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The Wild
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
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The Kaovalean Coast
Surgering rapids slash through the Kaovalean Coast likes sword-strikes, except for those closer to the ocean, which slow to a meandering, muddy brown crawl. White rapids, humid bogs, and secluded mountain lakes are all home to the mysterious merfolk. These strange creatures blend the features of man and fish in ways the Shimmering Legion to the east, their historic enemies, find deeply offensive. The merfolk are relatively pacifistic, preferring to dive and hide from their brutish aggressors rather than face them in direct combat. More than one Shimmering galley has met its end at the watery tendrils of a merfolk-summoned water demon, however.

Kaovale, the impregnable mountain lake from which the region gets its name, is a serene pearl of murky black water on the surface. Below, and in the surrounding farms, villages, towns and docks that crowd around its waters, it is a riot of merfolk artistic pursuit and magical study. In sunken temples, they worship the great River Spirit they believe will redeem them from their aggressors on the surface.

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Andurial the Magnificent
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Fri 16 Oct 2015
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The Kaovalean Coast
Andurial rolled over in her home at the very deep dark bottom of Kaovale, and smiled her beautiful toothy grin.  She could hear the prayers the Merfolk made to her. and she knew the time was coming to make her presence known once again.

As she stretched and turned in her sunken cavernous home, shaking off the long years of sleep, she knew that around the world, her brethren would also be waking themselves from their slumber.

They wouldn't even know what hit them.
Andurial the Magnificent
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Mon 19 Oct 2015
at 14:46
The Kaovalean Coast
Andurial rolled as she felt the earth began to move.  Soon, the great days would be arriving, and there would be much to do.  For now though...

She rose herself from where she was sleeping for so many years, and looked at the hidden entrance to her lair.  What had so long - It felt so recent! - ago been nothing but bare rocks and steam, now lay home to one of the merfolk's most sacred temples.

This was not how she wanted to reveal herself.  Not now, not yet.

Perhaps, there was something she could do though.

She felt the rivermen's prayers seeping into her, and granting her strength.  They had called, and it was time for their river spirit to come. Tracing a talon on the floor of the cavern, she began drawing what she knew only from instinct, those secret insignia that were ingrained into her DNA.  Lost in the music of the prayers, time flew before she had finished her work.

Knowing that the time for action was nigh, she took a breath and blew, calling forth a great elemental being to show her might.

OOC: That worked well... Not.
01:45, Today: Andurial the Magnificent rolled 1,1 using 1d4,1d4.  Fortune Dice to Summon Entity (5+5+3). = Total of 13

The Wild
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Tue 20 Oct 2015
at 03:33
The Kaovalean Coast
19:43, Today: The Wild rolled 5 using 2d4 with rolls of 4,1.  Kaovalen Coast resistance roll. [Development Levelx4 - 2 Magic Penalty]. Oh dear. The natural magical interference from all those magical merfolk makes things rather difficult for Andurial. They put up a resistance of 56. 

Andurial reached deep within her, pulling at the core of her inner mystery. To her surprise, she realized she did in fact have a deep connection with this place, with these ancient temples, with the vibrating chants of the deeply religious merfolk. Tugging at this deep connection, she feels a thread of magic that leads to a deep wellspring of divine and magical power... but something is wrong. This exploration of her connection to Kaovale feels wrong somehow, and soon pulling at this thread of magic feels like dragging an artery out of her veins.

She stops just before she completely unravels, but still she cannot shake the feeling that she is... lesser somehow. Weaker. Frail.  Trembling, Andurial began to swim back to the depths of her watery lair.

She descended only a few scant meters before a shockwave suddenly shook the water around her. One of the sunken temples of the merfolk literally exploded, a spray of bubbles and shrapnel temporarily transmuting the cold dark waters to boiling hot foam. From the wreckage emerged a nebulous, shadowy, amoeba-like form. A multitude of glowing yellow eyes swam in the thing's nucleus, and it trashed the waters around it with countless flailing pseudopods.

"U-SURP-ER," the hideous thing gargled as it swam toward Andurial. "U-SURP-ER!"

20:28, Today: The Wild rolled 3 using 2d4 with rolls of 1,2.  Water Elemental Attack. The Water Elemental is simply charging Andurial, trying to physically attack her. This is a Might + Cunning action. With Might 3 and Cunning 1 and 3 Energy per action, the Water Elemental's attack is 14.

20:31, Today: The Wild rolled 7 using 2d4 with rolls of 4,3.  Andurial the Magnificent's resistance roll. Luckily for her, Andurial the Magnificient rolls well on her resistance roll.

Andurial managed to narrowly avoid the aquatic horror's flailing tentacles, instead scurrying into the safety of her burrow. From deep within her lair, however, she could hear the water-monster she'd summoned still raging, and swiftly swimming its way to shore.

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Andurial the Magnificent
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Tue 20 Oct 2015
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The Kaovalean Coast
Succesfully retreating to her lair, in spite of the Monster almost wrenching the life from her body.  As she spends the time in her lair, trying to regain her composure, she feels her wounds closing, and healing.

Spending 5 Energy to heal

That was an... Interesting Experience, to say the least.

Pondering the situation, Andurial wondered if she could use this situation to her advantage.  Returning to the mouth of her lair, and peering out, she took a deep breath and swum outside.

The colours, the tastes! Having spent so long in darkness, Andurial was mesmerised by the sun streaming through the water, just as those Merfolk who had fled in terror from the Monstrous being she had brought forth were in wonder as her scales seemed almost to be part of the water.

"My family!" the dragon called to the gathered crowd, more arriving every moment to investigate the wreckage, called forth by the battle.

"My Friends! It is at long last I return to you.  Look in wonder at the power that I have brought forth!"  She pointed with one long beautiful claw at the surface of the lake, where even still the effects of the elemental s passing could be seen.

Spending 3 Energy To Dazzle Mortals

"The time has come to take back our homes.  Join me, my family!" Her words were infused with the magical power that was her heritage.  This was her world, these were her family.  And she would not fall.

15:02, Today: Andurial the Magnificent rolled 5 using 2d4 with rolls of 3,2.  Dazzle Mortals with my Magnificent self.
The Wild
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Tue 20 Oct 2015
at 06:40
The Kaovalean Coast

23:22, Today: The Wild rolled 3 using 1d4.  Kaovalen Coast resistance roll. [Development Levelx4 - 2 Magic Penalty]. The merfolk put up a resistance of 42.

The merfolk milling about on the bluff stare, awestruck by the magnificent form of Andurial swooping down from the rapidly-forming thunderheads that besmirched the sky, evidence of the water elemental's supernatural rampage through the lake. They don't look particularly happy to see Andurial, but she certainly has their attention.

23:33, Today: The Wild rolled 4 using 2d4 with rolls of 1,3.  Water Elemental Attack. The Water Elemental is using sorcery against Andurial, which is a Mystery + Mystery attack, adding in an elemental's standard energy of 3. This gives us a result of (13)x3 = 39. It's resisted by Andurial's Mystery + Mystery.

Suddenly a thunderclap erupts above Andurial's head. She can feel the unnatural tingle of magic in the air, making her teeth itch, and the scent of ozone gives her a clue into what her foe intends. Spreading her wings at the last moment, she managed to absorb the bolt of lightning, harmlessly dissipating its energy back into the Weave. The merfolk below look on in stunned silence, though half their number use the resulting light show as their chance to slip into the lake uneaten.

Craning her neck around, she managed to see the many eyes of the water-monster slipping back beneath the surface of the waves.

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Andurial the Magnificent
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Fri 6 Nov 2015
at 04:56
The Kaovalean Coast
Andurial snarled at the beast as it slipped beneath the waves.  Decided there would be time enough to deal with the Merfolk later, she turned her eye towards the elemental, and darted down, following it beneath the waves.

She easily caught up with the beast, and sprayed her wings out stopping suddenly, and turning on the elemental.

"You dare?!" Her voice echoed mysteriously through the water.  "After I bring you into existence, you dare turn your back to me?! You dare attack me?!"

A loud screech echoed forth as Andurial roared, her scales shining brightly as the sun reflected through the water.

"You are mine.  You have always been mine.  And you will remain mine.  The river does not flow uphill, and so you will remaining flowing downhill alongside me."

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The Wild
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Tue 10 Nov 2015
at 07:18
The Kaovalean Coast
The Wild rolled 6 using 2d4 with rolls of 2,4.  Elemental Resistance Roll [Mystery (5) + Savagery (5)].

The churning mass of bubbles squatting in the lake instinctively recoiled from Anduriel's approach. There was something inexorable about the dragon that the elemental didn't like, and as it tried to squirm away its movement became meeker and feebler. Soon it was still and silent, and after a time Andurial (and only Andurial) could hear a gurgling voice rising from the depths, speaking with the cadence of the tide. "WHAT. DO. YOU. REQUEST. MASTER." Its voice was flat and featureless, like the ocean floor.

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Andurial the Magnificent
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Tue 10 Nov 2015
at 08:10
The Kaovalean Coast
Satisfied that her magnificent self was being worshiped as was correct, Andurial imparted her instructions onto the elemental, and turned her attention back towards gathering the power she knew that would be required if she was to survive in this land.   

Deep in thought, she turned and swam back towards her lair, seeking out the Merfolk she had stunned into silence before.  Rather then seeking further awe from these merfolk, she instead focused the weave around her glittering scales, and seemed to diminish in size as she approached the city.

Nearing the border, she stopped again, looking down at her reduced form.  While she hoped this would be enough to encourage peace, she still wasn't sure.  Perhaps she should start by seeking out the temples, and gather information from those who worshiped within.
The Wild
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Sun 15 Nov 2015
at 09:13
The Kaovalean Coast
 Howling terribly, the nebulous water-creature Andurial summoned thundered through over the hills of the Kaovalean Coast, heading west toward Ina Isadel. Its writhing tendrils of water turned to a churning corona of mist once it hit dry land, and in fact it seemed to float over the hills like a hurricane.

The merfolk continued to give Andurial a wide berth as she crossed the border from the Kaovalean Coast to the Ragged Coast.