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Treasure Chest
Party Treasure (Carried by Jhaelin)

54 gold
32 silver
two small blue gems (5gp ea) from kobold assassin's chest
two small ruby gemstones (5gp ea)
two average cut rubies (unappraised)

unused potion from dark talon kobold in kitchen area
skeleton key off of dark talon kobold in kitchen area
elven formal gown from kobold assassin's chest (Unappraised)
elven tiara from kobold assassin's chest (Unappraised)
necklace with sapphire pendant at 200 gold coins from kobold assassin's chest
dwarven necklace w/sapphires from old thief's pack
bejeweled buckle at 100 gold,
onyx ring at 25 gold from kobold assassin's chest
silver rope necklace at 50 gold coins from kobold assassin's chest.
a carved jade partridge (5gp) in a pear tree wooden box (10sp).
small ornate silver brazier (10gp) from Spider Loot in Crucible Tower

Party Treasure (held in large chest at Falcon's Hollow)
These items are being held for the companions in chests.

From dead ghoul... a well worn leather shoulder pouch which contains a small variety of herbs, strange reagents, and a half torn page with more strange writing and bits of rat fur and rotting meat.

Theadric's backpack contains a lute, a coil of rope, pipe and a pouch of tobacco, tinderbox with flint and steel, three torches, half filled waterskin, two day's iron rations, and

Brett's backpack contains a corked inkwell, sheath of quills, blank parchment, reading glasses, three new candles, one used candle, a copper figurine of a horse (2sp), pouch of spell components, charcoal, a wax stick, and a lint ball the size of a marble.

(Brett's Backpack) contains two regular candles (one used), a tinderbox with flint and steel (no tinder), two iron spikes, a wooden bowl, wooden spoon, wooden cup, small iron pot, pouch (spices), pouch (tea), healer's kit, well used whetstone, flask of oil, armorer's kit, cloth pouch (bone dice)

(Spider Loot Backpack)  four clock-candles (one used), pouch (powdered incense), glass lens, pestle 'n mortar, pouch (ink reagents), vial of seed oil, vial of ink, obsidian knife, a leather pouch (parchments), ceramic bowl, wooden spoon, and a well used whetstone.

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XP Award!
Chapter XI (Part 2)
  • Story award, Posts award, Skills award, and Monsters award, 1210XP

Chapter XI (Part 3)
  • Hell hounds, 130XP