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Chapter VI - Ironbloom Reagent
Frigedæg, 1305 hrs high sun

Those in need search the deceased for anything useful. The only weapon left is a short sword.

The only armor is Hin sized leather armor and a shield (buckler to anyone but a Hin). Brett wore normal clothing as a mage.

Theadric's backpack contains a lute, a coil of rope, pipe and a pouch of tobacco, tinderbox with flint and steel, three torches, half filled waterskin, two day's iron rations...

Brett's backpack contains a scroll case (who knew?), two scrolls (knock and wall of fog), a corked inkwell, sheath of quills, blank parchment, reading glasses, three new candles, one used candle, pouch of spell components, charcoal, a wax stick, and a lint ball the size of a marble.

Those needing to recover their arcane or pious energies do so, studying or offering prayers quietly. Karok guards the double doors.

Thirty minutes pass. Then, Illiana and Fitz leave the shrine... where were they going? Anyone's guess... perhaps they were leaving, having reunited and freed from captivity.


Moments later in another room...

When Illiana turns back toward the door, she senses a slight movement to her right. Something was not right. Suddenly, the kobold she saw earlier kill Brett steps from the shadows, dagger raised, and it jumps Fitz as the fighter kneels at the bed to pull some gear from under the bed. It lands on the fighter's back and wraps one arm around his neck, the other slashing the blade of a dagger down into his neck to the hilt. It is a mortal injury and the fighter collapses on the floor helplessly, his scream gurgling quietly from the open slit in his throat. The kobold rogue leaps off and spins, hissing at his female captive now freed of her bonds. The dying fighter's blood pools at his feet.

Begin combat round 1305.06

Everyone in the shrine is unaware of the situation in the other room at this time... post accordingly.

Fitz is at 0 health and must make a CON roll for a chance to cling to life a few seconds longer and not take another point of damage in the coming round.

Rogue Kobold (attacking Illiana)

Magic in play....  None

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Chapter VI - Ironbloom Reagent
As the two leave the shrine, Jhaelin looks over at Karok with a wry look.

"Well, they could have at least said thanks..."

He looks over at Durwe, "and he took your sword!"
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Chapter VI - Ironbloom Reagent
"None the worse, I say." Tynia says. One of the few words they had heard her speak since meeting a few days ago.

"She's trouble."
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Sat 9 Jan 2016
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Chapter VI - Ironbloom Reagent
Cass had just finished his devotions and lifted his head from the stone floor. He heard what the others were talking about and figured he'd take a chance on learning more about the group.

"Those two came to you recently?" he asked. "How many of us stragglers have you picked up on your journey?"