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Adventure Timeline
30 Eliasias (August) - The Seven Fingers Trading Coster, led by Masters Hugglesward, departed Luskan on the last northbound caravan to bring much needed supplies to Icewind Dale.

11 Eleint (September) - An early winter season hampers progress along The Northern Means and  the caravan reached the North/South Pass behind schedule. Stopping briefly at Hundelstone, the caravan girded itself for the arduous journey ahead.

14 Eleint (September) - The caravan cleared the North/South Pass and turned northeast, toward Icewind Dale, upon reaching Ten Trail

25 Eleint (September) - The caravan reached Bryn Shander, 11 days behind schedule, and was attacked by a marauding band of yetis at the outskirts of town, just as its wagons were pulling into town. The party fought off and slayed several yetis, the others fled away to the south. In the aftermath, Kira briefly noticed a woman wearing a helm of elk antlers away to the south, but then the woman disappeared in the snowstorm. Ellie noticed a cache of silvered weapons in one of the damaged crates.

26 Eleint (September)The party splits up into two groups. Dalgura, Ellie and Morgrim elect to stay in Bryn Shander to investigate the disturbing presence of Luskan thugs extorting local businesses.

Arnan, Kira and Thane decide to accompany an Elk Tribesman, Hengar, back to his camp to aid his tribe's fight against the Ice Witch. They depart Bryn Shander and arrive in the town of Termalaine in search of accomodations.

27 Eleint (September) The Bryn Shander trio travel a few miles north of Bryn Shander to scout out a bandit hideout. There they defeat several thugs and uncover a letter implicating a plot to unseat Duvessa Shane, Town Speaker of Bryn Shander. They return to Bryn Shander and present the information to Duvessa. Bolstered by the Sheriff and a few militia members, the dwarves confront Vaelish at his private office and residence. Vaelish escapes the encounter, vowing to continue his plans elsewhere in Ten Towns.

The Elk Tribe trio depart Termalaine trio continue their trek across Bremen's Run, deeper into the snowy and windy tundra. They spend the night in a frost heave and hear wolves nearby but are never attacked.

28 Eleint (September)

The Elk tribe trio continue their trek northward across the tundra toward the Elk Tribe's campsite.

Ellie takes her leave of Dalgura and Morgrim and the dwarves spent some much needed downtime.

29 Eleint (September)

The Elk Tribe trio continues their travels across snowy tundra while the dwarves continue to rest in Bryn Shander.

30 Eleint (September)

The Elk Tribe trio arrives at the campsite late in the night. There, they learn of a recent attack by the Bear Tribe. Still reeling from the attack, a group of warriors are preparing to set out to exact revenge. Several tribesmembers have been whisked away to be sacrificed to Auril. The party agrees to help and departs shortly after arriving, bound for a camp near Evermelt.


The Elk tribe trio arrive at Icemelt at early dawn and attack the Bear tribe camp, eventually working their way into an icy cavern and the former abode of a dragon named Icingdeath. There they, encounter Bear tribe cultists and a simulacrum of the Ice Witch. They also learn that the Ice Witch is named Hedrun and is an exiled member of the Elk Tribe, a Chosen of Auril.

1 Marpenoth (October)
The Elk Tribe trio are made honorary members of the Elk tribe and they feast with their hosts at Evermelt.

2 Marpenoth (October)
The Elk Tribe trio sets out to return to Bryn Shander. The dwarves continue to spend downtime in the town.

3 Marpenoth (October)
The Elk Tribe trio travels across tundra toward Bryn Shander

4 Marpenoth (October)
The Elk Tribe trio arrives in Bryn Shander just as a winter squall descends over Icewindale.

5 Marpenoth (October)
The winter squall is over and the party hears about zombies wandering out of Dwarven Valley. They meet with Mithann to discuss these tidings and to acquire silvered weapons. Aarun has still not turned up to take possession of the weapons.

6 Marpenoth (October)
The party sets out toward Dwarven Valley to investigate.

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