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Chapter 1: Arrival at Bryn Shander

25 Eleint (September)
Bryn Shander

The circular wall of Bryn Shander lies just ahead, the first sight of civilization since leaving Hundelstone all those days ago, with a large stony mountain, Kelvin's Cairn looming in the distance. The twinkling of lights beyond the wall promise refuge from the lashing winds and rising hearth smoke here or there portends warmth and sustenance.

The city's walls are quite impressive, standing thirty feet high with a rampart above for defenders stationed along the walkway. A large stone gatehouse, the Southwest Gate, looms over the Caravan Trail. Here, the eager town guard awaits the caravan's arrival, portcullis and doors already swung open to receive them.

The long line of wagons and pack animals begin filing into the town along a wide mud-choked boulevard running through the town toward Market Square. Buildings flank either side of the boulevard. Immediately left of the Southwest Gate is a large stable and a few supporting outbuildings, the likely temporary home for the industrious pack animals that survived the journey from Luskan. To the right a cluster of buildings find shelter behind a low stone wall, their occupants leaning out of soot-covered windows to view the arriving procession.

A chorus of cheers burst out here or there as the town's residents eye the caravan, and more importantly its wares, with obvious interest. The caravan has arrived and this is cause to celebrate.

Just as the adventurers perhaps begin to feel a little relief after having made the arduous journey, a terrified shriek pierces the moment. Coming from somewhere near the rear of the caravan, still outside the walls, a guardsman calls out:

"Beasts at the gate! The gate! The gate! To arms!!!"

OOC: The caravan is spread out: a third of it within the walls, a third passing through the gate and a third still outside the gate. Need to know which third your characters are likely to be within the caravan and then I will set up the encounter information. Thanks!

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Morgrim Ironhammer
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 1: Arrival at Bryn Shander
"Beasts at the who now?" Morgrim grumbled from towards the rear of the sprawling caravan. "That's no way to talk about a simple dwarf," he continued as he turned to look for the source of the commotion. "Its hardly my fault if I smell like a mule and my beard has more brambles in it than a briar patch after the tenday we just lived through."

Morgrim is trailing towards the rear, still outside the gate
Dalgura Ironhammer
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 1: Arrival at Bryn Shander
In reply to Morgrim Ironhammer (msg # 2):

Dalgura shook her head at her brother.  She had just about been about to step up to the gate when she heard the cry to arms.

"Arms?  I have two thank you but what is this about beasts?"

Dalgura looked around and readied her warhammer looking to help the caravan who had gotten them this far without too much incident.

Dalgura was just getting ready to step up to the gate.
Ellie Dovehand
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 1: Arrival at Bryn Shander
Yeti, Remorhaz, Verbeeg, goblins...

Ellie's mind instinctively started listing the most common types of monsters found in Icewind Dale, according to the books she had read on it. Of course, they were a bit dated and she was a little fuzzy on the details, there had been something about that book...

It didn't matter. Ellie had been nearing the gate, having stuck near the middle of the caravan most of the way where she could bled in most easily. She took a deep breath as she turned around, ready to defend herself and help where she could.

(( OOC: Ellie would be near the middle of the caravan. ))
Arnan Aldwynne
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 1: Arrival at Bryn Shander
Arnan had caught a whiff of the smoke from the hearth-fires of what he knew must be Bryn Shander well before he sighted the city's walls. The swirling winds had wisked the smell away again after an instant, but Arnan had been on the alert, hoping that they would make the city before having to hunker down for another cold night on the road.

Personally, he was more inured to the cold than were many who were with the caravan, and it helped that he knew what to expect from the winters up in the High North. He sniffed the wind again for the tell-tale smoke, but could catch no further hints of the city that he knew must be close, now.

Soon enough he caught a glimpse of Bryn Shander's circular wall through the swirling snow, and he felt a surge of relief that for tonight, at least, they would be safe from the dangers of the open road.

He took up a position just to the side of the main gate, and watched as the caravan moved through. Although the pace was not fast, the beasts of burden had quickened their step -- most likely in anticipation of finding shelter, and mayhaps an extra serving of food within the walls. The faces of the townsfolk who peeked around the timbers that lined the gate showed smiles and enthusiasm -- seemingly both the wagoneers and the townsfolk were looking forward to the caravan's arrival within the city with eager anticipation.

"Damn!" Arnan muttered when the panicked cry went up about beasts at the gate, and he cursed himself for having relaxed a little too early. His right hand instinctively reached behind his back for an arrow, even as he began to ready his bow with his left.

"Where are they??" he bellowed, scrunching up his eyes into slits as he peered into the wind-driven snow. "Give us a compass direction, you lunkhead!"

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