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Match-deciding and Promo Rules
 After an event is booked, the competitors post "Promos" where they talk about the match, shill merchandise, push their current storylines, or even just have a funny, intense, or otherwise entertaining segment. The wrestlers have a week after the wrestling show is announced to get their promos in to a maximum of 3 segments per character.

 Every wrestler then gets a vote to pick the wrestler in each match (excluding a match they are competing in) who they felt had the best promos during the week overall. Votes are on a use it or lose it basis.

 Spectators are special members of this game who are not wrestler characters and do not make promos or take part in matches, but can still read all of the promos and cast votes to help decide the winners. This is a "sports entertainment" game, so entertaining the audience in one way or another should be a wrestler's most important priority.

 All votes are PM'd directly to me to protect the identity of the voters.

 **Tag-Team/Handicap rules**

 Wrestler post as normal and votes go to individuals not to the team. If the combined votes of your team outnumber the combined of the other team, then your team wins. The highest scorer of the winning team will be the one that earned the win.

 **Promo Rules**

 Language is allowed to a point, if it is something that realistically would air on a televised Wrestling program, I will allow it.

 The previous statement also is true for sexual content. Obviously someone is not going to have an orgy on live wrestling television.

 It is of course fine to trash talk your opponent, but socially offensive content such as racial slurs should not be allowed.

 The basic rule of Thumb is if a wrestling program has  done it (and not gotten in legal/social trouble), then you can do it.

**Promo Boards**

 Promos only count for events if posted in the event thread of the same name.

 The Non-match promo thread is there for optional character development and does not count toward any match.

Have fun

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