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The Empress Theodora
The Empress Theodora is an Empress Marava class far trader.

Tonnage:  200 tons (standard displacement), 2800 cubic meters.
Dimensions:  49.3 meters long by 28.5 meters wide by 8.7 meters high.
Crew:  Five.  Pilot/Navigator, Engineer, Steward/Medic, and two Gunners.
Acceleration:  2G, with normal operations and maneuvering done at 1G.
Jump:  2.  One jump 2 or two jump 1.  Jump governor is installed.
Gravitics:  Adjustable 0.1 to 2.0 floor fields.  Internal compensators.
Range:  Four weeks maneuver.  One jump 2.  Three months consumables.
Cargo:  Six passengers w/ owner aboard, four low passengers, 61 tons of cargo.
Armament:  Port and starboard hardpoints, each with a dual laser turret standard.  (Upgrades are available)
Electronics:  Model /1bis.  Entertainment consoles.
Ship's Boats:  No auxiliary vessels.  One four passenger air raft w/ interior boarding and access, used for running errands.

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