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Tue 19 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promos
 **Pay Per view starts here!**
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Wed 20 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
Nick Plissken is back behind the table in the room with the black board. He's leaning forward with his forarms on the table and hands clasped together. All previous names remain on the board with X's through them.

"Three down, three to go. And I get all three of you at once. Why don't we rundown the opposition?

"Up first we got Crazy Britches. Or Crazy Wolves or whatever. It really don't matter. I've been to Mexico a couple times but we've never met. I have heard of ya and of course I've been watchin' video since the final was set. In a way we're pretty similar. You grew up on a farm, I grew up in a coal minin' town. We come from hard workin', salt of the earth folks. And we both dreamed of wrestling from a young age. Ya even did some amatuer wrestling like I did. I can respect all that. From what I've seen all similarities end in the ring though. I'll keep it simple. All that craziness crap certainly helps against somebody who'll get shook up by it. Ain't gonna work on me son, my biggest advantage in that ring is preparation. I'll be ready for anything you throw at me Britches.

"July 31st, yer gonna get crushed."

Plissken sits back and cocks his head.

"Everest. I gotta admit, I've been lookin' forward to steppin' in the ring with you. Livin' through what you did is impressive. Does it mean yer any good in the ring? No but it does mean you must be tough as hell. And you did make it through the tournament, so I can't wait to see what ya got big boy. I also noticed that after gettin' here you decided to start usin' a DDT variation to end matches. Did I perhaps inspire ya? Either way I plan to show you the proper way to use one.

"Because July 31st yer gonna get crushed."

Plissken gets out of his seat. "Then we come to ole Sparky. Ever'body knows you and me ain't always seen eye to eye but I think we respect each other. At least I did respect you. I never took you for the kind who'd reign as a paper champion but here it is. Its honestly a disgrace that yer allowed to carry that belt and call yerself the champ. Who the hell did you beat to get the strap? No-damn-body that's who. Could you have beaten the Pecker that night? Sure, you are a bad sumbitch, but ya didn't. He ran off and bequeathed it to ya. That's some bullshit right there. A few months ago I woulda bitched about that for days on end but not anymore. I adjusted my attitude and frankly ain't got time fer bitchin' anymore. So here's the bottom line, I handed yer ass to ya the last time we squared off and I'll do it again.

"In other words, July 31st yer gonna get crushed.

The camera zooms in for a closeup as Plissken continues, "Now let's talk about the fourth man in the match. Me. NEW is gettin' a bigger audience all the time so I'm gonna talk about some old news that our new folks didn't see. I was the first person signed to this roster. When Dave went lookin' for people to join his promotion he went straight to the best. At our very first show back at the beggining of this year I was inches from becoming the very first NEW heavyweight champion. Anybody with any sense knows that I shoulda been champion since that day. This is my first shot at the belt since and I have no intentions on lettin' this one slip by me like I did then. I've been through a bunch of shit tryin' to get here and Sacrifice will be my night. Everything I said throughout the tournament still holds true. You three are still gonna have to kill me to even have a chance at winnin'. And I am fully prepared to do anythin' it takes to win myself. Includin' fighin' all of ya three on one. In fact that would probably be smart on y'alls part to try if ya wanna leave as champion. I just said that I don't think Spartan really deserves to be the champion. Part of the reason I haven't already mentioned his disgraceful run as champ on NEW tv before now is because we're gonna find out at Sacrifice who deserves to carry the strap. If I win I know I deserve that title and if by some miracle somebody else takes the gold I'm gonna by god make sure they worked for it. 'Cause let me tell ya right now if any one af y'all beat me it will take nothin' short of a miracle."

Nick abruptly walks off screen.
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Wed 20 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
After the Prime show, once all contestants are known and The Sons of Olympus beat the whole of Apex.

The crowd kept cheering for a long while, Mars and Spartan having beaten the whole Apex crew in a fight as bloody as NEW has seen so far. When the men of the heel stable have finally been carted off or have left the arena, both Sons stand proudly in the ring, both bleeding from several gashes and cuts. As they celebrate Spartan grabs the microphone, gesturing for the crowd to calm down.

"NEW fans! I hope you enjoyed the show! Tonight was just an apetizer however. In two weeks, at Sacrifice, the true fighters will surface." Spartan wipes some blood from his eyes, coming from a cut above his brow.

"In two weeks, three of NEW's finest will stand here, in this ring, and come for the title. My title. Nick Plissken, one of NEW's finest, and certainly one of its veterans. Everest, the man from the mountains, that can withstand any punishment and still get up, and Pantalones Lobos, the former luchador that is taking this ring by storm. All of them will come for only one thing. My title."
Spartan paces the ring, looking at each section of the crowd in turn.

"Make no mistake however. That title is mine, and at the end of the night, it will still, be mine. I know, I know, some will say that I have not earned it. Some will say it was just handed to me because I happened to cash in a contract on a champion that bailed. And those people might actually be right. I was indeed handed that title. It was given to me because your all american hero Rob peck had better things to do. Like many others before him, he decided to bail on you, the fans, because his life was suffering from the constant strain of NEW's strong competion. But not me! Not this champion. I may not have been here as long as Plissken, but I do hold the longest undefeated streak in NEW. In fact, so far only three people ever beat me."
The crowd starts chanting, a familiar chant. Plissken's gonna crush you!

"One of them is indeed Nick Plissken. No doubt about that. He beat me just before I got this belt. And I respect him for beating me, but he has no belt now does he? Funny how that goes right? So for the coming two weeks he will most likely be bitching about how he is the best, how he was the first here, how he should hold the belt because he has the oldest rights and what not. Well boo-motherfuckin-hoo. Oldest rights have nothing to do with this belt. This belt is for the roughest, the toughest, the most bad ass sonovabitch in NEW. And at this moment, judging by the fact that it is around my waist, that sonovabitch is me!"

Patting the belt he paces the ring, blood dripping from the reopened gash on his chest, while Mars limps towards a ringside doctor to have some cuts of his own checked out.

"Then we have Everest. A strong man for sure. A man capable of being hit by a truck, and getting back up just to see how badly he damaged it. A true warrior, no doubt. But not a true champion. He loses as much as he wins, and he seems to erratic to hold on to anything for too long. Expect him to go down, and down, and down again, only to keep getting back up. But with just getting back up you still do not win matches. You have to put others down for that!"
He pauses to let the crowd digest his words.

"And then we have our wildcard. Crazypants. Or wolftrunks if you prefer. A luchador that, by his own words, couldn't even hold on to his masks. How will he ever hold on to a belt? NO, NEW fans. Let me tell you now, what will happen coming Sacrifice. First, we will see Lobos go down. Then, after a couple more beatings, Plissken will be the one to bite the dust. Soon after that, Everest will be going down, and down, and down, and down again. And then he will stay down! At the end of the night, when the dust settles, I will be walking out of this ring still your champion."

The crowd roars.

"And then nobody will ever say I have not earned this belt, ever again!"
Sydney J. Warcup
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Sat 23 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
The crowd, still pumped up after Spartan's promo, watches in confusion as an unfamiliar song begins to play, and some images appear on the big screen.  The song is 'You Think You're a Man' by The Vaselines.  The show on the screen is a jumble of scenes that seem to have nothing to do with wrestling: a little girl, obviously in the middle of a birthday party, defeats a boy at arm wrestling.  Wesley Crusher stands on the bridge of the starship Enterprise.  O.J. Simpson is led away in handcuffs.  Hillary Clinton accepts her party's nomination for President.

Suddenly, an enormous rainbow flashes across the screen, there is a flash of pyrotechnics, and then a new competitor, Sydney J. Warcup, energetically makes his way to the ring.  He is a short but powerfully built man, very light on his feet.  His face bears a disturbing resemblance to Nazi S.S. leader Heinrich Himmler, but his body resembles an early era Dynamite Kid.  Hiis trunks are blue, white and red.

On his way to the ring, he waves, smiling euphorically.  That the audience doesn't share his enthusiasm seems not to bother him.  He glides into the ring and takes the microphone.

"Xander me this, Xander me that.  Hello, everybody!  By 'body,' I mean people; and by people, I mean women.  I wasn't saying hello to all of you fat, stupid disgusting male slugs in the audience, who are taking a break from beating your wives and raping your kids just long enough to gaze in jealous wonderment on your superiors.  And by superiors, I mean ME.  Don't let the plural form of that pronoun confuse you.  There will only be one superior being in the most important match at Sacrifice, and that is I, folks.  I is me and me is I, and we are the supreme life form in this and every arena.  Every match I participate in is the most important match of all time."

The crowd listens silently, still not booing.

"So the NEW has put me in a match with two cretinous lowlifes named Xander.  How does that happen?  How many a-holes named Xander do you know?  It doesn't matter, because whether their names are Bob Bodyshamer or Mickey Microaggression, the verdict is the same: guilty.  At Sacrifice, both of you will pay for a lifetime of exploiting women.  As far as I'm concerned, your names are Bill and Cosby.

"At Sacrifice, two little piggies are coming to market.  This has been a public service message from your friendly neighborhood butcher, Sydney J. Warcup."

He throws down the microphone, slides out of the ring and does a cartwheel on the ramp.  The smile he brought with him to the ring is gone, and he exits to the sound of assorted boos and murmurs.

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Pantalones Lobos
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Sat 23 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
Filling the screen is an close-up of a door. The fact that it is a door is inferred by the portion of a name plaque that is visible. The name plaque further identifies the door, though part of the plaque is offscreen. Behind the door marked "d Diamond" by the partially obscured plaque, some small pieces of a larger discussion can be heard. "You don't like the song?"
" Of course I..."
" do with it?..."
"...all you...some heat! Plus you need..."
"I'll try to... a mask?! No... not going... again..."
"You know, I can... just try some..."
The door begins to move, and the camera bounces wildly as it retreats down the hall. Focusing on the door, Pantalones Lobos walks out with his head down. Rather than sad, he appears to be concentrating as he moves with deliberate speed away from David Diamond's office. Moving at a fair clip, but not quite catching up, the camera follows Lobos as he makes two turns and enters a small office. Inside, Lobos hands a piece of paper to one of the desk jockeys. "David said we needed one of these, let me know which you get."
Walking past the cameraman without a second glance, Lobos heads to the media room. Outside the door, the in-use light is on. Lobos quietly opens the door and moves into a seat on the back row. The camera settles behind him, and then zooms to where the media room screen fills the view.
On the screen, Serena Di Scenza picks Nick Plissken up into an inverted facelock, then spins under Nick and forces his face into the mat. Then she grabs a chair and positions it in the ring before pulling Nick into position and planting Plissken's puss into the chair with a swinging reverse STO. Then she pins him.
Rob Peck climbs a turnbuckle, then leaps off and flies foot first into the shoulders of a prostrate Spartan. In agony, Spartan flips over. Rob picks Spartan up, and pulls him int a reverse fireman's slam. Then Spartan gets up as Peck seems to stagger, blood dripping from Rob's injured right hand. Spartan immediately spears him!
The blood on the mat concerns the referee, and he interrupts the wrestlers to check on Rob's hand, then goes to consult with the officials. Spartan is watching the ref, and Rob tosses himself off the ropes behind Spartan. With a good run, he jumps and grabs Spartan's head, dragging the olympian head first into the mat. Attempting a pin, Rob starts shouting at the referee. What he says can't be heard, but his mouth opens and closes in the definite rhythm on one, two, three.
Referee Vasquez is saying something to Hunter Cole, and Cole is nodding to the ref. Everest is on his knees, bleeding and clutching his crown jewels. The human Yeti struggles to get up, clearly in a lot of pain. Cole is circling the ring, and as Everest finally gets to his feet Cole grabs him from behind and throws in a backbreaker! Everest goes down hard, blood gushing down his face. Cole goes for a cover, and gets the three-count over Everest.
The camera zooms back out.
Pantalones Lobos has a yellow legal pad, about half of its sheets are covered in blue scribbles. As Lobos finishes his scribbling, he folds the legal pad in half and stuffs it into his shirt. Turning to leave, he looks at the camera for the first time, and smiles. "Karl Marx said 'History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.' I think both are entertaining, and I hope you agree. Otherwise, when you watch Sacrifice in Honolulu, you won't be entertained."
He takes a step or two towards the media room door before he turns back, and says, "think about it."

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Tyson Gunn
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Sun 24 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
After Monday Night Prime

Tyson sat the edge of an equipment crate, somewhere in the back hallways of the arena. He had a bit of a smug look as he looked at the camera and tipping his cap. " Ain't nothin' to worry 'bout folks, Plissken knocked me down with a helluva slick move, but your boy Tyson didn't go far. Just had this week off. Them rumours he put me out for awhile are far from true. Havin' an extra week to think about gettin' ready for Sacrifice has come in handy, since I've only had one tag match before."

He adjusted his seat, leaning back to cross his ankles and folding his arms across in front of his chest, " Took Nick's advice and been watchin' a fair bit of video on these Apex boys. Sorry boys, I ain't impressed. The barber and the Aussie got something I've wanted since I started wrestlin'. Ain't the title I figured to be goin' for, but bein' champ is bein' champ, and the tag belts ain't nothin to sneeze at. Especially when I got one of the top names of NEW watchin' my back with Jay as my partner."

He leaned in to the camera and his smile became a bit more predatory looking as he pulled a pair of Berkley's off his hat and slipped the sunglasses on, " Sorry boys, this ain't gonna be a walk in the park like when you took the titles from the cartoon combo. In fact I was thinkin' you might wanna forget the haircuts and worry about some dentist appointments after me an' Rondel knock your teeth back your throat when we take the belts from you. I just gotta meet the guy first." The screen faded as he got up from his seat.
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Sun 24 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
Mysti smirked as she sauntered out of backstage to the ring, her music playing in the background, placing her hand which held her microphone to her ear to take in the equal parts jeers and boos from the crowd. "My, oh my, oh my," she hissed back at the split crowd, her eyes dancing in amusement. "Look at all you here. Just to see me." She grinned and drew the mic back, letting the heat spill into the ring for a moment. "It is pretty great though, isn't it? The little puppy had more bite than I expected. Still has his milk teeth. He won't make it against Spartan." She shrugged, unconcered. "You know he still didn't send me flowers after Monday? The cheeky sod." She chuckled breathily into the mic, shaking her head as the crowd laughed with her. "All I can say is, if he ever has the balls to, he better bring me white tulips." Her eyes narrowed at the crowd when there was little reaction. "For all you simpletons out there, lemme give you a little hint. You give white tulips when asking for forgiveness. Little piece of advice for the next time you inevitably piss off your wives."

"So yes, yes, yes. I lost to Bragas Chihuaha last week on Prime." She spread her arms. "And yet, here I am." She smirked widely. "Despite what happened with Panties Dog, and despite that I think Spartan had a hand in it, you guys still just love me to pieces. Double D knows this. And as a man of the people, you have asked and you have received. Two weeks ago, I smashed Spartan into the mat. This week, there's another prince to conquer. Another spoiled little boy to destroy. Ramses... Plagues upon you. I got something to prove now."
Jay Rondel
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Tue 26 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
A camera is turned on facing the floor. The operator has clearly just decided he needs to get footage he didn't plan on seeing. The view swings up to show Nick Plissken standing at the counter of a rental car place. As all this happens Plissken can be heard talking to the woman behind the counter. He sounds agitated.

"So there's nothing you can do?"

"I'm sorry but the car you reserved never got returned."

"Well goddamn. I have to get to Buffalo in short order. I can see a car on the lot, give me that one. Me and Connor over there got a show to be at." He throws a thumb over his shoulder to point at the camerman.

"I'm sorry but that one is reserved."

"Well who the hell for? Maybe I can convince em to work out-"

He cuts off as Jay walks up to the rental desk, looking at his phone.  He glances up briefly, and when he has an attendant's attention, speaks up.  "Hey, I've got a reservation for a standard-size car?  Name's Rondel. I've got my confirmation here."

Jay looks around while he waits for the attendant to finish punching in assorted information and looks startled when he notices Nick and the cameraman.

"Hey Nick.  Picking up strays now?  You don't usually do entourages."

Plissken just gapes at Rondel as he walks right by him and starts talking to the woman behind the counter. When Jay speaks to him he replies, "Not usually but Connor here is the new kid on the camera crew. They decided to rib him by offering a ride and leavin' him behind. I told him he could ride with me."

Ty strolls into the rental agency, his suitcase dragging behind him as he looks at the counter attendant. "Hey Boss, I'm runnin' a little behind. Phone app says you got a bookin' for Tyson Gunn ready to..., " he trails off as he sees first Jay, then Nick, "well hell boys, funny meetin' you here. So Bud, we good to go or what?"

"Y'all are wastin' yer time these folks ran out of cars. They got one on the lot but its reserved for somebody else."

The rental car agent speaks up, "Actually the car we have is reserved for Mr. Rondel."

Plissken gives Jay a look. "I'm drivin'."

The  video jumps to a shot inside the rental car. Plissken got his way and is driving. Since the car was Jay's he's riding shotgun and Tyson Gunn is behind him. They ride in silence for a few seconds.

"Hey Connor, you realizin' what kind of opportunity you got here?" Ty says, leaning back from looking out the window and breaking the tension in the car. "You got who should be all three of NEW's champions after Sacrifice in one car, and no Wendy to steal the glory. I mean Jay and me'll deal with them Apex boys for the tag belts soon as we figger out a liddle teamwork, and even though  he thinks he's too good to share a couple a beers wit' me after we knocked the hell outta each other, I still think Nick's got a good shot at takin' Spartan's belt from him."

To show there was no hard feelings, he pats Nick's shoulder, "Give you credit, ain't no one figured out how to slip outta the Gunnslinger like that and hit me with a power move like that DDT at the same time like that."

"He's more of a whiskey guy Tyson.  But not a bad guy to knock back a couple with.  Especially when we got to split the tabs."  Jay smirks slightly, referring to his and Nick's unofficial wagers over their tabs for their last two matches.

He shakes his head when Tyson pats Nick's shoulder.  "If he weren't driving, you'd probably lose that hand man.  And it would be on film.  Not a great image for NEW."

"Come on now, he ain't gonna tear me apart just for givin' credit. Tyson replies with a shrug. "''sides, with the other three he has to dance with, I don't think he wants to waste energy dancin' with me before a slobberknocker like that's gonna be. Tempted to get tickets myself to sit up front to watch that one," Tyson grins.

Jay looks over at Connor and shrugs.  "He's right, you know.  Records aside, talent-wise, we've got three of the best goddam wrestlers walking the planet in here.  And while I'm not a fan of Everest taking my spot at Sacrifice, I can live with teaming with Tyson for the belts.  I haven't had too much trouble with Apex, but I owe Cole a solid ass-kicking for his interference in my matches with Ramses.  And the Pharaoh needs to be reminded again that I've looked upon his works, and I'm not even close to despairing."

"Ain't dealt with none of these Apex boys yet, but if we don't have to take on the whole herd of them, we hand their asses to them." He holds his fist up between him and Jay.

Plissken sits quietly as the two other wrestlers talk. He doesn't seem to be the type to find silence awkward.

He finally speaks up as the other two bump fists, "I would count on havin' to deal with the whole herd if I was y'all. And I had a beer with ya Gunn." He makes no comment on the removal of Tyson's hand.

"All right, I reckon you did have one so I can't fault ya there, Tyson replies to Nick.

"I ain't never fought Cole before but I've been in the ring with the rest of y'all and I have been watchin' Cole. You two definitely got a very good shot at winnin' the belts. Just be sure ya get that teamwork down pat. Maybe this little situation was a good thing fer y'all. Get some chemistry goin' and all that."

"I went against Cole.  He's a tough bastard.  But for all their bullshit, most of Apex are, one-on-one.  They're human though.  Get them in the ring, wear them down, watch each other's back for the cheap shot we know is coming.  And then that magic moment happens.  Where big, bad Apex turns into a couple of tough, but human guys.  And you and I have both taken out tough guys before.  So heads in the game, gold on our waists needs to be the mantra."

Gunn leans back and grins, If I'd known I was gettin' chauffeured around, I woulda brought a six pack. I ain't sayin' we got a walk in the park, but I think we'll be ready for any bull shit them boys try to pull. I've watched the videos of you and Cole, and Nick and Jack. Hell, I even watched a couple of Ramses' matches in case he's dumb enough to come for a visit before his tangle with that spitfire. I know we got our hands full Jay, but we got this. Come the end of the night, we're gonna be kickin' back on the beach  in Hawaii, admirin' the gold  we're bringin' home. Hell yeah.

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This promo brought to you by Plissken, Gunn and Rondel.  Enjoy!

Ramses XII
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
 Ramses is sitting on this throne somewhere backstage. As usual, the room he was in was made to look luxurious and worthy of a King like himself. He is holding a golden cup and idly swirling the liquid inside. The Pharaoh takes some time before he finally speak.

"As even the lowliest of peasant could tell you, Apex is the home of the very best in this business. You stand with Apex or you fall to ruin, it is just that simple."

 Ramses stared at his cup as he reversed the spin of the vessel.

"An invitation from Apex should be taken completely seriously and not taken lightly as we take great care to pick the right wrestlers."

 Ramses pays attention to the camera now as he looks to it and speaks again.

"Mysti Manning, I offer you an opportunity of a lifetime. After the Mob has made a sacrifice of Lavina and Lucius and after Apex has retained their tag team title, I will present you with a choice. You may join the esteemed ranks of Apex and rule this company as we do, or you may spurn my generous offer and be crushed into the dirt by the heel of my boot. Of course the decision is yours, but I trust you will make the wise one."

 Ramses stands and tosses the cup aside with a clang against the floor and no doubt spilling the contents.

 "Make no mistake, I will be winning either way. Your choice is if I alone will win or if we succeed together as Apex. I humbly await your reply at Sacrifice."

   Ramses spreads his arms and looks up to the heavens.

"Gaze on my works, ye mighty, and despair. My name is Ramses, King of Kings."

 Camera fades to black.
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Fri 29 Jul 2016
at 22:31
Sacrifice Promo #1
Everests music hits as the lights go down, the titantron fading up from black to Everest's white room. Unlike previous broadcasts, this seems to be a live feed. Everest is sitting on his customary metal chair, but one thing seems different. His usual stern, almost emotionless at times demeanour was nowhere to be seen. It was if he was holding back something, possibly rage. He looks into the camera.

"I have a few things I want to get off my chest. I wanted to do it here. Partly because this was the place where it all started, and partly because the things I want to talk about rile me up enough that I don't want to be in the crowd when it happens. You don't deserve to be hurt if I lash out."
His tone is carefully considered, with a touch of tension. "I will start with you Mr. Lobos, as I have the least to say. You may feel that you know us from previous matches, but the truth is that nothing stays the same. The only people who repeat the past are the people who do not learn from it, and I can tell you that all three of your opponents are not the same men that you saw on your screen. You will find this out first-hand at Sacrifice, and I hope that you survive it."

Everest pauses for a second, taking a few breaths, before continuing.
"And now to you, Mr. Plisken. You talk about Miracles, but you fail to recognise something about the ring that you hold so very dear to you. It is the place of miracles. And miracles don't come for the lazy or the arrogant, but those who give all they can when everyone doubts them and the weight of the world is put on their shoulders. Time and time again, those who have been written off rise beyond any expectation put upon them. They're called wannabes,  B+ players..." Everest waits for the Yes! chants to die down. "But the truth is that any dog can have their day, and I should know. It was a miracle that I survived the greatest mountain in the world, but that miracle was build upon the shoulders of everything that I did to prepare myself. So prepare yourself, Nick. And as for the DDT, It was mostly in homage to Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, but then, you probably already knew that well enough." He leaves the insinuation in the air as he stands up, pushing the chair aside.

"But my greatest gripe is with the words spoken by the Champion. You dare to belittle me based on something so unscientific as a win/loss ratio? To say that your worth is greater than mine because of a number! You don't know what it means to work for something. You like to talk about Apex, but before they arrived here you ran a similar racket. They aren't truly any different from you, besides competition."
Everest begins to pace, letting out his grievances, his voice streaked with anger and passion. "Yes, I have lost some bouts. Most of those were due to unfair circumstances, but leaving that behind I have grown as a wrestler. Every mis-step I have taken, every single punishment that has come my way. Every. bad. break. Yes, one time you may have been better than me. But you rest on your laurels, stagnating. You rage about the fans not giving you the credit you deserve, but do you see us say the same? You don't have the hunger that Nick or I have. And that is why I know that you won't be leaving here with the championship. I will do anything that I need to do to get that belt, but even if I come up short, I will have my pride and the knowledge that I have what it takes to be the best in this company."

"And why do I know that? Because I came from the bottom of the company to be here. I have moved mountains to get this shot. And you know that if you cannot move the mountain, you have the mountain come to you. It isn't based upon a need for gratification or power. So this I promise you all. At Sacrifice you will see the best match that you ever saw in your damn lives. There will be blood. And the best person will walk out of there as the NEW champion. It's as simple. as. that."

The lights cut out, leaving a spotlight over Everest's head.
"Nick. Spartan. Lobos. Everest. Our time is now. Don't dissapoint me." The spotlight cuts out, as we go to commercials.
Hunter Cole
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
 Hunter Cole is pacing back and forth backstage and talking to himself.

"I'm bloody screwed! I messed up bad and cost us the match last prime. I tranqed the boss for pete's sake! Now I can't find Riley anywhere. Who knows what the bossman will do to me if I lose again!"

 Hunter is clearly freaking out.

"Oh man, I have to deal with Rondel and Gunn all by me onesie? I might as well just hand them the tag belts and go into hiding in another country because Ramses is gonna kill me!"

 Hunter starts to pack a bag.

 "Hey! Wait a minute! I can just get myself disqualified and keep the belts. It's not perfect, but at least it would keep the titles in Apex. Then maybe I could sweet-talk Davy-boy Diamond to give me a new partner. Yeah, I can do that!"

 Hunter looks at the bag.

 "I better keep this packed, in case this doesn't work..."

 Hunter gulps and heads out toward the ring. The camera focuses on the bag before the camera fades to black.
Nick Plissken
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
July 25th Monday Night Prime. Manoa Hawaii.

Prime opens with a pyrotechnic display then a camera pans across the crowd. The arena is full of very excited Hawaiians. The islanders rarely get a big wrestling show in their town and they are therefore very pleased to be home to Monday Night Prime. There are also a few pockets of asian faces in the stands. Hawaii is much closer to Japan than the lower 48 and many Japanese wrestling fans have made the trip to see the hottest promotion around, Next Era Wrestling.

Adam Little welcomes the television viewers to the show, "Good evening everyone and welcome to Monday Night Prime! We've got a lot of great action for you tonight! We also expect to hear from many of the competitors about Sacrifice on this, the go home show before the big event."

Devin Danvers joins in, "That's right Adam. I can't wait to-"

He's cut off by Plissken's roar.

The crowd goes even wilder as he makes his entrance.

The camera scans the crowd once again while Plissken walks. In Japan the fans are normally quite reserved and respectful but being here among the rowdy Hawaiians has got them excited. The Japanese fans clearly love seeing their style of wrestling being used in an American company and have embraced the southern man as one of their own. They start up a heavily accented 'Plissken's gonna crush you' chant. Many of them have signs in kanji, and a few with pictures of Godzilla who's head is replaced by Nick's. But the Hawaiians are making the most noise, this looks to be one rowdy Prime.

"Damn what an ovation. We should come to Manoa more often." Plissken waits for the cheap-hometown-mention-pop to die down.

"Now let's get down to business. Crazybritches had a damn stroke of genius and started watchin' video to prepare. Not bad kid, not bad. Unfortunately you don't understand the point of it. Everybody forgets that there's more to that saying. 'Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.' Watchin' me lose a match and tryin' to do the same thing ain't gonna work. It might work on Spartan or Everest, I don't know, but personally I learn from my mistakes and the same trick rarely gets me twice. Smart wrestlers watch video of their opponent doing well. That's what I do. I wanna see you in the zone so I know how to take ya back out of it. Look for tells and all that. Like how right before that one move you do you hold yer body a certain way Britches. If I was you I wouldn't try that move on me. Oh wait, I didn't tell ya which one it was did I? I may enjoy helpin' y'all a little bit but I ain't gonna give everything away." A few laughs break out from that comment.

"So the mountain man does have somethin' to say. You misunderstand me boy. I didn't say it would take a miracle to beat me as a fancy way of sayin' its impossible, hell nothin's impossible. But if you wanna walk outta Honolulu with the belt you had best put the weight of the world up there and pull somethin' special off. 'Cause I ain't goin' down easy. People talk about you takin' hellacious beatin's and gettin' back up. And you damn sure have. But people musta forgot about that match I had against Di Scenza. Did you see the beatin' I took before she could pin me? Y'all will have to do even more than that at Sacrifice to keep e down. And I get the idea yer tryin' to say I stole the DDT from the Snake. Far from it. You may not've been here when I mentioned this before but I use that move 'cause Jake taught it to me. That's why people don't kick out of mine like they do the weak versions ever'body else uses. I'm the one honorin' Jake, he gave me that move when he saw potential in me back when I was a punk ass kid. You don't even do it the way the Snake invented it. Sunday night I'll show you the right way to do one, don't worry." Plissken pauses for a few seconds as the crowd cheers, slightly louder than before.

"Spartan, I've got a message for ya from my Mama. After she came to the show and watched us beat the ever lovin' hell outta each other she became a big fan. She wants ya to know that if I ain't champ she's glad its you. But she also wants to know why ya call yerself Spartan instead of Thomas like yer momma named ya.

"I wanna add that I really appreciate you and Mars helpin' her out that night. I'm gonna back up on what I said the other day. I'll always respect you, as a man, for that if for nothin' else. Havin' said that, Sparky you are one dumb son of a bitch. Do-"

He tries to continue his thought but after his 'dumb son of a bitch' comment the crowd explodes again. A lot of cheers and a lot if boos, both men are beloved by the NEW Crew.

"Do you really believe that I think I should be the champion just because I was here first? That's ass-backwards son. I was the first wrestler signed because I deserve to be the champion. When David Diamond decided to begin his own promotion and started lookin' for the best fighters around he didn't start with Serena Di Scenza. He didn't start with Rob Peck. He didn't go to Xander Mars, Jay Rondel, Pantalones Lobos, or Everest. He didn't even go to you first Sparky. He called up a man who went to Japan a nobody and became a cultural phenomenon. He went to a man who has trained his entire life to become the perfect wrestler. He chose a man who has spent more time in a ring than in a bed. He went to the Most Dangerous Man Walkin' this Earth. Nicholas E. Plissken. He came to me because he knows that I can throw this company on my back and carry it to the top. Not just the top of the wrestling world, but the top of the sporting world. Hell, to the top of the public's consciousness." Another round of raucous applause follows this declaration, Plissken is really whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

"I got some news for ya big boy, only three people have ever beat me too. They may not all be in a row but I do have more wins than you too. Yer right though, that title does belong around the waist of the baddest motherfucker alive. Sunday night at Sacrifice we will find out who that is."

Plissken drops his arm holding the microphone and turns as though he is about to leave the ring. He stops and puts the mic back in front of his mouth, "Spoiler alert: it's gonna be the same bad ass Dave went lookin' for when he started this company."

He throws the mic down and walks off.
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
As Nick finishes his promo, drops the mic and begins his way up the ramp, a sudden burst of cheering comes from one of the stands in the arena. The cheering continues, and moves closer and closer to the ring, as the camera crew hastily begin to move to see what the commotion was. It was Everest, who had been hiding in the crowd and is now making his move. He flips over the barricade, and under the ropes to where the microphone was. He picks it up.

"Wait a minute please Mr. Pliskin, I have more to say." he begins, aiming his words to get the attention of the Kaiju. "You misunderstood my words to you, I wasn't calling you a thief... per se." The audience is split by that remark, some cheering and others booing like crazy. There's even a 'You come down here and say that' audible. "We both respect The Snake, it's true. You've clearly learnt a lot from him, and if he saw potential in you then it must be there." He pauses. "But."

"Can you look into the mirror and tell me what you see? I understand that we want to mimic our idols, but to that extent? The way you dress, the way you speak, the way that you address the fans of the NEW, the way you wrestle, the signature move... It's all Jake Roberts. Every single element. So who are you, Mr Pliskin?". The cheering and the booing intensifies, the crowd is completely polarised now, some chanting for Nick and others for Everest.

"Because in the end, this battle is between you and me. One of us is walking out of here champion. Spartan has his head up his arse, and Lobos is too green. If it is you, then I know that at the end of the night I will be raising your hand and congratulating you. But to do it, you can't be Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Jr. You need to become your own man. I am not the smartest, or the strongest, but I know who I am. I am Everest, the british SOB who survived the impossible, fought Apex pretty much single handed and got up every time they ganged up on me and tried to put me down. I can punch with the best of them, kick like a mule. Heck, I can even do a hurricanrana if I'm pushed far enough."
"Oh come on, that's impossible." Devin interjects, as the crowd laughs at the concept.
"Let the man finish, Devin"
"But you all know that. It's nearly here. If you're not watching and don't have anything vitally important to do like getting married or having an operation then I don't know what's wrong with you. But I do know this: NEW is moving up a level, and after Sacrifice, nothing will be the same. And you know, it's a fitting name for a Pay-Per-View. Because out of everyone here, no-one has sacrified as much as I have for this sport. Nick, I'll see you Sunday."
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #1
The Metal Mob stand in front of a camera as the rest of Apex do their thing in the background.

Doom speaks first, "Hello Next Era Wrestling, it has been a while since you had the chance to hear my verbal razors. I have heard people asking why we would join Apex after the way Ramses beat us in our last match. Its simple really, being goody goodies wasn't taking us anywhere. But Ramses' tactics obviously worked. We decided that we would have to start doing whatever it takes to win."

"Oh yeah, no more looking at the ceiling for us," Crunch adds.

"Everest asked a very stupid question the other day, it looks like its up to us to explain things to the yeti. Cole and Riley are the champs. How is this confusing? Are you not sure if Spartan or Mars is the heavyweight champ? Just because someone runs with the champion it doesn't change who won the belts."

"Even I'm not that stupid."

"Anyway, Lucius James and Lavina. Thanks Mr. Diamond, we appreciate the easy win for our return to action."

Crunch snorts, "What kind of lame ass team is that anyway? They don't exactly have a friendly history and I could beat either one one of em with my eyes closed anyway."

"Not much else to say except

Killing is our business..."

"And business is good."
Nick Plissken
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Sat 30 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #3
Plissken stands with his arms crossed and listens to what Everest has to say. He smirks as Everest says that every aspect of his game is based on Jake Roberts. He actually leans back and roars with laughter at the Jr. comment.

After Everest is finished Plissken leans through the ropes and asks for another microphone.

"Since I came to NEW you are the first person to come stand in the ring with me and try to put me in my place. So congrats on the mountain sized nuts you must be carryin' around. But 'try' is the key word. Do I sound a little like the Snake? Yes, but I ain't puttin' on no show, this is just how I talk. Maybe Jake saw some similarities there and that's why he liked me, I don't know. While I appreciate you tryin' to compare me to one of the all-time greats if you think the way I wrestle is in anyway similar to his you were right when you said you ain't the smartest, a long way from the top in fact. Half the moves I use are suplex variations that Jake never used. Actually, besides the DDT I'm not sure there's a single move we both use.

"So, if yer tryin' to throw me off by sendin' me into some kind of personality crisis, you ain't only barkin' up the wrong tree, yer in the wrong damn forest. I know exactly who I am. In fact I just spelled it out a minute ago."

The smirk finally disappears from Plissken's face and is replaced by a scowl. One that is a little deeper than the usual one he walks around with.

"Now the next bunch of shit you spewed actually annoys me though. Nobody has sacrificed more than you for this sport? You wanna come into a ring that I'm already in and say that? Never mind mountain sized nuts, you must have gonads with thier own gravitational pull they're so big. I've detailed the way I got here before so I'll give the short version. I haven't had a life besides wrestling since I was 12 years old. I don't own a home or even have a place I rent because I've lived on the road for the last 15 years. I've never had any other kind of job or a steady girlfriend. The day my Mama and my brother came to Prime was the first time I'd seen 'em in years, since my Daddy's funeral actually. Which I barely made because I was in Japan the day he died. I hadn't talked to 'im for a few weeks when he went, I never got to say goodbye. I've never done anythin' like climbin' a mountain 'cause I don't have time for hobbies, I'm always too busy whoopin' some ass.

"If I went back to do it all again I wouldn't change but one thing. I'd call home more often before Pop died. I don't even really consider all those things sacrifices. This business is my life and I'm glad it is. Like another all time great used to say, I'd rather fight a man than love a woman."

Plissken throws down his microphone and shouts loud enough to be heard anyway, "See ya Sunday," before leaving for the locker room.

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Sydney J. Warcup
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
As soon as Nick Plissken goes to the locker room, the crowd gets a surprise: Sydney J. Warcup squirms out from under the ring.  He climbs into the ring with the confidence that you can only get by being the only one there.

"Nick Plissken!" Sydney says with an immense grin.  Say what you want about him, but he does keep his teeth perfectly clean. "Such a lovely speech... I truly was touched, especially the part about how the originality with which you wrestle."  After touching his heart, a confused look comes over him: he is obviously reacting to the crowd's booing.  "What's that?  Are you man-cretins in the audience befuddled?  Why, I don't have a match scheduled with Nick Plissken."  In a stereotypical hick voice, he continues.  "Dang, why's he talking to him then?"

He does a little strut across the ring, as the audience expresses its displeasure.  "It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, stuck inside an enigma.  If I'm not scheduled to wrestle Nick Plissken, why am I investing valuable promo time discussing him?  Why not do something more typical, and, you know... talk about my opponents?"  His voice drops to a whisper.  "I'll tell you why."

His face swells with rage, as he runs to ring post.

"Because my so-called opponents are such losers, such misogynists, such pathetic slave-owning scum, that they aren't even worthy of my attention!"

The crowd roars with disgust, and a profane chant begins.

"But you, Nick Plissken.  You are worthy of my attention.  Barely worthy, but worthy nonetheless.  You say... what was that again?  You'd rather fight a man than love a woman?

"I'll start with the obvious: if you never end up loving a woman, it's obviously because no self-respecting woman will have anything to do with you.  And if fighting man is what you aspire to, I have to tell you, brother... that dumb lug, Everest, doesn't qualify.  That's a geographical feature, not a man."

Sydney J. Warcup chuckles, infinitely amused by his own wit.

"The gay-bashing moron does have a point, though: without Jake Roberts, you wouldn't have a wrestling style.  You say you only use one of his moves... the DDT.  Are you kidding?  You probably couldn't go to the bathroom, if you hadn't watched a VHS tape you bought off EBay of Jake Roberts doing it.  Compared to you, Jake Roberts is GOD.  But to me, he'll never be anything but a broken down crackhead."

The audience roars in disgust as Sydney snickers.

"I think Freud would have a thing or two to say about a guy who brings a big snake with him to the ring.  And you'll never be one tenth of the man that insecure has-been was on his worst day.  Anyhoo, have fun watching me beat the crap out of Bill and Cosby, or whatever their names are.  Just remember, Plissken: you are not safe."

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Pantalones Lobos
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
As "KFC O'SANDERS burger IT'S IRISH -ish #sorrynotsorry" fades out, Pantalones Lobos jogs from a dark hall to reach out and tap an usher on the shoulder. Into the usher's hands, he thrusts a bouquet with a card. The usher nods, and carries his armload of white tulips, purple violets, calla lilies, mullein and red daisies away.
Before anything else happens, two wooden ships from the days of iron men are on screen, explosive flashes of smoky light attesting to the hurling of large metal balls between the ships. Suddenly, on board the ship, the apparent pirate captain suggests to his men that they feed the captured ships captain to the sharks. The sentiment is echoed by a large parrot on the pirate's shoulder, apparently because repeating what people say is what parrots do. A point the commercial goes on to make, before reminding everyone about their product.
When the show returns, Pantalones Lobos is headed into the arena as Warcup walks out. Lobos raises a hand as if to hail the newcomer, but thinks better of it and walks on in. As he passes through the doors, starts playing. Lobos stands a moment and listens before he shrugs and walks on down to the squared circle. Jumping over the top rope after running up the stile, he saunters to the abandoned microphone and picks it up. Just as the singer intones "can't take what you owe. To own a body you got to own a soul" Lobos nods. The music fades and he smiles and says, "ain't it the truth."
"I've got little to say, here tonight, because I think you'll be more entertained by the action that follows. No matter how many times they say it, even the ones holding the belts know the pinnacle of their career is not winning a championship. Those guys with the belt, they get from five to fifteen minutes to show you people out there a good time. THAT is what we're here for."
"That's where most of my opponents get it wrong. When I climb into the ring for that fatal four way, I'm not going to be focused on what move I put on Spartan, or Plissken, OR Everest. I'm going to be looking for an opening to do something that will make the heart of everyone watching post a few extra beats a minute. I'm not going to figure out the fastest way to get one of the other three wrestlers down on the mat. I'm looking for the move that will make at least one person in the crowd gasp. Make no mistake, I'm not saying I won't try to win. But in a choice between winning and hearing one person in the crowd scream 'oh, no', I'm going to choose to hear the crowd."
"My opponents are not some of the best in the NEW."

Lobos has to stop til the crowd calms down enough to hear more.
"Similarly, my opponents are not the best they had to offer here at this time."
Once again, Lobos waits for the crowd to settle.
"My opponents are the best there is at what they do,
                                ...and so am I."
"So when we get into it on Sacrifice, you need to be watching. 'Cause, I'll tell you the truth, if I weren't in the thing, I'ld be watching, too."

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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
As Everest walks through the backstage area, he hears the angry voice of Wendy aimed directly at him.
"What the hell!" She shouts at him as she runs up, with Joe the Cameraman directly behind her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Everest looks past her to the camera, and makes a note that the light is on; he isn't sure if Wendy knows that. He looks back to her and sighs.

"I was doing what everyone does. It wouldn't be professional wrestling if.."
"No, not that bit!" She interjects, "Why did you upset Nick about his family!" Everest seems to lose his cool a little.
"Oh yes, of course. Mr. Pliskin has the monopoly on tough life circumstances. How could I be so silly to suggest that someone else might have sacrificed their lives for something..." There's a silence for a couple of seconds.

"Everest..." There's another pause "James... What happened?" Everest sighs again and slumps onto a nearby bench, seemingly too pre-occupied to get cross at her for saying his actual name.
"I don't regret my past, but it wasn't as if I had any choice in the matter. My childhood was a mixture of home-schooling, homework, climbing lessons, piano lessons and eventually gym-work. I had no friends really. And when I was old enough to move onto University, I just couldn't break out of the expectations put on me. So I went, studied and worked out. Worked out and studied. Until that fateful day when I graduated, and that mountain had my name on it." He takes another long pause, as the backstage area stays eerily silent. "So Mr. Pliskin's assertation that I focussed my life on a hobby is completely inaccurate. It was my life. I had to sacrifice my time, my happiness, friendship... and then when I fulfilled the dream, I had to sacrifice my body to survive on the frozen wasted."

"It was only when I finally escaped that hell, and stepped into a ring when I finally realised that I was doing something that I wanted to do. That Professional Wrestling would be my life. And when I came to NEW, heard the roar of the crowd and fought some of the best in this business and despite myself maybe even made a few friends, I knew I was home." Everest now begins to look directly at the camera. "So Nick, if you're watching, I'm sorry if I touched a nerve; I'm not the only one to have sacrificed things. But you know deep down that there is more to us than the titles we hold or the sport we love. We're not Spartan. And I hope that at Sacrifice we enter as equals, have the fights of our lives, and whatever the outcome that we leave with mutual respect." He finishes, and stands up ready to leave. "OK Joe, you can turn the bloody camera off now" The screen goes black.
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
NEW News Update.
Iskandros Gym.

Wendy Reed stared at the camera, her face immaculate, her hair tied in a knot. Wearing an elegant pink suit she drew quite a few stares as she waited outside a gym. Around her dozens of people did the same, they all waited. Women, children, all of them wearing black shirts with a stylized Greek helmet, all anticipating the arrival of the champion, who reportedly had been training at this gym all afternoon.
Cheers started as the gym doors opened. The moment they had been waiting for had arrived. As all the fans tried to get closer to catch a glimpse of their hero, suddenly the cheers stopped.
The door to the gym had opened, and out came… Upperman.
What in the name of all Olympian gods was that man doing here? Fans were shocked, calling the chubby man names even as his odour swept through the crowd.
Wendy quickly stepped forward to investigate.

“Blake Upperman. Judging by the reactions around us I can safely assume nobody has expected to see you here.” Louder boos erupted from the crowd. “Care to explain why you are here? Have you come to give Spartan a hard time again?”

“Au contraire, Wendy dearest,” Upperman replied in mocked french. His suit, ill fitting and a tad bit short,  was stained under the armpits and seemed wet. Camera Joe reeled back in what could only be a reaction to the man’s smell. “Au contraire. Its french for just the opposite, just so all you inbred fools know. I am here to assist MY client in his upcoming title match.”

“You have a client in the coming match?”
Wendy felt another scoop coming. “Who might that be? Have you been able to convince Lobos to sell his soul to you?”

“Seriously Wendy, I think you have a wrong idea of me. I do not trade souls. I create champions. I realise most of you people at NEW do not grasp that concept, but you can trust me when I say MY client is the only true champion.”

“Our true champion is Spartan,” Wendy snapped at the chubby manager. He was already getting under her skin.

“But of course he is,” Upperman smirked. “Especially now that he is back where he belongs. Under the care of the only one that has the power to see all angles, and to plan all contingencies. Me! Blake Upperman, manager of the Stars. Manager of the Champion.”

“What are you talking about?” Wendy looked shocked. Spartan, back with Upperman? That was impossible.

“Like I said, I am here to assist MY client. Lately he has been, how do I say this… Slacking? Everest so politely pointed this out over the past few days, and I think he himself has also realized this. So he called me. The only one that understands him.”

“This has to be a joke,” Wendy nearly cried. “He would never fall for your schemes again.”

“Its no scheme Wendy dearest,” Blake laughed at her shocked expression. “It is very much the only solution. Lately Spartan has become soft. He has let that club of people around him, that woman DiScenza, that idiot Peck, the animated animator Otawhatnot, you… he has let all of you get into his head. It’s a good thing Mars and he called me. So he is now inside, doing what he should have been doing all along. Training, working hard, and ignoring all you people.”

Wendy looks at Joe, trying to figure out what is going on. By the look on her face he immediately knows she is about to do something bold. And indeed she does. With all her might she pushes Upperman out of her way and storms towards the gym. Joe begins to run after her, but both of them are quickly blocked at the door.
Mars bars their way, his massive size blocking the door entirely.
He simply shakes his head as he guides both Wendy and Joe back behind the barrier. Upperman watches and laughs.

“Spartan will not be seeing you, or anyone else Wendy. He needs to focus so tomorrow he can do what he does best. Destroy his opponents.“ Blake locks eyes with Wendy. “He will not be seeing you now, not tonight, not ever again. He has no time for that. He will still be champion tomorrow, and he will work hard to stay champion forever. So you, and all you people,” He waves to indicate the fans, that listen on in silent shock and rage, “You all are distractions. And MY client, our champion, does not need distractions.”

“You dare call me a distraction?”
Wendy replies, furious.

“Not me Wendy dearest. I would not dare call such a lovely woman a distraction. It was our champion, Spartan. Spartan called you a distraction. And he is right. Also, he is done with distractions.”
Upperman tries to look sympathetic, failing completely. “So let us just cut through all this bullshit Wendy. You are a reporter, not a harlot. Harlots swarm across champions like flies. They are also distractions. Reporters are a necessary evil. We need them for the exposure. We need reporters to build an image. So report.”

For a moment Wendy seems to be collecting her thoughts. Then she gathers herself, straightens her shoulders, and shoves her microphone up Upperman’s face, ‘accidentally’ hitting his nose.
“Blake Upperman, your client Spartan stands to lose his title tomorrow. What are your thoughts on the subject?”

Upperman reacts as tears fill his eyes from the blow to his nose. He keeps a steel face nonetheless. “Spartan will retain his title Wendy, and I will tell you why.” He stares at the camera, addressing the fans directly.
“Our champion will face three men tomorrow that all three, in their own right, could be champions. They probably would be champions, if it were not for the fact that the current champion simply just cannot be beaten by them. Nick Plissken, although a great fighter, just lacks the strength, the pure power, to take down the champ. Everest has that power, but he lacks speed, lacks technique. And Lobos… well… Who the hell is Lobos anyway? He lacks just about everything. Strength, speed, technique, fanbase, experience. He even lacks a mask.”
Upperman shrugs as the fans boo him.
“Tomorrow you will all see exactly why Spartan became the champion, and why he will remain the champion. Under my guidance, where he belongs, he is the best there is. There is just nobody out there that is any better, no matter who or what they sacrificed.”

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Xander Mars
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #2
Camera Joe tries balancing himself on a stool, so he can get a correct angle on the face of Xander Mars. The seven foot warrior has a laugh on his face as the camera-man awkwardly balances himself on one leg, trying hard to keep standing.
Besides the Roman Wendy Reed looks at her que-cards, still somewhat upset at the reveleations bestowed upon her earlier by Blake Upperman.

“Good evening sports fans. I am Wendy Reed, and with me half of the tag team Sons of Olympus and Upperman client, Xander Mars. Xander has agreed to answer some questions concerning the upcoming Sacrifice PPV. Xander, you are facing two new wrestlers, one of them with the same name as yourself. How did you prepare?”

“I do indeed, don’t I?”
Mars chuckled. “Well, I guess I prepared in the gym then, sparring with my mate Spartan. He has the more important match coming Sunday, and he actually needed that training. For me, its just a hobby.”

“Don’t you think the two rookies might team up on you. Surely you have made a battle plan?”

“A battle plan. Good idea. I need to get one.”
The Son of Olympus shrugs. “How bout this? They come into the ring, I smash their brains in, I win. Sounds good right?”

“You take this rather lightly it seems,”
Wendy stated, annoyed to no end.

“They gave me two rookies to smash around. What’s to take serious about that? What have we, a Xander-2 nobody has seen yet, and a Stinky Pee Rotgrub, who seems to be worried more about Nick Plissken than his upcoming match. I have taken a minute or so to google-fu the both of them this week, but hardly anything came up. I have no idea why DD put them in NEW, but I will gladly kick them back out if needed.”

“This past week the Sons of Olympus have been in the news mostly because of your tag partner Spartan. It seems you both have accepted the management of Blake Upperman again. Why is that?”

“No comment,”
Mars spoke matter-of-factly.

“Xander, why has Spartan asked Blake Upperman for help?”

“No comment,” the roman stated again.

“Why hasn’t he contacted any of his friends if he needed help?” Wendy began to sound agitated.

“Again, no comment,” Mars replied. “I agreed to answer questions concerning me and my match. Questions concerning you and your ex boyfriend should be directed at our manager. So we either talk about Stimpy Gee Hickup and Xandy, or I walk away.”

“But Xander,” Wendy tried a more pleading tone, “He won’t answer my calls, he hasn’t been in his hotel room all week, and Blake refuses to allow anyone an interview. How am I supposed to ask him?”

“All I can say is ask Upperman,” Mars shrugged. “Spartan needed to regain his focus. He has now. Tough luck.” The big roman walks out of frame, pushing Joe as he passes. The camera drops backwards, showing the ceiling and the rafters now.

“Xander, talk to me! Get back here!”
Pantalones Lobos
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 Nobody gives me respect,
 so I pay back in kind.
Sun 31 Jul 2016
at 20:55
Sacrifice Promo #3
As the picture fades in, Wendy's voice does as well, intoning, "...head told me to report, so that's what I'm going to do. Just do your job, and let me worry about mine."
Wendy can be seen, now, and she turns away from the camera to jog towards the backstage door just as they open. "PANTALONES! uh, Mr. Lobos!"
Stopping in front of Wendy, he nods at her and grins, saying, "that's one part of changing my name that worked. Can't nobody yell at me without sounding foolish."
"What can I do for you, Miss?"

Wendy scowls a bit, before she goes on, "You're not gonna send me flowers, or anything, are you"
Shaking his head, Lobos waves away the suggestion, "if I send flowers, it means I think they were earned, nothing more."
Lightening, Wendy says, "fine. Here's what, I think, the public would like to know. Prior to your appearance at N.E.W., you weren't the most stable of wrestlers. I've heard numerous times that after winning a match, you would grab a foreign object and beat your defeated opponent with it. Worse, I understand that there were matches in which you were disqualified, for biting. The gentleman who was your agent said something about you being 'the angriest man he ever met'."
"Now, there's been a lot of things said about your next match. For instance, Nick Plissken openly belittled your preparations, and I believe he even gathered a laugh at your expense. Doesn't that make you mad."

"No, not at all. Of course he belittled my training, and my prowess; these days they call that 'talking trash' and it's supposed to give you a psychological edge. The hard part is not believing the faults you attribute to your opponents. If you believe they're as bad as you say they are, you won't expect them to be difficult. I'll even give Nick kudos for remembering the Santayana quote, except, he missed the Marx."
Lobos is tight-lipped, obviously hiding his mirth. Wendy is not amused, or possibly oblivious. In any case, she goes on, "what about Everest? Despite the time you spent below the border, he referred to you as 'green'. That doesn't make you mad?"
"Of course not. You talked to them down south. You know I've been called much worse than anyone in N.E.W. has ever said. Sticks and stones, and you know it. What are you really after?"
What part of the picture changes is almost impossible to see. Perhaps it's a change in the tension around Wendy's eyes; perhaps the muscles pulling her mouth into a smile become more relaxed while the smile doesn't fade. What is seen is that Wendy has arrived at her intended destination. "What about Spartan? He said you would go out first, and quickly. Then he said there wouldn't be much of a battle between the other two as he would finish them off quickly as well. He even stopped talking to his fans so he could train harder to make the match go quickly. It's like he doesn't care about the spectators, at all!"
Lobos begins to look a little tense, "All four of us could've said those things, that means nothing. I think you're trying to make me angry. You shouldn't do that, because I'm not going to be mad. Not because of something my opponents said, not because David Diamond expects me to, not for anyone in this business or in that ring."
"When I was little, my brother and I had scarlet fever. The nearest hospital was hours away, and dad couldn't afford it, anyway. We laid in bed, packed with icy water bottles, and watched my dad's old videos. As we laid there, seeing things that weren't there, crying in pain, and sometimes terror, the only thing we could focus on to get away was the battle in the ring."
"I've NEVER forgotten that. I get in that ring and I go as hard as I possibly can. You see, win, lose, or draw, whole, broken, or bleeding, good or bad, every minute in the ring is another minute that little boy I used to be gets to not think about how much he hurts, or why his brother is screaming, or why his mother won't come back!"
"I'm not out there wrestling for money. I don't care about belts! Or standings! Or how much of a self-aggrandizing, addle-pated, neanderthal the next guy is! I wrestle like a madman because that's what it takes for that sick little boy to keep his mind off the living hell of his life! I WRESTLE FOR ME!"

Wendy stands, eyes and mouth open, as if the microphone were a gun that had gone off accidentally.
Lobos takes a deep breath, and says, "I'm sorry. I can't let myself be angry. I'll see those guys in the ring, and we'll all do our best. It should be a helluva show!"
Then he walks away.
Jack 'Union Jack' Riley
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Sun 31 Jul 2016
at 21:52
Sacrifice Promo #3
Riley watches in silence as Cole packs his bag, adding several illegal goodies in case he needs to cause a disqualification. Slowly the British Barber, the Queen of Queens, sneaks up on his tag team partner, hearing him curse as he thinks the brit is missing.

“Oi, lighten up Boyo!” he speaks, loudly, as he is right behind the Apex Hunter. Cole, startled, turn and immediately takes a swing at the Gentlemen’s Gentleman. Riley manages to quickly dodge the blow before laughing out loud.

“Where the hell have you been?” the Hunter inquires, not at all amused.

Riley states with a grin. “Working on me tan. And besides that, Manchester had a friendly match there. So I went to go an see it.”

“We have a title defense this Sunday idiot!”

“Aye, we do,”
the barbaric barber agrees, “And we can finish that off quickly and be back home in time to watch the Liverpool match on sat-tv.”

“Those two aint like your groupies, they aint pussies ya know,” Cole states as he tosses a stun gun into his bag. “They might not have worked together yet, but they know what they are doing.”

“And we do not? Then how did we win that title in the first place?”

“Sure we do, but with Avery gone we have to figure out some new tactics. This is an entirely different match-up. These guys are unpredictable.”

“Simple, we kick their asses and get home before the Liverpool match rerun starts. I think I just told you that.”

“Silence, both of you! You are making a mockery of us. Of Apex.” the voice of Ramses fills the room. The King of Kings stands in the doorway, the two new Apex members flanking him. “These two will advise you both on how to properly work as a tag team. They have done so for years now. Crunch and Doom have told me they can get you up to speed, and they have offered to help out. So sit down and listen. And you, camera… Begone!”

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Sun 31 Jul 2016
at 22:38
Sacrifice Promo #3
"Good evening wrestling fans, and welcome to NEW Sacrifice." The voice of Adam Little booms through the arena, where the fans in attendance have seen what is most likely the best PPV NEW has aired since their beginning.

"We have had a hell of a show so far, and the best is yet to come. It is almost time for the main event!" Devin Danvers chimes in.

"Tonight four men will enter the arena for the most covetted price of all, the NEW heavyweight championship."

"Down in the arena we can already see Nick Plissken, Pantalones Lobos and Everest. They are now waiting for the champion to arrive. If he has the guts to show up that is."

"Ofcourse he will show up Devin. Its the champ!"

The arena lights fade. A single spotlight above the arena stays on, where the crowd can see all three challengers turning towards the stage and entrance.
Strobe lights start flashing blinding anyone staring directly at the titantron. Then suddenly they stop, and the titantron itself comes to life. It begins showing footage of Spartan, his first matches in NEW, his first wins, and his bond with his manager, Blake Upperman. The reel has been edited to show them both together nearly every other frame. The reel ends with Big red letters. It reads: Thomas Spartan.
The speakers join in now.

"This is new, are we sure its Spartan coming out?"

"Told you he wouldn't show. What the hell is this noise?"

The titantron goes black as the edges of the stage seem to suddenly erupt into flames. The entire arena bathes in warm orange light for a moment, before falling to complete and utter darkness.

"Its music Devin. Or so they say. Must be a new entrance theme. He uses his first name now too. Thomas."

On stage a single man appears. His hair messy and covering most his face, he is wearing black fatigues and combat boots, a black shirt and black gloves. When the crowd sees the greek helmet logo on his shirt they start to cheer. Carefully, reluctantly, as he wears no gold around his waist.

"Its the champ! The champ is here!"

"What on earth have they done to him? Where is his belt? And his beard?"

Spartan raises his head to gaze upon the crowd. Black lines accent his eyes, his stare cold as ice. He shows no reaction to the crowd. Instead, his gaze returns to the floor. The only thing indicating he is indeed Spartan is the golden belt hanging off the shoulder of the small, chubby man to the side of the stage. Blake Upperman confidently strides towards the arena, the championship belt on his shoulder. Behind him, Spartan follows, his gaze again fixed to the floor, lost in total focus. The crowd reacts with mixed feelings, booing Upperman, cheering Spartan, but most just remain silent.

"An abomination Devin, Upperman should not be carrying that belt!"

"I think it suits him Adam. Look, he even bought a new suit."

As both men reach the arena Upperman hands the belt to Vasquez. Spartan ignores the referee completely as he enters the ring. His eyes lock on each of his opponents for a moment before he removes his shirt and tosses it below the bottom rope and out.

The lights in the arena return back to normal, showing all four warriors fully ready to go.

"Spartan seems to have reinvented himself Devin. There is no telling what we can expect now."

"We have four of the best in that ring Adam. There is no telling what will happen tonight, but I am sure we are in for a hell of a fight!"

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Tyson Gunn
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Mon 1 Aug 2016
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Sacrifice Promo #3

Tyson was first to the ring as the Van Halen echoed through the arena. He made his way around the ring, high fiving fans until he got to the commentators table. With a wink, he put his ballcap on the head of a young fan, then grabbed a microphone despite Devin Danver's protests.

  He dove under the bottom rope before springing to his feet, all smiles to be at his first pay per view. He edged on the cheers as he turned around in the center of the ring, then he turned on the mic, "Hey, cut the music."i

As the music stopped, he listened to the fans, soaking it all up. He hopped up to sit on the top turn buckle facing the stage and looking back and forth at the fans. " Y'all enjoyin' yourselves tonight?"

He smiled as the crowd got louder with a series of cheers. Ty nodded. "Well all right." He hopped down and began circling, looking out over the crowds, " Me too. Now I'm still fairly new here at Next Era, so I don't know all that  goes on 'round here. However, I do know one thing. These Apex boys don't know what they're in for tonight. So maybe I should fill them in, or maybe I'll just let my partner fill them in what they're in for when we stomp a mudhole in their asses and take those titles away from them."

He turned to face backstage and held the microphone out as Jay's music began to play, smirking as the cheers erupted.

As the opening strings of the now-familiar "Wherever I may roam" began to play, Jay walked out on the ramp.  He quickly cut off his own music and strode down to the ring.  As he rolled in under the ropes, there was a hint of a smile on his face, but otherwise, he was all business.  He took the mic from Tyson and nodded to him.

"You all know who i am, and so does Apex.  You've seen what I'm about.  i walk down to this ring, night after night, and I bust my ass, day after day.  Maybe Riley thinks this is a great joke, or a cakewalk.  Maybe Cole takes us seriously, but thinks that Apex will back him up, or he'll get some secrets from the Metal Mob."

Jay walked up to Tyson and pushed his chest lightly with a hand.

"You know what man?  To hell with it.  Cole, Riley, here's our secret, unpredictable strategy.  I'm going to walk to the center o this ring, and i'm going to do my goddam best to stretch you and throw you around until you can't take it anymore.  And if i need help, I'm going to play nice with Gunn here, and let him throw you around and stretch you.  You two came here to prove a bullshit point and make everyone think you're better than them.  We know we're good, and we know that these people will see it, day  in and day out  Walking out of here with the tag team championship will just remind everyone watching, in their seats and their houses that hard work pays off.  Good luck Riley and Cole, you're going to need it."

Jay tossed the mic back to Tyson and strutted to stretch, readying himself for their match. Ty looked at the mic and raised it, then smirked and said  "Nah." before tossing it out of the ring towards the commentators ringside before climbing up to sit on the turnbuckle to wait for Apex to come to the ring.