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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my playtest! This is a homebrewed system that I'm sure has lots of kinks to iron out, so I really appreciate your input.

Don't worry too much about learning the rules exactly. They can be sort of overwhelming, and they're subject to change anyhow. For your RTJ, please answer the following questions:

Your Dragon

Name: Your dragon's name, with all attendant titles and honorifics, of course.
Gender: Is your dragon male or female? This has a small but negligible effect on gameplay.
Focus: The main stats for this game are Might, Cunning, Splendor, Mystery and Savagery. Pick one as your character's "Focus"; they will gain significant bonuses to this characteristic.
Form: Dragon is a pretty broad term. What color are your scales? How many claws do you have, if any? Do you even have wings? You can either select a specific Form as listed in the "Dragon and Demesne Creation" thread, or you can just describe how your dragon looks and I'll assign one for you.
Breath Weapon: Does your dragon have firebreath? Do they exhale clouds of poison gas? Do they spit corrosive acid or potent contact toxins at long range? Or do they lack any sort of breath weapon at all, compensating for this with an excess of muscle power?
Personality: Give me a paragraph or two on your dragon's personality and worldview.

Your Demesne (the land your dragon rules)
Name: What is your land called?
Terrain: What's the geography of your demesne look like, for the most part? Do you rule an arid wasteland or a lush and boundless forest? Please choose at least one dominant terrain feature, even if your region is geographically diverse; you can see a listing in the "Dragon and Demesne Creation" thread.
Dominate Race: Is your land ruled primarily by humans, elves, dwarves, or something else?
Development: How developed is the primary civilization in your demesne? This is determined by a Development Rating that goes from 1-5. A civilization with Development 1 is composed of nomads and hunters and gatherers, with few resources that can be barely resist attacking dragons. On the other hand, a Development 5 civilization has vast wealth for dragons to plunder, but are much better able to defend themselves.
Magic: Is magic commonly used in your civilization? Be aware than Development 1 or 2 civilizations are assumed to be non-magical. If your civilization is 3 or higher, however, you must state whether or not they have knowledge of magic.
Culture and History: Briefly describe the civilization's nature and history. What are the major religions, if any? How is it governed, if at all? What are the major population centers named? What does their culture honor, and what does it revile? This is your chance to define a little portion of the setting; be as detailed or as vague as you like, but keep it down to a paragraph or two.

This game will be played in two-week long turns called Cycles. Please do not apply unless you can post at least once every two weeks. Realistically, you will need to post more in order to be competitive; I recommend a posting rate of 1-2 posts a week, more if possible.

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