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Thu 12 May 2016
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Slamtacular #1
Monday May 16th Prime

Wendy Reed is standing in her interview position, "The Metal Mob has requested sometime to make a statement they, should be joining me shortly."

Crunch and Doom walk into the frame after a few short moments.

"The floor is yours gentlemen."

Crunch starts off, "Me and Doom have come to a decision. It was a hard one to make but I hope alll our fans understand. We aren't offering Ramses the same deal we did to Serena. We said that two on one don't prove anything and we still believe that but this is a different situation. I expect people to wonder if we planned on taking it easy on Serena just because she's a woman but like I said before I'm practically a feminist. We know she can take care of herself just fine that has nothing to do with it. She didn't ask to fight a handicap match, Ramses did. But even with that aside, there was nothing riding on that match. This is for a shot at the belts, we'd be stupid not to try our best to win."

"Yes. Ramses XII has been talking a lot about honor lately. We consider ourselves honorable men but we will not put honor before reason. Our purpose here is to go over the mountain and be hailed as the kings of NEW's tag division. We will do whatever we must to attain that goal. And Ramses requested The Metal Mob not Crunch or myself, I think denying him the opportunity to lose to us would only harm his so-called honor even more."

"That all sounds reasonable to me. I don't think the fans will think less of you for that. Anything else to add?"

"Only that Ramses made a mistake calling us out."

"Yes. Let's get to matters at hand. What is this that stands before me? A man from the valley of kings. You may plan to put the curse of the pharoahs on us but if you are breaking the seals and disturbing the peace you are the one who will be bringing the evil disease.

Ramses, you flippantly dismiss us as fools that you will take care of easily. Let's take a look at the facts. Last week you lost to Nick Plissken. The week before you beat Extranjero. Farther back you lost to Riley, won against Ripper and were beaten by Miss Di Scenza. Not a bad track record but they all stood alone. You're genes may have carved you into a giant but together Crunch and I stand taller than any mortal man. As Crunch said calling us out was a mistake. If you call our names the battle lust takes us. We thrive on your pain. Abattoirs churning you will die in our name. Don't provoke us unless you're in for the kill because

Killing is our business..."

"And business is good."
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Fri 13 May 2016
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Slamtacular #1
Otakuchan enters Xander Mars' hospital room, carrying a white lotus. Like he's done many times before, he places the flower down on the table beside the fallen wrestler. Otakuchan then stands beside him for a little bit, before finally speaking.

"I don't know if you can hear me right now, Xander-kun. I still feel bad about injuring you. I know Spartan-kun said to not worry about it, but I can't help but feel like you should be beating up people like Extranjero-san. He seems right up your alley. Hopefully you'll get well soon enough. I have a couple things I'd like to ask you in person. I- I don't really know who to ask about them. I should let you rest though. Sayonara, Xander-kun."

Otakuchan then turns to leave, and heads towards the door. Before he can make it more than a single step of the way there, Xander grabs onto Otakuchan's belt. The Master of Manga jumps slightly, and turns around. Xander, with a vicious look on his face, snarls at the animated hero.

"Where do you think you're going, costume buddy?"


Xander releases his grip on Otakuchan, and begins smiling.

"Friends don't leave without a drink or two."

Otakuchan breathes a sigh of relieve.

"You scared me, Xander-kun!"

Otakuchan accepts the drink offered by Xander, some Jack Daniels that the bigger man had somehow obtained, but doesn't drink any of it. It's clear he's got something heavy on his mind.

"Xander-kun. What would you do about my opponents? I have to face Nick Plissken-sama and David Diamond-san, as well as Ripper-san and the newcomer Jay Rondel-shi. I don't know what to do about so many foes."

"Costume buddy. You worry too much. You just do what you do best. Keep your speed up, tag quickly and regularly, and let your opponents do the work. Plissken is a decent warrior. He is the one to look out for. Diamond and Ripper are even more crazy than your partner, and Rondel will likely draw all attention to himself. People will no longer underestimate your skills, because you wear the gold. Just do what you always do. Get in there and give all you have. I'm sure your speed and skill will prevail. I just hope that crazy woman doesn't decide to start knitting or something mid battle."

Xander thinks for a moment, before adding:

"And look up Spartan. I will tell him to teach you the top rope spear. You saw what that did to Riley. It requires speed and skill, not strength. You have both. So you should be able to sneak it in somewhere."

"Arigato, Xander-kun. Your wise advice will come in handy, as will the Spartan Spear."

The Anime Assassin paused for a moment, before asking an entirely different question.

"Xander-kun? What do I do if I think I like a girl?"

"Ota my friend. Matters of muscle I understand. Matters of the heart I do not. But I do know someone that does, someone close to both Spartan and me. Ask Serassi this question. After all, she IS a girl. But humor me, what girl is it that you wish to honor with your affection?"

"It's, uh, Allison-chan."

"The crazy woman? Oh boy costume buddy... I may have broken my neck, but you seem to have broken your brain..."

"H- how so?"

"Women are crazy even when normal, but this one is bat-shit insane mate. Forget going to Serassi for advice, perhaps Ripper can help. But seriously, you would need a crazy act to show her your affection. Perhaps instead of tagging her in you could kiss her instead or something. Anything not normally acceptable might work for her."

"B- but that gets people slapped in anime! Will that really work?"

"Not if she likes you too."

"How do I know if she does? I don't want to be rejected..."

"You don't know..."

"So I should just try? What if it doesn't work? What if Ripper-san hits me while I try? What if my breath is bad, and she hates me?"

"Yes, try. If it doesn't work, it's just good to know quickly. Ripper doesn't care about you, he is after Peck. Eat a mint. Don't worry so much."

"But she's strong enough to suplex me! How can I not worry?"

"If she is strong enough for that, she has great thighs. Think about what else she can do with that."

Xander winks. Otakuchan's face goes entirely red inside of a second.

"I don't wanna think about that! I won't be able to focus!"

"Ota... You risk everything each time you get in that ring... Take another risk, tell the crazy woman how you feel..."

"But what if I get rejected?"

"If that happens... life goes on. Take a gamble little guy. You have the magic hair tie."

"Of course! I can't fail with your magic hair tie! Arigato, Xander-kun!"

"Now go! Go and keep that gold. And get your crazy broad."

"With pleasure! Arigato, Xander-kun!"

The Ultimate Anime Hero pumps his fist into the air, and runs out of Xander's hospital room with his arms outstretched.

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This has been a promo between two friends.

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Fri 13 May 2016
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Slamtacular Spartan #1

The Olympian Spartan comes walking down the ramp towards the ring right after the Ramses-Plissken match. He has a microphone in his hand, and addresses his nemesis while climbing the apron.

“Riley! Get your sorry ass out here!”

He enters the ring, pacing up and down as he watches the entrance, waiting for Union Jack Riley to heed his call. Yet nobody shows.

“It seems when they are alone, the members of Apex have a lot less guts,” Spartan addresses the crowd, gently stroking his bruised chin. “It almost as if he knows I can beat him with one hand tied behind my back.” The crowd laughs, cheering the greek on.

“The gentleman brit they call him, right? Not much of a gentleman if you ask me. Sure, he started out all gentleman-like. Then turned out to like gentlemen. No problems there I guess, and you, the crowd, accepted him for it. You even embraced him, because he fought for values we all hold dear. Love. Equality. The right to be yourself.” Some agreement comes from the crowd, several people shouting aloud.

“And now he stabs all of you in the back, joining king Tut and his little band of merry men.”

Spartan circles around the ring like a caged tiger, still keeping his eyes on the entrance, half expecting Riley to man up and show his face anyway.

“Coming Slamtacular, I will teach Riley what it means to stab people in the back. I will show him that every action has repercussions. When he gets in that ring with me a week from now, he better bring his A game, because anything less will not be enough.”

Spartan waits for the crowd to calm down again before continuing.

“So Riley, I know you are back there, and I know you can hear me. You made it personal last week when you decided I needed a haircut.” Spartan runs a hand through his short spikey hair. “For that alone I will wreck you! Today you attacked the referee, giving him a nice little haircut as well. For that, I will pay you back. When I beat you to a pulp at Slamtacular, you had better leave your clippers at home. Because you know Riley, as soon as you are down for the count, I will personally take your clippers, and remove that stupid piece of curly straw from your lips. See how you like that!” The arena erupts in applause as Spartan leaves the ring, heading back up the ramp.

When he is almost there, Union Jack Riley’s music starts to play. Searchlights start to look for the man.

“Boo hoo hoo,” Riley’s voice sounds over the speakers. Immediately Spartan stops and starts looking around for the brit. “Boo hoo hoo. I think Spartan doesn’t like his new haircut. Poor little greek. Always trying to be the victim. It must be their nature. Always needing help from other because they cannot take care of themselves.”

“Get down here!” Spartan returns as he finally sees the brit standing up in the rafters of the arena. Union Jack promptly complies, stepping in a turning feathered hoop that drops him slowly to the center of the ring. “Look who decided to show up,” the Giant replies from below the titantron. “Just when I thought you had no guts at all.”

“Oh I have enough guts for both of us,” Jack smirks. “I have enough guts for the entirety of NEW. But why would I listen to you? You are nothing without that little princess to protect you, so why should I take anything you say seriously? These people know who the real warrior here is.” The crowd starts to boo at Riley, who only laughs at their reaction. “I have been a warrior all my life greek. I have fought from very early in my life to be accepted, to be who I am. I have encountered hatred and misunderstanding my whole life, so why would I worry about what you have to say. You are just a big steroid infused baby, not nearly educated or developed enough to stand on your own two feet. You may look like a big man, but you are really just a big baby.”

“You talk about hatred and misunderstanding like it made you what you are,” the Olympian replies, “But really it’s the other way around. What you are makes you hated and misunderstood. You had a good deal going Riley. You had the crowd with you, you were accepted for what you are. Its your actions that did you in. You turn on the crowd, the crowd turns on you. That’s the way it works.” Again cheers from the crowd, the arena getting fully behind Spartan now.

“I don’t care about the crowd you greek ape. I don’t care about what others think, I am confident about myself.”

“We will see how confident you are when I beat you senseless at Slamtacular. We will see your confidence cheer you on when the crowd does not.” Spartan starts walking back to the ring, flexing his shoulders. His entire stance betrays he is ready for another fight despite the beating he took earlier. “Tell you what, why don’t we see about it right now?”

He drops the mic and starts a sprint towards the ring. Union jack quickly steps into the feathered hoop again, gesturing for the stage hand to pull him up. They quickly hoist the hoop up in the air as Spartan enters the ring at speed, just a bit too late to get his hands on the gentleman brit who laughs all the way back up to the rafters.

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A Spartan-Riley collaboration

Nick Plissken
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Sat 14 May 2016
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Slamtacular  #1
May 19th Monday Night Prime

The show comes back from commercial with two men standing in the ring.

Adam Little welcomes the viewers back, "Welcome back to Monday Night Prime. Up next we have a tag team match. David Diamond and Nick Plissken apparently want to work on their teamwork before Slamtacular this Sunday."

"Who are those guys in the ring?" Devin Danvers asks.

"A pair of local talents as I understand it."

Followed by:

David Diamond and Nick Plissken walk down the ramp towards the ring to a thunderous ovation. They make their way into the ring and Plissken holds up a fist as if offering to play paper-rock-scissors. Diamond shakes his head and grabs Nick's hand in a familiar grip and is seen mouthing the words 'one two three four, I declare a thumb war' as Plissken looks on very confused. Until Double D finishes and starts trying to pin his thumb. Then Plissken starts trying to fight back. The match lasts a few seconds with Diamond apparently coming out on top.

"Looks like Mr. Diamond is the better thumb wrestler." Devin says sarcastically.

"I guess that means he will be starting off."

Plissken takes his place outside the ropes as David starts the match. The CEO really takes it to the unnamed opponent who obviously has no chance. After a minute or so he pulls the young man over to the opposing corner and tells his partner to tag him. Then Diamond walks over and tags Plissken in.

Plissken comes in and we see more of the same. A major player in NEW knocking some kid senseless. After a bit of this Plissken and Diamond start tagging in and out, working on their timing.

Eventually we have Plissken in the ring twisting the arm of the kid in the ring. He walks over to Diamind and tags him. As Dave makes his entrance Nick slings their opponent to the ropes. Plissken meets him in the middle of the ring and hooks him under the arms before tossing him way up in the air.(a pop up as in Kevin Owens' pop up powerbomb) David Diamond steps underneath him and catches him with a Diamind Cutter on the way down! The crowd loses their mind at this new technique.

"What was that?! Holy cow that is one hell of a move!"

"Mr. Diamond told me they were working on a new move. They call it the Godzilla Cutter. What a maneuver indeed. There's no way he's getting up from that."

After the three count Wendy Reed makes her way into the ring to talk to the two victors. "Wow. I have to say I'm surprised to see you two work so well, and I doubt I'm the only one. Especially considering your comments about tag team wrestling earlier Mr. Plissken."

"Its okay Wendy I'm over that Mr thing you can call me Nick. Let me clarify my stance on tag teams. I got into wrestling partially because it is not a team sport. Usually anyway. I didn't want to have to rely on someone else, I want my skill to carry me to victory. I don't want people thinking that I'm putting down tag teams. Some wrestling companies out there treat their tag team division as a second class citizens. That's a load of crap. In my eyes Otakuchan and Allison Wonderland deserve as many accolades as Di Scenza. More really since they aren't a couple whiners like her. They are World Champions. It may be in a different division but its not like they are regional champs. So after David and I win those belts I will be just as pleased as if I beat Serrassi. And if I have to rely on someone else at least I have a world class wrestler watchin' my back. Don't forget he came real close to winnin' those belts by himself. So those other guys had better watch out for the Wild Cards."

"The Wild Cards? Is that your team name? Where did that come from?"

"Let's face it, we are wild cards in this match aren't we? Nobody saw the two of us coming."

"There's a lot of things people don't see comin'. But everybody's gonna see us leavin' with the belts."
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Sat 14 May 2016
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Slamtacular  #1
Shortly after midnight The Night Show gains an increase in viewers in the wrestling/heavy metal demographic. The show returns from a commercial with the host Larry Ferdinand standing in front of a darkened stage. He holds up a hand in presentation, "Now for our musical guest the Metal Mob." He steps aside as the lights go up on Doom, Crunch, and their drummer Jeff.

The band starts playing a very heavy and slow song. It is reminiscent of an older style of metal, like Black Sabbath played on their first few albums. Doom begins singing lyrics about a viking raid somewhere on the British Isles. After a while the song picks up speed for an instrumental breakdown with a blistering solo from Crunch. They eventually return to the previous melody and sing one final chorus.

We are We are The Sons of Thunder
We come We come to pillage and plunder
We will tear your lives asunder
The raging sea will pull you under.

As the final notes end Doom and Crunch are welcomed to the couch beside Larry's desk to a round of applause. His previous guest, Joe Manganiello, slides down a spot to sit beside them.

"Well that was definitely something. Thanks for being on the show guys."

"It is our pleasure. Thank you for having us," Doom says to the host.

"Yeah, this is sweet. I love this show," adds Crunch.

"You are a couple of very busy men. With an album coming out and wrestling all the time I'm surprised you have time to do this kind of thing."

"Its all about time management my man. You gotta make time for the important stuff. Like kicking Ramses' ass."

"I have to admit I don't know much about wrestling. Is it true you're both fighting one guy, this Ramses, at Slamtacular?"

"That is correct, yes."

"That doesn't seem fair to me."

Joe Manganiello speaks up, "It may not seem fair but Ramses is a big bad dude. But he's still in trouble, these guys are bad too."

"Are you a wrestling fan Joe?"

"I love it, I'm going to be at the show Sunday. I'll be cheering these guys on."

"That is super awesome, thanks man. We'll be out there winning this one for all our fans. After we drop Ramses on his head we're gonna take care of the tag champs next."

"You should tune in Larry, it will be quite the spectacle. You see, killing is our business..."

"And business is good."

"Oh dear, I think I may have to check the show out.

That's our show for tonight folks. The Metal Mob's debut album is on itunes now and you can also see them this Sunday at Slamtacular, only on pay per view. Thanks for watching."

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Sun 15 May 2016
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Slamtacular Everest Promo #1
We come back from commercials to the announcers table, where Adam and Devin are ready to talk directly to the home audience.
"Welcome back to Monday Night Prime. It's been another crazy night and.." Adam stops his spiel and looks at Devin, having noticed a change. "Devin, what are you wearing?" During the break, Devin had removed his jacket, and underneath is a new T-Shirt. It has a symbol and the words 'Apex' on it.
"It's the future Adam, I'm just reserving my seat on the ticket to greatness." Devin replied, making his new allegiance clear "You should join me."
"I'm fine thanks." Adam said curtly. "I didn't join this company to take sides. Anyway, enough of that; we've just got some news in regarding Everest, who disappeared after arranging a Handicap Match against Hunter Cole and Adrian Avery."
"Yeah, he hasn't turned up to Prime tonight. This isn't usual for the big lug."
"Well, we've recieved a video sent to us from a remote location, and they're going to play it now; Exclusively on Monday Night Prime"
The video is dark, and grainy; presumably shot on a mobile phone or some kind of tablet device. Everest is sitting there, looking more ragged than usual and his hair seems to have chunks of something in it. He looks directly into the camera.
"I make my apologies for not being with you tonight, but with such an important match coming up I needed to prepare. My recent form has not been to my exacting standards, so I decided to find somewhere that would give me back my edge." The camera is moved around, showing crates and boxes covered with frost and ice. Everest is in some kind of frozen storage.

"To paraphrase a recent film, the cold has never really bothered me, anyway. In fact, it focusses my mind on my opponents. And speaking of them, I have a message." Everest looks a lot more bitter now, having the opportunity to speak directly to the members of Apex. "You may think that you have the advantage, given that you are two and I am one, but as this is a no-holds barred match I no longer have to hold myself back. Cole, you may talk about survival of the fittest, but I can tell you that you are no predator. You are simply a man, like the rest of us. And Avery, you pride yourself on your mind and your chess abilities, but you've been outmanouvered by a rook and put into check. I'm interested to see if you can get yourself out of it." Everest finishes addressing his opponents and stands up, moving the camera with him and focussing it on a close-up of his face.

"At Slamtacular I will be walking into the lions den, but I do so willingly. I will give the two disrespectful punks everything that I have, no mercy will be spared or quarter given. I expect the same from them. But either way, at least one of us will be carried out of here on a stretcher, and even if I have to be hospitalised I'm going to show the NEW exactly what it means to be a survivor. Goodbye."
The camera switches off abruptly.
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Wed 18 May 2016
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Slamtacular Union Jack Promo #1


"Apex. Alright then. For you I'll wear it luv."

"Thank you Elton dear. Much appreciated. And if the queen mum asks who we are, tell her to watch next sunday."

"She has her rotary club on sunday. But I'll see what I can do. Talk to you soon dear, love and kisses."

"Love and kisses Elton," Riley grinned as he hung up the phone. He sat back in his lounge chair and looked at the four chihuahuas chewing the pillows of his victorian couch. "Well girls, Sir Elton John will be wearing an Apex shirt on his next night on the town. Soon we will be seen everywhere." He dipped an elaborate quill in a small jar of egyptian ink and marked an elaborate 'X' through a name on the list in front of him. Then he ran his perfectly manicured fingers through a sterling silver rolodeck.

"Lets see now, who's next on the list. Aha! Neil Patrick. Yes. He should give us some more exposure, shouldn't he girls. Yes he should. Yes he should!"
One of the chihuahuas looked up from a piece of cushion filling, growling at the gentleman Brit.

"Oh hush! He only threw you from the table twice." Riley picked up his phone again.
"Besides, he will enjoy watching me beat up an olympian god. I'll get him front row seats, and Apex will get some more exposure. We are just going to get the audience all filled up with fans, and then we will see who will win next PPV. Lets see Spartan perform without a fanbase whatsoever."
He smiled, looking in the mirror on his laquered mahogany desk. With a pinky he tried to pluck a piece of something from inbetween his teeth.

"That greek adonis needs to be brought down. He is getting way too popular. Another couple of good beatings should do girls. So come sunday, I will have to do that. He and that little stable he is in should be properly crushed in sheer fanbase next sunday, so we are sure the world will see it."

As the phone started ringing he sat back in his chair. A familiar voice on the other side picks up.
"Jack! Hey!"

"Patrick my dear! How is your mother doing?"

"Well, you've met her. Still the same. How's Rudy?"

"Rudy left," Riley sat back up, resting his elbows on the desk. His smile faded away a moment. "He said he couldn't cope with the exposure. Said too many people noticed me already. I think thats nonsense, One can never be too exposed. And thats exactly why I'm calling now babe."

"I'm all ears."

"I got some tickets here for the next NEW pay-per-view Slamtacular," Union jack stated as he dared smile again. "I'd like you to come. I'll send you some nice shirts to wear, front row seats, maybe a tour backstage. And you get to see me beat up a big greek."

"Ooh, count me in."

"Brilliant," Jack exclaimed. "I'll have it all sent over today. They are Apex shirts."

"Apex? Ill find a nice suit to go with that. Apex."

"Apex. We are the future of NEW. Gotta run dear, much to see, many to do."

"I know that feeling. See you sunday Jack. Give em hell."

Riley laughed as he hung up the phone. The chihuahuas moved their demolition zone to a victorian chair in the corner as the queen of queens stood up and walked to the small liquor cabinet. As he poured a brandy the dogs began to assault the chair's legs.
"I'll call Ellen Degeneres next girls. So behave. Ooh if she comes we are going to kick buttocks next sunday!" He raised his glass at the chihuahuas. They didn't notice.

"That olympian ape stands no chance."

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Wed 18 May 2016
at 06:43
Promo #2
Otakuchan is pacing back and forth in the locker room, trying to psych himself up for his Triple Threat Tag Team match.

"Okay, self. Even though you are fighting Plissken-sama, the boss, and a psycho, you need to stay focused. Just like Xander-kun said, you can do this. You have the magic hair tie!"

Otakuchan rushes over to his locker, and pulls the hair tie out. Realizing his hair isn't long enough for him to wear it normally, he puts it on his wrist like a bracelet. Just as he does so, Wendy Reed enters with a cameraman in tow.

"Otakuchan? Mind if I ask you a few questions about your upcoming title defense?"

"Sure, Reed-san. I'll answer anything!"

Otakuchan is obviously more confident now that he has the hair tie on. Wendy simply looks at her cameraman, shrugs, and continues.

"What are your thoughts on your opponents? You have the unlikely duo of Nick Plissken and David Diamond, as well as the team of Ripper and Jay Rondel. Will your friendship with Nick cause you to hold back?"

"If I held back against Plissken-sama, he would never forgive me! I will give him my all, just like he will do to me! As for Diamond-san, I don't really know what to expect. I beat him in the tournament, so I know he's unpredictable. I'm certain he won't fire me for winning, though. I hope."

"And what of the other team? Ripper beat you last week. Will his victory have an affect on your confidence? And what of the newcomer, Jay Rondel? He has spent the last few weeks fighting El Extranjero. Do you think that will have prepared him to fight you?"

"Rondel-shi is good, but I don't know what he's like. I wish he wasn't teamed with Ripper-san, though. I'd much rather fight Spartan-kun, or Peck-san than him. At least they're nice. Ripper-san is just mean."

"And what about your partner, Allison Wonderland? It surprised everyone to see you two win the tag-team titles, but you two have only teamed up once since then. Do you think your teamwork is good enough to beat the other two teams? Do you think Allison is a skilled partner, capable of handling herself?"

Otakuchan seems to get a little flustered at the mention of his partner. His face slowly turns red, as he begins thinking about her. It seems the confidence granted by Xander's hair tie was only temporary.

"I- uh. She is good. I- I think she can fight. I mean- I know she can fight. But not too well! I mean- I don't know her well. Not that I want to! I don't like her that much! I mean- I like her, BUT NOT LIKE THAT!"

The Anime Ambler does the opposite of his self-given title, and runs out of the room. For the first time, his arms aren't outstretched. Wendy simply laughs.

"That was almost as cute as Rob."
Nick Plissken
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Wed 18 May 2016
at 14:48
Promo #2
A video has been posted on called 'Keep Your Eyes on the Road". After clicking on it fans are treated to a low shot of Nick Plissken driving at night. The camera is most likely a smart phone.

"Right now I'm on my way to L.A. I have a couple things to say but I'm a busy man so I'm gonna have to multitask a little.

"First up is Serrassi. I bet you thought I was gonna let your comments go didn't ya sugar? No such luck I'm afraid. You just can't stop talkin' about me can ya? I think your fascination is a little creepy frankly. If you think I'll be your next boy toy you can forget it. You ain't my type. So let's talk about your so-called trash talk. For one thing if you're gonna try to make fun of me you should probably learn what the words you're tryin' to use mean. I think you meant to say kaiju, gaijin means 'round eye'. We're all gaijin honey. If you actually travelled the world wrestling like a real pro like myself you would probably know that. And you were dissapointed in our match? Nobody believes that crap. I beat you the week before that. It wasn't a sanctioned match but everbody saw me whoop your ass, don't try to erase it from history it won't work. And everybody saw you have to use a chair to win, so anybody with half a brain knows that I gave you everything you could handle and more.

"I have to say it amuses me more than it should that you ain't undefeated anymore. Undefeated in singles competition sure, but you'll have to add that qualifier from now on. And hell, you might as well put an asterisk before that since I kicked your ass.

"Anyway, on to Slamtacular. The Chump is right,"
he still refers to Otakuchan as 'Chump' but it now has the ring of a friendly nickname instead of a put down. "I won't hold back and he had better not either. I've got two losses in singles competition here at NEW. Only one of them was a clean loss and it was against Allison Wonderland so you better believe I'm takin' her seriously in this match. It will be a great feelin' to take the belts from two tough competitors like those two. Don't kid yourselves, me and Dave will be winnin' those belts no matter how great the champs may be. Between the two of us we've got more experience in the ring than all four of the other fighters in the match.

"I didn't forget you two, Rondel and Ripper. Everybody knows that I have a lot of respect for Jay and Ripper has proven that he is a force in the ring. But I just don't see those two gellin' as a team. I may not be a tag specialist but even I know that teamwork is the key. Me and Dave have been workin' together since the match was announced. We are runnin' like a well oiled machine already. You all saw our new team finisher. And you'll see it again Sunday right before we pin the poor sap who gets hit with it.

"One last word of advice Chump. I suggest you get your feelings sorted out before Sunday. I don't want to beat you while you're worried about Allison. See y'all at Slamtacular."

Serena Di Scenza
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 00:42
Serrassi Promo #1 w/ Rob Peck
~Serrassi Vision~

In a professional looking studio located in Los Angeles, Serena sat in a cofortable seat facing a local interviewer. The Tattooed Vixen was dressed in dramatic outfit worthy of Hollywood, mixing a black corset style shirt embroidered with a design of skulls and flowers, tightly fitting leather pants and designer high heels. An assortment of jewelry and her famous collection completed the look though her trademark shades were nowhere to be seen at the time.

"Please welcome our next guest; The current NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Serena Di Scenza. This is quite a mouthful of a title, isn't it?"

"I suppose it is, but honestly I never tired of hearing it."

"I bet you don't. Serena, I believe it is safe to say that despite being surrounded by incredible, talented athletes at Next Era Wrestling, you might just be the greatest surprise of the year so far in the wrestling industry. Few were those who expected you to transition from your modeling character to the ring so successfully. I have to admit, I was among those who doubted you when you signed with NEW, nut you have managed to convince me you truly do belong there. How did you manage that?"

"With the greatest of ease." She replied with a prideful smirk.

"Confident as always. I love it. Seriously though, what would you attribute your success to?"

"I've spoken more than once about my pedigree and how fighting and wrestling has been a part of my family for a long time. The easy answer would be to say that the business runs in my veins and to do what I do in the ring week after week is just a natural talent for me. Truth is, I have worked my ass off for years to get to the level I am at today. Most people only knew me for the modeling career I began ten years ago, but what they didn't seem to know is that I have trained in a variety of martial arts ever since I was able to stand on these two feet. By the time I stepped out into the ring for my first professional match at Fling in the Ring, I already had twenty years of training under my belt. My father fought all over the world over the years and competed in every competition you can think of. It was during a tournament in Japan that he met my uncle, thirty some years ago, and through him my mother. So as far as my bloodline goes, yes, fighting runs in my veins."

"So hard work and dedication?"

"Exactly. And I know how to look good while doing it."

'I can't argue with you on this. Over the past few months, we've seen you take on most of the roster, creating friendships and rivalries along the way. What can you tell us about your character?"

"Oh sweetie, there is no character here. What you see on screen is what you get. You see, this is the Next Era Wrestling and I like to believe that we go beyond the cliches established by the traditional and mainstream organizations. I wont say any names, but you know who I am talking about. Baby faces, bad guys, gimmicks and character drama. This is part of the past and it simply doesn't fit with today's style. The fans don't need billionaires to tell them who they should love or hate and wrestlers shouldn't need to feel confined to their traditional roles. People love me and people hate me, but in the end, everyone has an opinion and that is what matters."

"Shattering the expectations based on traditions, then?"

"Exactly. Traditions have a place in the world, but NEW is not one of those places."

"Can we talk about your relationship with Rob Peck?"

"I'd rather not."

"Alright. What about Spartan? What is your relationship with him like?"

"Hmmm... physical." She purred.


"It is a physical line of work, isn't it? At the end of the day, whether you are training, sparring or fighting in the ring, you end up with half naked athletes sweating together."

"I remember your first encounter with Spartan. It was almost too rough to watch."

"Well I do like it rough." She purred again and winked at the man. "My relationship with Spartan is based on professionalism and respect. I may be a healthy young woman with a high sex drive, but I don't sleep with every piece of meat that I come across." She then added with a playful smile.

"Fair enough. Let's talk about your look, Serena. It is impossible to ignore the tattoos that cover your skin. What can you tell us about them?"

"You know, I'd like to tell you that every single drop of ink that mark my skin has a deep meaningful story to it, but then I would be full of shit. Truth is, I just love tattoos. It's like an addiction for me and I just can't get enough. I got my first ink at sixteen and it has been an ongoing work ever since. Some of them mean something to me, some I just got done for the sake of getting more done."

"I'm assuming the pain stopped bothering you a long time ago then. Or does it still hurt every time?"

"It's a different sensation depending on where it is done and who is doing it. But I just embrace the pain."

Before we end this interview, I would like to say the name of someone and you tell me what first comes to mind."

"Alright. Go ahead."

"Nick Plissken."

"One hell of a wrestler. I respect his abilities but he's still a shit head."

"Alison Wonderland."

"Girl is wild. Makes me wonder how wild she is behind closed doors."

"Corey Maxwell."


" Haha. Alright. Ramses XIII?"

"Stuck in another era. He could actually get shit done if he would just shut up and do it once in a while."

"The Metal Mob"

"Real Rock Stars and the best active team currently."


"Until Mars recovers and the Sons dominates once again."

"Rob Peck."

Rob opened the door to the studio, and upon seeing Serena already sitting there, he groaned. "Dammit, Jack."

"...Son of a bitch."

"Woah, that's a bit harsh..."

Serena had already turned away and walked toward Rob Peck who had just entered the studio.

"Why is Mr. Peck here already? I thought he was scheduled for the two o'clock interview?"

"Hmm, no... There was a reschedule and he's on next..."

"Quick, get the camera on them!"

Rob turned to leave, but she spotted him. Instead of looking like a coward, he turned to face her as she reached him, looking quite upset with him.

"I Didn't come see you in the hospital? Is this really what got you so fucking pissed off?!"

"Oh, like you care. And no, if it was just that, I wouldn't be nearly as pissed as I am. But obviously, you're Princess Miss-the-point. If you didn't get it the first time, I ain't explaining it again."

Serena looked up to the ceiling and rolled her eyes in a "give me the strength I need to not kill this man right now".

"Oh right, there was the part where I am a selfish bitch who only cares about herself and her title right? You really think I give a damn about the title? It's just a piece of scrap made of metal and leather. You seem to forget I was always the first to look after you after every defeat when you were beating yourself over about it. I was rooting for you every step of the way but I guess that means nothing to you huh?" Serena said, accusingly poking Rob on the chest with her index finger.

"Stop me if I'm wrong here Rob. So you vanishing for weeks and not once returning my calls was you doing the right thing for your family. But when I cancel a few shows to be at my family's side in a time of need, that makes me a selfish bitch? Yes I was pissed when you were gone, but I understood your reasons. See, I bothered to talk about it because that's what adults do when they have issues. You would know that if you grew the fuck up you self pitying brat! If you want to toss months of friendship away just to hold on your stupid grudge, then you go on and do that. You can take your double standards and go fuck yourself you judgmental sack of shit!" The tattooed viper spat her red hot venom at the man before her.

"You know, I actually liked you." She then said more calmly, shaking her head.

"I do know, Serena!" Rob shouted. "I do know you liked me. But the truth is I got scared." Rob shrugged, throwing his hands up in the air. "There, I admit it. I'm scared. Do you know why? Because I'm a man of commitment, and you don't take anything seriously. And when that asshole Ripper opened up some deep seated wounds that I thought were healed, I needed some reassurance. When I didn't get it, it drove me away."

Rob turned away, sighing. "That's when I realized what kind of a basket case I was. I got issues, sure. But it's not like you wanna deal with those, right? I mean, women like you just like having a good time, and you don't wanna get too involved with people. I figured you were just like Melanie. I mean, from a personality standpoint, she's just like you. I figured you'd like me for a while then move on to the next fling. I thought maybe if I dated another woman, I could get my mind off you, and save myself the heartache. But I miss ya more and more. I can't getcha outta my head. I was getting ready to break up with Wendy, too. I can't do her that way, date her and think of someone else. Now I figure, 'fuck it, it's gonna hurt no matter what I do. I might as well just get it over with." Rob fell silent. He looked over at Serena, and sighed. "That's the real truth. Sorry I hid it from ya. I'll be on my way." Rob went to leave, opening the door.

"Goddamnit Rob. You're supposed say something to piss me off, not make me feel sorry for you." Serena managed to hiss before sighing and looking at her feet. She wanted to be angry right now, but she felt her anger fade away.

"I fucking hate you right now..." She lied. "You're a mess kid." Serena watched Rob leave the studio while she simply stood there. The camera crew had been moving in closer to the scene as it unfolded and Serena turned to glare at them as she noticed their presence.

"Don't you have anything better to do?! Get the F..." The screen went dark just as reached out and shoved the camera out of her face.
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 05:01
Slamtacular Spartan #2
During commercials on a Thursday evening prime time television the NEW logos comes up, followed by badly filmed footage of a middle aged man holding a microphone.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman. I am Jannos Giorgiopalis for HGN, the Hip Greek Network. We are in Heraklion, Crete. Today we interview wrestler Spartan, who is here training.”
The camera pans  to the right, revealing an outdoor gym, with the ocean behind it. As the camera pans out, it is showing the NEW superstar towering above the interviewer.  He was wearing a simple black shirt and blue jeans, and looked like he had been in the sun for a couple days. With a smile he nodded to Jannos and then at the camera.
“Spartan plays actor of Greek warrior on NEW wrestling show. But he is from Hawaii. Let’s find out what is going on there.” Jannos straightened his shirt as he looked at the Olympian. ”Spartan, you are not Greek. What is up with that? Can you explain?”

The Kingslayer laughed as he heard the question. “Jannos, you got some of that right. indeed I am not Greek. But I am the Greek warrior, the Olympian. That is my image. I am not an actor. None of us at NEW are actors. We are what we are. Wrestlers, pure and simple. If you want gimmicks go to WWE or TNA. At NEW, what you see is what you get… I was born on Hawaii, but my mother and I moved to Crete, to right here in Heraklion. She was from here and I still live here half the year. When I started out, people thought I actually was from Greece, and someone started calling me ‘The Greek”. It’s a name that somehow stuck to me, so my manager at the time, Blake Upperman, decided I needed to go with that. So I  became Spartan.”

“Ah yes, the Blake Upperman. You and he no longer work together correct?”

“That is correct. Blake is a decent manager, but once I established myself I quickly discovered he was holding me back. We talked about that numerous times, but he never accepted any vision but his own. So we went our separate ways.”

“You dropped him the day you announced the Sons of Olympus, at the Coliseum in Rome. Why not on the parthenon?”

“Because Rome was the home ground of my partner Xander Mars, and there were several fashion shows at the time our third member and current champion Serassi was interested in.“

“You had no say in it?”

“I did, I actually decided we should do the coliseum. For me its all about the wrestling so I really didn’t mind not being on my home ground. Its all part of the image we create for the fans. In the ring is where I do my business.”

“In the ring yes. Looking at your record, you have been defeated in single combat only once?”

“Yes, by our champion, Serassi. My very first match in NEW. People keep asking me if I underestimated her, or if I let her win, or was bribed. Let me get the record straight on that one once and for all. Serassi beat me fair and square. There was no bribery, no pulling punches, no backhand dealings. Coming Sunday people will once again see how good she really is.”

“You think she will keep the belt?”

“That belt is staying within our stable Jannos, you can be sure of that.“ Spartan paused as a group of kids came running up to them. As he wrote them all an autograph and handed them some money for ice-creams he showed once again he was still a man of the people despite his warrior image. As the local kids ran off to the nearest ice-cream stand he turned back to Giorgiopalis.
“Serassi can easily defeat Peck. He is a good wrestler, probably amongst the best of NEW, but he is no match for our princess and champion.”

“You do a lot for local kids,” Jannos continued his questioning, “Why is that?”

“Like I said, I grew up here, in Heraklion. My mother worked hard to make ends meet, and I spent most of my time on the streets, unsupervised. The people here supported and provided for me as much my mother did. As a young teen I wasn’t on my best behavior either, but the people were always there for us street kids. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with the local ‘autonomia’, the local police. We all know there is a lot of poverty here and for me, in my youth, that was no different. I got out of that. Most folks here did not. So I help out where I can.”

“You was criminal?”

“A little bit. Stealing candy bars from the local shops, boosting liquor, swindle tourists. Stuff like that. Stuff those little rascals do. A local social worker got me off the street, and kindled a love for wrestling in me. I quickly became skilled at it too. The old Greek wrestling style allowed me to release my aggression and my anger at the world in a good way. By the time I turned fifteen I was already beating guys five years my elder.”

“How you get into American show wrestling?”

“When my mother died, I was fifteen at the time, someone from the government came to get me. They said I had to go live with my father. I didn’t even know I had one. So they put me on a plane to Hawaii. I had last been there when I was two. Turns out my ‘father’ never knew about me either. He got stuck up with an upstart teen as much as I was with a stranger. That was kind of rough for a while. Untill he found out I wrestle.”

“Your father who is being cousin of Rock?”

“Yes, my father is a second cousin of Dwayne.” Spartan laughed. “He had several ties to the wrestling world really. Dad introduced me into the show circuit. I loved it. So by the time I turned eighteen wrestling had become my life. Soon I was training other wrestlers my Greek style, and learning from them too.”

“You were a trainer for several organizations yes?” The interviewer had done his homework. He switched subjects easily, leading the interview.

“I was. I found training others more satisfactory than trying to get a spot on a show all the time. But as it turns out there comes a time for the spotlights too. For me that is NEW.”

“New is good?”

“Not new. NEW. Abbreviated. For Next Era Wrestling. New on the wrestling scene perhaps, and with a totally mental general manager, but as we can see in the crowd responses we are quickly becoming the mainstay of wrestling.”


“I think because we actually wrestle. Most organizations are scripted. Everybody knows it, and more and more people start to look for something else. At NEW we have real, actual fights. With pro wrestling rules yes, but there is no pulling punches, no scripted fights and outcomes. The combat is very much real. My partner could tell you all about that.”

“Yes, he broke his neck?” Jannos Giorgiopalis nodded in questionable agreement.

“He did yes. Luckily he will be fine, given time. But that stuff can happen easily. We are all professionals here, and we all know the risks.” A beach ball flew past the camera, some kids running after it. The Olympian quickly grabbed it and tossed it away, sending the youth running after it again.

“Next match you fight an Englishman?”

“An Englishman yes." Spartan’s smiled faded, becoming a grimace. His hand ran through his short cropped hair. “A gentleman too he proclaims, although he seems more like a diva these days.”

“A poofter yes?” Jannos wholeheartedly agrees. Spartan can’t help but laugh at that.

“Yes, a poofter, and as it turns out, a hairdresser. But that’s no problem. The man is who he is. If he wants to feather up, let him. What matters is inside that ring. And he and I, we have unfinished business in that ring. He took something from me. And he will pay for it.”

“You will beat him?”

“Jannos my friend,” Spartan patted the older Greek on the shoulder. He then looked straight at the camera. In the background they started to play the sons of Olympus entrance music. Eyes ablaze the giant looked out into the world. “Jannos, I will not just beat him."

"I will crush him!”

Adrian Avery
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 09:34
Slamtacular Adrian #1
 Adrian Avery is backstage reviewing tapes of Everest matches and famous cage matches. Hunter Cole steps up behind him and speaks.

 "Ehhhhh, What's up dork?"

 "I'm trying to determine what to expect when combining Everest's wrestling style to a cage match. So far, I believe I've found a correlation between..."

 "Boooorrrring! We need to get you a life, Mate!"

 "...I'm straight, also I believe Riley is taken."

"Wha? No, not Lifemate, I said life comma mate! Sometimes for a genius you're really dumb."

"Look, I'm very busy making sure this match turns out perfectly for Mr. Ramses."

"Mr. Ramses? What's that about? This is a wrestling stable, not a bloody office meeting!"

"Why shouldn't I show our leader respect."

"Because he's not our leader. We made it clear Apex is a partnership."

"He sure was bossing us around though."

"He does that to everyone, mate. Back to my point, you don't need to work so hard like you're cramming for your bleeding finals. We've got this match in the bag!"

"Everest seems to think otherwise."

"So, let 'em! You said yourself he was an idiot. He asked for this match, remember?"

"Come to think of it, that is pretty reckless and stupid, isn't it? Not only is it two on one, which decreases his odds by 33 percent, but as a cage match, there are no rules, so anyone could do anything at any time. Not to mention Everest hasn't beaten either of us yet."

"I don't know the odds mate, but that sounds like a sure thing for us."

"We'd still have to handle this with strategy. If we get over-confident and make the wrong move, he could capitalize and somehow take us both out or worse trick us into taking each other out."

"Uh, right, so attack together or..."

"We do need to coordinate our assault, but we need to do so with a vector that will not collide if he should happen to dodge."

"Ok, so uh, what?"

"You hit him high, I hit him low?"

"Now that I understand. Now how about weapons?"

"They're perfectly legal, but we need to be careful. What's good for us is possibly better for him."

"Not if I end him quickly. This cage match is gonna get hardcore, Aussie-style!"

"I hope you don't make us regret that."

"Oy, we're not locked in the cage with him, he's locked in the cage with us! We're bloody Apex, the top predators and this Sunday it's time to hunt! Now, about that life, come on, I've got some Sheilahs for you to meet."

 Despite some awkward protesting from Adrian, Hunter drags his partner off for a night on the town.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
This was a Adrian Hunter Apex team up promo.

Ramses XII
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Thu 19 May 2016
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Slamtacular Ramses #2
(Continued from part 1)

 The older Arabic man, apparently the father of Ramses stares sternly at his son.

"This is what you've been doing in America? Wasting your time on some American television show and bringing shame to your family and your people?"

"My people lost their way and my Family has become weak."

"Weak? How could you dare to say such things of your bloodline?"

 "We were Kings, Father! We were not some wealthy oil moguls. Our ancestors ruled the land and monuments were built in their name. My family is weak because they lost the conviction and will to hold onto their power and let their nation fall into the hands of shiftless corrupt and cowardly fools!"

"We are a democracy now, the Monarchy is ancient and obsolete."

 "A poor excuse to let the weak command the strong. Such a concept is against nature itself. That is why I am doing this, to wrestle control of the world out of the hands of the unworthy, one quivering mass at a time."

"It is collective will of the people governing themselves! Stop with this foolishness and start living in the real world."

"The real world? The people are too stupid weak and selfish to know what's best for them. What does Egypt have now? Riots, revolutions, violent outbursts from the rabble who supposedly govern themselves? This would never have been tolerated in our glorious past. If that is the real world, then I deny it."

"You are delusional and you need help."

"No, you are blind to the truth! A good leader needs the strength and will to drive his authority into the hearts and minds of his subjects and take what is his. This has been true since time immemorial. Only in the last few centuries have these silly ideas of the people being able to rule themselves began to emerge. If that system worked the human race would have used it ages ago."

"Enough, you are coming with me, now!"


Ramses delivered a sudden and solid lariat to his father, knocking him out cold.

"I know you are watching, Metal Mob... Know that you will fall like my Father. The two of you are arrogant blowhards who fight only for yourselves. Where you are trying to steal a Pharaoh's treasure like pathetic parasites, I have something to fight for. For my pride, for my honor, and for my partners in Apex, I will defeat you. I will prove that many of the weak do not equal one of the strong. It is suiting that one of you is named Doom, for when we meet this Sunday, you will simply meet yours."

Ramses spreads his arms and lifts his head to the sky.

"Gaze on my works, ye mighty, and despair. My name is Ramses, King of Kings."

Ramses stands over the unconscious body of his Father as the camera fades to the Apex Logo and then to black.
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Thu 19 May 2016
at 14:29
Slamtacular Everest Promo #2
-NEW Web Exclusive-
Like the last video, it's clear that Everest is recording on a phone, holding it in one of his hands like he was taking a selfie. He seems to be in some kind of urban area at night, and he's talking as he's walking. The people in the background sensibly move out of his way.

"It's only a few days until Slamtacular, and I have heard that my opponents have said some uninformed things about me. Hardly a surprise." Everest stops moving. "My past is unknown because I refuse to reveal it to you. It means nothing to me. But if you want to imply that I'm stupid, then I might as well admit the truth. I was educated in the British Public school system. I've probably read more books in a year, Avery, than you have in your entire life."

Everest begins to walk again, the lights in the background getting brighter as he gets closer to the centre of whatever town he's in. "As for reckless, I already covered this. You both beat me before because I had some kind of honour, and you didn't. This time, I am unfettered. But there was one thing that has become abundantly clear... The Everest Bomb just isn't enough. So I've decided to rectify this."

There's a blur as the camera is handed to a bystander, Everest telling him to record what happens next. The camera is now pointed forwards, as Everest walks towards a tough looking guy standing with his friends in a grassy park area. "I will give you a hundred dollars if you let me test a wrestling move on you" he says bluntly to the man, who laughs, telling the giant wrestler to be serious. He stops laughing when a crisp hundred-dollar bill is waved in front of his face.

The man takes the money, the crowd now moving backwards to form a circle, the bystander with the camera standing with them and focussing the recording on the two men in the centre. The tough-looking man looks confident, mouthing off to his friends; Everest remains quiet and focussed. Suddenly, Everest grabs the man in an inverted headlock and lifts him ito the air, holding him there for two seconds before jumping and falling forwards, driving the head and neck of the burly man into the ground. The crowd erupts, with one crazed fan shouting 'DDT!' over and over again as Everest checks to see if the man is still alive.
"Yep, still breathing" he says, as he moves towards the camera, taking it out of the bystander's hands. "Do I have your attention now, Apex?" he adds, before the video cuts out.
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 Metal Mob
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Sat 21 May 2016
at 16:52
Slamtacular Promo #2
Doom is once again all alone in a darkened room with only his skull paint visible.

"I find it odd that in the build-up to a show the calibre of Slamtacular no one wants to talk about their matches. Everyone is discussing their mommy issues. Or the way they were raised. Or calling in celebrities. Even Ramses is fighting his father instead of worrying about the 500 pounds of pain coming his way.

"It is said that pride comes before the fall. Truer words have never been said in regards to our resident Pharoah. Pride is an easy emotion to exploit in our chosen professions Ramses. I can sit here and tell you that we are going to do it but your pride won't let you do anything about it. Not that you could at this point anyway. You brush us aside as mere speedbumps in your way not realising that your pride has set you up to look a fool. Crunch and I do not care how big and skilled you may be. A single man has no chance against us. Even one on one against either of us we would cast down the heretic.

"I take umbrage at your insinuation that we fight for nothing. You must be a fool to believe that. We also fight for pride and honor. And for our brothers and sisters. We have many more compatriots than you do to fight for. Not only do Crunch and I fight for each other, we fight for every single Mobster out there. We number in the thousands. Your little Apex group pales in comparison to the army we bring to every fight. Every one of us scoffs at your great and mighty works of blasphemy."

Doom pauses and for a second a gleam of reflection can be seen on a chalice that he raises to sip from. "Much like yourself Pharoah, I consider myself a man of culture. Keep that in mind as you listen to my next words. The word doom has an interesting etymology. I did not merely choose it because of the dreadful connotation. That is part of it yes, but not all. It is also a sub-genre of heavy metal of which I am partial to. But did you know that technically it can be used as a synonym for fate, and not necessarily a terrible one? Or that in olden times it was a formal description of a judgement? Those facts also played into my decision for my ring name. And they are also why I agree with you Ramses. We will meet our doom at Slamtacular. We will pass judgement on you and doom you to a loss. Then Crunch and I will move forward to our true doom, or fate, and face the tag team champions in glorious battle. On that day much like on Slamtacular we will be victorious because

Killing is our business..."

Another white face appears above Doom as Crunch walks into the dim light out of the darkness behind his partner. He places a hand on the shoulder of a seated Doom.

"And business is good."
Hunter Cole
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Sat 21 May 2016
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Hunter Promo 1
 A black screen cuts to static and then Hunter Cole sitting in a chair and viewed through a computer webcam. He awkwardly pokes at the keyboard and mouse like he doesn't know what he's doing.

"Is this bloody thing on?"

 Hunter looks up to the screen and smiles.

"I'm in! I just hacked my into Egghead's computer! Thought he was clever using a whole button just to turn it on, hah, jokes on you, I got in anyway!"

 Hunter looks over the screen.

"Ok, let's see, match footage, personnel profiles, Graphs, oy, he sure has a lot of graphs. What's that red light? Does that mean the camera's on? Whatever, I'm only saying this once and if nobody sees it, tough!"

 Hunter shrugs before speaking up.

"Just saw a little thing Everest did and I have to talk about it! He said we think he's stupid because we don't know about his fancy schoolin! I grew up taught by the outback. I didn't go to any school and I even think yer stupid! I don't care about your holdin back honor excuse! So what, you're gonna try now or something, it's still two on one mate."

 Hunter rubs his chin thinking.

"What's that they say on the net here? Oh yeah, spoiler alert! Professor and me weren't trying against you either and you're gonna be in my kind of match! I can handle you myself, mate! You lived a few weeks trapped in some snow, big whoop! I'm from Australia! We have spiders as big as your face, Crocodiles and Cassowaries, A dingo ate me sister! You got to think on your feet and be savage. No rules, no worries! Some new move you got, mate, he was still breathing, gonna take more than that to take care of us! Let's put another wimp on the barbie!"

 Hunter pokes at the computer a couple times before the screen cuts out.
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 Metal Mob
 The Ax-man
Sat 21 May 2016
at 21:09
Slamtacular Promo #2
Everyone's favorite television show goes to a commercial. The ad starts with a shot of a jungle. A large man walks into the frame carrying an M16. The camera pans around to show a face covered in face paint. It isn't the normal camouflage usually seen in these situations it is Crunch from the Metal Mob wearing his usual make-up. He makes a few intricate hand signals and another, smaller man comes into view. It is Otakuchan carrying a huge minigun. The two soldiers/wrestlers hear some noise coming from the jungle and they open fire into the trees...

Slam cut to the interior of a gym. Crunch and Otakuchan are standing across from each other wearing karate gis. A referee is standing between them and the room is filled with other competitors in the same outfits. Crunch is stil wearing his face paint and Otchy now has a headband on. In the background on a wall a large tournament bracket is hanging. In the center of the brackets the final fight shows Otakuchan and Crunch. The ref gets ready to start the contest and both men raise their arms and one leg ready to perform a crane kick...

Another change of scene has Otakuchan driving a classic American muscle car with crunch in the passenger seat. They are wearing classic buddy cop movie attire and are clearly driving very fast. Crunch leans out the window with a very large revolver to open fire on the criminals in the car in front of them. He gleefully shouts, "I'm getting too old for this crap!"...

Another new location. Crunch and Otakuchan are in a wrestling ring wearing their normal ring gear. The ring is surrounded by black clad ninjas. We get a close up of their faces. Otakuchan asks, "Why are we doing this kind of commercial Crunch-san?" The big guy replies, "We're in Hollywood, why not?"

The ninjas jump into the ring and the two wrestlers start cleaning house. The action goes out of focus as a stylised graphic saying Slamtacular appears over the action. The deep voiced Hollywood trailer guy gives a voice over.

"Next Era Wrestling presents Slamtacular Sunday May 22nd only on Pay Per View. Call your local cable or satellite provider today."

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The character of Otakuchan is a registered trademark of Otakuchan Enterprises. Used here with permission.

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Promo #3
Otakuchan is sitting cross-legged on the ground in the locker room. In front of him, is several action figures. Closer inspection shows them to be of himself, and his opponents in the Triple Threat Tag Team match at Slamtacular. The Ripper figure seems to have cardboard fins taped to it's arms and back. Otakuchan is playing quite happily with the figures, maneuvering them around to match his commentary (a rather poor imitation of Adam Little).

"Nick Plissken suplexes Jay Rondel out of the ring! He hits the ground hard, I don't think he's getting up! Look at Otakuchan! He just hit Nick with a shining wizard, to the side of the head! Otakuchan goes for the pin, Nick is too beaten to kick out! Wait, Flipper runs in and breaks it up!"

At the mention of 'Flipper', Otakuchan moves the Ripper figure around. Rather than make the figure walk, he moves 'Flipper' like it's swimming.

"Flipper is beating on Otakuchan! The Murderous Maniac is trying to stop Otakuchan from winning, but he isn't legally tagged in! Otakuchan does an Arm-Drag Takedown on Flipper, and climbs the turnbuckle! A Spartan Spear! There's no way Flipper can stop him now! Otakuchan goes back over to pin Nick! The Ultimate Anime Hero is about to defend the titles, again!"

Before Otakuchan can continue with his personal commentary and play-time, the lights in the locker room go out. Dropping the Adam Little impersonation, Otakuchan speaks normally.

"Hey. Who turned out the lights?"

The room was silent. There was nothing except the sound of Otakuchan's breath. He didn't realize that the unwanted house guest was hanging right behind him like a spider from the ceiling.
"Don't look, now..." said his haunting, distorted voice.
"But I think someone might be in here with you."


Otakuchan practically throws himself across the room, away from the sound. The action figures are scattered about by Otakuchan's hasty retreat.

Ripper's laugh echoed through the room as he ascended back up into the ceiling.

"Still scared, I see. I'm not surprised. You should be scared, little Otaku..."

A knife landed on the ground, stabbing through the Otakuchan action figure.


Otakuchan screams louder, and curls into the fetal position.

Ripper laughed loudly.

"And you think you're going to be a threat to me in the ring, little Otaku? You're welcome to try to defeat me, but I've beaten you once. At this rate, it will only happen again."

There was a gust of wind, and the lights flickered back on. Otakchan stays curled up in a ball, muttering to himself.

"I'm screwed. I'm screwed. I'm screwed. I'm screwed."

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This PTSD-inducing experience for Otakuchan was brought to you by Ripper's assistance.

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Sun 22 May 2016
at 00:32
Slamtacular Promo #3
Sunday, May 22nd
Right after the tag championship match

NEW's ring announcer is standing in the center of the ring, microphone in hand. "Introducing now, wrestling at a combined weight of 587 pounds and hailing from Detroit Rock City-"

He is cut off as all the lights go out. Another voice takes over. "Aaaaaallriiiiight Hollywood! You wanted the best, and you got the best. The hottest tag team in the world, the Metal Moooooooob!"

An enormous pyrotechnic display blasts through the arena as the Mob's entrance theme begins to play.
(ignore the spoken intro in the front)

It obviously sounds a little different from normal. The reason why becomes clear as the lights go up. A platform rises out of the top of the entrance ramp on which rides the Metal Mob playing their own intro music.

They play for a few seconds before Crunch and Doom leave Jeff there to play drums. The tag team walks down the ramp still playing the song, Doom has a headset microphone on. All over the arena headbanging can be seen. Whether the people are fans of the music, the tag team, or both is up in the air. Down front there is a group of metal heads moshing away as usual when the Mob is booked. The song starts to die down just as they reach the ring apron. The two headbangers hand off their instruments and enter the ring.

Doom addresses the crowd in his frontman persona, "Scream for me Hollywood!"

The crowd goes wild.

"We wanted to do something special for a show like Slamtacular. But now it is time to go to work. Come on down here Ramses. How appropriate that we must topple you and leave you crumbling like the ancient architecture of your homeland to make our way to the Apex of the tag division.

"By the end of the night, you will scream for us too."

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Sun 22 May 2016
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Slamtacular Spartan Promo #3
Nibbles was just minding his own business, chewing away on Diamonds nuts about an hour before Slamtacular.
Enjoyable nuts too, so when suddenly the saloon doors swing open and a huge man comes barging into the office, Nibbles is slightly annoyed.

the gigantic man states, "We need to talk."

As David tosses another nut at Nibbles he replies with a sigh. Obviously the master is annoyed by the big wrestler entering unannounced. Nibbles doesn't really care as long as he can nibble Diamonds nuts.
"What do you want? Be quick." The master states impatiently.

"I have a request for my match tonight," the wrestler Nibbles recognises as the one that dumped a helmet in the office months ago begins. The man has such an annoying voice, its good Davids nuts are a perfect diversion. "You know Riley and me have a bit of a problem. Tonight that problem ends."

"So what?"
Diamond yawned.

"I want to make sure the fight tonight is fair," the wrestler Nibbles suddenly realised was named Spartan said. "No interferance, no weaponry, none of that crap."

"Your match is booked as a standard match, so thats normal," Diamond says as he starts cleaning his nails with a letter opener. Nibbles looks at him, longing for more nuts.

"I know that, but there is still one issue," the big greek states as he leans on the desk, staring at Diamond with eyes of fire.

"Being what?"


"I beg your pardon?" David sounds genuinly surprised. "Vasquez is your referee for the night. I would think you would appreciacte that, since he has his own issues with Riley now that he is bald."

"Thats just it,"
Spartan snarls, slamming his fist on the desk to emphasize his words. "Riley assaulted Vasquez last Prime. He and the rest of Apex have made it very clear they have no respect for him at all. he will want to exert his vengeance. With Vasquez as a referee the match will be anything but fair."


"So I want Skip as a referee. I know he is young, and usually partial to the guys that prefer breaking the rules, but I need to be sure the fight is fair from my end. There is no way that goon apex hairdresser will be accusing me of cheating after i pound him into the ground."

"Is that all? You want Skip as a referee? No fancy match stipulations? Suspended rings? Machineguns?" Diamond laughed as he offered Nibbles some more nuts. "Just Skip as a ref?"

"Yes, just that," Spartan nodded.

"Consider it done. Now get out of my office!"

Nibbles chewed on Davids nuts some more as the big greek barged out of the office, slamming the saloon doors as best he could. Diamond just shrugs, then starts laughing.

"Well Nibbles, was that as good for you as it was for me?"
Rob Peck
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Slamtacular Spartan Promo #3

The audience cheered as Andrew WK's "Ready to die" started playing through the loudspeakers. Rob came out, threw his fist in the air in conjunction with a fireworks display, and started dancing towards the ring. "This is your Time to pay! This is your judgement day! We made a sacrifice and now we get to take your life!" Along the way, he clapped hands with several fans, greeting them and offering them good vibes.

He went to the ring, circling it as the chorus sounded. "You better get ready to die! (Get Ready to Die!) You better get ready to kill! (Get Ready to Kill!)" The chorus was perfectly timed. Rob was in the ring right as the verse ended, waving to the cheers of the audience as he took up his microphone.

"What's up, Hollywood!" Everyone cheered. "Being NEW's greatest entertainer, I gotta say, it feels so good to be here in the Entertainment capital of the world!"

Rob let the audience applause, before continuing. "So I was at a movie screening the other night." A few people cheered. Rob nodded with a smile. "It was at a cemetery." Rob paused for a second. "I just wanna say, Hollywood, that's fucked up, even for you." A wave of laughter went through the audience. "Oh, you think I'm joking, but c'mon, people! They're dead! They need their rest! The last thing they wanna hear is Peter Linwood singing 'Sweet Transvestite' for the umpteenth night in a row! Can't you guys let 'em rest in peace?!" The audience laughed, applause erupting from the humorous commentary. Rob shook his head. "Really, when I die, please don't bury me here. And if you do, at least bury me with a broomstick, just so I can tell you noisy kids to keep it down up there! I mean, movie night is fun and all, but when I'm in my coffin, I want some fucking rest, okay?" The audience laughed, cheered, and let out another round of applause.

Rob waited a moment for the audience's excitement to die down. "So I wanna talk about Serena, but at the same time I don't wanna talk about Serena." The audience gave a disappointed 'aww.'

"-dy?!" Someone shouted something.

Rob turned to face them. "Sorry, say again?"

"What about Wendy?!" The young woman repeated.

"I'll update you when she starts talking to me again." Rob gave a laugh, trying to get people to smile, but all he got was a sad and sympathetic 'aww' from the audience. "Oh come on, it's not that bad. I mean, sure, I lost my girlfriend, and I lost the woman I love, but I'll come back. I always do." Though he said that, he sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince the audience.

It did not take long for Rob to find himself interrupted as the Champion's theme song to start playing. "I'm not here for your entertainment!" The singing voice echoed before the song kicked in fully and out came walking Serena, bathed in a mix of red and purple lights from above. She posed on stage and allowed the song to fade after a few seconds before raising a microphone to her lips.

"No please, Robbie, go on and speak about Serena. I'm sure everyone out here is just as curious to hear what you have to say about me." She said with a smirk before starting to walk down the ramp.

"You know, I still am quite angry with you. I had this grand speech ready about you and let me tell you it wasn't painting a pretty picture for the people's champion. But then you had to go on and get all sentimental with me and I'm not sure I have the will to share it anymore." She said as she walked and climbed up on the apron, leaning onto the ropes to stare at Rob.

"So... in a way. You ruined my plans and cheated the people out of an amazing promo. Because let's face it, everything I say is amazing, right?" The Tattooed Vixen said with a playful shrug before stepped in between the ropes.

"So.. Girlfriend... Love... You got me awfully curious here, Kiddo."

Rob watched Serena entering the ring, shaking his head. "You and your entrances, Serena. I swear, you really know how to press my buttons, to make me feel embarrassed. But to be fair, there were some things I was gonna tell you that were better left unsaid."

"You know Rob, I've had you figured out a long time ago and I didn't even need to obsess over a little note book to do so." She said with a smirk, making a gesture with her index finger to press an invisible button.

"If you were really all that concerned about privacy, you wouldn't have shoved your tongue down the interviewer's throat on live tv. No need to be shy now." She mocked with a playful tone.

He cleared his throat and shrugged, as he began to explain. "Well obviously, I lost my girlfriend when I broke up with Wendy. I mean I tried to explain to her that I can't have a love life where I'm kissin' one girl, and thinkin' of another. That's just as bad as playin' her. Apparently she agreed, because she slapped me. I literally ain't heard a word from her, since."

"Being a player sure didn't fit you. Hmm, mister people's champion?"

Rob shook his head. "I was raised better than that, Serena. I ain't a guy who likes to lie, especially to those close to him." He shrugged. "Considering how I treated you, that's hypocritical, I know. I won't make excuses. I just..." Rob sighed. "What do you want from me, Serena? You say you figured me out, right? Then you know what I think of you. But you also know why I did what I did. And why I ain't really keen on goin' after ya. So why are ya here?"

"What do I want? It's simply. I'm just here to get under your skin and clearly it's working." Serena said as she stepped in closer to Rob.

"But you're right. You wronged me and I am not ready to forgive you just yet. I still have to teach you a lesson and this is exactly what I will be doing at Slamtacular."

Rob huffed, and began talking in a teasing voice. "Dammit, if you ain't the most upsettin' woman I ever met. Yer like a bad drug, ya know that? I know yer bad for me, but I can't get enough of ya." Rob stepped a little closer to her, before smiling at her. "But don't go thinkin' I'll lose to ya in Slamtacular. Just because I feel the way I feel, that don't mean I'm gonna let you win. I'm gonna bring everything I got, an' if you don't do the same, yer ass is mine." Hoots and cheers echoed from the audience at that line. Judging by Rob's smile, it didn't look like he was gonna take it back.

Serena couldn't help but laugh for a short moment. "Sweetie, you don't need to let me win to lose against me. I always get my way and this weekend won't be any different. Do try and put up more of a fight than you usually do. It would be a shame if it was too easy for me to put you down at Slamtacular."

Serena tried to stare at Rob with a serious look on her face, but quickly lost her composure and laughed again. "Sorry, I just can't take that name seriously. I really need to have a chat with the boss about his kibble methods."

Serena turned around and walked away to pause at the ropes.

"Y'know, I still don't know what you really think of me." Rob called to her, as she made her way out of the ring. "How about a little wager? I take the belt, I get to know you a little better. One date. And I expect to know what you think of me by the end of it." The audience cheered, and hooted, and hollered. They obviously liked that idea.

"Now, the smart thing to do would have been to gain a date if "I" won. Trying to get the belt and the girl huh? Don't you know what happens to greedy little boys? Well... Cute ones are rarely the smart ones." She said with a wink as she turned to face him.

"Before you strain yourself thinking about a clever comeback, dear, remember that I am Canadians. I actually can excel at both." With that said, Serena gracefully slipped through the ropes and left with a smug look on her face.

Rob grinned, watching her leave. "I ain't hearin' a 'no,' Ms. Maple syrup. In that case, you'd better get your best outfit ready, 'cause after I take you down, I'm gonna take you out for a night on the town." The audience whooped and cheered, and as Serena left, someone started chanting, with others joining in.

"Take the belt!"
"Take the belt!"
"Take the belt!"

The camera focused on Rob's playful smile, before it faded to black, the chanting continuing.
Serena Di Scenza
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Serrassi Promo #2
Serena was standing backstage with Spartan and the pair was engaged in a deep conversation. Discussing game plans for their upcoming matches that evening, Serena seemed to be going over some final details about her entrance. Bringing up a fancy silver lighter, Serena sparked up a flame in her palm and held it up to show Spartan. After a few seconds of waving her burning hand about, Serena killed the flame with a thick cloth before holding it up to show that no damage had been done save for a slight redness.

"Yes, that's the new Pyro Gel. I had a friend in town to get me some for tonight. Let me tell you, It's going to steal the show!"

Looking to the side, Serena spotted Wendy Reed and her camera man walking by. A smile quickly appeared on the Tattooed Vixen's lips as she waved at her.

"Oh Wendy Darling, where do you think you're off to? Are you really going to miss out on an interview with your beloved champion? Come on now, no need to be shy. Come here, girl."

Wendy stopped in her tracks as she heard Serena's voice and took a deep breath. The woman was still deciding whether to move in for the interview or continue on her way and ignore the champion, but the camera man took matters in his own hands and dragged Wendy along.

"Serena." Wendy greeted her, still bitter about the breakup with Rob Peck.

"Oh Wendy, what's with the long face? Don't tell me you're still upset about Rob? Come on! It's been, like... What's today? Sunday? It's been like four days already! Honey, you can't just cling to the past like that, it's unhealthy."

"If you're just going to keep being a.... you know what, then I'll just be taking my leave. I am not in the mood to deal with this right now."

"Alright, alright. No need to be so stuck up. I was just teasing." Serena rolled her eyes and lowered her trademark sunglasses back in their proper position. Crossing her arms and standing next to Spartan, Serena looked at Wendy through the dark shades.

"Well Wendy, you're the interviewer, so go ahead and do your job. Interview."

Wendy frowned and glared at Serena.

"This is Wendy Reed, live from NEW Slamtacular and we are with our NEW heavyweight champion  Serena Di Scenza and Spartan. Serena, how does it feel being such a hateful bitch all the time?"

Serena chuckled at the insult and for a moment she was almost proud. "It feels great actually. It's liberating, you know? No need for political correctness or to be worried about hurting pathetic little people's feelings. You could learn a thing or two if you followed my example."

"Some of us have self respect, but I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that. Anyhow, tonight you face Rob Peck in the main event where the NEW championship will be on the line. Are you ready to face what could possibly be your biggest challenge so far? I mean, I don't know which one of you is the biggest lying backstabber of the two."

'First of all, yes I am more ready than ever. Walking out there on the main stage and be victorious is what I was born to do. It doesn't matter who stands in front of me, be it Rob Peck or anyone else. If you stand in my way, I will take you down and leave the same way I came; The Champion. Now Rob can claim to be the people's champion all he wants, but at the end of the day, he remains the champion of nothing. I've no doubt he's studied me obsessively over the months and  thinks that he is ready to take on me. Unfortunately, he will discover the hard way that he knows nothing about me and that will be his downfall. That and the fact the poor boy is so torn up by self doubts to the points he was willing to date someone like you."

"Do you have to be so mean all the time? Seriously what is it that he likes about you? What is it that you have that I don't?!" Wendy asked, her composure beginning to crumble to pieces.

"Oh please. You really want to know what I have over you? It's easy. Everything! I am better than you in every way and it took Rob all but a day of dating your sorry self to figure this out. Didn't I tell you that the only reason he asked you out was to get to me? I did, didn't I? Behold, I was right! I don't know what is sadder, really. The fact that you feel for it or the fact that you still cannot understand what is going on. Are you really that desperate for affection that you will blindly fall for the first fool who shows any sign of interest toward you?" The viper spat her venom at the interviewer, her words burning as hot as an actual venomous bite would.

Rather than fire back at Serena, Wendy simply lowered her head and began sobbing.

"H-hey, come on now. There's no need for that." Serena quickly said, clearly feeling uncomfortable with the way the situation was turning.

"It's so not fair." Wendy managed to whimper through the sobs and the tears just flowed faster. Serena looked at Spartan who raised his eyebrows and hands, telling her he wanted no part of this. Serena glared at Spartan who began walking away before turning her attention back to Wendy.

'Alright, alright. I'm sorry Wendy. I was just nagging you..." She said, putting a hand on the redhead's shoulder. "C'mon, stop crying..."

With the situation out of Serena's control, she sighed and gave the other woman an awkward hug. "Alright, alright... her! anyone got a tissue? Anyone?"

I hate you so much..." the quiet whimper was heard.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry okay. I'm just as angry at Rob as you are. He played us both, alright? I have an idea. I have a Hollywood stylist waiting for me in my dressing room, an old friend of mine. How about you and I go to my room, have ourselves a glass of wine, get pampered like divas and talk some shit about men? How does that sound to you?" Serena spoke softly, doing her best to cheer Wendy up.


"Yeah? Come then. Trust me, Fabian is the best thing that can happen to any woman." Serena said as they walked away, Wendy wiping her tears away. Before the pair could vanish from view, Spartan reappeared and tossed both women onto his shoulders, carrying them away to Serena's locker room.
Serena Di Scenza
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Sun 22 May 2016
at 13:00
Serrassi Promo #3
A few hours and glasses of wine later, Serena was then ready to make her entrance for the main event of Slamtacular. The arena went dark with only enough light remaining to see the vague silhouettes of a dozen men stepping out on stage and onto the ramp. The heavy drum rhythm of "Be my Weapon" began playing, both from the audio system and from four of the men on stage carrying Greek war drums and playing along with the song. After a moment of music playing through the darkness, a thin line of fire spread from the backstage and made it's way on the stage where it separated into two and formed a large circle around Serena who had made her way out moments before.

The champion was dressed in a noble white dress reminiscent of a gladiator mistress or Greek Divine figure and stood proudly as two men fanned her with great fans made of colorful peacock feathers. The light began to shift and took on the dark red shade commonly seen in Serena's entrance as she spread her arms aside. The men where now well visible, all tall, handsome and muscular. Male models wearing nothing more than gladiator loin cloths and decorative masks that only covered the upper part of their face, shrouding their exact identities in mystery. Two men reached out for Serena, grasping the dress, and tore it off the Tattooed Champion in one swift motion. As it did so, Serena's theme truly kicked in and the arena was now bathed in a torrent of dark red and purple lights.

Serena then stepped forward through the circle of flame that surrounded her and as she did so, the sparkly high heels at her feet caught on fire and left a trail of flame that shone brightly through the darkened arena.

The gladiators knelled at her feet as she walked by and only two followed, once carrying the NEW World Heavyweight Championship while the other carried Serena's wrestling boots. Serena circled the ring, moving with the pride and grace of a champion before making her way up the steel steps. The flame had mostly faded out by this point and were fully extinguished with damp clothes. Serena traded her model shoes for her fighting boots, letting one of her man servants tie them on, and stepped into the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready witness greatness? I have said so over and over again and I have proven it day after day. I am the greatest thing that could possibly happen to Next Era Wrestling and I have rightfully earned the right to hold the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Contenders and would be champions have stood to the challenge and one by one they have fallen in their efforts. Perhaps they would have been proper champions anywhere else, but there is no way around this one simple fact; I am the best the world has to offer today."

Serena spoke in the microphone after the music had faded and the lights had returned to normal. She wore her usual wrestling attire, complete with the EAT ME black shorts and thick fighting gloves.

"Tonight, the people's Champion has finally earned his chance to face with with the title on the line with the hopes of going from the champion of nothing to true champion worthy of his peers' respect. I'm sorry to tell you this, Robbie sweetheart, but You will be leaving empty handed once more. But hey, look at it on the bright side; You're used to losing everything important, aren't you? Perhaps once I am done dealing with you, you will finally understand where you stand in this world. Unfortunately for most, saying that we were all born equal and deserving of the same opportunities would be a flagrant lie. Take me for exemple. Born in a great family, blessed with everything any and every one of you could only dream about. Look, intelligence, talent... A superior specimen, truly.

Then we have Rob Peck and while I must admire his efforts, you cannot ignore the fact that all this time he has simply been struggling to step out from the place he belongs to... A pawn. That's right, Rob Peck is a pawn in life, born to follow rather than to lead. He was a pawn for his government, fighting the rich man's political wars. A pawn to his own family, struggling to gain their respect but you know that if you look deeply into it, it is far from the perfect family picture he has attempted to paint. A pawn to the people, desperately trying to earn your love and respect, but in a true underdog fashion, he has failed at every turn. Finally, Rob Peck is a pawn to himself. He has built himself such grand expectations that he cannot possibly achieve and he knows that fact very well. He is a slave to his own insecurities, which both drives him to succeed and sabotage his own efforts."

"But as a true friend, Rob, I am willing to help you accept your place. If you win, you will have your date or whatever it is that you want. But when I do come out victorious tonight, you shall serve me and serve my every whims. Do we have a deal?"

Rob Peck
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Sun 22 May 2016
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Rob Peck Promo #3

The audience cheered, expecting to hear Andrew WK. Instead, the warrior project's "Aer Vis" starts playing over the loudspeakers. Rob made his appearance, standing t parade rest, looking respectable, and wearing his Ai Force Dress Blues, and holding a sheathed rapier at his side. In conjunction with a fireworks display, he brought his fist in the air, gripping his rapier. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause. As the lyrics started, he began marching towards the ring, a determined look on his face.

I am the wings! Of a killing machine, '47 born and my razor teeth,
rip down through the wind and the ground beneath,
to where the wicked wail and the devil creeps.

Rob went directly to the ring, slowly climbing in with no flourish, and a completely serious expression on his face. He looked clean cut up close, like a real soldier. Making his way to each turnbuckle, he thrust his fist up in the air holding his rapier, causing more fireworks to shoot up every time. Cheers came from each section of the crowd as he did this. Rob turned to Serena, a glare in his eyes as he looked upon her. Like that of a calm fury waiting to be unleashed.

Exchanging his rapier for a mic, he began speaking, addressing the crowd. "I made my mistakes, I'm willing to admit it. I've been an asshole these past couple weeks. But let's face it, love makes fools of us all." The crowd cheered at this speech, before Rob continued. "That being said, now that I got some thought into this stupid head of mine, I think I've smartened up a little. Let's get the elephant outta the room. Yes, I led a woman on. I ain't particularly proud of it, and Wendy, I'm sorry. Yes, I was insecure. My social life is an absolute disaster, an' that's one o' the reasons I don't like gettin' people ta know me." Rob turned back to Serena, glaring at her again as his tone darkened. "But ta say that I'm a pawn, to insult the very things I stand for...That's low, even for you. You wanted ta piss me off? You wanted ta hit me where it hurts? Let me tell ya somethin', Serena. There's three things you do not mess with in this world. You don't mess with another man's woman, you don't mess with another man's money, an' ya certainly don't mess with another man's ego. Else the man's gonna mess with you."

The audience held their breath, as Rob circled Serena, speaking in a condescending tone. "You think you're the very pinnacle of nobility, like you're some important figure to be respected. Your entire reason for being here is that you just want all this attention, like you're really giving it your all to bring glory to your family name. Instead, you're just giving your family a bad name through your own disrespect and treachery. Your father and mother did great deeds for the face of wrestling, and you did a few very small deeds for yourself. When it boils down to it, you've had everything served to you on a silver platter, and can't do anything under your own power. That's why you surround yourself with yes-men and lackeys, to make your life so easy, you could coast through it.

"You've had everything done and made for you your entire life, but when it comes to making something of yourself, you can't take it. You expect everyone to love you, because you are who you are, part of the illustrious Di Scenza lineage. Nothing can possibly be wrong with you, oh no. You look just like a Di Scenza. But you're not. You're a pampered, doughy snob wearing nice clothes, expecting to get away scot-free because your mommy and daddy were great wrestlers. You're Serena Di Scenza, why should you need to improve? You're Serena Di Scenza, You're always right, even when everyone knows you're wrong. Everyone just agrees with your idiotic ideas because you're a Di Scenza. But you know what you are to me? You're the very definition of a bitch." The last word was delivered in such a way that the audience turned into Rob's hype men. A resounding 'Ohh!' came from them.

Serena listened with a smirk as Rob spoke and allowed him to say whatever it was he had to say. Afterward, she raised a hand and counted by raising fingers.

"Spartan. Nick Plissken. Alison Wonderland. Ramses." She spoke the names of those she had defeated on her own so far. "Tell me, did my entourage handed me those victories on a silver platter or did I do that all by myself? Last I checked the records, you failed to defeat these very people every single time you crossed their path. You know, what surprises me the most is the fact that you still actually have an ego. Put it out of its misery, boy." She said with her arrogant smile.

"Go on and call me a bitch, a snob, a spoiled brat or anything else you want. In the end, the facts remain facts. I've accomplished more by myself at Next Era than anyone else here has. I don't need anyone to win my battles for me and I certainly don't need any help beating you tonight."

Rob merely grinned at her. "Oh, seems you're not the only one who can get under people's skins, huh Serena? Let me make one thing absolutely clear, Serena. I serve the American people. No one else. You're asking an impossible victory condition for a battle that you damn well know you cannot win. I know your game. You're trying to get me to back down by making the price of defeat too high for me. It's a scare tactic. Well sorry, Princess. I'm not afraid of you. In fact, history shows the opposite. When you distracted me during my first match with FUCKING Ramses, it was because you wanted me out of the tournament. When you played opossum during the Fling in the Ring, you waited until I was eliminated before you began fighting again. I know why, too. You're afraid of me, Princess. Not as a person, as a fighter. You know you can't take me on at my best, so you're trying to psyche me out. Well it won't work. I agree to your little bargain on the condition that if I win, you have to be honest with me from now on, and tell me what I ask you to tell me. No more beating around the bush. No more lies." Rob stared at Serena, expecting an answer.

" Darling, we both only serve our own self interests, but unlike you I'm not in denial about it. If you truly wanted to serve the american people, you'd be out there making a difference. Instead, you're in here with me trying to get rich and famous like the rest of us. But let's face it, you couldn't even help your big sister, now could you?"

Rob laughed at Serena after she said this. "There's that defense mechanism again. My big sister may have been a psycho when she was a kid, but she's better, now. She's been diligently taking her meds since her early teens. She don't need my help. Last I heard, she was going ta college to become a Psychiatrist so that she could help others. She's twice the woman you'll  ever be. As for me, I've done my part, and served my nation with pride and dignity. You ain't holdin' a candle to the things I accomplished fer God an' country."

The crowd cheered in full support of their veteran, and began chanting.


Rob smiled, pointing towards the audience. "Hear that crowd? It's fer me, not you. You think I'm servin' myself by bein' here, but those people out there chantin'? That's why I'm in this ring tonight. As fer yer insinuations to my losses, Allison, she didn't fight me on her own. Plissken, I never fought. Spartan, I only faced when I had a wound on my hand. And do I even need to mention FUCKING Ramses? Every single time I've fought thus far, every single opponent I've faced, I've had a disadvantage against. But when I didn't have any disadvantages, I've taken on five or six people at once, and always come out on top! Now I'm at my best. Now, I'm ready to launch an assault that no one can stand against! Serena, you face the full might of the People of NEW! And because you decided to call into question a patriot and a veteran's done fucked up. Prepare to lose, Serena, because when you're at the top, the only way you're going is down!"

The crowd let out a loud cheer in support of Rob, and another chant started up  as he got on guard.


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Everest Promo #3
The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as the cage is secured together. Inside the ring are Avery and Cole, having already entered. They look particularily smug, and its not hard to see why. Everest is not in the arena. The crew has searched high and low, but there was no sign of him; even the security cameras were scoured.

Ring announcer Charles Ronson checks his watch and looks over to the timekeeper, who gives him a nod. Last call time.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to inform you that under the NEW constitution, if Everest does not enter this auditorium within the next minute, he will forfeit the match."

Silence followed, as the seconds ticked by. Then, something unusual happened. A chill filled the air.
"Devin, is it just me, or is it getting colder in here?" His broadcast partner shivered in his Apex T-Shirt, as he looked up towards the roof, a disbelieving look on his face.
"Well, Adam, it is starting to... snow". And it was. A flurry of snow was falling from the rafters and onto the crowd, who reacted in delight and astonishment. Then the familiar sound of Mars, Bringer of War filled the arena and from the back stepped Everest. He strutted with purpose down the ramp, facing straight forwards, eyes steely and completely focussed upon his goal.

It was time.