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Wed 2 Jan 2019
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RTJ and Expectations
For your RtJ I just need a little bit of information up front. Most of the finer details will get ironed out as a group. Please answer the following:

What name and race do you think you will choose for your character?

What is your familiarity with the Animorphs book series?

How often do you expect to be able to post?

Please include a sample post about someone morphing into a turtle for the first time. This is to get a sense of your typical posting style.
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Wed 2 Jan 2019
at 01:52
RTJ and Expectations
What is Expected:

As noted briefly above, this game will flow at a medium pace or faster.  So please only submit an RTJ if you can commit to posting at least a few times a week or more.

Additionally, it will be expected that players are respectful of each other.  Characters don't always have to get along, but do not let In-Character drama affect Out-Of-Character interactions.

A passing knowledge of the Animorphs book series is recommended, but not strictly necessary. It would certainly be wise to know what a controller, yeerk, andalite, hork-bajir, and taxxon are though.

That being said, while characters do not always have to agree with one another, they should generally be able to work together toward the same overarching goals.  We can have both good and evil aligned characters on the same team so long as they are able to find a way to work together.

Posts should be written in 3rd person past tense. Please pick a color for spoken words. (Preferably a different color than the other PCs.) Internal thoughts should be in italics.

Lastly, when writing posts, be bold.  Don't be shy about having your character try something new, or know something about the world around them. Dungeon World style games are all about the narrative, so if it will make a good story, go for it.  Just try not to be contradictory.  For instance, if your character doesn't know how to drive a car, don't later claim that they used to work as a cab driver.

What is NOT Expected:

Previous experience playing Dungeon World style games is great, but it is not at all required.  It is a quick and easy game system to learn, so don't let lack of experience dissuade you from playing.

Likewise, when you create a character, it is not expected that you know every single detail about their past.  A lot of the fun about Dungeon World style games is discovering the world as we go.  This includes discovering things about the player characters.

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