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Character Creation Information
Characters will begin at 1st-level and use the guidelines as described in the Players Handbook (pages 11-15). There are no restrictions on race/class combinations in this game. Generally speaking, any options found in the PHB are acceptable.

Players who do not have a physical copy of the 5th edition Players Handbook may download the free Basic D&D rules located at Character creation guidelines are found on pages 6-9 of the Basic D&D document.

The Sword Coast Adventurers Guide may also be used, as I have this book as well and will entertain character options included in this book. Just let me know if there is something from this book you would like to use and we can discuss.

Generating Ability Scores
Please use the Customizing Ability Scores Variant, as detailed on p. 13 of the PHB (p. 8 of the Basic D&D pdf).

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