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The Shimmering
To the east of Jagged Crescent sits the Shimmering Isle, home of the dreaded Shimmering Legion. Yellow banners fly from every fortified dock and metropolis this brutal regime has erected over its two centuries of existence. The Shimmering seemed to spring from nowhere, bolstered by the improbable military might of the mysterious, reclusive High Pontiff. While at its inception the Shimmering gladly accepted (human) migrants, it has over the past century closed its borders, becoming increasingly reclusive and militaristic. Today, only a few trade ships dock at distant Kumlun, while (far more frequently) war-galleys emerge to prey upon the merfolk of Kaovale. By decree of the High Pontiff, sorcery of all types is considered an abomination and has been outlawed amongst the populace of the Shimmering for as long as anyone can remember. Despite this superstitious aversion to the arcane, The Shimmering remains a force to be reckoned with. With mastery of technology  (particularly gunpowder) that rivals that of the Kumlun clans and a highly militarized populace, few could ever hope to assail this mighty island nation.

The Shimmering is, on the whole, highly urbanized, though sprawling farms have overtaken much of the western side of the landmass. On its eastern shore sits The Fane, the seat of the High Pontiff's power. A heavily fortified dock extends from The Fane, housing the High Pontiff's mighty fleet of private war-ships. Cannons and entire battalions of musketmen bristle from the countless defensive fortifications lining every edge of The Fane, discouraging even casual fly-overs from all but the boldest of dragons.

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