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The Store
Items listed here will be taken from various JTAS Volumes or my imagination.

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The Store
Hostile Environment Kit   15 kg   TL 7    CR 300   (JTAS 5 page 31)

Filter/Respirator Combo (Bk 3)
Water:  8 each 1/2 liter cans of distilled water
Food:  30 days of supplements and concentrates for one person
Cold light sticks:  30 each.  When flexed, gives a soft light for 24 hours
Commlink/Beacon: 1 combo medium range radio and signaling transponder
Flares: 4/kit  When activated give off bright light and colored smoke for 15 minutes
Survival Rifle:  Take apart rifle where barrel and action store in stock. Has 400 rounds standard and 100 rounds shotgun.  Treat as Rifle-2  (Real life AR-7)
Tarpaulin  (Bk 3)
Cord:  5mm diameter x 300m length.  Stout cord for snares, etc
Rope:  1 cm diameter x 50m length.  For climbing, etc
First aid kit:  Small package of bandages, splints, and other equipment to treat minor injuries.
Grappling Hook:  Used with rope for climbing
Climbing Spikes and hammer:  Metal spikes used for climbing steep cliff faces
Machete:  Equal to Bk 1 Blade for cutting vegetation, clearing a path, etc
Binoculars  (Bk 3)
Sheltersuit:  Loose fitting garment with hood, facemask, and gloves used with heat pump to protect against most extreme condition of heat and cold
Heat Pump:  Used with sheltersuit.  Battery is good for an average of 30 days of continuous operation when activated.
Raft 1 person:  Keeps you afloat in water
Miscellaneous:  Matches, fish hooks and line, etc
Survival Manual:  Handheld portable microfilm reader with self contained instructions for survival under many adverse conditions
Carrying Case:  50 x 40 x 15 cm

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The Store
Practice Cartridges for Snub Weapons.

   Snub weapons are different from other weapon types in that they have four specialty cartridges, but they don't have standard rounds for practicing.  That is the reason why loose rounds cost 10CR for six rounds and filled snub mags cost forty credits each.  Your local chandler now carries practice cartridges for both types of snub pistols.

   Practice snub projectiles are made of hard foam, like a kind of super Nerf.  They have the same ballistic characteristics as a standard snub round with one difference.  If you shoot someone with one, it will sting a bit, but they won't actually hurt anyone.  Practice snub revolver cartridges could cost a credit apiece and are sold in boxes of sixty for 60CR.  Practice snub auto rounds are also one credit each and are sold in twenty round magazines for 30CR.  Snub revolver and snub auto cartridges both have bright blue cartridge casings so they won't be confused with any other types of snub cartridges.  Snub revolver and snub auto cartridges are not interchangeable.  Unlike Nerf darts, practice snub cartridges are also not reusable.

   (Imagine the fun as goggled PC's practice individual combat/anti-piracy techniques, in a filled cargo bay or the ship corridors when not carrying passengers.  It could be like paintball without the paint, while still serving as a training exercise.)

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The Store
Rescue Ball     JTAS 5 page 30

   This item is standard on all Imperial military vessels and most private ships as well.  When folded, the rescue ball is a cylinder about 5 cm in diameter and about 10 cm long.  When deployed, it forms a sphere slightly over a meter in diameter which contains air sufficient to last one person for from one to two hours.

   In the event of explosive decompression or other loss of air, rescue balls allow individuals not in possession of vacc suits or those without time to don vacc suits to survive long enough for aid to reach them.

   The user pulls a lanyard, climbs inside, and seals the zip closure.  The ball is made of a metal coated plastic film for ease of location by radar and contains a small bottle of compressed air, a small first aid kit, and a transparent window through which the occupant may observe conditions outside the ball.  Rescue balls provide some protection from stellar radiation and from corrosive and insidious atmospheres for five to seven hours.

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