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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 13:47
Jay Rondel vs Nick Plissken

Having recently wrestled each other and getting familiar with each other's style the two wrestlers forgo any feeling out period. They jump right in and start beating the hell out of each other. Plissken is focusing on Rondel's neck Jay on Nick's arm.

After several minutes of trading blows and holds Rondel catches Plissken in the Clamat Est. In their last match Plissken won with his version of the hold, a double wrist lock or kimura, he seems to want to return the favor. Nick tries to break the hold but finally has to tap before his arm breaks.
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 13:54
Special Musical Segment
Metal Mob

The Metal Mob band makes their entrance to a loud ovation from the crowd, it has been quite a while since they have been on NEW television together.

They play two very fast paced songs that really amp the crowd up for the final two championship matches. By the time they leave and the tag teams in the next match start to make their entrance the crowd is ready to come unglued.
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 16:59
Tag Team Championship Match
Apex vs Otakuland

After their recent engagement Otakuchan and Allison Wonderland are extraordinarily amped up for their match. They come out of the gate really taking it to the boys from Apex. The tag championship match looks to be a very one sided afair. Until Hunter Cole catches Allison with a hard shot while she is distracted by gazing at her fiance.

The team of Cole and Avery take control of the match really working the Cheshire Kitten over which drives the Cartoon Killer into a frenzy on the apron. Finally Wonderland creates some space and makes a tag. The Manga Mauler rushes in and cleans house. In his frenzy to avenge his love he gets sloppy however and Cole catches him in the Alpha Snare! Wonderland attepmts to break the hold but Avery hits her from behind. He holds her face to face with Otakuchan who finally has to tap as Apex taunts him.
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 18:26
Spartan vs Peck, championship match

When the time for the main event comes, Spartan comes on first. His entrance resembling that of the Sons of Olympus, he has a cohort of greek warriors guiding him to the ring, all on the bombastic notes of Oh Fortuna.
He takes place in his corner, and awaits the entrance of the champion.

The lights fade. Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA starts blasting through the speakers. Red, white and blue lights bathe the stage. A single spotlight zooms in on the entranc while the Titantron shows highlights of Rob Peck’s previous matches. The crowd falls silent in anticipation.

Halfway through the song the entrance is still empty.  The crowd gets rowdy as their champ is nowhere to be found. By the end of the song the murmering has grown into full blow anger, with people shouting and screaming, and a good portion of the crowd starting to chant ‘That’s not worth it’.

Then David Diamond comes out onto the stage, the championship belt in his hand. As he approaches the ring Spartan starts to pace up and down the mat, awaiting what is to come. His chest still bandaged up and taped in he is nonetheless there, despite Ripper’s warnings not to show up.

Diamond climbs the apron and enters the ring, pushing referee Vasquez out of the way. He throws the belt on the ground in anger as he hands the giant an envelope. As he turns and walks away Vasquez hands the Son of Olympus a microphone.

Spartan opens the envelope, microphone in hand. There is a letter inside. A letter he is supposed to read. With a frustrated glance at the belt Spartan addresses the crowd, reaading the letter to them, his face a mask of ice, devoid of feeling.


I am sorry for leaving you standing like this, alone, in what should be a big match for the both of us. For you perhaps the biggest match of your life. The fight for the championship.
These past weeks you have had several run-ins with my sister, who you know as Ripper. She has threatened you, cut you, and has warned you she would kill you if you would show up tonight.
For that, I am sorry. Knowing you, you will never back down, so I can safely assume you will be there.
Knowing her, and her current state of mind, she will indeed attempt to take your life.
Ripper is my sister. My family. I have an obligation to her, a responsibility to keep her safe. She cannot take care of herself, she has proven this time and again. As such, it is up to me to do that for her.
It is with a heavy heart therefor that I have decided to do what must be done. I am taking her home. Where she belongs, and where I can care for her. I will not risk her harming anyone ever again.
Spartan, I could not imagine anyone more suited to follow in my footsteps as the champion of NEW. I know you will make me proud. I am glad to call you my friend.
Again, I am sorry for leaving you all like this,


Spartan stares at the letter a long while, before crumpling it with a fist and tossing it aside. He steps to the center of the ring, in silence and with a solemn look on his face. The crowd is totally silent as he picks up the belt. After taking a long look at the gold he raises it up high, showing it to the crowd.
Reluctantly they cheer.
Nick Plissken
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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 20:06
Fourth of July Monday Night Prime

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Mon 11 Jul 2016
at 20:18
Fourth of July Monday Night Prime
Tyson Gunn vs Lavina

Lavina entered the ring first, with the boom of cannons echoing through the arena accompanying her theme music.The crowd gave uncertain cheers as she set her captain's hat on the post in her corner before turning her attention to await her opponent. The music was replaced with the haunting opening riffs of Van Halen's "Don't Tell Me" as Tyson walked to the ring at a brisk pace. He was focused, held his hands out to the few fans that wanted high fives. He dove under the bottom rope and sprung to his feet, then smirked as he took off his cap and mockingly hung it over his corner post.

Walking to the middle of the ring to offer a handshake, Tyson was greeted with a drop kick that threw him back to the ropes. She followed with a series of chops to the chest of the stunned Tyson. The fourth echoing chop never landed as he his arm came up and blocked the blow before he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her from the mat with one arm for a split second, them pounded her to the mat with a choke slam.

The match went back and forth for nearly five minutes to the fans delight until Lavina gave him an opening. He popped to his feet after a suplex and waited her to get up, a bit dazed. Tyson seized the advantage and whipped her across the ring, catching her with a Carpet Bomb as she came back towards him. He pulled her to her feet and grasped her in a tight bear hug, and with a smile for the crowd, gave them their first look at the Gunnslinger, pounding the pirate queen into the mat for the three count.
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 14:20
Fourth of July Monday Night Prime
Everest vs Mysti Manning

Still riding high from her debut victory Mysti is very flamboyant in her second match. She seems to be trying to embarrass the big Glacier as much as win the match. Her superior quickness allows her to avoid any Evertest offense in the early goings and after each hit of her own she show boats heavily. Having learned his lesson from his match against Union Jack Everest keeps his cool and keeps working his game plan.

Eventually it pays off. After a big head kick from Manning Everest crumples to the mat. Instead of going for a cover Mysti turns her back and argues with the crowd. As soon as her eyes are off Everest he leaps off the canvas, he was playing possum! He walks up behind her and locks in a crossface chickenwing! Mysti tries to break free but Everest is too strong and she has to throw in the towel.
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 15:25
Fourth of July Monday Night Prime
Nick Plissken vs El Extranjero

El Extranjero makes his way to the ring still looking hung over from his night of defacing national monuments. Nick Plissken is obviously disgusted by this insult to the sport he has devoted his life to. Between his distate for his opponent's condition and the fact that this was the beginning of a number 1 contender tournament Plissken gave the luchador no quarter as he beat him pillar to post. After a few minutes Plissken ended it with a DDT.
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 15:33
Fourth of July Monday Night Prime
Jay Rondel vs Ramses XII

As Jay predicted this match is nearly a replay of the two men's last match together. If anything the match is even more brutal than the last. Each wrestler dishes out amazing levels of punishment. In the end Ramses pilgrimage seems to have done him a lot of good. Since Rondel made him tap last time he wants a submission victory of his own and locks in the Wings of Horus. Jay tries to make it to the ropes but Ramses strength is too much and Rondel is forced to give in
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Tue 12 Jul 2016
at 17:33
Monday Night Prime July 11th
Hunter Cole vs Pantalones Lobos

Since Cole knew Pantalones' reputation he starts the match with a bang trying to put Lobos away quickly. He hits his prey with most of the hard hitting moves he knows. Lobos is able to weather the storm however. He takes control from the Hunter and lives up to his former name. He puts on an insane display of wrestling and puts Cole away with his corkscrew 450.
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Wed 13 Jul 2016
at 15:37
Monday Night Prime July 11th
Everest vs Ramses XII

These two mammoth sized men clearly don't like each other and they each feel the need to prove the other is inferior. Big move follows big move and the ring seems to barely be able to hold up under the strain the two giants put on it. Everest hits Ramses with his DDT like move. Ramses kicks out! But it is slightly after the third smack in the mat from Vasquez.

Ramses slowly gets to his feet as Everest gets his hand raised. The Pharoah grabs the ref and starts arguing the fact that he kicked out. He gets nowhere. Clearly aggravated at the result of the match Ramses walks over to the turnbuckle and starts slamming his fist into it. He waves towards the back calling the rest of Apex to the arena. He then walks over to Everest and grabs him by the arm and turns him around. The two start a shouting match as Cole and Riley sneak up behind the Survivor.

All at once the entire roster of Apex begins wailing on Everest. He tries to hold them off but three on one is too much. Just when they get him flat in the mat and start stomping him into it the Metal Mob's music begins playing! The headbangers run down to the ring to bail Everest out. They are still upset with Ramses for the way he won their last fight.

As soon as Crunch and Doom slide under the ropes Apex clears the ring. Crunch stands by the ropes shouting at them while Doom helps Everest to his feet. They walk over to join Crunch. As they stand there shouting Apex turns and starts to leave. Crunch turns around to say something to Everest when Doom dropkicks the Mountain in the back! Everest stumbles forward into the arms of Crunch who hits him with a belly to belly suplex.

Apex jumps back into the ring and all five men go back to stomping Everest into the ground. After they get tired of it Ramses holds his hand out as if to offer Everest up to the Mob. Crunch nods and picks him up in a delayed suplex. Doom headbutts him and Crunch drops him on his head once more, the Headbanger!

Everest won the match but it looks like Apex is gearing up to win the war.
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Wed 13 Jul 2016
at 15:46
Monday Night Prime July 11th
Nick Plissken vs Tyson Gunn

These two former amatuer wrestlers start off with a display of those old skills. With no clear advantage on either side they start using more hard hitting pro-style moves. They beat the hell out of each other. The match still looks even when Plissken catches Gunn with a DDT and gets a pinfall!

Afterward Nick helps Tyson to his feet and shakes his hand. They head to the back together to partake in some cold ones and watch the final two matches.
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Sat 6 Aug 2016
at 17:15
Monday Night Prime July 11th
Mysti Manning vs Spartan

The crowd is hot for one of the most anticpated matches of the night. The exciting new prospect against the established world champion.

As soon as the match begins it is clear that it will be a barn burner. Each combatant gives as good as they get. The crowd stays on their feet the entire match. It looks like it could go either way and no one wants to miss anything.

At the end of the night Mysti surprises Spartan, and the entire world, by nailing the Northern Lights Out and holding the champ down for a three count!
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Sat 6 Aug 2016
at 20:26
Monday Night Prime July 11th
Second Chance match
Jay Rondel vs. Lavina vs. Aiden Ice vs. Lucius James

After the last match the crowd is ready for some destruction, they are as amped as any crowd NEW has performed in front of.

And they are not disappointed. The four fighters here clearly don't want to let their second chance at the belt slip by. They start by pairig off. Rondel vs James and Lavina vs Ice. Each set of fighters then proceed to beat the hell out of each other.

One man comes out on top. Jay Rondel is on fire. By the end of the match he hits all three of his opponents with a Terminus Est and pins James for the win! Rondel is back in the tournament.
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Tue 9 Aug 2016
at 17:02
Monday Night Prime July 18th
Everest vs Jay Rondel

The first match of the night is a brutal one. Everest has put up with much in his time in NEW and now his opportunity to climb to the top of the promotion is near. Rondel has just got a second chance at life in the tournament and he's fighting in front his his fellow statesmen, he doesn't want to go down easy either.

Each man leaves everything he has in the ring, each one continuing to get up after each devastating attack his opponent dishes out. The commentators begin to wonder how the winner will be able to compete in the next leg of the tournament.

Finally Everest catches Rondel in his inverted DDT. Then picks him up for a second just to be sure. The Mountain makes his way to the championship match!
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
at 18:38
Monday Night Prime July 18th
Union Jack vs Nick Plissken

In this second meeting between these two each man pulls out all the stops to continue in the tournament. Riley's feet barely hit the canvas as he uses every highflying move he knows. Plissken attempts to keep him grounded but is barely succesful.

Eventually Plissken catches Union Jack as he attempts a cross body block. It looks like Nick is about to perform a fallaway slam but instead throws Riley's lower body up and drives him down into a DDT.

Plissken advances to Sacrifice!
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Wed 10 Aug 2016
at 18:53
Monday Night Prime July 18th
Mysti Manning vs Pantalones Lobos

Another high flying match. Even more so than the last since both combatants use the style. The match begins on ths mat however with each one showing their mastery of the grappling arts. Both fighters even catch the other in the mexican surfboard.

Once it is clear that neither wrestler has the advantage in the ground game both take to the air. Prime looks like the wrestling has been canceled and Cirque du Soleil is in its place. Lobos and Manning spend nearly as much time on the ropes, including running across them, as they do on the ground.

After several minutes of beating the hell out of each other it looks like Mysti has Lobos where she wants him when she sits him on the turnbuckle. She climbs up behind him and hooks her legs in the ropes before slinging him with a spider german suplex!

Somehow Pantalones backflips through however and lands on his feet! While Mysti is climbing down he runs over and puts her in the electric chair position. He drops her onto her back and quickly applies the figure-four leglock. Manning has to tap, sending Lobos to the championship match.
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Mon 22 Aug 2016
at 15:32
Monday Night Prime July 18th
The match between the Sons of Olympus and Apex’s own Ramses and Cole gets underway quickly, with both teams feeling out the opposition using quick moves. It is Ramses that manages to get the first good hit in. A suplex to Spartan sets the tone for the battle between four of NEW’s biggest wrestlers.

For a while both teams manage to counter each other, neither getting the upper hand. Until Cole decides he has had enough. From under the ring he manages to get his hands on a weapon, a tranquilizer gun of all things. Meanwhile Mars and Spartan are working over Ramses, delivering some massive damage to the self-proclaimed pharaoh.
Ramses manages to wriggle free of the hold Xander Mars has on him, turning quickly to avoid a spear by Spartan.

Oh lord, he turns the wrong way!. Cole just fired the weapon at Mars, intent of getting the Roman out of competition entirely, but he hits his own partner! Ramses stares at him in disbelief as he slowly sinks to his knees. The Pharaoh is out cold. Cole stares at the slumping body in disbelief and is speared by Spartan. Mars turns over Ramses for the simple pin. Sons of Olympus win!
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 19:17
"Newcomer Hazing Match"
Xander Morris
Sydney J. Warcup
Xander Mars

This is a wild match that basically comes down to Mars and Warcup. While Xander Morris is a decently tough man he isn't quite NEW material. After beating him to a pulp the SJW and the Roman take each other to the limit. Warcup eventually takes it with his finisher, the Title IX. He distracts Skip then drags Mars to the corner. He props his legs into the ropes, climbs the turnbuckle, then leaps off for a flying headbutt to the family jewels.

A three count is the only thing that could follow such a move.

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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 19:21
TheThe Metal Mob vs. Lucius James and Lavina

The newly formed team of James and Lavina stand no chance against the Metal Mob. After a quick match and the Headbanger the Mob retires to the dressing room to high five the rest of Apex.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 19:27
"Diamond's whim/Nibble's choice"
Tag Team Championships
Apex (Hunter Cole and "Union" Jack Riley)
Jay Rondel and Tyson Gunn

A hard hitting match to be sure. Both teams seem to be trying to kill each other. Gunn hits Riley with a Gunslinger just as Rondel nails Cole with the Terminus Est. It looks like they've got the belts in the bag but the Metal Mob rushes the ring just before three! They start to beat the Wreckoning members down but Cole and Riley aren't in shape to help. Gunn and Rondel are pissed and run the headbanger's back to the locker room.
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Mon 12 Sep 2016
at 19:29
Ramses vs Manning

After her loss to Lobos Manning somehow finds a way to sneak by the Pharaoh.
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Wed 14 Sep 2016
at 14:58
World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal Four Way

Pantalones Lobos
Nick Plissken

After several dirty finishes the crowd is restless. Some barely seem interested in the show, others are just angry that their favorites lost. That all changes once the participants for the main event start making their way down. As soon as Plissken's Godzilla roar goes off the crowd hits their feet. With each subsequent entrance they get more and more riled up. By the time the champ gets into the ring they are practically in a frenzy.

When the bells rings the 4 men split off. Lobos with Everest, Plissken with Spartan. Each man eyes all the others for several moments. Everest is the first to break the stand off going straight for the Crazy Luchador. All hell breaks loose then.

Everest slams Lobos once who immediately gets to his feet and launches himself into the big man with a flying forearm. Meanwhile the champ and Plissken lockup jockeying for position. The larger man takes the first advantage and slams the kaiju down.

The match is wild, almost hard to follow at times. Everyone has their moments. Plissken using holds and suplexes. Spartan and Everest hitting everyone with power moves. Pantalones Lobos flying all over the ring with a springboard variation of nearly every move.

After more than half an hour of the combatants beating each other senseless, and more pinfall attempts than the crowd can count, it looks like the match may never end. All four men are currently laid out. Everest is the first on his feet. He helps Spartan up and then puts him back down with his inverted DDT! He drops down for a pin only for Plissken to grab him and perform a standard DDT! Before Nick can attempt a pin himself Lobos nails him with a dropkick! He drags Plissken over to the corner and climbs the ropes. He leaps off and crushes Nick's midsection with a 450 splash! He gets back to his feet to drag Plissken away from the ropes when he hears Spartan shout something from behind. Lobos turns just in time to catch a 300 spear from the champ!

Spartan covers Lobos as Everest begins to stir. The Mountain Man breaks the pin!

Too late!

Vasquez already counted to three! Spartan retains in a hell of a match!
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Tue 4 Oct 2016
at 16:19
August 8th Prime
Monday Night Prime
Portland, Oregon
August 8th

Everest  vs Cole

This match barely gets under way before Hunter Cole uses his favorite tactic: foreign objects. He hits Everest with his tranquilizer gun behind Skip's back and then pins him.

Plissken  vs Warcup

This match starts competitively. Both men show themselves to be top contenders. Until Sydney also catches Skip not looking and clubs Plissken in the family jewels. He drops the Title IX and geta the three count.

Manning  vs Gunn

Mysti and Tyson give the crowd another good show. Gunn seems to have her where he wants her when she slips the Northern Lights Out onto him and takes the win.

Rondel  vs Riley

A very exciting match between a high flyer and a more technical power wrestler. It isn't clear which way the match is going to go for several minutes but eventually Rondel's mat prowess wins out over Riley's acrobatics.

Lobos  vs. Xander Mars

A near mirror of the last match with one major distinction. Lobos is able to exploit his quickness better and wins the day over the much taller Mars.

Winner books and controls
the next PPV
David Diamond vs. Blake Upperman

This fight begins as the farce everyone expected. Upperman running from Diamond and trying to weasel his way out of fighting. Until Wendy makes her appearance that is. She jumps into the ring with a chair hitting both Blake and Spartan who is in Upperman's corner. David is disqualified.

**Main Event**
Spartan vs Ramses

The match everyone came to see. Two of NEW's biggest and longest tenured wrestlers going at it to close the show. The force both big men use threatens to collapse the ring. Finally Ramses nails Spartan with the Subjugator for the win. With no underhanded tactics whatsoever!
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Wed 12 Oct 2016
at 18:56
August 15th Prime
Monday Night Prime
Paris, France
August 15th

Sherman shows up and rolls over Mars before dissapearing, never to be seen again.


An odd match from two odd men. Memorable as well, both men put on a show. Lobos gets the W with his 450 splash in the end.


Mysti has made quite a showing so far in NEW against opponents much bigger than her. Not tonight however as the Mountain Man avalanches over her.

**Main Event**
(Rondel, Gunn, Plissken)
(Ramses, Cole, Riley)

A wild match for sure. Vasquez has a hard time keeping up with the action in fact. Which spells the end for the Wreckoning. Cole once again uses his favored tactic of foreign objects and knocks Plissken out behind the ref's back. Ramses and Riley hold off Gunn and Rondel while the pinfall goes down.