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The Keeper
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Tue 21 Jun 2016
at 03:34
VIII - Ordeal
With time and patience, Adler is able to connect the hard drive from the broken laptop to her own computer and read the data contained on it. It only takes a short time for the detective to establish that the PC she discovered belonged to Scott Curran.

What proves difficult for Adler is navigating Curran's filing system, which seems to be based on some arcane set of personal abbreviations and shorthand that likely made sense only to him. After sorting through college assignments, test materials for an ASE certification, photos of Cincinnati, photos of Kylie Rowe, and downloaded catalogs of classic movie memorabilia, Adler is finally able to locate some of Curran's notes on his investigation.

The notes are raw and written in something of a stream of consciousness style. Some of what Curran states reflects what Adler already knows: that the homeless are being taken, selected by individuals associated with Broden MacGregor, part of an organization that has existed for almost a century in the shadows.

But then, his writings begin to make less and less sense.

  • "The new moon reveals the gate."
  • "All the keys are in the Foundation."
  • "It began in the house. The first steps were taken there."
  • "It isn't a drug, it's a poison."
  • "Peace is promised, but slavery is given. What is tasted is the euphoria of death."
  • "It becomes greater with each one. There will never be enough to satiate it. Never."
  • "MacGregor established nothing on his own. He simply did as he was ordered.

After expressing regrets about being unable to save Aiden and losing his friends, his sister, and Kylie, the last line in Scott's notes reads, "I'm going to die out there. Alone. In the dark."

It is late afternoon when Adler finishes studying the writings. At six thirty there is a knock on her door. It is Greer, dressed more like someone intent on committing burglary or robbery than a concert attendee, a trio of file folders tucked under one arm.

"So do you want good news, weird news, or...weirder news? I can start wherever you want."
Jane Adler
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Tue 21 Jun 2016
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VIII - Ordeal
Digging through Scott's computer, Jane had completely lost track of time.  Her brain was still trying to puzzle out his writings when she heard the knock.  Opening the door, she tried her best not to laugh at Greer's choice of emo disguise.   She waved toward the apartment.  "Come on in.  Give me the good news, first.  I've had my own weird today." 
Colton Greer
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Tue 21 Jun 2016
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VIII - Ordeal
Greer hands Adler one of the file folders. Opening it, she finds the photos she supplied of the fingerprints from the closet at Saint Peter in Chains, along with a two page forensic report.

"The fingerprints belong to your guy," Greer summarizes. "They're definitely Scott Curran's."