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Sun 18 Oct 2015
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The Weeping Eye
From a dragon's airborne perspective, the source of the Eye's name is obvious. The massive bay and its large central island indeed resemble the eye of some immense being, and the churning rivers that perpetually empty themselves into the bay give this eye an oddly turbulent appearance that you suppose one might consider weeping. Tangles of moss-covered trees, sprawling farms and rice paddies, and ramshackle hamlets crowded around isolated docks define the few areas of this region not covered in frothing brown waters.

At the Eye's pupil stands Watertown, the Weeping Eye's unofficial capital. A haven for pirates and vagabonds, the rough mercenary types that live here are generally smart enough to leave the River Folk alone (one does not typically defecate where one eats).  Its muddy streets are filled with carousing humans, enjoying a moment of peaceful respite before they leave to create havoc elsewhere in the Jagged Crescent.