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Falcon's Hollow - PCs Homebase

Powers That Be

Blackblood Covenant: This secretive congregation of Falconers who bow to Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess, gather to worship under a cabal of disease-ridden priests. Many of the most high-ranking clergy members hide in plain sight as leprous beggars by day. By night, they lead dark rites to the Pale Princess of Pestilence in remote groves outside of town. The covenant’s ultimate motive and plans remain shrouded in mystery, but it most likely does not have healthy intentions toward the populace of Falcon’s Hollow.

Church of Iomedae: With all the downtrodden to preach to in Falcon’s Hollow, missionaries of Iomedae, Goddess of Valor and Justice, have established a foothold in town. Many other religious sects who fled here to escape the Church of Light’s persecution resent Iomedae’s followers. Tensions run high between congregations, often resulting in less-than-holy brawls on the muddy thoroughfares of Worship Way.

Lumber Consortium: This powerful collection of unscrupulous tycoons and magnates of the lumber trade controls most of the tree-felling camps (commonly called cut yards) in the area around the vale. Those lumberjacks who refuse to affiliate with the consortium (and agree to its horrendously exploitative labor and pay practices) are often muscled out of business or simply disappear. The consortium employs three hundred jacks and nearly half that many sell swords, thugs, and mercenaries to protect the cut yards from monsters as well as to intimidate competitors.

Redrock Guild: This organized criminal syndicate poses as a business club and moneylenders union, but most Falconers know its members constitute some of the vilest flesh-peddlers, sneak thieves, and murderers in town. The current leader is a fearsome brutish man named Kadran Bloodeye, whose penchant for flaying his enemies alive in the basement of his pleasure establishment, called the Rouge Lady Inn, is well known.

Places of Note

Goose’n’Gander: The local general store in Falcon’s Hollow is run by Brickas Hildrinsocks, who sells everything from standard amenities such as grain, lamp oil, ink, and mining supplies, to such rare oddities as alchemist’s fire, antitoxin, a petrified pseudo-dragon, and taxidermy nixies (all the rage this season).

Hollow Tribunal: This is where the Magistrate Vamros Harg dispenses merchant licenses, stamps mining and lumber claims, and passes judgment on criminal and civil cases. Most Falconers enjoy the irony of the Hollow Tribunal’s name, since the justice meted out there is rarely equitable. The fact that Harg is firmly in Gavel Thuldrin’s pocket is well known, but it is rarely uttered in public by those who value their lives.

Jak’a’Napes: This leaning ramshackle inn located next to the town’s stables offers lodgings and food to the many travelers who pass through Falcon’s Hollow. The owner, a rotund red-faced human named Jak Crimmy, with a single wisp of bright red hair on his otherwise bald head, is a retired bard who sports an easy smile. Jak’s cinnamon-crusted flapjacks are legendary in town, as is his skill at juggling frying pans and his astonishing marksmanship with a heavy crossbow (Jak is a man of many talents).

Quinn’s Carnival: Elf shadow dancer Namdrin Quinn led a band of veteran adventurers who used to venture into the vale with frequency. After a particularly
dangerous quest claimed the life of Namdrin’s wife, Tess, the elf ended his career and established this carnival of wonders on the edge of town. Quinn and his companions wow crowds with feats of skill and magic by night, but rumor has it that after the tents close Namdrin and his merry band entreat with dark fey, whose anger mounts at the constant lumbering incursions into the vale. Some say the shadow dancer spies for the vengeful fey, who plan retribution and murder.

The Rouge Lady: The silk-veiled parlors in the back of this burlesque and gambling hall doubles as an illegal brothel. Kabran Bloodeye owns this illicit pleasure den, where the unfortunate Ralla peddles her charms to earn enough copper for her and Hollin to survive.

The Sitting Duck: Located a little too close for many folks’ comfort to the town palisade, the Duck is the local hot spot for adventurers, explorers, and other rapscallions looking for excitement. The tavern serves a potent local brew of fermented darkwood leaf that can floor an ogre in a few tankards. Raucous games of “knivesies” and “mig-a-mug-tug” (two dangerous local recreational activities both with a high rate of maiming) often rage late into the night. Many adventurers share tales of Darkmoon Vale, Droskar’s Crag, and other surrounding locations for the price of a mug of ale.

Who's Who in Falcon's Hollow

Sheriff Deldrin Baleson: Deldrin used to be a poor lumberjack toiling in the cut yards under Gavel Thuldrin Kreed’s oppressive thumb. One day he refused to pay an “ax tax” on a lumber ax he had already bought and paid for. Boss Teedum tried to take Deldrin’s ax, and the half-elf smashed Teedum’s face with the flat of it. As one of the few locals to stand up to Teedum and Kreed, he was elected Sheriff the following week. Now he carries the same ax around on his shoulder to remind Kreed and Boss Teedum he is not afraid of them. Deldrin is tall for a half-elf, towering over most humans, and his well-muscled, imposing form is further enhanced by his sharp gold flecked eyes.

Kabran Bloodeye: Kabran is a short statured brute of a man with blood-red eyes. He lost his nose as punishment for numerous criminal activities in a large city far from the hollow. He wears a bronze nose piece over the ugly crater left in the center of his face that whistles disturbingly as he breathes and leaks blood and mucus (which Kabran dabs away with a crimson handkerchief ).

Magistrate Vamros Harg: Harg is bought and paid for, but he wishes he wasn’t. The magistrate was a failed barrister in a large city far away before coming to Falcon’s Hollow. Kreed propped him up with the understanding he’d tear the little lawmaker down at the first sign of disobedience. Vamros doesn’t dare oppose Kreed directly, but every chance he gets he nudges cases away from Kreed’s greedy eye and tries to give people a fair shake. He is ashamed of his own cowardice, but if a group of hardy adventurers supported him in opposing Thuldrin Kreed, Harg might just step up to the challenge and start doling out true justice. Harg is an attractive young man fond of finery whose romantic interests run toward his own gender.

Boss Payden “Pay Day” Teedum: Payden, the pug-faced, mash-nosed human thug licking at Kreed’s boots, has a big bone to pick with Deldrin. The only reason he hasn’t tried to break the sheriff’s neck is that Kreed fears turning Deldrin into a martyr for other Falconers to rally around. “Pay Day” gets his name from the way he doles out “dues” to anyone who fails to follow “Mista Kreed’s” commands fast enough.

Sharvaros Vode D'Vile: Most know Vode is a strange man but few are aware of his expertise at necromancy. Vode is believed to conducts vile experiments on corpses unearthed from the graveyard in the deep gloom of night, forcing his son to assist him. Vode is bony and thin, his robe is midnight blue with intricate silver embroidery along the wide cuffs and hems. A cowl hides most of his features except for long, stringy brown hair flowing from beneath it and a hawkish curved nose and thin tight lips. The man sports a short cropped and pointed goatee of brown hair. Shadows hide his eyes and any other features save  his very light skin. Skin that does not see much sun light.

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