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David Diamond
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Mon 9 May 2016
at 17:23
Slamtacular Promos
 Post here for the NEW's biggest event yet right from Diamond's Hometown!
Ramses XII
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Thu 12 May 2016
at 15:26
Slamtacular Promos
 Backstage, in the throne room of Pharaoh Ramses, Hunter Cole and Adrian Avery are almost standing at attention as Ramses paces back and forth, eventually berating them.

"We are supposed to be the legion of the elite. The best of the best. An unconquerable unit..."

"Hey, Mate, I never lost."

"Silence! I commend your sacrifice welcoming our latest member, Hunter. Hold your undefeated streak in high regard as it will not last. That is the way of things.

"Speaking of our new member, why isn't he here?"

"Riley does not need to hear what I have to say. He didn't lose his match against Spartan. You are supposed to be wrestling's greatest mind. You couldn't form a strategy against that lumbering moron?"

"He was too imposing, I was overwhelmed."

"I don't want excuses, I want results. You should have expected that level of brute force and compensated. If you are to be one of us, you need to be more than just facts and figures."

"Excuse me mate, but didn't you lose your match too?"

"And I offer no excuses. I fought Nick Plissken with the honor and respect he refused to give me. The entire time he was expecting you two to come down or for me to pull some underhanded trick. Perhaps if I did I would have been able to claim victory, but honor was my sacrifice and we mustn't let cheap tactics become our crutch."

Ramses continues to pace back and forth.

"You two are here because you are in a cage match demanded by Everest, who seeks revenge on the both of you. It will be two against one, anything goes, you lose here and you're gone. I would not tolerate such an abysmal failure. Understand?"

"I understand, sir."

"Gotcha, should be a regular cake-walk! Two on one in a cage and he's never beaten either of us? Dude's got a death-wish, that one.

"Do not become overconfident. He asked for this match for a reason, expect a trap. Plan for every contingency, Avery. In the meantime I will be in a handicap match of my own. I will bravely challenge the Metal Mob myself. If I should defeat them, then the two of you will be given an opportunity to win the Tag Team Titles for Apex. Prove yourselves worthy of my gift and win."

"Sounds like you'll need our help to make sure that win..."

"No, I will handle those fools alone and ensure nobody questions my strength again."

"What's the point of teaming up if we ain't gonna work together?"

"As stated before, my myopic friend, Apex is meant to primarily watch each others back so we are not stuck in unfair situations we never asked for."

"I don't know what myopic means, but thems sounds like fightin words!"

"Calm yourselves. The last thing you want is for your enemy to play the two of you against each other. If you want to stay under the protective umbrella of Apex, you will need this win."

Ramses looks off to a corner of the room for a moment before speaking to hunter and Avery again.

"Now go and prepare for your match. Let nothing stop you from your success."

 Hunter and Avery leaves as Ramses stands in silence. Finally he addresses an older Arabic-looking man stepping out of the shadows.

"Hello... Father."

(End of Part one)