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Match Write-ups
 Here is where one can see the detailed results of matches.
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Match Write-ups
Nick Plissken and me, Spartan, arrange the write-ups for now. If people want to work together and do their own write-ups, that would ofcourse be excellent, but those that do not feel like it can trust in us to do it for them.

I do ask of everyone if they would be so kind as to update their sheets with at least a finisher and some signature moves, and a bit about their fight style, so we can stay as true as possible to the characters.

Please do NOT comment in this thread. Use backstage for that, or better, work it in your promos.

Last: We will try to post recaps in the order they were fought in at the night they were held. So for those that were last in an evening, and would like to post, but the rest is not there yet, I kindly ask if you send your recap to Nick or me, so we can keep the order of posts correct.

Thanx, and enjoy the matches.

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Recap 1
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Tue 26 Apr 2016
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April 25th, Monday night Prime
Everest vs Otakuchan

Both men, the small fast animated animator and the big immobile mountain, get the match underway quickly. Otakuchan, spurred on by his tag team championship win at the PPV, assaults Everest quickly with a fast flurry of blows and kicks, followed by a roll-up pin in an attempt to finish the match quickly.
Everest, not even nearly fazed at the attacks, kicks out even before Vasquez can count to one. The men dance around each other once more, with Otakuchan planting some more swift blows and kicks, and each time quickly moving away from Everest’s counterattacks. The big mountain seems unable to land a single blow at the quick cartoon hero.
Finally he manages to grab Otakuchan and toss him towards the corner. He runs after the little man, planning to bodyslam him into the turnbuckle, but again the hero of Anime is too quickly, using the turnbuckles as steps and somersaulting backwards to land on Everests shoulders.
He begins an onslaught of blows to the man’s head, just as he was advised weeks ago. Normally he would follow up with an Inziguiri, and as he starts one now, he hesitates, remembering the broken neck he caused at the PPV.
Everest uses that moment to lift the little man, slamming him down to the mat hard. Otakuchan seems confused now, having suddenly lost momentum. An elbow drop by Everest, and another. The big man now climbs the turnbuckle and delivers a massive shooting star press! Otakuchan seems hurt now, but quickly rolls away from reach. He attacks Everest with a rolling dropkick, hoping to down him again. It works, the mountain goes down again! Another pin attempt by Otakuchan. Everest kicks out at two. At two! He is tired, seems hurt. Meanwhile Otakuchan plays the crowd, taunting his opponent from up the top rope.
Everest manages to get up and immediately Otakuchan launches himself. A superhero punch!
But wait, Everest caught him! Despite the momentum of the punch, despite the blow being a solid hit, Everest manages to catch the animated animator in mid-air. Another massive slam! The mountain lands firmly on Otakuchan. He pins him! Otakuchan kicks out, and starts dancing around the mountain again. Some quick kicks, another blow to the head, but the mountain just keeps coming. Otakuchan takes a giant leap. He plants a spinning dropkick, but Everest grabs his foot! Everest twists Otakuchan into an ankle lock! Massive hands twist the Kartoon Killer’s foot ever more backward. He tries to crawl to the ropes. He makes it! Rope break!
Otakuchan again with a series of attacks, trying to topple the mountain. He swings him to the ropes with all his might, going for the plissken-sama lariat!
The mountain catches him, again. Otakuchan slams into him with all his might, all his strength and speed, and the man does not even move. He catches him, and swings him into the cornerpost. What can Otakuchan do to take this beast down?
Everest now pounding away at Otakuchans back as he hangs onto the ropes. The crowd starts counting the blows. Seven, eight… nine… Otakuchan manages to squirm away yet again, but is caught by the arm. Everest now applies an arm lock in the centre of the ring. Otakuchan refuses to tap. He again tries to get to the ropes. More pressure is applied, he cannot get out. He taps!
A hard fought battle, with Otakuchan mostly on top, but in the end, the mountain proves unscalable.
Recap 2
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Wed 27 Apr 2016
at 16:56
April 25th, Monday night Prime
El Extranjero vs Jay Rondel

As soon as the bell rings Rondel goes right at the luchador. He didn't appreciate some of Extranjero's comments leading up to the match. He lands blow after blow onto the masked man driving him back into the corner. But then El Extranjero reaches up and pokes Rondel in the eye. As the big man reels Extranjero jumps up onto the 2nd turnbuckle. As Rondel begins to make his way back into the corner his vision is still a little blurry and he doesn't notice Extranjero's new position. The Foreigner grabs Rondel and spins him around, dropping him with a tornado DDT.

Extranjero goes for the pin but Rondel kicks out at two and three quarters. The DDT was brutal but it is still to early to keep Rondel down. Extranjero lifts Rondel and sends him towards the ropes. As Rondel returns he is caught with a clothesline. The Luchador lifts Rondel and slams him next to one of the turnbuckles. He ascends to the top facing out, he is going to go for a moonsault. He leaps rotating through the air. When he lands he finds no water in the pool. Rondel rolled out of the way.

While his opponent writhes in agony Rondel takes advantage. He puts Extranjero in a Fujiwara armbar! He really cranks on the hold, for a moment this seems like it has to be it. Extranjero finally wriggles his way to the ropes. Rondel breaks the hold but doesn't stop there he picks the masked man up and drops him back down with a gargoyle suplex. He covers him but Extranjero shows that he isn't finished either kicking out just before three. Rondel sends Extranjero to the ropes. He attempts a clothesline but the luchador ducks. Extranjero off the other side and comes back with a crossbody block.

Both men lie on the canvas for a moment catching their breath. Extranjero is the first up. He lifts Rondel and puts him in position for a reverse crucifix. He successfully pulls of the Orgullo Mexicano getting the 3 count.
Recap 2
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 01:27
April 25th, Monday night Prime
Serena Di Scenza vs Nick Plissken

These two clearly don't like each other. Even if one hasn't seen the show before that much is obvious by the way they look at each other. The match starts slowly, which is normal for Plissken he likes to wrestle methodically when he can set the pace. Its a little more unusual for Di Scenza but the last time these two fought Plissken showed that he was versed in counters to her style so she was a little more careful.

The slow pace favored Plissken's more mat based offense so he takes control early. He puts Serrassi in a series of holds but her smaller frame makes it easy for her to wiggle out. They spend several minutes like this. Plissken applies a hold and Serrassi escapes. Eventually Serrassi finds an opening and after slipping out of a seated headlock she catches Plissken with an elbow to the head.

Afterward she starts striking Plissken repeatedly. He tries to fight back but Di Scenza is more versed in this style so she gets the better of the exchange. Serrassi continues hitting Plissken with her entire arsenal for a while until Plissken finally catches Serrassi with a very hard forearm to the neck.

Seeing his chance he grabs her and throws her with an exploder suplex. Now we have a replay of their last fight with Plissken hitting Serena with many suplexes over and over. He lifts her for one more and grabs her for a belly to belly. In her desperation she bites his nose. Plissken releases her and the ref starts scolding her. Plissken walks over to restart but Serrassi pushes the ref out of the way and kicks Plissken in the mid-section. She quickly grabs his head and drops him with a DDT. Trying to beat him with his own move she quickly goes for the cover. Plissken kicks out.

Having had enough Serrassi rolls under the ropes to grab a chair. It is legal for her afterall. As Plissken is getting to his feet she clocks him right in the skull. The sound is very loud in the arena. She tries to pin him again.

He still kicks out! Serrassi stands and looks down at him incredulously as he tries to get to his feer still reeling from the blow. She kicks him in the head and drags his body over to the corner. Its almost as if she doesn't want to use the Serrassi Effect just in case he counters it again. She climbs the ropes and launches herself off using her mother's old moonsault finisher the Fallen Angel. It connects and she hooks his leg.

He kicks out once more. Clearly frustrated she jumos in the ref's face telling him it should have been three. As she does Plissken finds his feet. Still wobly he grabs her and throws her overhead with a german suplex. He crawls over and slaps on a double-wrist lock. He has it on very deep and she is unable to slip out this time. Refusing to give Serrassi eventually drags him to the ropes to break the hold.

Both wrestlers stand up still a little punch drunk. They begin trading forearm blows back and forth. And back and forth. This time Plissken seems to be getting the better of the exchange. That is until Serrassi stumbles back from one of Plissken's blows and instead of coming back with another forearm she whips out a 540 roundhouse kick. After the beating he has already taken Plissken's reflexes are to dulled to see it coming.

Di Scenza picks him up surely about to use the Serrassi Effect but instead she uses the Deathwish, her father's finishing manuever. Instead of going for the pin she pulls the chair that still in the ring over to position and finally uses the Serrassi Effect onto the chair.

That finally does it. One, two, three. Di Scenza stands over her fallen opponent gloating as he still tries to get up. He reaches up and grabs her leg. She pushes his hand away before kicking him once more for good measure.
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 12:28
April 25th, Monday night Prime
Ramses vs Jack Riley

Pharaoh Ramses and the Rainbow Warrior Jack Riley start their match slow, moving around each other, each man waiting for the other to start the fight. They grapple, both try to get the upper hand, but the strength of Ramses prevails. The pharaoh starts off with a suplex, followed by several stomps to his legs. Riley manages to roll under the ropes and out the ring.

Ramses taunts him, working the crowd but getting mostly boos. Then Union Jack jumps up the apron, up the top rope, and launches himself into Ramses with a double flying forearm. He takes over momentum, delivering a series of blows and kicks followed by a massive clothesline. He goes up the turnbuckle to follow up with a frog splash. Ramses however rolls away, and as Riley gets up delivers a massive kick to the man’s head. Riley goes down, Ramses goes for the pin.

A kickout at two. Riley and Ramses lock in a grapple, Riley moving into a roll-up pin. Ramses counters, rolling onward and into another pin of his own. Again Riley kicks out, and now immediately follows up with an attempted suplex. It fails, he cannot lift Ramses.

Ramses counters, powerbombing Riley. He lifts him, powerbombs him again. And again!

Riley gets swung into the corner, Ramses follows up with a body splash. Riley seems dazed, confused. Ramses grabs, a Crucifix slam! This must be it. Again the pin!

But wait, the cameraman gets too close, he hits Ramses with the lens! Riley quickly kicks out. He winks at the cameraman! What the heck is going on here?

Ramses goes to complain, but Vasquez will have none of it. Fight on he says.

Riley now with a dropkick. He climbs the ropes again. A five star splash! His signature move!

Union Jack drags the downed Ramses to the center of the ring. He runs to the ropes, launches himself up from the top rope in a back somersault. He lands both knees on Ramses’ back!

Vasquez warns Jack now, one more transgression and it’s a dq! But Ramses is mad. He tosses Riley out of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. An elbow drop onto the concrete!

Oh boy, our german co-commentators are having their table cleaned out. Ramses rolls Riley upon the table, then goes back up the cornerpost again. He greets the crowd, both arms outstretched! Is he really going for it?

Yes, Ramses launches himself high up in the air, going for the elbow drop through the table!

No! Riley rolls away! Ramses goes through the table. He is out! Ramses is out! Union jack drags him up, back into the ring. He places him at the rings center. Up the turnbuckle again. A lot of flying this match folks.

Union Jack Riley goes for the frog splash, into a pin! One, two, three… Union Jack wins! Ramses is still out, he doesn’t even realise it.
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 16:14
April 25th, Monday night Prime
Adrian Avery vs Allison Wonderland

Wonderland enters the ring first and begins playing to the crowd immediately. Once Avery enters the ring and the bell rings she continues to do so. Triple A moves behind her to catch her off guard. Wonderland seems to feel him however and spins away from his grasp kicking his leg as she moves. Adrian has studied the Chesire Kitten and knows that she likes to throw her opponents off their game. He takes things slowly. The two squre off slowly working into a lockup. Wonderland quickly releases Avery and drops down with a drop toe hold. She rolls up to his head as though to put him in a hold but instead ruffles his hair making some sort of comment. Avery jumps up appearing angry.

He begins chasing Allison as she runs away laughing and taunting. She suddenly stops and slaps him in the face. Expecting him to be thrown off once again she throws another kick but he catches her leg and hits her with a dragon screw leg whip! He was clearly only letting her think that she was getting under his skin, waiting for an opening.

Avery quickly grabs Wonderland's arm before she can get up wrenching it with an arm bar. Allison is more slippery than Adrian would've liked however and is able to escape. She ruffles his hair once more before rolling away. Adrian gets to his feet and before Wonderland has a chance to press her advantage he grabs her in a muay thai clinch and goes to town with knees and elbows. Allison shows her slipperyness once more and slips out. She slides out of the ring with Avery in close pursuit. As soon as his feet hit the ground however she has already slid back into the ring. As soon as he turns around he sees her already in the air crashing down on him.

She reenters the ring again and awaits the 10 count. Avery slowly makes his way back in and Allison moves to intercept. She reaches out to grab her opponent but he was playing possum again! He swiftly ducks her grapple and puts her in the Grapevine Sleeper. Wonderland starts to get sluggish and sits on the mat. Skip Wilson holds her arm up. And it drops. Once more. One more time, Allison starts to look lively but it finally falls. Avery has won!
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Thu 28 Apr 2016
at 17:07
April 25th, Monday night, Prime Main Event
Rob Peck vs Spartan

Throwing everything at each other immediately, Spartan and Peck lock in a hold and tussle back and forth the ring, neither man able to get a firm grasp at their opponent. Spartan, being bigger and bulkier than Peck, manages to force the patriot into a corner slowly, subsequently slamming his shoulder in the smaller man's stomach.

Peck counters quickly though, ramming his left forearm down Spartan's back repeatedly. He seems to favor his bandaged right hand, even adjusting his stance to keep it out of harms way. Spartan manages to step back and throw Peck off guard, slamming the man into the turnbuckle. He follows up with a mean clothesline into the corner, sweeping Peck off his feet and into the turnbuckle.
The giant then grabs Pecks' hurt arm, and swirls him across the ring, into the corner on the other side. Again with the clothesline, but Peck anticipates now, and sidesteps with a raised knee, knocking the wind out of the Greek. He follows up with a left side judo throw.

peck quickly climbs the turnbuckle, figuring he needs to finish the giant fast. He stomps the man's shoulder from up the turnbuckle, flipping Spartan over in agony.
He picks the Olympian up, pulling him into a reverse fireman's slam.
As Spartan gets up Peck seems to stagger, and blood seems to be dripping from his right hand. This split second is enough for the Giant, who immediately spears him!
There is more blood on the mat now, the referee getting inbetween the two men to check on Rob's hand. It does not look good. He goes to consult with the officials, but as soon as he gets out of the way Peck pulls a running DDT on Spartan. He attempts a pin, but the referee doesn't see it. Spartan throws him off, Peck looking more like a milk bottle every second. Can a man seem more white?
Peck staggers, and Spartan squats down again, resting on his left hand, ready to launch another spear. Peck goes down! He goes down without any help from Spartan, who stands back up now, looking at the referee.

Vasquez goes to check on Peck again, who seems slow to react, blood dripping everywhere. Its over, Vasquez decides Peck cannot go on. Spartan is declared the winner, even as the big Greek picks peck up and carries him backstage. What an anti-climax to a wonderfull evening. We have a main event winner, but nobody left in the ring. Vasquez quickly gets out too as the crowd starts to grumble.
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Tue 3 May 2016
at 11:17
may 2nd Prime.
Monday night prime.
May 2nd, 2016

Everest vs Cole

The first match of the night gets underway slowly, both Cole and Everest circling each other to measure the strength and weakness of their opponent. The mountain man gets the first blow as he anticipates Cole’s punches and counters them with a vicious clothesline, flipping the selfproclaimed Alphamale 360 degrees in mid-air. Cole, new to NEW, is however not new to the world of wrestling, and quickly gets up to avoid being stomped in the face. A quick grab, and he swings the Himalayan into the ropes. Everest veers back, straight into a DDT. Both men have no intention to go easy on each other. Cole now with several blows tot he head of Everest who tries to get up.

Another grab, and Cole with the neckbreaker! Everest is not a man that is easily downed however. He comes back with a grab of his own, into a fireman’s carry. Cole slamming his elbow to the side of Everest’s head, but the mountain seems to not notice as he performs a fireman’s slam. He immediately follows up with a splash on top of Cole, knocking the wind out of him.

Again they circle each other, trading blows and feints untill the Mountain once again gets hold of the Natural Predator. Facebuster! Cole now firmly on the recieving end of a series of blows and stomps, not able to get up. Headlock by Everest, but its too close to the ropes. Referee Vasquez forces a break. Cole is let go, but immediately treated to several stomps on his shoulder. He manages to get up, groggy and seemingly confused.

Everest isn’t done yet. He throws Hunter into the corner. Crossbody slam, and Cole goes down again. Everest now working the crowd, taunting the Alphamale. Cheers from the fans as he delivers a running elbow to Hunter, sending him down once again. Everest dragging his opponent to the corner now, wrapping his legs around the post. He gets out of the ring, locking Cole’s legs in a figure 4. A figure 4 around the ringpost! The fans love it!

Cole manages to pry himself loose, struggling to get away from the human Yeti. Vasquez starting to count as the mountain man is taunting the Hunter, the crowd cheering him on. They clearly don’t like the Alphamale. Everest rolls back into the ring at the six count, chases, grabs and throws a reverse suplex. And another! Surely the Hunter must be done now. But no, Cole once again gets up, only to be put in a standing headlock. The mountain is squeezing the air right out of him.
Cole counters, a low blow to the groin of the survivalist. Everest falls to his knees in obvious pain, but the ref didn’t see it. Cole now has the initiative, wheelbarrow kick at the seated mountain. He goes down to the canvas, in pain. His eyebrow has been cut, he is bleeding. Vasquez calling him over to check the wound. Everest may go on, but can he? He can hardly see.

Cole with an irish whip into the corner. He tries to get Everest up the turnbuckle, but the man seems too big, too heavy to lift up. Reversal! Cole now in the corner, Everest putting him up the top. A giant suplex off the ringpost, driving the Alphamale into the mat. Surely this should finish it. Everest goes for the pin.
Kickout at two. Everest staring at the crowd in disbelief, before grabbing Cole by the hair and hoisting him up. Into the mountain bomb. Mountain bomb on Cole! That should be lights out! Everest going for the pin again. Another kick-out at two! Unbelievable. These men are matched square for square.

Again Everest grabs the Natural Predator. DDT! The mountain moving in to get the Hunter back up, but he is kicked in the groin once again. Vasquez now warning Cole as Everest sinks to his knees, bleeding and clutching his crown jewels. The Alphamale is clearly not playing by any known ruleset.

The human Yeti is struggling to get up, clearly in a lot of pain. Cole now parading the ring, booed by the crowd. He seems to love it. As Everest finally gets to his feet Cole grabs him from behind. He throws in a backbreaker! Everest goes down hard, blood gushing down his face. Cole with the cover…
Its over ladies and gentlemen. Cole gets the three-count over Everest, in what was anything but a clean fight.
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Wed 4 May 2016
at 02:01
May 2nd Prime.
Jay Rondel vs Nick Plissken

The two men circle each other for a few seconds after the bell rings. Rondel extends a fist for a bump. Plissken looks at it for a second then acquiesces. They then lock up collar and elbow style. They push each other all around the ring each man vying for position. Eventually Rondel uses his superior size to push Plissken up against the ropes. Vasquez calls for a break. Slowly and carefully Rondel releases Plissken before patting him on the chest with each hand and backs away. Plissken looks a little surprised but springs forward before they begin circling again.

They lock up again but instead of trying to push the larger man around Plissken immediately slips out, drops to his knees, and puts Rondel on the mat with a fireman's carry takedown. He quickly grabs Rondel's right arm and falls back into an armbar. Rondel is able to lock his hands together to prevent full extension. Plissken yanks a few times trying to break the grip but getting nowhere he starts hitting Rondel's hand finally getting him to let go. As soon as Plissken pulls his arm all the way straight Rondel starts bucking wildly dragging both men towards the ropes. He wraps his other arm around the bottom rope breaking the hold before his arm snaps.

He was in the hold for only a few seconds but Rondel is favoring his arm slightly as he advances on Plissken with a smile on his face. Both men are clearly enjoying themselves, a good old fashioned wrestling match is just what both men were looking for.

Plissken raises his hands looking for a greco roman knuckle lock. Rondel looks as though he is going to join in but with his arm already sore he thinks better of it dropping Plissken with a double leg takedown. Jumping on top of Plissken he flips him over into a fujiwara arm bar. Plissken tries to drag Rondel to the ropes but Rondel has too much leverage and holds him down. Plissken writhes in agony trying to slip out. Vasquez is in position watching for a tap out. Rondel is shouting at Plissken to give in. Plissken makes good on his word before the match refusing to tap. Rondel wrenches the arm even harder. With a roar Plissken rotates his body throwing Rondel off.

Plissken is slow getting up so Rondel helps him by pulling him by his head. They don't stay on their feet for long however as he throws Plissken with a gargoyle suplex. He goes for the pin but Plissken kicks out at one proving his word once again. Rondel lifts Plissken once again before sending him into the ropes. On the rebound Rondel tosses Plissken way up with a back body drop.  Almost as soon as Plissken hits the ground Rondel is on him trying to put him in a kimura, a clamat est as Rondel calls it. Plissken slips away under the ropes to take a breather for a second.

Rondel allows Plissken to reenter the ring cleanly. The two hard nosed warriors get in each other's faces showing no plans to back down. Plissken grabs Rondel by the neck and hits him with a hard forearm. Rondel reciprocates. They trade a couple blows before Plissken backs into the ropes and comes at Rondel with a shoulder tackle. Rondel stays on his feet. Rondel holds his hand towards the ropes as if to say to try again. He does and Rondel holds his feet again. Plissken offers Rondel a chance. The big man backs into the ropes himself and comes at Plissken with a clothesline. Plissken withstands the blow and shakes his head. Once more he bounces off the ropes and hits Rondel with his now infamous lariat. Rondel flips almost all the way over as he lands hard on his neck and shoulders.

Upset at being the one to go down Jay kips up very quickly before Plissken can even turn around. Rondel grabs Nick and hits him with a belly to back suplex. Both men are back to their feet quickly. Rondel starts unloading on Plissken with rights and lefts pushing him back to the corner. Irish whip to the opposite corner and Rondel follows up with a clothesline. He grabs Plissken's arms and slings him back to the middle of the ring with an overhead trapping suplex. He lifts Plissken by a leg and twists him back to the mat with a dragon screw suplex. Pushing his advantage he stomps Nick into the mat a couple times as the kaiju tries to get up. Plissken eventually fights to his feet only for Rondel to put him back down with a spinebuster.

Once more Jay picks Plissken up. Before he can do whatever he was planning Plissken hits him with another forearm. Rondel returns in kind once again. After the beating he just took this one puts a glazed look into Plissken's eyes. Rondel hits him with a few more pushing Plissken towards the corner. Just as he is about to drive Nick into the turn buckles Plissken walks forward into the next forearm. Rondel grabs Plissken's neck for another and Nick walks forward into this one as well. Rondel continues hitting his opponent and Nick keeps waking into them shaking off the effects. They continue like this back across the ring until Plissken ducks a shot and takes Jay down with a northern lights suplex bridging for the pin. Rondel kicks out before two but before he can get back up Plissken grabs his arms and performs a tiger suplex bridging once again. This time he gets a two count.

Rondel lays on his back. As Plissken bends down to grab him Jay grabs his arm and this time successfully locks in the clamat est! Plissken struggles a bit before slipping out and before Jay knows what hit him Plissken has him in a kimura of his own, or a double-wrist lock as its called in catch wrestling.

Rondel tries to struggle over to the ropes but Plissken is able to put a leg scissor around his waste and hold him still. Rondel continues to fight for a few seconds but finally has to tap.

The two men separate and while Vasquez raises Nick's arm Jay slumps in the corner holding his arm. Plissken walks over and holds our a hand. Rondel looks at it for a moment before grabbing it. Plissken raises him up. The two shake hands and leave the ring.
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Wed 4 May 2016
at 07:39
May 2nd Prime.
Spartan vs ‘Union’ Jack Riley

Before the bell even rings the fight gets underway as Jack Riley, calling himself the Rainbow Warrior, ambushes Spartan during the latter’s entrance. Attacking him from behind as Spartan approaches the ring, Riley surprises him completely and plants him face first into the concrete with a running facebuster. As the match has not yet officially started the referee is powerless when two large and muscular stage hands quickly come up from behind the barricades and grab Spartan, holding him tight. Meanwhile Riley struts his stuff in front of the crowd, toying with a pair of scissors. He dances a bit of a tango by himself, then suddenly he kicks the greek in the face. Right after that he kisses the giant, almost gently.

It takes a long moment before Spartan regains his bearings, struggling hard to get out of the grip of Riley’s entourage. The bastardly brit slaps him in the face a couple of times before grabbing the big greek’s long black manes. The crowd starts booing and cursing the gentleman wrestler as he cuts the hair. Spartan seems to go berserk, calling things the network has to bleep out on broadcast, but he can do little to escape the grasp of the two goons. Riley then struts to the ring, taunting the giant, all the while grinning at referee Vasquez who is still powerless to do anything about the situation.

Somehow Spartan manages to jank his arm loose, headbutting the goon to his lef t and then elbowing the one to his right. As they let their grip go, he storms towards the ring, where Riley, his back turned to the Olympian, is discussing rules with the referee. The londoner pushes Vasquez away and raises his arms, cursing at the crowd and calling himself out as the Queen of queens, the best to happen to NEW since its inception.
Riley circles the ring, aggravating the crowd. Arms raised high like a champion the english gentleman struts the ring, proclaiming his superiority.

The hit is massive as Spartan spears the prancing Rainbow Warrior. He knocks the wind out of Union Jack as the bell rings to start the match. As Riley hits the mat with massive force, Spartan is already on his feet, both hand clutching his now short cut hair. He lets out a medieval roar as he grabs Riley and hoists him up, feet up high in the air, shoulder resting on his shoulder. Then, with a twist that seems like slow motion he bodyslams the pride of the Brits, immediately followed by a pin.

One, two, three.
Vasquez counts faster than he has ever done. Riley kicks out, but he’s too late. Spartan wins!

Unfortunately for Riley Spartan ignores the winning bell, instead grabbing him and dragging him to a ringpost. With ease he places him on the top rope, and steps back tot the center ring.
Letting out an ancient war cry Spartan launches himself at the brit seated on the cornerpost. He jumps up and launches him Another massive blow as the giant spears the gentleman while seated there, launching both man towards, and then through, the spanish announce table. Meanwhile the official constantly keeps the bell ringing to end the match. Just in time for a commercial break.
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Wed 4 May 2016
at 08:20
May 2nd Prime.
Rob Peck vs Adrian Allen Avery

The patriot hero and the mastermind get the match underway quickly, spurred on by Blake Upperman at Avery’s side of the ring. They quickly lock up, Peck’s experience working to get the better of Triple A. Twisting himself a little Rob manages to lock an armbar on Avery, followed by a few kicks and a fast hip throw.
The genius is up on his feet fast, countering with knife edge chops and a fast Irish whip into the corner. Peck rapidly moves away, circling his prey as they exchange feints.

Again the collar and elbow lock, this time Avery gets the better of his opponent and manages to shove Peck into the corner again. He follows with a wicked lariat, wedging the man inbetween the turnbuckles. He has been studying the patriot hero, and so far it shows as he is able to counter most of Peck’s grabs and feints.

Five minutes into the match both men are still stalking each other, neither able to get the upper hand as blows are traded, grabs are countered, and the crowd loves it. Going into the match they favored Peck clearly, but with every move and counter-move they get behind both wrestlers more and more. Perhaps Triple A is not that bad after all. Meanwhile Upperman’s face begins to resemble a tomato more with every attempted move. He seems besides himself spurring on Avery to demolish Rob.

Another lock-up, both men manouvering to get into the corner. Suddenly Peck seems to trip, and the mastermind quickly exploits the opening. Upperman has grabbed Peck’s ankle, unseen by the referee, and made him fall. Grabbing the patriot’s damaged arm Avery slams the cut up hand into the ringpost repeatedly. Peck screams in agony as the wound made by Ripper a week before begins to bleed again. He knows he has to finish this quickly now, or suffer the same fate as he had against Spartan the week before.

Throwing caution in the wind Peck begins a massive onslaught of blows and kicks, without any regard for his personal safety. He seems unleashed, and the mastermind has clearly not studied blind fury. An Irish whip into the far ropes. Avery returns and Rob performs a bulldog on him. He quickly goes fort he pin, but its way too soon. Avery kicks out easily at one.

Blood from his hand is already dripping through his bandaged hand as Peck continues his attack with elbows and knife edge chops now, favoring his left hand. The mastermind sees an opening, launching a shoulder throw and following through with a fast elbow drop. Then for good measure he stomps Pecks right hand some more while Upperman cheers him on. The crowd watches in total silence, knowing that time is quickly running out fort he american hero Peck.

His face already becoming pale due to blood loss the people’s favorite manages to get away from Triple A long enough to get up, launching himself at the genius wit hall his remaining strength. The clothesline connects but already lacks power, Avery able to quickly reverse it and planting Peck in a facebuster. With the hero down he goes for the arm, locking in a twisting arm wrench on Peck’s right arm and hand. With his wounded arm twisted and blood running down his arm and all over the the patriot hero Rob Peck can only do one thing. He taps out before passing out.

Avery wins by submission, a fact shouted out repeatedly at the crowd by Blake Upperman. He basks in the lights of the arena, holding up the hand of his client as medical staff carry Rob Peck away on a stretcher.
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Wed 4 May 2016
at 18:47
May 2nd Prime.
Ramses vs Extranjero

These two foreigners get started quickly, each trying to prove his dominance. Extranjero looks to be in a good position early taking it to the pharoah. But Ramses is too big and shrugs off the early assault, throwing Extranjero into a corner. He rams his shoulder into the Mexican over and over driving him between the turnbuckles. He turns away to gloat showing the crowd just how much in control he is. When he turns back around Extranjero has crawled out of the pads and ascended the ropes. Missile dropkick!

With the big man down Extranjero does his best to keep him there stomping the Egyptian. Ramses tries to fight to his feet but the masked man doesn't allow it. He quickly rebounds off the ropes and hits Ramses square in the head with another drop kick.

El Extranjero climbs the ropes once again before leaping off with a moonsault. He goes for the cover but Ramses kicks out with authority throwing Extranjero across the ring. Before Ramses can go on the offensive Extranjero locks in a sleeper hold that old standby when taking on a giant like Ramses. The Pharoah starts to get sluggish, it looks like the masked wrestler has found a sound strategy.

Ramses goes down to one knee and El Extranjero really starts cranking the hold. Just when Ramses looks out of it he explodes up ramming the Mexican into the corner. It takes a couple tries but he eventually gets Extranjero to release him. Extranjero slumps into the turn buckles while Ramses shakes off the cobwebs. The Pharoah turns around to grab the masked man but Extranjero suddenly jumps to the second rope and grabs the Egyptian. Tornado DDT! Another pin and another kick out at 2 but this time with less force.

The match continues on like this for several minutes. Brief but powerful offense from Ramses in between many many quick hits from El Extranjero. And many pins from the luchador but Ramses always kicks out before three. Each kickout takes longer and longer, it seems to be a matter of time until El Extranjero wins.

Until the masked man climbs the ropes one more time flying at Ramses for a cross body block. As Extranjero flies Ramses snatches him out of the air putting him down with a scoop powerslam. He then lifts Extranjero up into the Subjucator. One. Two. Three.

Its over.
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Wed 4 May 2016
at 22:07
May 2nd Prime.
Main Event for the Tag Team Championships
Metal Mob vs Otakuchan and Allison Wonderland

Doom and Wonderlan start things off. She begins with her usual antics but Doom is having none of it. He waits patiently for her to give him an opening dropping her with a single leg takedown then applying an ankle lock. Wonderland shows her skill at slipping holds once again somehow escaping. She grabs the metalhead in an ankle lock of her own. Doom is able to grab the ropes breaking the hold. The two of them exchange holds and reversals for a couple minutes clearly evenly matched.

Getting winded they each back off and tag their partners. Upon entering the ring both Crunch and Otakuchan lock eyes for a moment then each play a short solo on air guitar. They then lock up but Otakuchan is out of his weight class the big guitarist almost immediately pushes the Cartoon Killer into the then corner rains punches into his midsection. He throws the small anime fan around the ring making sure to keep him in the Mob's half of the squared circle.

Crunch and Doom make several quick tags working Otakuchan over. The Mob's experience as a team seemingly to much for the newly partnered champions. Doom is in the ring with the Manga Mangler when he finally shows sign of life kicking at Doom's midsection. The headbanger catches his foot but Otakuchan quickly jumps up and hits him solidly with an enziguri!

Doom falls flat on his back and isn't moving much. Otakuchan starts moving towards Allison but he has taken quite a beating and is all the way across the ring. As the Anime Assassin crawls Doom starts to move. Crunch is shouting and stomping trying to get Doom to come to his senses. Doom starts moving towards his corner finally and both teams get a tag simultaneously.

Allison rushes in only to stop short in the face of the mountain across from her. She realizes that her trickery will work better with Crunch than it did in Doom however, he isn't nearly as intelligent as his brother in arms. She leads him on a cat and mouse chase getting in hit after hit frustrating the big man. He finally catches her dropping her with a vicious flapjack. He tags Doom and lifts her for the Headbanger but Otakuchan rushes in and clocks Doom with the Plissken-sama lariat!

In the confusion Crunch drops Allison who hits him with an enziguri of her own! She quickly crawls over and pins Doom. Ruben Vasquez counts three for the champs first successful defense!

The show comes to a close with the crowd cheering for both teams, they got their money's worth once again for Monday Night Prime.
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Mon 9 May 2016
at 22:32
May 9th Prime.
El Extranjero vs Jay Rondel

From the second the bell rings it becomes clear both men have not forgotten their previous fight, and immediately they lock up, trying to get the upper hand from the start. Extranjero, being smaller and more agile, manages to wriggle loose, shoving Rondel away and swinging himself into the ropes. With the momentum he gains he launches a leaping clothesline, downing Rondel for the first hit of the match. For the first five minutes Extranjero dominates, planting hit after hit as he shows Rondel the four corners of the ring.

Jay however has studied his opponent, knowing he lacks the speed to match the luchador. He bides his time, waiting for an opening. When it finally comes, as Extranjero prepares to jump him from the ringpost but decides to work the crowd first, he pounches. The mexican luchador launches himself for a splash, but instead is met by a standing Rondel who delivers a european uppercut with massive force. The blow staggerst he luchador, giving Jay the time to use the ropes as a springboard. With a move uncharacteristic to him, but very common for luchadores, he somersaults off the ropes, landing his full weight on the neck and back of El Extranjero.

The tide turns now. Rondel falls back on his known moves, using his greater strength and power to clobber the mexican into the corner, following with several wicked shoulder thrusts. Extranjero manages to move away, rolling out of the ring to catch his breath. The last thrust Rondel launches finds only air, causing the man to slam his shoulder hard into a turnbuckle.

As it turns out, the turnbuckle has come loose from that blow. As Rondel backs up to the center of the ring massaging his shoulder, referee Vasquez works to put the padding back on the turnbuckle.

Behind his back El Extranjero rolls back into the ring, a steel chair in hand. He hits Rondel hard on the back of the head, sending the man to the canvas as the crowd erupts in shock. Before Vasquez can turn to see what happened, the chair has already been thrown out of the ring.

The Mexican Luchador parades through the ring now, taunting both the crowd and a downed and bleeding Rondel. He helps the man back up, laughing at his grogginess, and plants him firmly into the Orgullo Mexicano. he goes for the pin!

Imagine his shock as Rondel manages to kick out of the pin at two, grabbing and swinging the luchador into the ropes. As the treacherous Mexican comes running back, Jay Rondel grabs the man and conducts a spinning underhook piledriver. A double, the Terminus Est! As the Mexican goes down hard Rondel more trips than falls onto him for the pin, still very much disoriented by the chair shot . With blood dripping down his neck he manages to get the three count. Rondel Wins!
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Tue 10 May 2016
at 16:06
May 9th Prime.
Otakuchan vs Ripper

Otakuchan circles Ripper as NEW's resident psychopath turns in place watching him. The Anime Assassin shrugs and moves in throwing severl martial arts attacks. Ripper blocks many of the blows and absorbs most of the rest. That is until the otaku jumps up and nails him with an enziguri!

The Manga Mauler then runs over to the ropes and springs off the middle one landing a Lionsault on Ripper. He hooks a leg but the knife wielding madman kicks out. The two get to their feet and Otakuchan goes back to his game plan. As soon as he closes in for some more strikes however Ripper unleashes his fury. He hits Otakuchan with punch after punch chasing him all around the ring.

The Anime Assassin doesn't seem to have a counter for the stalker's beserk style. Ripper lives up to his name ripping Otakuchan to shreds but if the Japanimation Giant has learned anything during his time in NEW its how to take a beating. Fans of Rob Peck notice that Ripper's fighting style is very similar only more manic. He knocks Otchy down over and over but he gets up time after time.

The Unwanted House Guest sends Otakuchan into the ropes with an Irish whip. No, the Cartoon Killer reverses it. He follows Ripper knocking most of the spit out of his mouth with a Plissken-sama lariat! He quickly drops down into a cover. Ripper gets a shoulder up just before three. The Serial Killer sits up shaking out the cobwebs. He looks up just in time to see Otakuchan coming at him at a run. Otchy knees Ripper flush in the face, a Shining Wizard! Another cover! This one is somehow closer than the last but Ripper manages a kickout just in time.

Ripper continues laying on the mat. Not passing up this opportunity Otakuchan strikes a pose. He's calling for the Sailor Moonsault. As soon as his feet leave the ground Ripper sits straight up and gives Otakuchan a blank look very reminiscent of the final moments of Wes Craven's Halloween. Otchy lands on the mat and Ripper immediately jumps onto his back with both knees. He pulls the anime fan's neck back laughing maniacally. Its the Rip'em Apart!

Otakuchan struggles valiantly for several seconds but in the end he has to tap. Ripper doesn't release until Skip practically drags him off. Ripper stands and starts to go after NEW's junior referee who wisely exits the ring quickly.
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Tue 10 May 2016
at 22:19
May 9th Prime.
Spartan vs Avery

Spartan and Avery kick their match off slow, the big greek knowing Triple A has studied his every move, reluctant to begin the offensive. Avery in turn knows he cannot match the Olympian in pure strength, and wishes to avoid any locks at all cost. The men circle the ring for a little while, testing each other’s patience. Triple A, confident he has studied the greek’s counters well enough, begins the attack first, launching several punches which Spartan easily blocks. The Kingslayer counters quickly with a vicious shoulderblock, but it turns out Avery’s studies payed off. As the giant hits only air and turns at the ropes, he runs straight into a bulldog DDT.

With the giant down Avery immediately targets the man’s legs, stomping his ankles and knees. The mastermind has obviously planned to attack Spartan’s vertical base. If the giant cannot stand, all his power moves will amount to nothing.
As the Olympian gets up and attacks again, the wrestling genius once again proves study works, evading the hits and once again downing the giant. Again the knees are subject to attack. Each stomp hits its mark, and each hit causes the giant to groan in agony. Avery is quickly beginning to dominate the match.

After being downed three more times, each time having his knees assaulted, Spartan grows tired of the taunting way of fighting Triple A uses against him, tired of the constant attacks on his legs and the obvious pain it is causing him. Seemingly out of nowhere, he manages to grab the mastermind’s foot and spins it, downing him.

Getting up just a tad quicker he grabs the genius and hurls him face forward into the ringpost. The hard blow causes Avery to stagger backwards straight into reach of the giant once again, who then lifts him and slams him into a german suplex. Two elbow drops follow after which the giant lifts the mastermind back up his feet and immediately into a spinning bodyslam that echos throughout the arena. The crowd is loving it, cheering the Olympian on.

Spartan squats in the corner, resting his left hand on the mat as he taunts the battered Avery to get up. The mastermind, groggy and confused by the amount of big hits he sustained in short order, manages to get up slowly, wobbling on his feet. He knows whats coming, but the poundings cause him to react slow. Just a bit too slow for comfort. Spartan hits him with a massive spear! As the Olympian gets back up on his feet quickly he motions for the crowd to react.

They start to chant, wanting a jackhammer from him while he grabs Triple A by the hair and lifts him back to his feet. Holding him with one hand the greek works the crowd. As they go wild he lifts Avery into a jackhammer hold. The arena goes wild.
He holds him for a full three seconds, then he slams him down to the canvas hard, hooking up one knee into a pin.
Vasquez counts to three quickly. Its over. Once again the big greek conquers his opponent, but they seem to get tougher every time.
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Tue 10 May 2016
at 22:25
May 9th Prime.
Hunter Cole vs Union Jack Riley.

The match between Cole and Riley was much anticipated by the crowd, with them devided into two distinct camps. Those that liked the Hunter and wanted the male Diva destroyed, and those that would love to see the Alphamale shaven and humiliated by the Queen of Queens.
Both sides quickly found out they were disappointed as the match never started.

The moment the bell rang the music of Ramses started playing, and the leader of Apex came out, flanked by a bruised Triple A. The two men in the ring both seemed to smile, all signs of hostility gone. Ramses grabbed a microphone as he stepped into the ring while avery started to look under the apron for something. Senior referee Vasquez had the officials ring the bell to call the match, disqualifying Cole due to the interference of his stable.

“Weaklings!” Ramses addressed the crowd, not paying any attention to either the referee or the bell. “Gaze upon the might of Apex and despair!”

As Triple A threw three chairs into the ring the grin on Cole’s face grew bigger, while that on the face of the british gentleman quickly diminished. As one the three members of Apex took a chair each and circled Union Jack Riley. Surprisingly the man made no effort to get away or fight them.

“Apex was three!” Apex will be four!” Ramses called out crypticly. Then the three men took it upon themselves to assault Riley with the chairs, giving him a full on shot each. The brit went down to the ground, bleeding from several gashes in his bald head. The members of Apex then toss their chairs aside and help the brit get up.

“Welcome brother,” Ramses then addresses Riley. “Are you prepared to join the ranks of the mighty?”

The british gentleman calls out a hearty yes, which most of the arena can hear even without a microphone.

“Then prove it!” Ramses laughs, pointing his finger at referee Vasquez. Both Cole and Avery quickly grab the senior referee while the King of Kings hands a pair of clippers to the Queen of Queens.
Laughing like a maniac Riley quickly sets to shaving the head of the struggling referee. Somewhere someone calls out for security. Others just call out their outrage or cry for help.

When Union Jack Riley is halfway done with the head of the older referee the attention of Apex is drawn to the stage entrance, where Spartan comes storming down. The big greek leaps into the ring through the middle ropes, and assaults Riley in force, spearing him into the canvas, intent on liberating Vasquez from the clutches of Apex. He stands little chance as the three other members return the favor, attacking the Olympian with the chairs they have at hand. As Vasquez runs from the ring the giant recieves blow after blow, not able to do anything but defend himself as he goes down.

The four heels march towards the backstage area in triumph, leaving the broken giant knocked out in the ring. The crowd boos them as they parade like true conquerors.
Quickly the show fades to commercials.
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Wed 11 May 2016
at 18:44
May 9th Prime.
Nick Plissken vs Ramses XII

After the bell rings the two wrestlers circle each other for a bit. The crowd is cheering for Plissken and booing Ramses. Each man starts to close in. Just as they are about to meet Ramses turns and tells a fan to shut up, apparently she said something particularly derogatory. Plissken laughs and applauds her.

The pharoah returns his attention to business at hand. The two lock up. Ramses has a clear advantage in strength so before he can push him around Plissken slips out and puts Ramses in a twisting wristlock. Ramses tries to grab Plissken to get out of the hold but Nick just twists harder stopping the big man in his tracks. Getting tired of the hold Ramses simply used his twisted arm to throw Plissken into the ropes. On the rebound Nick ducks under Ramses grab with a chop block. The next few minutes are filled by Plissken working Ramses over with several holds. His plan is obviously to keep the big Egyptian grounded.

Eventually both men get back to their feet. They move in for another collar and elbow tie up but before they touch the Pharoah kicks Plissken in the gut then rakes his back as he is bent over. Skip starts to admonish Ramses but he pushes the ref aside and clotheslines Plissken to the ground.

As Nick lies there Ramses walks around his body periodically stomping him, taunting him. The King of Kings now keeps Plissken down with a series of boots and holds tiring the smaller man out.

Ramses has NEW's original wrestler in a seated side headlock. Plissken is showing little signs of life as the crowd begs him to get up. Hearing the cheers Nick starts to fight up as Ramses tries to squeeze the life out of him. Plissken gets to his feet and sends the Egyptian to the ropes. Nick knocks the big man out of his socks with a vicious lariat!

Ramses is up quickly but Plissken presses his advantage hitting him with forearm blow after forearm blow. The King of Kings begins to get punch drunk. He throws a wild punch but Plissken side steps it grabbing the arm. He uses the big man's own momentum to put him on the mat. Still holding the arm Nick locks in a double wrist lock! Ramses writhes in agony, no matter how big someone is a double wrist lock wakes them up.

It looks like Ramses is about to have to tap but instead he gets his left hand in position to poke the kaiju in the eye! That breaks the hold. Whike Plissken checks his vision Ramses shakes out his arm. He stalks over and picks up Plissken dropping him with a dead lift gutwrench suplex! Getting agitated the Egyptian Monarch hits Plissken with big move after big move. He attempts several pins but Nick manages to get his shoulder up each time which only aggravates Ramses mors and more.

The Twelfth of his Name throws Plissken to the ropes. Nick ducks the clothesline attempt Ramses followd up with and continues across the ring coming back with another one of his ridiculously stiff lariats! Nick stands staring at the Egyptian for a couple seconds breathing hard with a determined scowl. As Ramses starts to get up Plissken grips him around the waste and throws the 300 plus pounder with a gutwrench of his own! Nick displays a few more feats of strength suplexing the much larger man a few more times. He is also unable to hold the big man down for three.

Both men stagger in the center of the ring winded. They throw a couple weak blows at each other, neither man having much effect. Then Ramses suddenly finds a burst of energy kicking Plissken in the gut again and putting him in position for the Subjucator. He gets Nick up but the veteran of many wrestling wars has a counter! He slides loose and on the way down grabs Ramses' head falling all the way to the mat with a particularly brutal DDT!

That finally does it! Plissken limps to the back after having his hand raised. He keeps his head on a swivel expecting the rest of Apex to show up but Ramses stays true to his word.
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Wed 11 May 2016
at 20:44
May 9th Prime.
Peck and Di Scenza vs Metal Mob

As Doom awaits the start of the match Rob and Serena argue for a bit with champ standing in the ring and the Dreamer's Hero on the apron. When a disgruntled looking and newly shaved Ruben Vasquez calls for the bell they continue so Doom walks over and pecks Serena on the shoulder. When she turns he jumps up and takes her down with a headscisssor and holds the lock onto the mat. Di Scenza quickly kicks out and gets to her feet. Doom closes in but Serrassi shows why she is the champ going to town with leg kicks.

Serena keeps control beating the metal head up and down the ring. She tosses him aside and turns to Peck to tell him that's what he's got coming at Slamtacular. She turns back around to continue her attack and bumps into Crunch's chest. He grabs her and slings her back down with a belly to belly suplex. Before he can continue Di Scenza rolls through the big man's legs and tags Rob in.

Rob looks a little perturbed at being sent in so quickly but jumps over the ropes anyway. He goes at Crunch throwing rights and lefts. While he takes care of the Mobster Serena slips off the apron to walk over to a fan at ringside. She stands there for a while flirting and sharing a beer with the admittedly handsome man. Meanwhile Rob is doing very well in the ring. He has Crunch in the corner and rushes in for a running elbow. Crunch catches him in the air and slams him down on his back.

Rob gets up to prevent a tag but notices Serrassi outside and walks over to yell at her. While he does Crunch makes a tag as Serena waves at him. Rob throws up his hands and turns around only to eat a drop kick from Doom. Doom continues his offense putting Rob in hold after hold as Serena laughs with her new friend.

The Mob works Rob over heavily tagging in and out and demonstrating the value of teamwork. Rob takes a real beating but the Mobsters are unable to get a three count. Crunch crushes Peck into the center of the ring with a big powerbomb. One! Two! A fraction of a second before three Serrassi appears out of nowhere to break up the pin kicking Crunch in the head. She goes back to her corner and holds her hand out cheering Rob on as he crawls for the tag. Crunch lays on the mat trying to regain his wits.

Rob finally makes it to Di Scenza as Crunch starts stirring. He is mere millimeters from tagging out when Di Scenza drops off the apron and blows a kiss to her partner. She holds up her hand towards the fan from before in a 'call me' gesture and walks off. Rob stands against the ropes watching her not believing what he is seeing.

Just then Crunch grabs him with an apology and picks him up. Doom completes the Headbanger. Vasquez counts the three and the Mob wins!
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Tue 24 May 2016
at 20:06
Tag Team Championship Match

With Rondel and Ripper nowhere in sight the championship match becomes a regular tag match. Nick Plissken and Otakuchan start off.

Before the match begins a pair of asian women bring a bouquet of flowers each to present to the contenders. Then Plissken and Otakuchan bow to each other before the bell. After the Japanese inspired prematch ceremony the fighting begins.

Plissken wants to start with some chain wrestling but Otchy knows that he is over his head there against the larger man so he avoids Nick peppering him with chops and kicks. In recent weeks Plissken has shown that he can withstand a lot of damage and continue fighting, therefore he simply weathers the Anime Asskicker's storm. Eventually he sees an opening as Otchy bounces off the ropes and attempts a flying cross body block. Plissken catches the 165 pound anime hero and slings him over his head in a fallaway slam.

The longtime grappler immediately jumps on Otakuchan and starts working his neck with several holds. The Manga Mauler was right, he is no match for Plissken on the mat. He makes it clear to the people in the front row just how painful wrestling holds really are with a wide array of pain-filled looks.

Nick works his way over to his corner and tags in Diamond before passing Otakuchan off to the CEO. David continues the work Plissken began working the small wrestler over. Finally the otaku rolls out of a twisting wristlock and jumps up to clean Diamond's clock with an enziguri! He crawls over to Allison and makes the hot tag.

Plissken jumps in to protect his boss and the match but a fresh Cheshire Kitten is having none of it. She knocks the southerner right back out of the ring and goes wild on Mr. Diamond. With the two most eccentric wrestlers in NEW both in the ring at the same time the next few minutes are a spectacle to behold. Several strange moves and counters get the crowd to their feet where they stay for the remainder of the match.

The two oddballs go for their own crossbody blocks at the same time and their skulls connect solidly.  They lay next to each other in the middle of the ring as the crowd screams for them to make the tag. Some for Allison some for Diamond. Still others just shouting in general, they don't care who wins they are just thoroughly invested in Slamtacular's opening match.

The younger Wonderland makes it to her corner first. The Anime Assassin see's his chance. He helps his partner up and plants a kiss on her not knowing what to expect. She grabs him by the back of the head and dips him into a deep kiss before exiting the ring.

Otakuchan turns around with a glassy eyed look and goofy grin on his face. Only to be met by a Plissken lariat!  After the rejuvenation of the power of love Otchy kips up as though he didn't even feel it! He flies into the opposite ropes and comes back with a lariat of his own! In a display of agility that no one expected Plissken kips up as well and returns the favor! The two continue in this manner for several lariats each. Slamtacular is a major show seen in several countries. The Japanese viewers are treated to the Japan commentators screaming LARIATOOOOOOOO! over and over.

Plissken starts to wear down but a love struck Otakuchan gets stronger and stronger if anything. Plissken sees the writing on the wall and makes his next attack on the ropes near Diamond. David slaps Nick on the back where the Manga Marauder can't see it then starts climbing the ropes. After Otchy's next kip up he bounces off the ropes again and heads towards Plissken but this time things are different. Before he can hit the lariat Nick pops the light wrestler waaay up in the air. Diamond leaps off the ropes and catches Otakuchan's head while he is still 7 feet in the air crushing him with a ridiculous Godzilla Cutter! No ass is left in a seat, including the commentators. All seven languages present leap up to see what happens right along with the fans.

Vasquez begins the count but Allison saw what was coming and climbed the ropes herself. She drops Plissken with a missile dropkick and breaks the pin with a kick to the Boss's head. She drags Otakuchan to their corner while the Wild Cards recuperate. Otchy tags with a shaky hand and Wonderland jumps back in. She pins David but too much time has passed and he kicks out at 2.

She starts throwing everything at Diamond seeing her team's chance. David is still pretty fresh and fights to his feet and both combatants bring out their big guns unloading shot after shot. Wonderland gets the upper hand and puts the CEO in the corner before climbing the ropes. Plissken runs in to stop her but Otchy has recovered and cuts him off at the pass with another enziguri!  Wonderland executes a perfect Shooting Star Press!

1...2....3 The champs retain!

A perfect start to the big show, can anyone follow that match?