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Thu 17 Dec 2015
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Request to Join and Expectations
Now this is going to sound weird, but thinking about this, I want an integrated cast of characters who're going to do more than just have been thrown into a situation together or gotten stitched together from disparate concepts with no real connections between people.

So in order to participate in the game I'm creating two paths one for before the game starts one for after.

Pre-game Join:
- Send a RTJ specifying that you want to join the game (ie You're not just asking a question via private message.)
- I will add people
- Discuss with other interested people concepts for the team.
- - Focus on the rule of "Yes, and" try to encourage ideas while adding your own.
- - Don't feel pressured into playing a role or situation you're not comfortable with.
- - Remember this is not a Grimdark setting, things can get realistically bad, but the tone is hopeful.
- - I will actively be taking part in said conversation.
- - If I say something is definitively decided and you can't abide by it, say so & find another game.
- From discussion there will be cooperative public character sheet creation.
- Once things are in order I'll start the game.

Post-game Join:
- Send an RTJ detailing your idea for a new character.
- I'll tell you I got it and put it before the active players in a non-public thread.
- Subsequently I'll tell you if you're in.

Follow the site rules.
Make sure the other players are having fun.
Make sure you are having fun.
Make sure I am having fun.
Be mature, but the game will probably never need a mature warning.
Act like an adult, but the game not being erotica will NEVER need an adult flag.
If you're stuck and can't think of what to post, speak up.
If you're planning to be absent for an extended period, speak up.

On swearing let network Fox/CNN/ABC television be your guide. Infrequent and mild is best, failing that be creative and obscure it somehow, ex schmuck, putz, frak, frell, BUN tyen-shung duh ee-DWAY-RO, Merlin's beard.
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Thu 17 Dec 2015
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Request to Join and Expectations
The game will start at Power Level 5.
The player will probably start with 75 Power Points.
Trade Offs are capped at 50% of game power level round up.

Variable powers while permitted should have real limits associated such as a sight/touch range Mimic, or an animal based Shapeshifter. Tech or magic are not adequately limiting.

Arrays at character creation are discouraged.
Arrays should generally be gained in game by spending earned power points after using extra-effort in game to perform a power stunt.
Only one power in a standard Array can be used in a given turn. A sustained power in a standard array deactivates when another power is used. (per normal rules)

4 ranks in a skill denote either about 6 years experience or a bachelors in the subject.
8 ranks in a subject denote a recent PhD.
12 ranks denotes a renowned expert in the field.

Invention et al have a base DC of 25 instead of 10 and construction's base DC is 15.

Example Defense research team wants to make a Jet Pack Flight 4 Fades the lead researcher just got a PhD in rocket science, +8 and is highly intelligent +4, he's backed by a team of helpers +5, and has a very nice lab +2 circumstance and he's having an average day of it rolled 10. So he rolls a 29 hitting his goal and succeeds.

((D.A.R.T. Labs is an exceptionally nice lab +5 circumstance))

Half of construction time is assumed to be needed by materials such as curing, or etching and cannot be sped up. Magical rituals are similarly restricted.