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Sun 7 Feb 2016
at 20:26
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Also, so that you know where I'm going... I'd like to craft an impertinent lady investigator that's balanced in most areas.  She's got a good eye, smart enough, and knows how to handle herself (and a firearm). Her birth status (high class / low class) would depend on the sort of game you're running, I think.
The Keeper
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Sun 7 Feb 2016
at 23:35
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
To answer your initial question, the answer is yes, you should feel free to "shift" the rolls you've generated into whichever characteristic you feel would best suit the persona you've imagined.

Having looked over the rolls you've made so far, I'm going to make one suggestion:

Take a shot a rerolling your lowest three attributes again, using 2d6+6. If you end up with a roll that's lower than what you have, ignore it. If you end up with one or more that are higher, shift them to whichever attribute you'd prefer.

Here's the primary reason: In the sixth edition of COC, every character generates the number of professional skill points they have based on their Education score. In the seventh edition, it's determined by profession. In your case, a Private Investigator's professional skill points are calculated by a combination of Education and either Strength or Dexterity (whichever is higher). I want you to have a good selection of skills, so boosting one (or both) of those scores could be handy.

Just to give you a head start on thinking about your skills, here are the professional skills for a Private Investigator:

  • Art/Craft (Photography)
  • Disguise
  • Law
  • Library Use
  • One interpersonal skill (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade)
  • Psychology
  • Spot Hidden
  • One additional skill of your choosing that can be a personal or era specialty (suggestions include: Computer Use, Locksmith, Fighting, and Firearms)

Impertinent sounds great (and quite possibly necessary, depending on how things go). I would also agree with your thoughts on being able to handle a firearm. I would not characterize this scenario as being combat heavy, but there is the distinct possibility that, at a few junctures, self defense skills would be required.

Lastly, the 7th Edition stipulates that a Private Investigator will carry a Credit Rating of between 9 to 30 points. You can honestly invest in whatever score best suits your envisioning of the character. Honestly, either high class or low class birth circumstance would work in this scenario. The only caveat I would throw in is that your investigator should be comfortable interacting with individuals from some of the rougher neighborhoods of the city. Whether that's partially the result of her experiences growing up or something that's been shaped by her professional path is completely up to you.

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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 00:50
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
17:14, Today: Investigator rolled 13,9,10 using 2d6+6,2d6+6,2d6+6.  Attribute Reroll.

So, with the reroll, I get these are the highest numbers for all my attributes:


STR: 13
CON: 13
SIZ: 11
DEX: 15
APP: 10
INT: 14
POW: 12
EDU: 13

If you think any of them should be swapped for better game play, feel free to make suggestions.  You'd know better than me what I'll need.
The Keeper
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 01:12
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Quick question: How old is she?
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 01:16
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I was thinking mid 20s.  (23 - 26)
The Keeper
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 01:25
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Okay. I just need to ask for a couple of additional rolls from you.

Give me a percentile roll. If you roll 66 or higher, then also give me a 1d10 roll.
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 02:03
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Wow.  I don't think I've ever rolled that low...

19:00, Today: Investigator rolled 5 using 1d100.
The Keeper
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Mon 8 Feb 2016
at 03:07
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I think I need to let you keep that roll for use in an in-game emergency. :)

Okay, I have updated your character sheet with your characteristics, along with your Hit Points, Sanity Points, Magic Points, Damage Bonus, Build, and Movement Rate. Have a look at that and, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Based on your final attributes, you have the following skill points available to invest:

Professional: 290
Personal Interest: 140

Just as in 6th Edition, Professional points can only be spent on skills associated with your chosen profession. Personal Interest points can be invested in any skill of your choosing.

The one addendum to spending Professional points is that you are required to invest some points in Credit Rating. In your case, you need to invest a minimum of 9 points and a maximum of 30.

With regard to finances, your Credit Rating is used to determine Spending Level and other financial information. To be transparent, any score from 10 to 30 will put your character in the "Average" bracket, so the only difference in having a Credit Rating over 10 will be in making rolls against it and in determining how much emergency cash and assets your character has available.

If you have any questions about specific skills, don't hesitate to ask.
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Tue 9 Feb 2016
at 03:25
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I don't remember ever discussing -- in what era is this game going to be set?
The Keeper
 GM, 11 posts
Tue 9 Feb 2016
at 03:56
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I don't think we ever did. It's modern day.
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Tue 9 Feb 2016
at 06:59
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
So from the professional skills, here are the ones that I thought would fit best:

Art/Craft (Photography)
Library Use
One interpersonal skill (Charm)
Spot Hidden
One additional skill of your choosing that can be a personal or era specialty (suggestions include: Computer Use)

In addition, I'd probably lean toward dumping a few in these -

Firearms (Handgun)

And/Or maybe a little in these -
Drive Auto
First Aid  and/or

Any suggestions on what you think might be important in this particular adventure?
The Keeper
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Tue 9 Feb 2016
at 18:50
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
The professional skills you've proposed are all sound choices.

With regard to Computer Use, I want to discuss that skill briefly, just to make certain it's what you want to invest in. Computer Use allows an investigator to write programs in various languages, break into secured systems, detect or exploit intrusions on a network, and find or analyze obscure data. In other words, it represents some degree of mastery of Computer Science. Normal use of a computer doesn't require this skill. By contrast, if you're trying to locate information on the Internet, such a search would require a Library Use roll.

To be transparent, there are instances where Computer Use could provide a route to obtain information relevant to the investigation, but it wouldn't be the only way to get it. So, in essence, taking the skill is a matter of your own approach. If getting into secure networks is part of your preferred investigation style, then it would be a good investment.

Firearms (Handgun), Locksmith, and Listen are all excellent choices. In addition, I would say that throwing some points into Stealth would probably be wise. Beyond that, a few points in Dodge or First Aid never hurts. I don't foresee any automobile chases and the other skills (Climb, Conceal) would probably prove of limited use.
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Thu 11 Feb 2016
at 06:03
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
With all of that in mind, here's what I came up with:

Skill	      Allocated	Innate	Total
Art/Photography	25	5	30
Charm	        45	15	60
Credit Rating	30	0	30
Disguise	35	5	40
Dodge	        15	30	45
Firearm/Handgun	50	20	70
First Aid	30	30	60
Library Use	30	20	50
Listen	        25	25	50
Locksmith	55	1	56
Spot Hidden	50	25	75
Stealth	        40	20	60

The only thing I didn't invest in / wasn't sure if I needed was Language.  Either a few more points in own language or points in another language.
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Thu 11 Feb 2016
at 06:20
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I think I've decided on a name:  Jane Adler
The Keeper
 GM, 13 posts
Thu 11 Feb 2016
at 15:42
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
That looks great.

I would not worry about investing additional points in Language (English or otherwise). They're not skills you're going to need in the course of this scenario.

This evening, I'll update Jane's financial information based on the Credit Rating you've selected.

Beyond that, there's only two steps remaining.

You'll need to select any equipment you would like Jane to have at the beginning of the scenario. I can provide you with stats for any weapon(s) you choose.

The final step is developing her backstory. You can approach this however you like. If you want to take some time to establish a detailed history, you certainly can. If you'd prefer to sketch out a few details, then develop her more as play unfolds, that's equally good. It's completely up to you.
The Keeper
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Fri 12 Feb 2016
at 03:37
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Brief update: I've added your skills and financial information to your character sheet.

For the most part, you shouldn't worry too much about spending level where it comes to equipment, since it represents the accumulation of items related to your profession over a period of years. Unless you're making an outrageous purchase, like a Learjet or something.
Jane Adler
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Fri 12 Feb 2016
at 04:20
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
For weaponry, she'd have a semi-auto 9mm pistol and a switchblade.

Other equipment, I'd say the basic PI package --

Laptop w/ various editing software
Best digital camera she could afford
Memory cards
Cell phone
Selfie stick (hahahaha j/k)
USB flash drives
Any gadgetry she could afford (like gps tracker, binocs, bugs, etc.)
Lock picks
Satchel ('cause Indiana Jones)
Duffel bag
Swiss Army knife
First aid kit
Small tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc.)
Fireproof safe or security box

A variety of clothing, makeup, & prosthetics to blend in to a variety of situations.
Transportation (be it a metro card for the subway, a beater car, or bus pass)
The Keeper
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Sat 13 Feb 2016
at 17:30
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I've updated your weapons and gear on your character sheet. You'll note that I tend to get somewhat detailed with equipment lists at times. Sorry if I went overboard.

A note regarding the Number of Attacks for Adler's firearm. The 7th Edition Rules acknowledge that most automatic handguns can be fired rapidly. Although the Glock's normal number of attacks is one shot per round, the weapon can be fired three times in a single round. Doing so favors speed over accuracy. Should you choose to fire three shots, each shot must be made with one penalty die.

Another thing you might have noticed is that the use of small melee weapons, such as knives, falls under a character's Fighting (Brawl) skill, so you're not required to put points into a specific Knife skill. As well, Fighting (Brawl), in addition to covering any form of unarmed attack, also governs the use of improvised weapons, such as chairs, liquor bottles, pool cues, etc.

Lastly, I'm going to work on the assumption that Adler owns a car. The make and model are entirely up to you. Cincinnati is served by two public bus lines, the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), the routes of which are primarily concentrated in Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods, and the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK). So, if Adler wants to take a bus on occasion, she can. Cincinnati has an incomplete, abandoned subway system. Construction halted after the First World War when inflation caused building costs to skyrocket.

So, that leaves only Adler's background to flesh out, which you can put as much effort into prior to starting the game as you like. Just let me know. If you need any help ironing out details, I'll be happy to assist in any way I can.
Jane Adler
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Wed 17 Feb 2016
at 05:40
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Everything looks good to me.  :)

I'll think of a car for her.  It'll be an old but reliable compact car.

I have a background I'm making up for her, but don't really need to flesh it out to start the story. Her basic concept is she's a PI by chance, found a niche that she was good at and started doing it on a regular basis to make money.  Originally from a small, middle of nowhere town in Kentucky, but is running from her small town roots and her past.  (Some of which might eventually catch up to her, but I'll leave that up to you after I finish her bio and get it to you.)
The Keeper
 GM, 17 posts
Wed 17 Feb 2016
at 17:32
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
That sounds great.

Either this evening or tomorrow (depending on how ambitious I'm feeling) I'll go ahead and post the game's opening, which you can respond to at your leisure. You can certainly send the bio my way whenever time allows, though I'll confess, based on what you've mentioned, I'm honestly curious to read Adler's history.
The Keeper
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Fri 19 Feb 2016
at 03:32
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
In reviewing the material on character creation this evening, I realized I neglected to bring up one potentially important thing. But, fortunately, it's tied into the creation of Adler's back story so, no harm done.

In creating a character's background, the 7th Edition rules ask that a player identify a "key connection" for their investigator. The connection can be anything: a friend or family member, an especially meaningful place or possession, or a significant belief or ideology. Something that is central to the character's identity. Over the course of the game, characters have the option of retreating from the story to access this "key connection", which serves, in essence, as mental first aid, allowing for the recovery of a limited number of Sanity points.

It's not anything you have to rush to identify, but as you're finalizing Adler's history, make sure you note what it is. It could come in very handy later on.
Jane Adler
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Fri 19 Feb 2016
at 05:35
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
I'll definitely take that into account when finishing her background. Already have some ideas bouncing around.
Jane Adler
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Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 08:24
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Here's a brief bio and teaser:

Name: Jane Adaline Adler
DOB: July 17th
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs

Birthplace: Hillsboro, KY
Parents:  Frank and Harriet Adler
Siblings:  Joel (28); Carley (21); Rose, a twin (18); Lily, a twin

Jane was born in the rural Kentucky town of Hillsboro.  She grew up as one of five children, eldest daughter and second child to Frank and Harriet Adler, owners of a small horse ranch.  Though her childhood was relatively normal, growing up in a small town that wasn't even large enough to boast a Walmart was hardly what could be considered exciting.  Even at a young age, she gained a reputation for mischief as her restless nature, born primarily of boredom, landed her in trouble more often than not.  She was eight the first time the local sheriff had to pay her parents a visit, and the visits never seemed to stop after that.


Her key connection is her brother Joel.  He's got a small farm outside of Millersburg, Kentucky.  He enlisted in the army just out of high school and spent six years on active duty and another two in the reserves.  It's relatively near where they grew up, so very familiar territory.  As they were close when they were younger, Joel is the only family member Jane has really kept in touch with since she moved to Cincinnati.  Even before then, when Joel deployed, they wrote one another letters.  She usually tries to pay him a visit a couple of times a year, but has also gone back to help him with the farm when he's shorthanded.
The Keeper
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Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 15:34
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
Nice. And quite intriguing. It leaves me wanting to know more about Adler's childhood/teenage years and what led to the estrangement from her family. Her key connection is excellent. Very well thought out.
Jane Adler
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Sun 26 Feb 2017
at 01:47
Character Creation (Notes, Results, and Questions)
The Keeper:
When time allows, please provide me Skill Improvement rolls for the following skills:

  • Charm
  • First Aid
  • Listen
  • Locksmith
  • Spot Hidden
  • Library Use
  • Stealth
  • Firearms (Handgun)

On each roll, if you roll higher than your skill percentage, roll 1d10 and add the resulting points to the corresponding skill.

In addition:

  • To represent the progress Adler has made in ending the cult of Glaaki, roll 1d6 and add the result to her Sanity.
  • Note that Adler has gained 4 points in Cthulhu Mythos from her study of portions of of The Revelations of Glaaki.


  • Charm (60) - 72
  • First Aid (60) - 18
  • Listen (50) - 31
  • Locksmith (56) - 42
  • Spot Hidden (75) - 44
  • Library Use (50) - 19
  • Stealth (60) - 83
  • Firearms (Handgun) (70) - 9

Succeeded in Charm & Stealth.
Rolled opposite by mistake (6d10 instead of 2d10), so only taking the first 2 rolls.

Charm: 4 points
Stealth: 9 points

Sanity Gain: 4 points
Cthulhu Mythos: 4 points

18:28, Today: Jane Adler rolled 318 using 8d100 with rolls of 72,18,31,42,44,19,83,9.  Skill Improvement.
18:32, Today: Jane Adler rolled 29 using 6d10 with rolls of 4,9,2,4,1,9.  Skill Points.
18:45, Today: Jane Adler rolled 4 using 1d6 with rolls of 4.  Sanity Gain.