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Sun 3 Jan 2016
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Chapter 2 Decisions.
The next day is actually reasonably sunny for the time of year, while downstairs in the bar will be somewhat noisy two floors up will be nice an quiet. Quality of sleep may vary however most of the escapees will be so exhausted it will overcome even nightmares. Players can wake up whenever they feel is appropriate however the meeting is at noon.

[On an OC note when you start talking to the reps we will split the chat into individual PMs.]

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Glis Sterling
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Sun 3 Jan 2016
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Chapter 2 Decisions.
By dint of being the one sleeping in what was technically a semi public space, Glis was fairly early to wake up. Mouth felt dry and a quick scurry needed to be made to a bathroom after quite so many liquids, but all in all it was a wonderful morning to wake into. Morning foraging accounted to the short walk over to what was left of the tray and sandwiches, soon nothing but empty bread left on the trays. The water supply was easy to locate behind the bar itself, taps were still as expected. There was no need to plan out a route for the day, that was from here to here. People were coming to meet the dormouse and if Mister Sdit could be believed then they weren't the kind Glis needed to plan an ambush for.

All in all, preparations took such a very short time that Glis very quickly grew bored. That meant exploring the place properly, marking out easy escape routes, watching the residents from a safe distance to judge for potential threats or easy targets, hunting out nooks and crannies. Glis didn't really expect to find much, but it was a decent way to fill time until others were up. After a short period of this they stopped to clean up their fur, there was still dried blood and grime matting it and you never knew when you'd next get the opportunity to groom. Shed the dirt of the world, count the new scars.

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Sun 3 Jan 2016
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Chapter 2 Decisions.
Curro dreams of the hunt, the chase, fear. Over fallen trees, between buildings. But no matter how fast he runs the hunters horns still call. Exhausted, out of breath, muscles burning he falls, crawling into an abandoned structure. He drags himself by his forelegs, his hindquarters horribly cut and bruised and utterly given up. He finds a corner, pausing for breath to lick his wounds. The building is silent for the echoing sounds of horns, the screams of other prey in the distance and his own hammering heartbeat. Maybe they won't find him this time. Maybe he'll survive... His reverie is cut short by a new sound. A figure in the dark shadows cast by the setting orange sun. It slinks out of the shadows, growling. A horrific amalgam of a creature. Shambling on four legs, the gait of a wolf. But as the sunlight hits it, it reveals the vines wrapped around it, diving in and out of its flesh, throbbing like perverse veins as it growls, advancing. It's teeth rows of evil red thorns dripping dark sap like drool as it advances on him. But he's frozen in terror, helpless as it pounces, wrapping it's vile jaws around his delicate neck.

Curro awakes with a muffled cry, kicking out in shock, an errant hoof striking out and cracking the bed frame. He bites his lip to supress the mewl of fear and the throbbing pain. Where? Where was he. The memories slowly come trickling back, the escape, the others, the pub... His adrenaline fueled heart rests easy for a moment before he looks across to the other bed. Empty...but not. A pair of amber eyes staring at him in the half light, unblinking, unflinching, sizing him up, a predator. He freezes, meeting its gaze, waiting for it to make the first move.

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Sun 3 Jan 2016
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Chapter 2 Decisions.
By force of ingrained habit, Image woke at dawn. Yawning and stretching he decides to examine the room he was in closer than he did last night. Maybe the wardrobe holds some new clothes he can wear, seeing as his current attire is a little worse for wear after the tumble through the Hedge. After that, a rummage through any draws the desk has to check for anything interesting, then a look out to window to try and orientate himself from the brief glances of the area he saw last night.

His immediate curiosity satisfied, Image takes advantage of his relatively early rising to occupy the shower before anyone else. Enjoying the hot, running water, he allows himself to relax and take his time getting clean - a pleasant change from recent times.