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What You Need To Know (Request To Join)
"The year is 2020, technology has advanced unremarkably. Virtual and augmented reality and 4k phones are a common thing now, but that doesn't matter."

"An odd thing occurred on 2019. See, other-worldly things started coming into ours. But they weren't creatures of the night or cosmic-horror beings; Atleast, not all of them. In came elves, zombies, goblins, dragons, fantastical creatures and dastardly malicious villains came forth to our world. And guess what? That, my little honey-bunny, is unacceptable."

"I'm a recruiter; A seeker, to be precise. I can feel the greatness within you, and I mean that quite literally, your spirit is glowing with it's warmth to me. And believe me, 'mana-sensitive' people like you are hard to come by."

"We are an international organization made to suppress and control the sudden torrent of off-worlders; Keep it mundane, know what I'm saying?. I am a 'mana-sensitive', just like you, and I'm sure you can feel the truth in those words. The faint glow you don't see, but feel? That's mana, sugar. When the magical beings came through those portals, so did the magic from their world. Can we say that the people that come from the magical world are all good? That they're all lawful and honourable? No, they could be as rotten as a main antagonist of a Thai horror movie. we're here to stop them, to save lives, and to keep the peace. With or without mana."

"So just fill up the form and be ready to be relocated, or you're gonna live your whole life, completely unknown to the situation; Not until you're one of those unfortunate ones who realise it too late, such as one without a soul to tell as they level his or her entire apartment block, with them in it."


Manasmith Millennium is a setting where mana has awakened in the modern world, where fantastical beings, friendly and not, enter our neighbourhoods and cities, and people awaken with dangerous abilities; Where it's up to MAGI, the Magical Adversary Guerilla Interceptors, to keep them in check. You are part of MAGI, in it's infancy. Mana has only been awakened, so not much is known yet of it's potential uses, and every human Mana-user is unique.

Your character need not necessarily be human, you may be a robot, a product of necromancy, a harpy, an elf, an American, the possibilities are endless. (Of course, if other players object to your character concept, then too bad, majority wins here, and the GM has the final decision if it's too out there or magical realm-ish.)

Only d10 dice is used, via Dice Roller here


Character Sheet/System:


Stats: (5 points to allocate at level 1, gain 1 point each level, every 2 points in a stat is a +1 modifier to relevant rolls)
Body: (Strength, Combat, Speed)
Mind: (Dexterity, Aim, Intelligence)
Soul: (Wisdom, Charisma, Speciality)

(Pick 3 Skills, mundane or only vaguely magical/peak human. Example: Lock-picking, Duelling, Farsight, Flirting, Iron Bladder, Calm Mind, etc. Add a description to each. Try to keep it around this level of specificness/vagueness, avoid skills like 'Fighting' which are too vague. Even if it's accepted, it will be less effective than say, 'MMA Fighter'.)

(Pick 3 words to describe your 'powers', and write a short description/interpretation of it. This determines your magical ability. Requires some sort of weakness/imperfection. Check sample Manas further down.)


Flavour text and general backstory/info


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What You Need To Know (Request To Join)

That is all you NEED to read, if you need examples and a more in-depth explaination:

Sample Character Sheet 1:

Name: Evan Parker
Codename: Ghost Runner
Level: 1

Body: 2
Mind: 1
Soul: 2


Evan can perform parkour and free-running easily

Falling and dodging saves are easier

Trained Reaction Time
Video games and her physical hobbies have improved her reaction time


Distance, Kinetic, Ghost

Evan has the ability to attach a "ghost" to objects which can interact with the world around it. She can attach the "ghost" to ledges for her to grab onto, to the floor for her to be boosted higher when she jumps, to the floor where the ghost travels to the target to punch them, and much more. The "ghost" very conveniently compliments her parkour and free-running abilities, ergo her title, "The Ghost Runner".


The "ghost" is semi-visible, and must be attached to something (which requires Evan to aim), else the "ghost" returns to her body.


Normally this is where the character description goes, what she looks like, how she acts, etc. For example:
Evan Parker was born [Year I'm too lazy to think of], and lived happily with her loving parents. Until one day a dragon kidnapped her parents or something, she has red hair and green eyes, she's shy, likes parkour, etc. This is a half-assed example.

Instead of a proper description, I'll be explaining potentially confusing parts of the system here.
Looking at her stats, she has a +1 modifer for having 2 points in Body and Soul. So what does this mean? It means whenever she does something related to free-running and is a Body test, like say, jumping a 2 meter gap, she adds +2 to her roll. This is because it's a Body test (physical action, +1 from 2 stat points) and can apply her speciality (free-running related, +1 from her Soul with 2 stat points).
Speciality modifiers come from the Soul stat.
If a speciality is related to a Body or Mind test, apply both modifiers.
However, if a speciality is related to both a Body AND Mind test, only apply Soul stat, for example, Improved Reaction Time is definitely physical power, but also depends on brain power, essentially both Body and Mind tests. In this case, don't add Body or Mind, and is using Soul alone for modifiers.

As for her Mana, the three words are incredibly vague, and can be interpreted in various ways. They are merely guides, and are by no means concrete in anyway. Mana can either use Soul stat alone or with another stat, depending. Here are some clichéd examples:

Fireball Mana:
Ability to shoot fireballs
(Mind stat used to aim, Soul used as damage)

Raise Skeleton Mana:
You can raise skellingtons
(Soul stat alone, skeletons are independent, or continuously sustained by Soul or  Mind tests)

Imbue Lightning Mana:
You can imbue lightning into objects
(Soul stat alone, using the imbued object does not involve and is separate from this power, such as swinging the now electrifying sword)

So in this Ghost Runner case, if you, the creator of the character interpret the ghost as having a separate strength from the body, then it will only use Soul stat. This would however mean that later on, if you have a high Body stat, you won't be able to use it to augment this "ghost". Mind stat would be used to aim the ghost onto objects and moving it around, if say, Evan needs to consciously decide where it goes. However if it's a "natural" or "automatic" movement, then Soul it is. Basically, it's all up to interpretation, cleared by the players, with the final say in the GM if there are any conflicts.


Sample Character Sheet 2:

Name: Andrew Derelen
Codename: Glaring Trigger
Level: 2

Body: 1
Mind: 4
Soul: 1


Point-blank Shooting
Andrew can efficiently aim in close range, as long as he can see

Deadeye Shooting
Andrew can efficiently aim in medium range, as long as he can see

Snipe Shooting
Andrew can efficiently aim in long range, as long as he can see


Shifting, Gun, Energy

Andrew can create a gun, which morphs to his will, and does not consume normal ammunition rounds.


It consumes "energy rounds" which he creates himself,which has a 50/50 base chance of success and is time consuming in itself. It can only hold one round at a time.

Here, I chose 3 shooting skills because, if I were to choose one skill simply put as "Shooting", it would be far too vague, and running the game, I'd power it down compared to more precise skills. The more vague it is, the more diluted it is.
Giving him 3 skills like this makes him very competent in shooting, but is essentially a one-trick pony, which may or may not be what you want.
Here, he has no Body or Soul modifiers (Since they're at 1), and he only has a +2 Mind modifier, since he had 4 points in Mind (Again, every 2 points is a +1 modifier, 4 is obviously then +2).
As it is right now, his Soul point at 1, he has no modifier added to his rolls, ergo he must roll 6 or above to create a bullet. If he levels up and adds a point to Soul, it would result in 2 Soul points, ergo a +1 modifier. That would mean if he rolled a 5 to create a bullet, without the modifier, he would fail. If he has 2 Soul points (+1 modifier), rolling a 5 would result in a total of 6 (5+1), succeeding.

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