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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
 This will be the section for the PPV promos. Once the official card is up, you may begin.
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
CEO David Diamond has announced the PPV card to a worldwide audience live on TV.  The arena has gone wild at the announcement of a short, but star packed card.  Behind the scenes Jackie Jones is heading towards the backstage area and is walking underneath the giant screen.  As Double D is leaving to fans adulation Jones stares at him as he walks past.

Marching down to the ring Jones rolls in as his music ceases.  "Get me a mic" he calls over to the announce team as a NEW staff member scurries about to get Jackie what he wants.

Noticeably there are more cheers than his last entrance.  Other than a few smart fans in the audience he was a virtual unknown to the NEW audience but no longer is this the case.  He raises his hand to silence the crowd and slowly walks around smiling at the audience and making eye contact with the cameras.

"Now you have seen what I was talking about" shouts Jones.  "I said what my intentions where and I delivered" he calls.

"Take a look at this" he says pointing to the giant screen.

On the screen a highlights package is shown of Jones's debut against Bryan Fury.  The package shows Jones dodging a chair shot; broken tables litter the ringside area.  "I am not a hardcore wrestler and I did not sign up for a hardcore match.  This is what happens when wannabes with limited talent get in with a PROFESSIONAL."

The screen shows Fury passing out unconscious in a sleeper hold and left half dead in the ring.

"This is what happens when your catorid arteries are squeezed shut and the blood can't go any further to your brain.  Nighty night!"

"I don't need gimmicks, I don't need feuds...  I need competition, I need competition against the best."

Jones pauses for a moment before carrying on.

"So you see, it is perfectly understandable for our CEO David Diamond - the Double D to put me in the Number One contender's match at NEW Grand Prix.  He has seen, one week in that I am the best wrestler in this organisation and a real and credible threat to everyone in this damn company".

"Now I am a traditionalist at heart and in my head I am mentally prepared to face each and every one of this roster and defeat each and everyone of the crew.  I'll win clean and fair and - with just a bit of flair."

"But of course, for some reason Double D has decided to treat his team like beasts.  You see animals at the zoo belong in a cage, not wrestlers.  Actually, I wouldn't even put animals in a cage because it's cruel but you get my point.  The ring and the referee and the rules set the parameters of a contest - not some artificial construct of a cage.  Who in hell wants to see that?"

The audience begin to whoop and holler.

"Okay, okay I get it" Jones replies with a smirk as he shrugs his shoulders.  "I ain't going to pass up on my shot.  I ain't going to miss my chance so I'm in.  I'm getting in this unforgiving steel construction, and if I'm risking my life against those cold bars then I'm going to win."

"Now, what of my opponents?  I've already said I'm going to beat everyone on this roster so I may as well beat five at once but I question the title credentials of some of my opponents.  Don't get me wrong, they're all hungry men desperate for glory but they are simply not me."

"Bryan Fury - I know all about you and this cage is your playground.  I know you're a tough son of a gun.  I knew you wouldn't tap at Prime, I knew you wouldn't give up but I was one hundred percent certain that you would go to sleep."

"Aiden Ice - what exactly have you done to deserve your shot?  You haven't won a match here and yet here you are.  My advice to you is to hit the ring, hit the gym.  It is clear you care more about your set list and hair cut.  That is not is Championship material."

"Now I have the utmost respect for Rob Peck and you James Ramsey.  You're warriors and athletes.  I can't wait to test  myself against you.  I can't wait to stretch you, for you to stretch me.  Wrestling both of you will be an honour, beating you both will be a privilege - I look forward to the challenge and I hope you are too.  You've both had your shot though at Serrasi and came up short.  Maybe, you're just not ready..."

Jones starts to head off towards the ropes to get out of the ring before stopping, pausing and heading back to the middle,

"I forgot someone didn't I?  Well, well, well it's my country man Jack 'Union Jack' Riley.  You know I love you brother.  You know I admire you, you're a veteran and I knew you long before you knew me.  You could have been a great champion in NEW but unfortunately you're here at the same time as me.  I truly hope and pray it's down to just you and me at the end.  I know you're a stud and I'll have to bring EVERYTHING to beat you, but I promise you I'm bringing my A-game because I know you will too.  When it's over I'll shake your hand and just in case, just in case I come up short and you win I'll raise your hand because I know you'd do the same for me."

"Now Serrasi - you treat your boys and this roster as your personal playthings.  I am telling you that my armbar and my Lancashire Clutch are not freaking toys.  Look at your belt, look after it, polish it, take pictures of it because I'm advising you - in the nicest possible way that you are not holding onto it for long!"

"So don't forget fans, April 17th only on Pay per View, Next Era Wrestling Grand Prix.  You're going to see new Tag Team Champions but almost as important you're going to see the next holder of the NEW Heavyweight Title."

Jackie walks up to the cameraman stood on the ring apron and stares into the camera.


And with that Jackie Jones leaves the ring as his music kicks in
Jack 'Union Jack' Riley
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Mon 4 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
As Jackie Jones leaves the ring, his music is suddenly cut short. The arena falls silent as all lights go out. Strobes start flashing as a different song starts.

Discolighting all around the arena start flashing in all seven colors of the rainbow.
Spotlights aim at the titantron, then slowly drift down to that other Jack on NEW.
'Union' Jack Riley. He is still dressed in his wrestling attire, his left arm in a sling, resting on a crutch with his right. His normally immaculate moustache is spiking all directions but the right one, and his hair is still clotted with blood from his match earlier. A crew member of NEW comes hand him a microphone and stands next to him in support as Jack drops the crutch to take the mic.
Slowly the music fades as lighting returns.

"What a night we had ladies and gentlemen!" Riley calls out. The crowd erupts in cheers. "What a night we had!"

Riley stumbles towards the ring, assisted by the crewman. Jacky Jones meanwhile has stepped back in the ring. Union Jack adresses the 35.000 crowd in attendance.
"We could not have done it without you all though!"

Two more crewmen place a set of steps at the ring quickly, allowing JAck Riley to enter the ring. Not sure what exactly to make of it Jones steps back to his corner.
As Riley clambers the ring all lighting at ringside returns to allow the crowd that has witnessed a perfect evening so far, witness some more.
"Without you, the NEW crowd, none of us could have performed the way we have."

The titantron shows highlights of the entire evening as Union Jack strugles towards center ring.
"So for that, we all thank you! You are the best! But I would like to thank someone else. The man opposite me right now! Jack Jones! A fellow brit, and a supporter. Jack, thank you for your gesture to wear a rainbow shirt tonight! I appreciate that. In fact, a whole community of people appreciate that." Another different crewman hands Jones a can of juice and a quick smile.

"A week ago, a guy calling himself ripper thought it would upset me to out me! In fact, maybe it did. From becoming a non-issue, it suddenly became a big deal!"
Riley looks at the crowd, his eyes hard.
"From becoming just a part of me and my personal life, suddenly me being gay became a big deal. Suddenly everybody has an opinion, or wants to reassure me its wonderfull what I do. Its nice to have a lot of interviews suddenly, really. But they should be about my wrestling! Not my sexuality!"
Riley sounds pissed now.

"No, suddenly all the interview requests were from glossies, tabloids, LGBT-awereness programs. I'm a wrestler, not a toy doll!"
Riley paused, catching his breath. The cut above his eyebrow was beginning to bleed again. "Ripper succeeded in one thing really. Outing me to the public like that, to you all, it scared me, because it would upset my life! But I embraced that fear, gave into it, and I have survived.
I'm still standing! And next week, I will be the last one standing AGAIN! I will be going for that title shot, and if I have to beat half the roster to do that, I will! With your help, I will win that number one contender spot!!"

Riley turns to Jones. "Thank you Jack, honestly, for your support." He waved for Jones to join him center ring. Together they soaked up the cheers of the crowd. Riley then looked at Jones a lot more serious.
"But next week, like all the others, you will be a target! Thats not personal, thats business. So for now, lets feast!"
At those last words Riley dropped his microphone and raised his right arm high. As he did, fireworks Sprung up from the ringposts as the music began again. The lights faded again, turning the arena dark.
The crowd cheered aloud.
Adrian Avery
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Wed 6 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
 A quote shows on screen.

 "Blood, Sweat, and Respect. The first two you give, the last one you earn."
                                               -"The Rock"-

 Soon after, "Bittersweet Symphony" By The Verve plays as a thin well-dressed young man walks down to the ring. This newcomer climbs into the ring wearing a respectable business suit and asks for a microphone.

"Hard work, talent, and superior intellect, that's what I bring to Next Era Wrestling. Who am I? My name is Adrian Allen Avery and I am the greatest mind in professional wrestling. With an I.Q. of 154 and years of wrestling education, I am going to easily going to out think all the neanderthals in the back and prove that a superior mind leads to superior results."

 The audience expresses their immediate dislike of the so called "wrestling genius" with a chorus of boos.

"I would expect such a reaction from you plebeians. All of you are resistant to change and fear the unfamiliar. Fortunately for me, I'm not here for your approval. Like everyone here, I am in N.E.W. for a paycheck, including the prestige and financial bonus one gets for being a champion. Of course I understand to achieve such a goal, one must climb the proverbial ladder. Which leads us to my debut match. Do you monkeys in the back have a card for that?"

 A promotional image for the triple threat shows on the large screen by the ramp.

"Thank you, maybe later they can trust you with heavy machinery. So here we have yours truly against a relative unknown named Jay Rondel and someone simply known as "Everest", no doubt named after the mountain he became trapped on. Perhaps if he was smarter, he could have found his way down in less than two years. Why would anyone climb that mountain anyway? To prove a point people already made decades ago? "Because it's there" is an idiotic reason to put yourself in unnecessary risk. I have no doubt that this mountain man is tough, Everest is a merciless force of nature, but the fact he tried to climb it for no adequate reason proves that his mind is less than sub-par and it is my mind that makes me better than anyone else here."

 The crowd chimes up with a few unflattering chants.

 "I have spent years studying the art of professional wrestling. I have examined every technique, every style, and every strategy. To say I've become a master would be a gross understatement. Jay Rondel and Everest can bring everything they've got, I've already seen it all and they're not likely to surprise me. I'll try not to be too smug when my arm is raised in victory."

 Adrian leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp as his song plays again.
Jay Rondel
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Wed 6 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
The heavy, grinding chords of Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam" start up as a tall, athletic man in jeans and a tank top walks to the top of the ramp and asks for a mic.  He stands, arms crossed until he gets it and signals for the music to be cut off.

"NEW...for those of you who don't know me, my name is Jay Rondel.  I came here to take the NEW heavyweight championship, but I may make a detour to drop Adrian Avery on his bloated skull."

Jay paused as a few hearty cheers started, far from filling the arena, but at least showing some interest.  Without waiting for them to die down, he turns to regard the triple-threat graphic starts speaking again.

"Let me set the record straight; i don't care where any one has wrestled, who they've wrestled, or how smart they are.  I have spent years of blood, sweat and tears on this business because I love it, and because god damn it, I am amazing at what I do!"

Jay paused, breathing heavily after roaring his last words into the mic.

"I've wrestled in dive bars, barnyards, high schools, bingo halls, sold-out arenas, and anywhere else you can fit a ring.  Everything I do, everything I am is years in the making.  I have earned every pin, every tap-out, every title I've ever had.  Every loss just meant I had to work harder.  And I did.  And it brought me here, to NEW, to do what i love in front pof people who love it."

The cheers are more wide-spread now, the fans enjoying the intensity in Jay's voice.  He speaks right over them, pacing back and forth, stalking the entrance ramp like an animal.

"Avery, you say you've been there, done that, and can take anything?  What a crock.  I've earned every match i wrestled.  Every victory, every loss, every scar.  I don't care if you're the second coming of Steve Hawking; it just means you'll know what happens when i drop you on your head, or snap your arm in three.  Come Grand Prix, you, and everyone watching around the world will know one thing: my name is Jay Rondel, and when I beat Adrian Avery and Everest, it will be because I am amazing at what I do."
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
As Rondel finishes his proclamation, the lights dim, as the titantron displays the completely blank room that is Everest's trademark. Except he isn't there.

"I admire your spirit, Mister Rondel, but I wonder if your confidence is misplaced."

We then cut to the crowd where Everest is standing, the people respectfully moving to give him some personal space.

"A person can only speak from experience, when he has passed through the fire and the frost and come out the other side. I do not doubt your pedigree, but you have never found yourself in the ring with a survivor with nothing left to lose."

Everest begins to slowly walk towards the barricade closest to him and the ramp, the crowd parting as he does so.

"When the Grand Prix is over, we will see what remains of you and our egotistical fool of an opponent when you face the elemental force that is Everest. I hope you are prepared."

Everest climbs over the barricade and walks up to within a couple of feet of Rondel, staring him down as we go to commercials.
Jay Rondel
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
As we fade in from commercial, Jay stands on the entrance ramp, a few feet away from Everest, loose-limbed, feet spread, mic clenched in his hand.  He stares down one of his opponents, not making the first move, but clearly ready to go at the drop of a hat.

"--and you don't scare me.  You say you survived some kind of nature's gauntlet from hell, on your own, and have nothing left to lose for?  That's no way to live, man.  But unlike you, i do have something to live for...the NEW heavyweight championship!"

Jay pauses, the crowd buzzing with murmured intensity, possibly hoping to see a preview of the upcoming action at Grand Prix.

"Let's get one thing straight right off; whatever you can throw at me?  I can take it.  Mountains are forces of nature.  Elements are forces of nature.  You may be good.  Hell, you may even be great, fantastic, the best in the world!  BUT, you're still a man.  And I can promise you one thing: there is no man on the face of the earth that I can't go toe-to-toe with in the ring."

Jay slowly walked towards Everest, stopping with maybe two feet of space separating them.  While his voice doesn't get any louder, the intensity in it makes him visibly tremble.

"So come to Grand Prix, Everest.  Bring your rage.  Bring your pain.  Bring your stamina.  Bring everything you've got.  And watch it break on me.  I didn't come here to lose.  I came here for the championship, and let me tell you, even if you kill me in that ring?  I'll pay someone to toss my damn corpse in for every Monday Night Prime, every pay-per-view, night after night, if that's what it takes.  This?"

Jay keeps his eyes locked on Everest, but spreads his other hand, encompassing the ring and the crowd.

"This is what I live for.  What wakes me up every day, what sings in my veins.  I love this business.  I trained my ass off--still train my ass off--every day to step between those ropes and show the world why I deserve my time in the spotlight."
Rob Peck
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Thu 7 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promos
Rob stepped out of Diamond's office, his face unreadable. He looked back, and said something to Diamond before closing the door. Taking a moment to compose himself, Rob then turned to make his way to his dressing room.

Turning the corner that lead to his dressing room, Rob found Serena leaning against the wall next to the dressing room door. She had her arms crossed over her chest and looked down, obviously waiting for someone. As Rob paused in his step, taking in the sight of the woman in front of him, Serena looked up and lowered her sunglasses to glare at him. It was clear Rob was in serious trouble with the Tattooed Vixen.

"Well well well. Look who crawled out of his hole." She said with a mocking tone, though there was some venom on the viper's tongue. Serena pushed herself off the wall lazily and slowly walked up to Rob.

Rob's expression was mostly neutral the whole trip back, until he laid eyes on Serena. A look of a deer trapped in headlights took his features. He chose his words as carefully as possible. "I know you're mad." He looked up at the ceiling for a split second, and then made a mistake. "...why?"

"Mad?" She replied, raising an eyebrow in a sort of amusement at his question. "Oh dearest, no. Why would I be mad? Certainly not because you've been gone for weeks without returning my calls." She then said, heavy with the sarcasm.

"Where the fuck were you that was so important you couldn't even bother with even a text?" She said, standing right in front of him.

Rob let out his breath, and rolled his eyes. "Alright, I'm sorry, but I was a little too involved with trying to convince my folks to move to worry about talking to people. To be fair, though, I did say that I'm coming back. There wasn't any need to worry, then. Right?"

"I wasn't worried!" She hissed, putting her fists to her hips and leaning forward ever so slightly just to emphasize her point. "I just don't like being ignored." She then added more calmly, always wanting to be the center of attention. What could be more interesting that her anyway?

Rob offered a smile. "You sure sounded worried." He chuckled.

With an annoyed sigh, Serena looked aside, backing away from the argument in a sense. "How's your folks? I heard about what Ramses did. Goddamn coward! If I get his ass in my ring again, I'm going to rip his balls off if I find any."

"So you heard about that, huh? My folks are fine, but they refuse to let the threat of some asshat who thinks he's descended from gods to dictate their living arrangements. Good on them, but it makes my job a whole lot harder. I ended up hiring some patriots to watch over them." Rob was about to go on a rant about Ramses, but immediately caught himself. "So how are things going on the home front?"

"All is great on my end." She replied with that arrogant smirk of hers. "I'm still the champion, obviously, and my boys are dominating the new team division." She said, obviously proud of her team's accomplishments.

"I heard something about your team." He smirked. "There's a euphemism about two guys at once there, but that's beneath me."

"Sometimes a girl just needs to have fun." Serena had a genuine smile on her lips, enjoying Rob's playful side.

"I hear you're coming for title. I hope you've been training boy, because I could use a challenge for a change." She teased, stepping slightly closer to Rob.

Rob chuckled, amused by the sentiment that he hadn't trained. "Oh, believe me, Darlin'. I didn't let my vacation ruin my training regimen. My victory is practically assured next match." He gave her a playful smile as he closed the distance a bit. "It looks like I'm gonna be seeing your cute face in the ring, soon."

"I've no doubt, my dear. You better not disappoint me or I will be very upset. You wouldn't want that, would you?" She said with a teasing smirk.

"Disappointed? Hun, I never leave a woman disappointed." Rob put on a cheeky grin for Serena.

Serena leaned forward slight and gave rob a couple of soft playful slaps on the left cheek. "See you around." She then said with a wink.

As Serena left, Rob called after her. "I hate seeing you leave, but I love watching you go."

Serena turned as she walked and placed her designer sun glasses back on. "Now that's just a terribly cheesy line." She said with a smile before disappearing from view, heading off to her scheduled interview.

Rob shrugged. "Ah, well, points for trying, I suppose." He went into his dressing room, preparing for the match.

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Fri 8 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promo #1
Otakuchan is siting backstage, watching the Sons Of Olympus fight against the Metal Mob. He keeps replaying the part where Spartan slams Crunch through the announcer's table with a jackhammer. Finally, he speaks.

"I have to fight this guy without you?"

El Mascaras Macho comes into view, and kneels beside Otakuchan.

"Yes, Mijo. I need to head home and take care of my family. I thought my brother was dead, but now he has come back and is trying to steal my wife. Yes, I know it sounds weird. This is common in Mexico."

"Didn't you also say he's the father of one of your sons?"

"Yes, but that's besides the point. The point is, you will need to face these teams without me. Allison will be there to aide you, and you have learned manliness from me. You will win."

"What if I don't?"

El Mascaras Macho slaps Otakuchan across the face, sending Otakuchan to the floor. Now standing above him, El Mascaras Macho speaks to him further.

"You will win! You are Otakuchan, Mijo! The greatest anime hero, and a paragon of manliness!"

Otakuchan leaps to his feet at the mention of his title.

"You're right! I am the greatest anime hero! Otaku-powers! Activate!"

Otakuchan runs out of his own locker room with his hands raised. El Mascaras Macho just stands there, with a large smile across his face.

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David Diamond
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Mon 11 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promo #1
*David Diamond is pacing in his office as nibbles walks along the exercise wheel in his cage "apartment". The CEO seems a tad bit more unhinged than usual.*

Diamond : I don't know, Nibs. I have a big match coming up this Sunday and I am completely stressed out about it. I've got some very difficult opponents.

*Diamond stops to stare at Nibbles for a moment before continuing as if answering a question.*

Diamond : Well, first e have the combined remnants of the tea party and Luchanime with Allison Wonderland and Otakuchan. Two competitors almost as weird as I am!

*Diamond shakes his head a bit before continuing.*

Diamond : Next up we have the Invaders, hellbent on taking this company over, but at least they'll be gone if anyone other than them win this match. Still, they are a dangerous pair and not to be underestimated.

*Diamond sighs.*

Diamond : Ugh, don't remind me. The Sons of Olympus. I lost to these guys before, but I was basically in a handicap match. Johnny The Legend hasn't showed to help me out this entire time. Sure this time it's going to be a multiple team kind of match, but let's face facts, I'm going to be completely alone out there!

*Diamond rubs his head a bit as if he has a headache.*

Diamond : I don't know, maybe everyone's right when they say Johnny doesn't actually exist.

*Almost if on comical cue, Diamond's Phone rings and The CEO answers it.*

Diamond : Yellow? oh...OH, Hi! Johnny? You're actually in town now? You're gonna make it to the Grand Prix? You want to meet right now to discuss strategy? Sure thing, I'd love to!

*Diamond hangs up with an excited grin as he gets ready to leave.*

Diamond : That was Johnny, he's gonna compete with me in the match. I knew he was real, he called me on the phone!

*Diamond leaves the office as the camera fades to black.*
Adrian Avery
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Wed 13 Apr 2016
at 15:08
Grand Prix Promo #2
 "I think that if you go through life and nobody hates you, then that means you're not good at anything."
                                     -Triple H-

 Adrian Avery is sitting backstage overlooking a Chess board. He seems to be idly moving and toying with the pieces rather than actually playing.

 "They say what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, but this is a false statement. Surviving a situation that nearly kills you does nothing but weaken you. Everest claimed that being trapped and half-starved on the mountain of his namesake made him a powerful remorseless monster. The truth of the matter is two years of near-starvation and hypothermia would have left him as a disheveled mess mentally and physically that is certainly in no condition to wrestle with the irreparable damage done to him. Everest is either no actual threat to me, or he is lying about what happened to him. Either way, I can handle it. He told Jay Rondel that he was a survivor with nothing less to lose. I disagree, he has two things he can still lose, this match and his life. Since he is a survivor, we know his life is still precious to him, or he would have given up. That is of course, if his story was in fact true."

 Adrian moves a pawn as if playing the game.

 "This of course leaves us with Jay Rondel. Pride comes before the fall, Mr. Rondel. You are not lacking in confidence, this much is clear. The second sentence you spoke in this company you stated that you were here to take the Heavyweight Championship... as well as drop me on my skull. Where did Jay Rondel get his wrestling training I wonder. Surely he isn't just some thug who learned everything he knows about "wrestling" from dive bars and seedy fight clubs. He claims he is amazing at what he does, yet failed to clarify what that was exactly. If he was Amazing at wrestling, wouldn't he be a bit more famous? From the sound of it, Jay Rondel is only amazing at pandering and sucking up to a crowd for a cheap cheer."

 Adrian moves another piece.

"Both of my opponents talk about experience as if that is the only path to excellence. I am going to use an example that anyone's feeble mind could understand. You are new at baking and attempt baking a cake. You learn and follow the instructions exactly and when the time comes and you pull it out of the over, the cake was baked to perfection. You had never baked before, but armed with knowledge and proper planning, you still created a tasty dessert. How could that happen? You can only know what you experience, am I right, Everest?"

 Adrian sits up with a grin before looking at the camera.

"In retrospect, perhaps I should have been playing solitaire during this discussion. My opponents have dipped their hands a little early and have revealed to me everything they are. It's going to feel like I'm by myself in the ring without any opponent if they keep making it this easy. According to Triple Threat rules, we are all opponents. Although I intend to, I don't have to deal the punishment to profit from it. I can swoop in and take a pinfall from my opponent if I want. At New Era Wrestling's Grand Prix, I will prove that Brains are Brawn and the Bright makes Right."

 The scene cuts away to a black screen with the words "This segment brought to you and approved by the marketing division of Blake Upperman". The screen then cuts to black.
Nick Plissken
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 19:05
Aiden Ice Promo #1
Monday April 4th
After a match on Prime

The show goes to a random room. Nick Plissken steps into the shot.

He starts speaking in his normal quiet raspy voice but there is a bit of a defeated tone as well, "Well good ol' Dave really got me on this one. To get off probation I have to watch Aiden Ice win a title shot. And he has to beat 5 other men to do it. None of which even deserve to be in there. I mean we've got Fury who's never beat anybody and that kid who only beat Fury. Then there's Union Jackie and Ramsey. They've been on a roll but already lost to the champ. And the Pecker has lost more matches than he's won. Real tough competition there."

Plissken starts to sound a little more determined, "Me and Ice have done a bit of sparin' so I know he's got the chops to do it but I haven't seen in in a few days. I don't know what the hell he's been doin'. But don't worry he'll be there at Grand Prix Sunday, even if I have to beat his ass and drag him there unconscious. If so then I'll toss his body in the ring and whoop all those other losers for him. I'll lay him across them and watch the ref count. After I'm off probation whether or not he can beat Ol' Sugartits ain't my problem.

But I'll be everybody else's problem once again."

Jackie Jones
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
at 20:05
Aiden Ice Promo #1
The camera cuts to a small friendly pub where groups of people are sat around drinking, socialising, having fun.  A young couple are singing a duet on a karaoke machine and everyone seems to be having a nice time.

A NEW camera team have glt the scoop that wrestler Jackie Jones is celebrating here tonight.  In the corner Jackie, his trainer Billy and a few other guys from the gym are kicking back, having a beer.

"Hey Jackie, have a beer!  Come on have some fun!  It's your birthday buddy!" hollers Billy.

"Nah, not tonight Billy.  I've got the big match on Sunday, I need to be in condition.  Just green tea for me please."

Billy shakes his head and mutters under his breath, "How the hell does the Brit expect to get green tea in a place like this..."

Trying to get the party going Billy, a little tipsy ribs Jackie, "Hey Champ, I heard that an unconscious Aiden Ice is going to pin you on Sunday!"

Jackie starts laughing and smirks at his friends,
"Aiden who???".  He walks over to the DJ and asks for the microphone.  He taps it a few times and stands on the stage.

"Hey everyone, good evening.  Some of you may have seen Monday Night Prime where Nick Plissken said he was going to beat me down and drag an unconscious Aiden Ice on top of me for the pin.  Are you for real?  This is a song by a REAL Diva, unlike that pretender Serrasi..."

(OOC: A well known rock song from the 1980's begins to start.  And if you can imagine a confident young man without a particularly good singing voice.  Well, if you have any cotton wool handy, put it in your ears now...

"You're struttin' into town like you're slingin' a gun,
Just a small town dude with a big city attitude
Aiden are ya lookin' for some trouble tonight?
Well all right

You think you're so bad, drive the raver folk wild
Shoot 'em all down with the flash of your DJ style
Aiden, but you met your match tonight
Oh, that's right

Iím gonnaí knock you off your feet put you down on the floor
Your hand is tappiní on the mat screaming out ĎNo!í
So come on Aiden
Come on Aiden Iím going to show you the door

I can give it and I can take it
If you donít quit Iím gonnaí take your arm and break it - I know tonight
Jackieís gonna win the fight
So if you're so tough
Come on and prove it
Your shoulders are down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it
Tonight Iím going to snap one of your bones
ĎCos my name is Jackie Jones

You're an outlaw loser and I'm after your hide
Well you ain't so strong, won't be long 'til your hopes have died
Tonight I'm gonna take you in dead or alive
That's right

You ainít got no heart, ainít got no desire
Take ten steps back cause I'm ready Aiden
Aim and fire
Aiden, there's nowhere you gonna run tonight
Ooh that's right

Now there's a guy called Plissken but at the end of the day
A team of wild horses wonít take my shot away
So come on Aiden
Come on Aiden
Come on Aiden you know there ain't nothing left to say

Iím gonnaí knock you off your feet put you down on the floor
Your hand is tappiní on the mat screaming out ĎNo!í
So come on Aiden
Come on Aiden Iím going to show you the door

I can give it and I can take it Jackieís gonna win the fight
So if you're so tough
Come on and prove it
Your shoulders are down for the count and you know you're gonna lose it
Tonight Iím going to snap one of your bones
ĎCos my name is Jackie Jones

Tonight Iím going to snap one of your bones
If you donít quit Iím gonnaí take your arm and break it - I know tonight

ĎCos my name is Jackie Jones
Tonight Iím going to snap one of your bones
ĎCos my name is Jackie Jones

I'm gonna win the shot -  Jackie Jones"

In the corner of the room Billy and the boys are laughing loudly as Jackie says, "Thank you and good night" before taking a bow.

In the corner of the room, unnoticed by the wrestlers the NEW camera crew whisper, "we've got our scoop" and head out
Rob Peck
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Thu 14 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promo #2

The lights began strobing as Rob appeared on stage, with a smile on his face. In conjunction with fireworks shooting upward, he held a fist up in the air, and the crowd cheered. He waved, and spread high fives as he made his way to the ring.

He got in the ring with a smile, looking around and blowing kisses to the audience. People cheered and applauded, and he took a mic from the side of the stagre. "Thank you, New York!" His theme cut as the excitement died down. "Thank you!"

Rob started speaking as the last of the applause died down. "Man, I tell ya, I can really feel the love here in the Big Apple!"

"Fuck you, asshole!" Someone from the audience heckled him.

Rob looked over in his direction with a smile. "Mornin', Reverend!" He waved. The crowd burst into laughter at this statement.

As the laughter settled, Rob continued. "Now, as a Texan, I feel obligated to ask." Rob folded his arms, looking at the crowd with a judging look. "Why can't you guys make decent Mexican food?"  The crowd started laughing, and as it began to die again, Rob doubled down. "Is it because you're Yankees?" His query produced more of an uproar. The uproar settled, and Rob shrugged. "Ah well, at least your pizza's good." The crowd cheered, as a section of prideful New Yorkers started hooting, pumping their fists in a celebratory manner at the praise.

As people settled down Rob changed the subject. "Mr. Diamond's been nice enough to put mt in a cage match with five other guys. It's nice of him to try and even up the odds for me. Y'know, give those guys a chance to beat me? Maybe if they come at me one at a time, I'll get tired, and wear myself out busting their heads, am I right?" There was a cheer led by a bunch of people holding different signs spelling 'Revolution,' as Rob pulled out a piece of paper.

"So who am I up against, anyway?...Aiden Ice?" There was a chorus of boos, again led by Rob's fans, who were quickly joined by the rest of the audience.

Rob shrugged. "Fucking who?" The confusion on Rob's face sent another wave of laughter through the audience. "Seriously, all I know about this guy is that he's supposedly the next big thing in NEW, because he's got Godzilla backing him. Look, cupcake. Just because the Gaijin Kaiju is on your side, that's not necessarily a good thing. I remember watching the Godzilla animated series when I was a kid, and I remember that show sucking because of this annoying ass nephew Godzilla had. What an apt description of you, Godzookie." The crowd laughed hard, especially with the older members of the audience.

Rob shook his head. "But listen muffin. If you want my advice, maybe you can trounce around on a low budget set of Tokyo, dressed in a green Barney costume, and maybe you'll be a little more intimidating than you are now. But as it stands, you ain't been here long enough to make any sort of impact. If you think you're gonna win, I got news for ya. Monsters never beat heroes. And I'm the Dreamer's hero. So why don't you follow your buddy back to Monster Island, and leave Wrestling to the people who actually know what they're doing, 'Kay?" There was a chorus of 'Ohhs' from the audience, followed by a quick round of applause.

Rob regarded his list for a second. "Hi, Riley! Y'know, in this progressive day and age-" Rob suddenly started hacking and coughing, and made a show of catching his breath.

Straightening up, Rob apologied. "...Sorry, as a registered Republican, those words left a bad taste in my mouth." This elicited another round of laughter. "But seriously, I may not believe in what you and your partner have, but I believe that you and your partner should have the right to it. I ain't got nothing bad to say about you Just don't try to bend me over." Rob began posing. "I mean, I know I'm a handsome devil, but if you and your partner want me in your bed that badly, I'll send you one of my Ducky-Murals." The crowd was eating it up, displaying why so many people liked Rob.

"On a slightly more serious note, I thought we got rid of you limeys in 1776. If you count the Beatles, this is the third British Invasion I know of. And being the Minuteman I am, I feel that I'm gonna have to step up and defend our fair nation from the torries once again. Just like the battle of New Orleans in 1814," Rob began singing to the tune of Johnny Horton's song. "I'm gonna send you runnin' through the briars, and runnin' through the brambles, runnin' through the bushes where a rabbit couldn't go. You'll run so fast the hounds can't catch ya, you'll run down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico." This went over kinda well.

"And what about this guy named Fury? Last I checked, he was black and wore an eye patch. Bryan, Sam Jackson you ain't." Rob smirked, and glared at the camera. "You're an ass with anger management issues. Really, I shouldn't even acknowledge you. How's that rage and fury working out for ya?" He grinned cheekily, shrugging. "Well, I still have more wins than you, so what's that tell you?"  The crowd went wild.

"Then there's Jackie Jones. Another Britbong that I'm gonna send packing alongside that other Jack. Just because he has one win to his name, he thinks he's pro, and that the veterans of this organization aren't ready to take on the Champ. The only thing to his name is that he managed to outsmart Mr. Angry, and by the looks of things, that ain't saying much. The reality of the situation, Jackie, is that I'm the perfect mix of strong, nimble, and clever. It takes more than knowing how to fight and testing your strength to win a battle. You need skill, brains, and experience."

Rob pulled out a notebook, smirking confidently. "You think I'm not prepared? This notebook says otherwise. If FUCKING Ramses hadn't taken my family hostage like the coward he is, the notes in this notebook would've spelled his downfall. And don't worry, I got notes on you and everyone else in the match as well. I watched your match with Fury, and I have a good idea of your limits, Jackie boy! So I feel comfortable when I say that you won't win the Grand Prix on Monday! Sorry, but the victory is gonna go to the People of NEW!" Somehow, the crowd caught his enthusiasm, and started cheering.

"And James!" Rob's confident look suddenly became more sympathetic. "James, you have my condolences. There's a time for jokes, and there's a time for respect. And I know you're still reeling from your daughter's death. I can only imagine what you're going through right now. If I lost my baby sister, Charlotte..." His voice trailed off, as he seemed to consider how that'd feel.

Shaking his head, he addressed the camera again. "...In any case, you're a good man, Jimmy. And you don't deserve what's happened to you. If you need anything, I'm your guy. A hero helps people in need, after all." Rob's face quickly turned competitive. "But, make no mistake. Just because I'm willing to be your friend, that don't mean I'll let you have my shot at the title. Serrassi is mine to take down, not yours. If you want that right, them you'd better bring your A-Game. If you don't, then you'll lose your shot at the title, and will have to watch from the sidelines as I take the belt off Serena." A group of girls in the audience screamed in delight at this statement.

Rob waited for them to finish, before continuing. "People tell me that I should quit wrestling." There was a chorus of boos from the audience. "That my win/loss record is too spotty to recover from. But dammit, I'm an American. Washington never gave up. When his men's enlistment was almost over, and he was about to lose his army, he got his crap together. He crossed the Delaware, and pulled a win out of nowhere! Patton never gave up, either! He kept on pushing through Sicily despite his commanders thinking he couldn't take Messina! Ol' Blood 'N Guts not only took it, but arrived well before Montgomery!" People started cheering, getting swept up in Rob's enthusiasm again. "True, red blooded Americans like me never give up! So believe me when I say 'I will not go silently into the night! I will not fall, without a fight! I will always stand for what is right, so come one and all, and face my might!'" The crowd let out a mighty cheer, and Rob's fans began leading a chant.


The camera faded, as the crowd continued this chant.

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Fri 15 Apr 2016
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Sons of Olympus gran prix promo 1 (spartan)
Commercials end and the camera shows the hallway backstage in New York, the day before the gran prix. In the hall the smelly fat carcass that is Blake Upperman is seen yelling at a door, obviously closed before him. Wendy and camera-man Joe creep forward, trying to remain unnoticed.

"You will pay, you hear me! MY client will destroy you!" Upperman screams at the door. "You will not get away with this Thomas!"

The door suddenly swings open, revealing the giant mass of Spartan, half of the Sons of olympus.
"My name is Spartan! And you," he stabs his index finger at the fat man's chest, "are no longer welcome here!"

"You cannot do this!" Upperman yells, his face red and swollen. "I made you! I brought you this far!"

The greek giant grins.
"You did nothing Upperman. I got myself here. I earned the contract myself, Xander and me earned that championship spot ourselves, and the fact that I am quite frankly the best NEW has to offer, I earned myself. You did nothing!" He folded his arms in front of his chest, laughing at the stinky manager.

"You need me Thomas! Diamond brough in John Morrison! Johnny Mundo!"

"My name is Spartan, like I said," the big man replied calmly. "I don't care who he brought in, I don't care who we face, nobody stands a chance against the might of Olympus! Not the invaders, not the animated cartoon character and his wondrous rabbit-girl, and most certainly not David Diamond and some washed up wrestler that cannot even manage to stay in the same promotion for more than a couple years at a time. Face it Upperman, the Sons are here to stay! And we do not need you for that!"

"You owe me Spartan! You owe it to me to be thyere with you on that grandest stage of all! To share in that championship! In all championships!"

"I owe you nothing!" Spartan stated, loudly now. He grabbed the chubby manager by his collar. "You need to get out of here right now, and go make someone else miserable. I am done with you!" He shoved the man into the hallway and went back into his locker room, leaving Upperman staring at the closed door again.

Wendy laughed. She sure had a nack for getting the news. Quickly she approached Blake Upperman, manager of nobody.
"Care to comment on that mr. Upperman?"

The fat manager snarled at the camera before pushing Wendy away and pacing through the hallway. As he rounded the corner he yelled "No Comment!"
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Sat 16 Apr 2016
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Everest Grand Prix Promo #2
(NB: This promo takes place the same day as Spartan's first promo, slightly before)

We come from our previous scene to find Blake Upperman in his trailer. He's getting near the end of his grooming rituals and thinking about the event tomorrow.
"I can't believe this..." he grumbles to himself pettily. "How could he treat me this this way when he needs me." The unpleasant man finishes his make-up and moves towards his closet to take out a tie, but as he opens the door he jumps back in terror. Everest, who was there the entire time, steps out and looms over the fat little manager.

"I have a message for you, Mr. Upperman." he says in a serious, but controlled tone. "I know that the 'Young Blood' match at the Pay-Per-View is a triple threat, and that there is no disqualifications. If you were to assist your client, then there would be nothing that I could do to protest the result. Upperman gives a small nod, slightly emboldened by the admission.
"Y..yeah!" he yelps, but is quickly interrupted by the rugged man.
"HOWEVER, if you do interfere with the match then you will find yourself hand-cuffed to something and then you will have to deal with Mr. Rondel and I hitting you with various. painful. objects." Everest extends his hand to Upperman. "I hope I've made myself clear." Upperman gingerly moves forward, and with his eyes closed and wincing takes the hand of the big man.

Surprisingly, there is no chokeslam or takedown, Everest simply shakes Upperman's hand. The rotund manager sighs in relief and opens his eyes, only to find Everest directly staring at him. "Also, some friendly advice. Please tell your client that real geniuses don't tell their entire plan to their enemies." With that, Everest turns on his heels and walks out of the room. There's silence for a few seconds, before Upperman begins stamping his feet on the floor and screaming whinily.

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Sat 16 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promo #2
Otakuchan is sitting on an unmarked crate of equipment backstage, reading the manga Crows. The area he is in is deserted, making it the perfect place to read. The lights go out in the hallway and soon a set of glowing teeth floating in mid-air is seen for a moment. The lights come back on and Allison Wonderland is standing there smiling and staring at Otakuchan.

"Hello, Luv."


Otakuchan falls off the crate backwards in shock. The manga he was holding goes flying through the air.

"He He, you look like you just saw the Jabberwock. Here."

Allison held out her hand to help her new partner up. Otakuchan slowly accepts Allison's hand. Once back on his feet, he decided to ask two questions. Not necessarily in order of importance.

"What's the 'Jabberwock'? Also, why do you have to suddenly appear like that? That's creepy!"

"Oh, it's just a monster, darling and what do you mean, show up with a friendly smile?"

It seems toying with her partner is not beneath her, as she acts just as enigmatic as with any opponent.

"You just randomly appeared in front of me! How do you even do that?"

"I walked of course. You must not have seen me come in."

Allison picked up the manga and handed it back to Otakuchan.

"You were a little distracted."

"I- uh- Yeah. I was."

Otakuchan takes back the manga, with a look of defeat on his face.

"It's okay, we're all a little distracted sometimes. So, it seems we're going to be partners now."

"Yeah. But I think we can still win this tournament, even without knowing each other that well!"

Otakucha pumps his fist into the air in excitement.

"It's going to be tough competition. We would be up against a team that beat us down before, a pair of supposed Demigods, and lets not forget the CEO and his enigmatic partner."

"One of the Demigods has beaten me twice, if that counts for anything."

There is a brief pause.

"So, uh, Allison-chan? Do you have any strategies for this match?"

"I never take things so seriously. I just roll with the punches and act on instinct."

Allison pauses for a moment as if she is thinking.

"Can you stand on your head?"

"I- uh. Maybe? I've never really tried..."

Otakuchan's sentence trails off, as he slowly does a headstand. He wobbles a little at first, but manages to get himself steady without the use of his hands.

"Hey! I did it! I'm like Mugen in Samurai Champloo!"

"You sure are. I'm sure you'll do just fine."

Being as confusing as ever, Allison decides to leave at that moment.

"Wait, Allison-chan! Why did you ask if I can stand on my head?! I'm confused!"

With Allison's departure, Otakuchan is left without answers to his question.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
This collaboration was brought to you by Allison Wonderland, Otakuchan, and Hiroshi Takahashi.

As an side, the -chan suffix indicates endearment. I'll let you think of what that means.

Jackie Jones
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Sat 16 Apr 2016
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Grand Prix Promo #2

The camera pans to Jackie Jones walking through the backstage area with a camera crew following behind him.  He turns and sees the crew, "Hey, come here guys" he says beckoning the crew over.

Facing the camera directly he begins to speak to the camera;

"Hey viewers of Monday Night Prime and all the worldwide audience on"

"I can't wait for Sunday night.  Sunday Night in New York City, April 17th.  NEW Grand Prix.  If you aren't lucky enough to have tickets this show has now sold out.  It's going to be a full arena so the only chance to see the action is on PPV.  Call your provider, book it now.  It's going to be an amazing night."

"Five men will enter the unforgiving steel cage, one man will leave victorious.  The prize?  A shot at THE BIGGEST TITLE IN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.  Yes, that's right grapple fans, Sunday night, April 17th we're going to know who will be the next challenger for the Next Era Wrestling World Heavyweight Title."

"I want you all to be there, to be there when Jackie Jones wins his shot, started his journey to become the greatest wrestler in the world.  And to do that I've got to beat five other men, the five biggest studs on the roster.  Hardcore lunatic Bryan Fury and his nemesis James Ramsey, DJ sensation Aiden Ice, my compatriot the Bowler hat wearing, high-flying Union Jack and of course the return of that Southern gentleman Rob Peck."

"So don't forget, April 17th New York City - the Big Apple.  The home of Sammartino and Sunday night the birth of a new contender, a new champion.  If you haven't got tickets, the only way to see the Grand Prix - is PPV!"

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Sat 16 Apr 2016
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Sons of olympus promo 2. (Xander)
Ruben Vasquez, lead referee of NEW wrestling, sat in the small office that was assigned to him for the New York PPV. He was flicking through some paperwork as suddenly his door swung open. It startled him, causing him to drop the papers, which scattered across the floor. He looked up at the doorway, seeing the massive shoulders and chest of Xander Mars, half of the Sons of Olympus.
"We need to talk ref," the beast of a man started off as he took a folding chair and sat down on it backwards, his massive arms resting on the backrest. "We need to get something clear, you and me."

Vasquez shrugged. He was pretty much used to wrestlers wanting a piece of him.

"I want to be sure the tag championship match will be fair. You and I both know David Diamond is in that match, and lets be fair, he is your boss. But let me tell you this Vasquez, if we even remotely suspect you are throwing the match in his favor, we will hunt you down, and we will wreck you. "

Vasquez looked at the beast in disbelief.
"If you are insinuating I am partial you have another thing coming young man," he said as he stood up from his chair. "I have been doing this job for too long to be accused of cheating! I will not cheat for anyone. Not you, not Diamond, not even the president himself."

"Good," Mars said as he stood up and kicked the chair into the corner. Deliberately stepping on as much of the papers as possible he walked back to the door. "I'm sure your car will be fine after the PPV as long as that is the case. The Sons of Olympus will become champions at Gran Prix, and we will do so honestly, and with major force. Come to think of it, perhaps you should notify the paramedics in advance, because we plan on slaughtering everyone in our way!"
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Sun 17 Apr 2016
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Everest Grand Prix Promo #3
As Wendy laughs at Blake Upperman's distress, she suddenly hears her pager bleep. She checks the message and a grin spreads over her face.
"Looks like we've got another story Joe. Spartan's not the only one who's been upsetting that fat little creep." Joe nods, and makes sure his digital camera has enough battery as they move away from the dressing rooms and towards the room where the wrestlers wait for their entrances.

"Everest! Everest, wait up!" Wendy shouts as the big man walks straight past them. He blanks them. "WAAAAIIT!" He stops, and frustratedly turns around to face the camera.
"I have said all that I need to say." he grumbles, but Wendy points the microphone in his face.
"Just two questions, Please. Why did you confront Blake Upperman in his office?" Everest sighs, but composes himself enough to answer the question.
"The weasel that he represents has called my inteligence into question. But the truth is that he is mistaken if he thinks I will let him break the spirit of this sport. There is no hiding from Everest."
"I see." Wendy said. "The other question is... why were you hiding in Upperman's closet?". For the first time since his arrival, a small smile appears on the face of Everest.
"There was no personal reason." he remarked "But I felt that with the media circus surrounding Mr. Riley it was... appropriate." And with that, the big man turns away from the camera and continues walking.
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Sun 17 Apr 2016
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Better late than never Sons of Olympus gran prix entrance
After the Invaders, otakuchan and Wonderland, and Diamond and Morrisson, the crowd can hardly get more extatic for the main event. When the time comes for the last of the tag teams to come to the ring, the lights fade to black.

As the music starts to play, the sounds of footsteps fill the arena. two, ten, dozens, hundreds of footsteps, marching in clean order through the pitch black darkness.

As the music swells slowly the lights come back on. Dim, red lights. Coming from the entrance, marching down the ramp, are dozens upon dozens of warriors, clad in greek armour, proudly wearing the ancient Hepakleia, pike and shield at the ready. They march towards the ring, swarming it, surrounding it.

As the lights grow stronger the ancient greek soldiers stop, sixty feet stomp the ground as one in a thundering roar filling the New York arena. All turn, facing the entrance, the ramp, the ring.

From the cornerposts of the ring suddenly large blasts of hellfire emerge, licking the ceiling in its orange fire, filling the hall with its heat. The music fades as a different song sets in.

Again the cornerposts erupt in fire, smaller gusts, one for every beat of the drum in the music.

Suddenly all the greek warriors begin their chant, following the music playing, as now the entrance lights up in bright white light.

Clad in their signature armour, but golden in colour, wearing golden Hepakleia, Spartan and Mars, the Sons of Olympus, the chosen of the gods, appear on stage. As the warriors chant the chorus, they raise their hands on every 'Kill'.

The crowd erupts, going crazy at the overflow of sound and vision, erupting in extatic cheers for their future champions.
Sung forward by the greek hoplites, the Sons march towards the ring, both pointing at the championship belts displayed next to the ring. As they enter the ring they remove their helmets, shaking loose their flowing black manes. As they remove their armours they give each other a nod of understanding, stern looks on their face.

It is clear they have come for one purpose only, for one simple goal.
The Tag Team Championship!