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Sun 17 Jan 2016
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Rules & RTJ
Here are a few rules:

1. No Godmodding!
2. I know Succubus are the theme but no adult stuff. This isn't an adult game!
3. Please try to keep all real life drama out of the roleplay and OOC! Made up in game drama is fine.
4. This is a harem rp, meaning one guy surrounded by women. No other male characters allowed, no begging! I know this isn't a theme that is used much, but I wanted to at least try it out. This also is a limited roleplay, so when all the spots are filled they're filled!
5. This is also a lazy lit to lit rp. I don't expect essays, yet keep all chat speak out of the rp!


This is a limited rp so seven roles will be given. Once all seven are taken then this rp won't be accepting anymore. Until a player leaves or wants to quit. I don't know how far this will go, I've never tried a harem rp before. Yet if this interests you then feel free to fill out the RTJ:


Appearance (Decription or if you have a picture feel free to use it :3 or both. it's up to you!)
Body Type:
Extra: (such at tatoos, horns, piercings, scars, birthmarks, you get the idea!)

Succubus of: (Love? Lust? Money? Fame? etc, be creative. :3)

Your Wish: (do you wish to be Human? To have a family? To become famous? What is your personal wish, your character's deepest desire they hope to achieve with their new Master's help?)

Powers: (All Succubus in this rp have powers. Be they elemental, or something else. Note all the succubus have the power to disguise themselves in a Human form already!)

Bio: (How did you become a Succubus? Were you born one or cursed? Write down a brief history about your character. :3)

Available Spots:
1. New Master~Taken
2. Succubus 1~ Taken
3. Succubus 2~ Taken
4. Succubus 3~ Taken
5. Succubus 4~ Taken
6. Succubus 5~ Taken
7. Succubus 6~ Open
8. Succubus 7~ Open

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