all over your head like a maniac! Let your travelling companions know when you are about to collapse! Starts out Black and turns different colors for different effects: Blue from cold, Red from heat, Green for Acid, Yellow for Base, Orange for poison, Purple for Radiation. Everybody loves a black Canary!15 G, Lasts all month
SoapLavender, Sandalwood, Pomegranate, Lilac, Seabreeze, Pumpkin Spice, Soap, Citrus, Apple, Apple-berry, Clover, and Honey scents available.2 copper for a pound, mix and match

For Your Nose
Smelly Goods!!!Three exclamation points? These must smell really good.1 stick, rod, cone, ball or coil of incense for 1 gold, 20 for 15!
Smelling SaltsOh boy do these stink! One whiff of this could take you out of a coma. That is what they are for.25 Gp for a bottle
Healy Myrrh IncenseSmelly-goods with natural healing additives! Burns for eight hours and helps bones knit and wounds close. Myrrh flavor aroma!50g/stick
Incense of MeditationOh, beans! You asked for it and now I have it! Limited Supplies, so Act Fast!5k Gold. Per. Stick. (It's that good)

TagNoteDispersal MethodPrice
Dark Reaver PowderThe original Deadly Treat! Quick, Clean death. I never said painless because it certainly isn't.Ingested (Chocolate powder)800 G per dose
SleepytimeSometimes known as Drow Poison. (I'm not a freaking Drow, Snood!) Great for when you don't want somebody dead, but do want them to fall over! Free samples! Management is not responsible for head injuries or lost items that result from sampling Sleepytime.Injury75 G
Bloaty-FloatyOriginally painstakingly refined from Skrik-Nettles, and now available for the first time on the material plane (or wherever it is that we are). Great fun at parties, Devastating when used outdoors. Overdoses are fatal, but less than that is hilarious! Two-to-Four doses required for fatal result in average adult. (Wear eye protection and stand well clear!) Contact, Injury, Ingested (cherry flavor)250 G per dose
ArsenicThe classic, Back in a big way! You think you know Arsenic, but you haven't tried the new wave. Effects include Diarrhea, Vomiting, Cramps, Death, and Excess Saliva.Ingested (Naturally Sweet with a metallic aftertaste easily masked in alcohol. Nutty bouquet.)120 G
Black Lotus TearsExpensive import for when you Absotively, Posilutely MUST kill somebody through casual touch. Wash hands before eating after handling!Contact. (Gives finger-foods a smoky, perfume-esque flavor when ingested accidentally)5 K Gold
Insanity MistAww, yeah! Open up a sparkling bottle of this and really get a party started. Make sure to cap it up to save some for multiple uses. Probably shouldn't be drank straight from the bottle.Inhaled. Light, bubbly-citrus flavor with a very music aftertaste when ingested.1,500 Gold
Striped Blue ToadstoolAnother from our recreational line, and a home-grown Nowhere Native! Hearty, meaty flavor with a long-lasting buzz. Pleasant and colorful hallucinations make you Weird and Stupid. Discovered by Gumpert Snood! (Nothing is being insinuated)Ingested. Will buy for 150 gold.180 G
Sasstone Leaf Drippin'sThis stuff will straight-up EAT THROUGH SKIN, but leaves nonliving matter untouched. Weird, right? Alchemy! Colorless, Tasteless, Odorless. Painless, too. Just a slight itching sensation as messy bloody lumps of flesh Lfall apart like melting snow. Looks just like a water droplet before blood gets all over it.Contact. Tastes like raw steak and then nothing when ingested.300g

For your 'Adventures'
Healy PotionsGet you some Pots! Drink 'em up or just pour it right in the holes you earned. Comes in Light, Moderate and EXTREME strengths. They're all strawberry flavored. Some things are traditions.Strawberry 50G, 'Rawberry 300G, STRAWBERRY TIED TO AN IRON HAMMER 750G
Apple Enlarge Person & Cranberry Reduce Person PotionsHotness. Be either Giant or Tiny: Your partner will love it! Five minutes of fun either way. Management is not responsible for property damage caused while having fun. Keep a close eye on your duration!50G each, 80G for a pair
Body Chocolate of InvisibilityPour it on, and there is only the alluring scent of chocolate to lead you to your tasty treat! If you are boring, you could just drink it.300 Gold
Splendorous Candy AppleBring out the best in yourself! It's not false advertising, because you are not a product; you are an experience! (Management refuses to negotiate prices with customers after they have consumed a Candy Apple)300 G
SunrodFor 'Nighttime Adventures.' Clear, golden illumination almost indistinguishable from sunlight! Strike it *Anywhere* to light it up.2 Gold each or a bundle of 13 for 20
CandlerodA subtler, longer-lasting, more intimate option.1 Gold each or 13 for 10
Alchemist's FireI spent all damn day trying to think of some kind of double-entendre to write on this product. I'm bored now. Fire is pretty. 20 G
Alkali FlaskBetter than an Acid Flask in every way. Demonstrations held weekly.15 Gold
Glowing Ink and PaintI'm sure you can think of some creative uses for a non-toxic paint or ink that's visible in complete darkness. Variety of colors available.5g/oz.
Paint BombSplash this on somebody and I guarantee it won't wash off in under three days. That's a long time to enjoy some funky-colors. Great for Wilderness Tracking.15 Gold per flask, 20g and it glows
GlueBonds to flesh instantly. Not sexy. Dries permanently in 1 hour.20g
SolventYou glued your fingers together, didn't you?20g
Bouncy Body Bubble GumMakes you more supple and Limber when chewed. It's always nice to have a little more 'Bounce'. Gum lasts for just under an hour without losing its flavor. Nice to have around if you're in danger of falling. Great for if you accidentally (or not) swallow Airbubble Gum or Bloaty Floaty! A riot at parties.50 g
Everburning TorchThere is Nothing more romantic than an Eternal Flame, and better yet, this fire doesn't burn you if you get too close! Rowr!110 Gold
Ioun TorchSmaller and Lighter, More romantic. Leaves your hands free for other activities!135 g
Tangler BagSometimes you've got to make a nonlethal capture. Not as fun as rope, but hella convenient.50 g

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