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Preface: Campaign Setup

  • I. The game begins immediately in the context of the adventure, all of the player characters have been taken prisoner by the drow and are being held at an Underdark outpost under the drow's control.  Some of you have been held captive longer than others - there are exceptions to those who take the time to work on background tie-ins to other PCs either on the OOC board or in PMs.  Pay special attention to the notes that have been placed in the character creation post that will detail how your captivity affects your equipment.

  • II. The player characters do not need to have any ties to the Underdark or even to each other as part of their individual backstories.  There only needs to be some explanation as to how or why they might have each come into being a prisoner of the drow.  Some potential hooks are given as examples and you are free to select one to embellish upon as your character's backstory.  These and other options are presented under the Appendices Post.

  • III. This adventure will begin with all player characters at lvl 1.  It should be expected that the 1st level or two may pass quickly so try to have in mind what you want to do with the character as you level.  Please fill out the sheet as comprehensively as you are able.  There are some examples provided in the Appendices Post as to how I tend to like character sheets to look.

  • IV. There are 17 total chapters to this adventure beginning with Chapter 1: Prisoners of the Drow where we start.  My intention is to play though them all which could encompass a significant amount of real life time.  As tends to happen in pbp over a length of time there can be some attrition.  Player Characters will be NPCed after 1 week of inactivity and then replaced either at the end of the current chapter or at a point in the current chapter that makes sense.


The Request to Join

  • * Statement of Age * Purely for the mature tag that I've placed on this game.  I tend to have a dark and gritty approach to DMing.  That doesn't mean vulgar or obscene however.  Mature themes require maturity.
  • * Character Concept 1 * A brief 1-2 paragraph description of the character you wish to portray in this adventure.  This should be your primary interest, as in the character you want to play most.  The standard details such as race, class, general flair and possible reasons how or why this character has been captured by drow.
  • * Character Concept 2 * As above though this should be a secondary interest should the first not be accepted.  This is entirely optional, if you want to submit only 1 character idea that is fine.
  • * Knowledge of material * If you own this adventure book or have participated in this adventure previously make a note of it here.  It doesn't exclude you but I do value that information so that I can tailor things as needed to make the game experience still enjoyable for all.
  • * DnD experience * This can be as long or as short as you want it to be.  I'm mostly interested in what or how many campaigns you have played or DMed successfully and what editions they may have been formatted to.  I'll list my own experience at the end of this post.

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DM Info
* Statement of Age * I am 37 years of age.

* Character Concept 1 * Were it me submitting an application to join this game, the character I'd likely choose is one of my oldest.  Axegar Stonefist, a dwarven fighter/brawler and self proclaimed mining expert with a big mouth but a couple of big hammy fists to back it up.  He was captured while excavating some tunnels near a frontier settlement.  A trading expedition was paying him well to scout out the caves for a potential mining profit to be made.  As he delved deeper and deeper, the dwarf stumbled into a pitfall and tumbled down right into a drow ambush.  The concept would later develop into a two weapon Battle Master.

* Character Concept 2 * My second choice would be a cleric of Torm named Jaesin Varks who became concerned about the recent disappearance of a friend but in his typical brash bravado, set out to find this missing friend without gathering a group to assist him.  This friend would be another PC that I would PM about the possibility of tieing our stories together or if that doesn't work out, then an NPC whom was captured or killed by the drow.  Jaesin's search would lead him to the same fate though hopefully not the killed part.

* Knowledge of material *
I, obviously own the adventure book and have read through it once with partial rereads through most of the first several chapters.  I also own the PHB, DMG, and MM for 5.0 and am very familiar with the rules and adventure itself.

* DnD experience *
I've been playing DnD for roughly 22 years now, starting out in basic with some friends in the library at my high school.  We never ran any campaigns or kept characters around very long, it was entirely tongue in cheek for kicks.  I moved on to 2nd edition in college and ran a fairly complex and involved Dark Sun game for about 7 months.  I started online play in my mid 20s when I found this site and a few others.  I ran several 3.5 campaigns and participated in a few others, all of which never really made it to the full year mark.  I made several attempts to run 4th edition in pbp but didn't play in many games because I preferred my way of running 4e to how others did.  When my last adventure run attempt failed after 3 months I took a long break and have decided to try again with a more streamlined 5e.

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