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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
Jhaelin and the others enter the fissure, following a now dull globe of orange light ahead from Cord's torch.  Unlike the rest of this place, this area features rough stone and undressed rock reminiscent of a mine shaft. The tunnels divide and rejoin several times, making it difficult to maintain a sense of direction. Compounding this confusion, thick acrid smoke fills these tunnels, making it difficult to see anything beyond a few feet.

Moments after entering, the companions come upon a division in the tunnel, left or right... neither passage appears to ascend nor descend.  Karok guides a confused woodsman to the left.  Only the dwarves have a good sense for which direction to take in here.  So it is, that the companions form a marching order with Karok guiding the others forward.

The tunnel wends and zig-zags through the mountain for dozens of yards. Vision is reduced to barely ten feet and the humans are surely lost and turned around in this place. Suddenly, Karok calls for a stop.  He looks ahead, but sees nothing but the brownish orange reflecting the light from Cord's torch off of the haze of smoke particles before him.

"Tunnel's opened up wide.  Aye can feel it." he says.  His eyes move left and right.  Suddenly, swirls and eddies form in the smokey haze to the left.  Karok pulls his shield up and readies his sword.

"Someth'n moved near us."

Somewhere ahead, and not too distant, a small voice of a child screams out hysterically amid the sounds of chains rattling, "What are you doing?  No, get away from me!"

There comes a low growl off to the left.  The companions suddenly have the overwhelming sense of being stalked... like prey to a predator.

  HPHPthAC0thAC0 Primary SpellSpell 
Aris'ta216161916ChainShort Bow123/420% 
Cord716121819LeatherSpear   -4CON, -1hp/lvl
Illiana 9/71381919NoneSpell 7/70%Dex reduced to 11 (+0 ranged), Armor 6 points to dissipation
Jhaelin222181717Chain+ShldHammer+1 4/50% 
Karok332211721Band+ShldSword   Dex reduced to 5 (-2 ranged)
Lann4661819Chain+ShldShort Bow113/325% 
Valmora916161619LeatherClub   Dex reduced to 11 (+0 ranged), Immune to DEX poison 1 hr, +1 save vs DEX poison 24 hrs

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Cord Gorstag
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
Cord dropped one of the spears and readied the other against the unknown beast.  He thrust the torch forward into the smoke and the spear back, ready to lunge.
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
The low growl comes again... this time a bit to the right and farther away... or so it seems.
Illiana Ebonleaf
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
"Karok!" Illiana says, and not so quietly.  "What in the nine hells IS that?"

The mage is wide-eyed and casts quick looks all around her.

"There is something behind us."

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Cord Gorstag
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
"Karok," Cord asked urgently, "can you see anything?"  He hoped the dwarf could see more than the few feet that he could.
Karok Gemsmith
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 22:55
Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
"BAH! Karok this 'n Karok that!" rumbles the dwarf in annoyance.  "I donnae know 's much as yeh do!  Weh need ta back up 'n put a wall behind us, aye be think'n.  Back up... ten yards 'r so till the tunnel closes in."

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Lann i'Palurin
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
Lann searches the smoky area behind them for movement or anything not what it is supposed to be.  He finds nothing.

"There's nothing back here." he says, pulling his bowstring taut, nocking an arrow in place.  He holds the arrow against his cheek, searching.   "Edgrin... you back there?"

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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
After hearing the child cry out Roxie slipped closer to Karok, placing her hand on her trusted friend's shoulder.  "We need to get to that kid now," she whispered.  She knew he could be cantankerous but she also knew he had a good heart and wouldn't leave a child to a gruesome death.  Time was of the essence and she trusted him to get them there in time to save the boy.
Cord Gorstag
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
"We've got your back, Karok", Cord said to the dwarf.  "Push forward toward the boy.  Everyone stay close and watch your side.  I've got the left."  Staying close to Karok, he peered into the haze to the left to cover his flank.
Aris'ta Devo (Aris)
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Mon 1 Aug 2016
at 03:12
Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
Aris'ta, a little late to the party, is there none the less if not begrudgingly. She has her qualms about leaving someone else in charge of the children above, especially one who admits his lacking, but since the others insist upon the importance she too makes her way down. She's barely a moment to catch up with the others, already pulling her bow to the ready as she looks around. "Delightful" She mutters, glancing about the area, instantly on alert.
Karok Gemsmith
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Tue 2 Aug 2016
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Chapter XI (Part 3) - The Pit, Forge, and the Spurned
Karok gives Jhaelin a questioning glance, then shrugs and presses forward.  Things are  changing within this group, and Karok is not so sure it is for the better.  He has never been one to rush headstrong and reckless into anything, and Jhaelin has always heeded his tactical advice... until now.  Was it the pressure to find these kids alive? Karok harbors no doubt about the bravery of Cord, but the man's relentless pensive to rush forward is disconcerting to the long lived dwarf.

"We don't know what is out there Cord." the dwarf grumbles in complaint, placing another foot carefully in front of his other.  He pulls his shield up against him and holds his sword firmly, expecting anything that might jump from the smokey shadows at them.  Something is around them, of that he is sure, and now, their back is exposed.

"Aight then, let's be about it."