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OOC - General Expectations and House Rules
We will be exploring the grim darkness of the edges of the Imperium a story- and character- led series of opportunistic gambits, endeavours and descents into madness and chaos. You will be asked to roll dice as required, but the emphasis will be on the narrative.

Please describe what your character is attempting to do, how, and what can objectively be observed about them whilst they're doing so. Describe how your characters emotions are expressed, not their inner monologue. Don't use out-of-character knowledge. Don't control other characters in the scene, or named NPCs, but feel free to include minor 'colour'. Broadly, use a past-tense third-person objective style of writing.

When posting, please follow these simple formatting rules to make our lives easier:
  • Speech in quotation marks and a consistent colour per character, "Yessir, Lord-Captain"
  • Vox, telepathy (and other artificial) broadcasts surrounded by double-plus, ++ For the Emperor!++. Prefacing your first broadcast with the channel or method you're using and informing me of any change would be really helpful. For point-to-point communications of this type, please also use a private message unless everyone else in the scene is within earshot
  • Volume via bold for shouting or small for whispering
  • Your internal monologue in italic, Why is he so insistent?, but no sniping please
  • Anything OOC tagged and in Orange, preferably in a private line to the GM (or a message to the OOC channel if you need clarification), OOC: Attack with chainsword. Dice rolls in a private line, for sure

We will be progressing the main scene 2-3 times a week, though I may be progressing individual conversations or cut-scenes more frequently. Please allow other players up to 36 hours to respond to the main scene. Anyone not posting for 3 days without letting me know will be presumed to be caught up in the action and react accordingly. Anyone not posting for 7 days similarly may be NPC'd

Remember there are people behind the characters. We expect tensions between characters, but politeness OOC. Any form of OOC bullying, discrimination or harassment will mean instant ejection - and I expect anything IC to be tempered. If in doubt, clear things with the other player OOC beforehand. Broadly this boils down to: Don't be a dick.

Finally, this is marked as an Mature campaign because of the potential for themes of violence, experimentation, references to drugs and dark magic and so on. We will fade to black where necessary. We will not be seeing scenes of gratuitous sex or violence. You will keep inline with RPOL policies. There will be mild peril and gore, combative action scenes and the opportunity for witty one-liners.

OOC: TL;DR - No meta-gaming. No god-modding. No gratuitous sex or gore. Tell a story. Be nice.

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Character Creation
Generally effort into characterisation and background history will be rewarded. If you wish to pick a specific background, education, mutation and so on then raise it with me via our existing private message thread and in the form of a request and the relevant backstory.

After the GMs have reviewed your preferred role, career, origin path (and lineage if using one) together with your backstory, you can proceed to the remainder of the build with the following notes:
  • You may use Random or Allocated characteristics
  • Your origin path should be Linear, i.e. no free choice row except Lineage and within the initial starting XP limits (under 500xp), however you will begin at Rank 2
  • You may take any number of Common Availability (or better) and Common Craftsmanship items from the Armoury in the Core rulebook
  • You may make a single Acquisition roll for Gear once the character build has been submitted, though this should be flagged to the GMs first and is at +0
  • You should submit 2-3 connections to the GM, NPCs with whom you share some backstory
  • You may make a final Acquisition roll for a follower or followers, at +0

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Aside from the standard experience awards from the main book I will be awarding additional points based on role-playing and engagement.

Each post will be judged based on contribution (moving the scene along, engagement with other players, provide insight into your character's backstory or reasoning), appropriate length (sometime short is appropriate), conformance with the posting guidelines (you're making my life easier) and coolness
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Specific House Rules
Any specific House Rules will be included within this section

Small Craft

All vessels should be considered to contain small craft hangers equal to their Max Hull Integrity / 5, rounding down. Each cargo hold or barracks provides a further 4 small craft hangers.

Each hanger may contain up to 4 small craft bays, with the following bay requirements per small craft:
  • Single-Bay Small Craft
    • Aquilla Lander, small, lightly-armed shuttle used primarily for VIP transport. Carrying capacity is 10 men, 10 m3 or 2t
    • Arvus Lighter, slightly larger, but unarmoured and less manoeuvrable shuttle. Carrying capacity is 12 men, 24 m3 or 6t.
  • Double-Bay Small Craft
    • Halo Barge, an unarmed, bulk cargo hauler. Carrying capacity is 80 men, 160 m3 or 40t.
    • Vengeance Guncutter, a versatile, heavily armoured craft that can be used as a transport, ground support vehicle and even a dog-fighter if necessary. Carrying capacity is 30 men, 60 m3 or 12t. A VIP variant is available with luxurious quarters for 6.
  • Quad-Bay Small Craft
    • Assault Barge, an armoured, lightly-armed shuttle designed to get large numbers of troops to the surface. Capacity 100 men, 200 m3 or 50t
    • Transit Barge, a civilian bulk hauler. Capacity 200 men, 400 m3 or 100t.

Each hanger may contain combat void-craft (taking up three bays each) or aeronautica (one bay each), however these cannot be effectively deployed during void combat other than from a launch bay component. Likewise a bay may be utilised by a ground vehicle, such as a Rhino, so long as sufficient space remains to load it aboard a barge of some form for ground operations

Any two small craft hangers can be converted into a private hanger with a capacity of six bays but suitable for receiving guests discretely and with a degree of luxury

Based on material from https://community.fantasyfligh...c/45751-small-craft/

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