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Wed 21 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
There is a large, brightly painted box in the middle of the ring.  The crowd chants, 'Open it!  Open it!'

Then the lid flies off, and who comes out?  Our hero, Sydney J. Warcup!

"Were you expecting a Jack in this box?  Sorry to disappoint you, cretins.  Jackie boy isn't in the box... yet."

A fat, bald man in the front row holds a sign reading, go back to San Fran.

"But I promise you, ladies and germs, that at Devastation, I will grind up that hamburger-flipping lowlife into a loosemeat (BLEEP!) hole casserole.  What's left of him, I'll stuff into this box, and bury in a parisian cesspool.  That means, somewhere in Paris, for you white bread, cross-burning, short bus riding hillbillies in the audience."

Judging by the boos, that particular demographic seemed to be well represented in the arena.

"I really have nothing more to say.  Jack off on your own time, Jackie-o, because I'm coming to beat the living crap out of you, not eat Cracker Jacks.  Hey, want to hear a nursery rhyme?  I just made it up."

The crowd is chanting 'go away, go away!' but Sydney doesn't seem to notice.

"Jack and Jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of slaughter; then Sydney beat the hell out of Jack, and Jill laughed like she was his own daughter. Boh!"

Sydney bows.

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Thu 22 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
The camera shows a man arriving in the headquarters of the Next Era Wrestling. He's an enormous man that's wearing black clothes. His hair is short and brown. A scar crosses his left eye vertically. As he walks, his fingers constantly pull an invisible trigger, as if he were in the middle of the battlefield. His brown eyes observed anyone who passed by him, as if he was trying to discover who are his allies and enemies. It's monday and he's on the Next Era Wrestling to finalize and sign his contract.

The camera shows the man watching the Monday Night Prime promos. The TV shows the instant where the current NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Spartan, made an open challenge. At that point, the man complained. "If only this goddamn contract was ready earlier, I would've gone there."

The man keeps watching, curious to see who's going to jump at the chance. He was expecting chaos. A chance to fight the current champion is something a lot of people want. However, something happened on the show that made the man furious. And made him question if it was a good deal for him to sign with NEW. When he heard about his match on Devastation, the man became even more furious. Not only he wasn't allowed to wrestle that night, but he'll need to wrestle someone that's not Spartan.

The camera cuts. It's monday. The camera is now showing the man in the locker room. He's no longer with that professional look from the other day, but wearing the attire he likes to use when it comes to wrestling: a pair of boots and long pants. Without the shirt, it's possible to see that the man has a lot of tattooes in his body. On one shoulder, there's one tattoo of Holy Michael, the archangel, holding an assault rifle, together with the prayer to St. Michael¹. The whole prayer is tattooed on his right shoulder and arm. On his left shoulder, a tattoo of a skull wearing a military helmet that bears the name of Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Also, it is possible to see that the man has a small collection of scars around the body, whose built reminds a wild animal, with the chest muscles bulging and with balls of strength on his biceps. His body tells the story of a survivor, of someone that, at some point, went to hell and returned alive. On his neck, a small collar with some dogtags.

It's Monday Night Prime and Pharaoh Ramses and Everest were having a match. When Everest was running the ropes to deliver a lariat, the tattooed man entered the ring out of nothing, hitting him with a big boot. Right after dropping Everest on the ring, the tattooed man kneeled close to him and delivered a lot of punches. The man was sending a message to David Diamond and the Next Era Wrestling. It was a mistake to book him against Everest. He didn't sign with NEW to fool around. Before leaving the ring, the man lifted Everest from a deadlift position, making him sit on his shoulder, and then slammed him down with authority on the ring. Warfare's message was sent, so the man left the ring.

The camera cuts again. It's now live in the NEW arena. The one who attacked Everest is back and he's walking to the ring in order to address the public and speak about the recent events. When the man starts walking to the ring, the camera follows him. The titantron starts to show images of explosions. It is like a fist of orange fire wanted to punch its way out of the titantron. As the music hits (, the titantron presents the name Warfare to the public. As he walks towards the ring, he doesn't interact with the public, who doesn't know exactly how to react at him given he's a new face in the promotion. As he walks, he continues to pull that imaginary trigger with the right hand.

The first thing he does inside the ring is to scream at the people outside. "Give me a goddamn mic!". With the mic in hand, the takes some seconds to observe the fans and finally starts to speak with them. "Before we start this introduction game, I want to address something. You see, I wasn't ready to wrestle on monday, when this happened."

Warfare points to the titatron. There, everyone can see the open challenge Spartan made on a Monday Night Prime promo. When the video ends, Warfare continues:

"The words 'Open Challenge' are sweet music to my ears, because I'm not here to fool around like an idiot. But my goddamn contract wasn't signed yet, so I couldn't do nothing. It's okay. Shit happens. But I kept watching the show, to see who was going to answer that challenge. See, I expected to see people going on the champ's face."

Warfare's expression is one of an angry man. "No. One. Answered. The. Challenge." He says, very slowly, one word at the time, as if presenting a revolting situation. "No one answered the goddamn challenge! No one went there to get in the champ's face! What the hell was that? No one likes the goddamn champ? Is the locker room made by a band of kids? Explain to me, please, what the hell happened?" Warfare makes an instant of silence, to let people think about what happened.

"I want to leave this message to Spartan: you'd better keep this challenge open, because I'm coming to wrestle you. If the goddamn locker room wants nothing from you or your belt, I want the goddamn World Heavyweight Championship. Wait for me."

Warfare takes some seconds to collect his thoughts. He wanted to address Spartan and his open challenge and he did that. Now, he has to address the one who's booked to wrestle him. And he looks annoyed because of it. "The name is Warfare. Get used to it," he tells the public. "Instead of letting me fight the champ, they said I have to fight some guy called Everest. Well, pay attention, Everest: I don't know who the hell are you, and I don't care about it. I didn't even know your name when I attacked you that day. I was very frustrated because of that Open Challenge and wanted to complain. But, you know, I'm not very good in english. The only language I master is violence. My first impression of New Era Wrestling's locker room was the worst possible and I wanted to address it. You were unlucky that you were the one in the ring. Maybe you should complain with David Diamond. Right now, I'm under the impression I'm surrounded by lazy wrestlers that lacks balls and courage. I've climbed the mountain from where tou took your name before. That motherfucker was tough and almost took my life. That freaking mountain didn't bore me. A freaking mountain seems to have more balls and courage than everyone here. Wrestling is one of the few things I have left in this life, Everest, so you better not bore me in the ring. You better give me a great fucking match, Everest. I swear of god, if you bore me in this ring, I'll break you and any other fatass in half on Devastation."

Warfare throws the mic on the ring. His music hits again as he leaves the arena.

¹ The prayer tattooed on his right shoulder says:

"St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen."

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Sydney J. Warcup
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Fri 23 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
'You Think You're a Man' by The Vaselines roars over the stadium PA as Sydney J. Warcup prances merrily down the ramp.  He is dressed in a pristine white robe attached to two enormous angel wings.  He slides into the ring, clasps his hands in mock prayer, then grabs a mic.

"Jack Riley, you sinful (BLEEP!).  How dare you rebel against God?  This Monday night I'm going to teach you a lesson about what happens to creatures that put their pride above loving thy neighbor.  I, Saint Syd, will literally beat the hell out of you!"

The crowd does not seem to be amused.

"Answer me this question, Jack: who is like God?  Who?  You?  That's why you're going to hell, you stupid (BLEEP!).  You thought you could fight God, but you couldn't.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!"

Sydney does a cartwheel.  Unfortunately, one of his wings falls off.  The rant continues.

"You will be cast into the lake of fire, Union Jack Riley!  You old serpent; you father of lies!"

He falls to his knees, clasps his hands, closes his eyes and mumbles.  Finally he jumps up and concludes with,

"Thanks for the food, thanks for the light.  Gettin' late... let's fight!"

Jack 'Union Jack' Riley
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Fri 23 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
Fred, the new NEW cameraman, fiddles around with the settings on his camera as Joe, now the NEW interviewer, checks his notes for the last time. In the chair next to him, immaculate in his purple suit, is Union Jack Riley. The brit has his moustache curled up even more than usual and sits back casually as two young men in similar purple suits finish up his make-up and apply a last shine to his bald head. A quick file to his fingernails as Fred finally finds focus, and both men disappear from view.

“Good evening fans,” Joe starts off. “Welcome to fifteen minutes with Joe, my new weekly item for as long as Wendy is still in jail.” The camera pans out, showing Joe and Riley both in expensive recliners on the roof terrace of the NEW headquarters. The sky behind them is beginning to show hues of orange as the sun slowly sets.

“With me today Union Jack Riley. Jack, welcome. Let me start off by asking this… Where were you last week?” Joe leans in, trying to look as serious as possible.

“Stuck at Heathrow airport Joe,” Riley grins, fingering the curl of his moustache. “After losing our title, and subsequently losing my tag team partner altogether, I needed a break from NEW and Apex. So I went to visit my old friend Elton to have a week without any wrestling. And it worked, it gave me some delightful new insights.”

“So what did you do all week then?”

“Ah, wouldn’t you like to know,” the Gentlemen’s Gentleman replied with a smirk. “Unfortunately though that is top secret, since it involves a member of the royal family. I have promised lord Mountbatten I would not speak of any of our parties.”

“So you partied with royalty. Big deal. Don’t tell the fans, what do I care?”

“Now now Joe, that’s no way for an interviewer to talk. You should react with another question you know.”

“Yeah whatever,” Joe replied, clearly not even wanting to know what the men had been up to during their English escapades. “On to wrestling. You said you took a week off. Since you are here now can the fans safely assume you are back to wrestle? Or here to say goodbye?”

“Oh I am back to wrestle for sure,” the high flying Brit replied, his eyes suddenly cold, “and I am here to say goodbye too. Goodbye to Apex for one. It was a nice enough adventure, but with Ramses stating over and over that he does not need Apex help, I began to wonder why Apex was still there to begin with. And I decided it was holding me back. I need to do things my own way, and the pharaoh’s ways are not mine. Add Crunchy and Didly to the equation, and you have a stable that is just not working for me anymore. Those men are way beneath someone of my beauty and class.”

“Sure,” Joe chuckled, trying hard to keep a straight face. Straight being the most important part of it, because with Riley you never knew what he was up to. “So you said Apex goodbye? How did they react?”

“I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to any of them yet, and I don’t think I am going to either,” the British Barber stated, looking a bit bored. “So far they have done nothing that makes me think they took my presence even remotely serious, so why would I give them my valuable time?”

“Perhaps to make sure they don’t jump you? That’s what you Apex boys do right? Jump people?”

“I have no idea what the Apex way is Joe. That’s why I’m dropping them like a bad habit.” Riley sat back in the recliner, his golden-ringed hands resting on his lap.

“Very well then. Next question. Coming Monday you are set to wrestle a man that lately has been taking NEW by storm. Since his arrival Sydney J. Warcup has been beating people up left and right, and he is fast on his way to become one of the top contenders of this organization. Are you worried at all about the coming match?” The camera zoomed in a bit to emphasize the question. Riley seemed to think about the question a while, his gaze distant.

“Nope, no worries at all,” he finally concluded. “Self proclaimed saint Cindy J. Warked up beat some of the bigger names in NEW for sure. But lets be honest, the ones he beat weren’t really in the best shape to begin with. Far as I can tell he is mostly just a loud mouth with little to no intelligence, class or finesse to speak of. He hasn’t encountered a decent opponent yet, so I cannot blame him from having an ego bigger than DiScenza. And we have all seen her ego right?”

“So you are saying Warcup is the one that should be worried?”

“Not at all. Not at all Joe. I am not saying he should be worried, because that would mean I am saying that he has reason to worry. And he has no reason to worry at all, because of the simple fact that he has no chance in hell to even lay his hands on me, let alone hurt me. So no, he should not be worried. It will all be over really quick, and he will have all the time in the world to recover in the hospital.”

“Hard words,” Joe summarized. “You think you can back those statements up with actions?”

“I’m sure of it. Men like Warcup try to get their opponents to fear them. To fear their aggression, their resolve. Unfortunately for him, I fear no man. No men, I should say. His loud mouth and his aggressive demeanor betray a small little boy inside, and I eat small boys for breakfast. There is only one way our match will finish. With him on his back, and me on top of him. And then we can praise his lord together. Hallelujah!” Riley winks at Joe as he states those last words, causing the interviewer to back up involuntarily.

“That’s just sick,” Joe states, indicating the wink. “Don’t do that. I’m not one of you people.”

“You just haven’t tried yet,” the Brit grinned, leaning closer. Immediately Joe stood up and took another step or two away. "Even your good Lord JC knew better than to stick with only women. Heck, he loved everyone and everything. He even multiplied with fish!"

“This interview is over if you keep that blasphemy up.”

“Aw, but I’m just getting started boyo,” Riley said as he blew the camera a kiss. “Coming PPV the world will see just what exactly that blasphemous Union Jack Riley can do to a man. And trust me, it won’t be pretty. It won’t be nice, and it won’t be viewer friendly. It will involve pain, blood and sweaty bodyparts. And it will be heavenly and divine for at least one of us. But who knows, he might like it too...”

“I really do not want to know,” Joe stared at the camera, making a cutting motion across his neck. “This interview is over. You sir, are a sick son-of-a-bitch.”
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Fri 23 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
After the last prime, once all the matches were done, Spartan approached the ring in black fatigues and shirt, the belt slung casually over his shoulder. He raised his hands in greeting and requested a microphone. He was handed one by the stage hand as the crowd cheered him on.
For a moment he waited, allowing the cheering to die down enough so the fans could hear him.
Holding the microphone he paced up and down the stage while the titantron showed images of both himself and Ramses in various matches.

“In two weeks is Devastation,” he began when the crowd had calmed enough, “and the man you see behind me will challenge me for this belt here.” He raised the heavyweight belt high for all to see. Again the crowd went wild.
“Ramses earned his spot in Devastations main event. Or so they say. He beat Xander and as such seemingly earned a shot at the belt.”

“However, I think we need to spice up our match a bit,”
Spartan stated as the crowd once again calmed. They clearly had their own opinions on Ramses earning his title shot. “You see, a part timer like Ramses, a jobber at best, coming for this title is an insult to me, to NEW, and to all those that work hard every week to entertain you people. Ramses dissappears as much as he appears, and if he shows at all, its usually just for a little while before vanishing again. How can such a man have any right to a title? I have no idea. he has little chance, if any at all. So I suggest the following. Come Devastation, I suggest Ramses brings his sarcophagus. Whoever end up inside that sarcophagus is the loser of the match, and the other can call himself heavyweight champion. Its safe to say that the best way for Ramses to end that fight is inside his sarcophagus so he doesn’t have to witness first hand the humiliating defeat he will suffer by my hands. And trust me, suffer he will! If they insult me by putting me up against him, I will make him feel the pain too.” He paces the stage some more before turning towards the entrance.

“So what do you think Ramses? Shall we make our match an interesting one? Bring your coffin, so I can bury you in it!”
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Fri 23 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promos
After Warfare leaves the Arena, we cut to Everest, watching the events on a monitor in the food area backstage. Wendy Reed is with him, looking tired and more than a little frustrated.

"After all I've done for that man, Diamond decides to suspend me!" she says, her hands folded in a way that makes her look somewhat petulant. Everest finishes watching, and takes one of the mayonaise-covered chips (fries) from his plate.
"To be fair, it's not as if he doesn't have a reason for that," he replies "given that he doesn't know how you'd react to being in the vicinity of Spartan." He eats the chip. "Also, given all the crap you've gone through recently he's basically giving you a rest."
"Even so, he could have handled things better." she grumbles. Everest shrugs.
"You're referring to a man who consults with a rodent; he's a good promoter and a reasonably good wrestler, but people skills aren't his speciality. Also, you have to factor Upperman into the equation." They both are silent for a bit, their general hatred for the slimy manager-turned-network executive clearly showing, but being unwilling to discuss him any further.

"Anyway, it's good to see you, but I need to get back into the fray. I've been booked against NEW's newest signing for the pay-per-view in a couple of weeks time, and I need to prepare." He gets up, and moves his chair under the table.
"He looks pretty tough, but I'm sure that you've got nothing to worry about." Wendy says, also getting up and giving Everest a bit of a hug. He still seems somewhat awkward about it, but he manages to reciprocate.
"I never take chances." he replies, finishing the hug and pulling back. "Most newcomers wouldn't interrupt a match in progress, just to let off some steam. I just watched him address the crowd, and there's something about that guy that seems familiar. He's brutal, articulate, and single minded, full of passion for the sport and a willingess to say exactly what he feels without sugar coating it..."
"Well, that's pretty obvious." Wendy says, as she puts her coat on and moves towards the door leading to the car-park. "There was this guy that came into the company about five months ago...". She looks back and gives him a smile, before passing through the door.

Everest stands there in thought for a second, thinking about the meaning she was implying. Then he gets out his phone, and dials a number.
"Hi Nick. Yeah, I need some help. Footage and fight statistics." There's a pause, as he listens to the person on the other end. "I get that you're working for WWE now, but you still know the people who can get me it." Another pause. "Ok, he's calling himself Warfare. Not sure if that's the name he always used, and Double D doesn't give out personal info." A frown comes onto Everest's face. "Ah. I see. I'm definitely going to need that footage then. Ok, thank you." He hangs up and puts the phone back in his pocket, before moving down the corridors towards the arena. He had a response to make.
Pantalones Lobos
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Sun 25 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promo 1, Pantalones Lobos
As the white circle slowly fills in around the white triangle atop a blank screen, the bar at the bottom shows a white area extending ahead of the the bar. As the first red appears, the image stays black and music ( starts playing. As the dual lead guitars peak and the power chords begin, the window lightens to a white background with a central title, proclaiming:

Pantalones Vlogos

As the singer begins the lyrics, the volume of the music decreases until it is barely heard. Pantalones Lobos steps into the field of view, and it becomes clear the white screen was nothing more than an evenly lit white wall. "Hello, wrestling fans! First, let me say that I'm just amazed at the number of fans clicking in to hear my little rants. According to my cousin Cindy, the count went up by one every time she refreshed."
Lobos gives the webcam a tight smile, and then winks before continuing. "This song is her suggestion. She's got this whole thing about a 'wolf connection' and never lets up. So she hears of this band, then hears of this song, and says I should use it as intro music. I don't know, but I'll certainly listen to any comments you might have. Really, I don't know much about music, but I do kind of like these guys."
"I need a better intro, anyway. See, I went and got me this title, with a belt, and no matter what else I might think I can't claim to respect the sport without respecting the honors it chooses as rewards for its participants. That being said, I'm going to have to step up. I can't wrestle harder, because none of my amps go to eleven. I'll try to study more, and maybe I can wrestle smarter. I'm doing the best I can at being stronger and faster. So, I've only got a little bit of wiggle room."

As he steps back, the webcam seems to be elevated as the view angle becomes flatter. The area revealed contains a soundstage, and on the soundstage a four-piece band is playing the background music. The bass drum is painted with a stylized image of one word, "WOLF". Lobos smiles, looks back at the band, fist pumps a little, and yells, "SO I'LL HAVE TO GET LOUDER!"
The music swells, again, and, as Lobos begins pounding his standard practice dummy with forearms and elbows in time to the music, the band sings
There's a time to learn
And a time to burn
The waves are coming in to wipe away your kind
Now it's too late
There's no escape
I see the Reaper ride across the sky
Lobos stops kicking the dummy and steps back over to the webcam. He's not even breathing heavy, but the band is showing no indication of being done, either. Just barely audible over the metal, Lobos says, "Anyway, I know Plissken wants this title, and I know he won't come with less than everything he's got. That suits me fine. 'Cause when we're in the ring it won't matter who wins, or what title does or does not change hands. Come Devestation, Plissken and I won't just raise the roof. WE'RE BURNIN' DOWN THE HOUSE!"
The singers final VENGEANCE! echoes for a moment before the opening riffs begin again, as the music fades out, the screen fades to black and the video box splinters into six squares, each suggesting a different video to watch next.
Serena Di Scenza
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Tue 27 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promo 1, Pantalones Lobos
Monday Night Prime; The go home show for Devastation:

Serena had made her long awaited return following a four months old hiatus and was seen walking down the main corridor of the arena when the new NEW interviewer came running to intercept her.

"Miss DiSenza! Serena, please can we have a word?" The man called out before extending his microphone hand toward her. The sudden appearance made Serena stopped in her stride with a sway that suggested that she may not be entirely sober. The Tattooed Vixen stared at the man for a few seconds before lowing her trademark sunglasses and offering the interviewer what could only be described as her disgusted disapproval.

"You're not Wendy. Who -beep!- are you?" Serena asked but raised a hand to stop Joe as he was about to answer. "You know what, I don't care." She then said as she placed her shades back on and walked away, leaving Joe to watch her leave with a helpless look on his face.

Out in the ring, the NEW announcer cleared his throat as he got the word and began speaking. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welc..." He began announcing before his microphone cut off. As he looked around confused seeking answer from the commentator team, a man wearing a fine suite came jogging down the ramp and entered the room. The stranger bowed deeply to the crowd before bringing up his microphone.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor, my privilege to introduce to you the amazingly charming, the stunningly ravishing, the supremely talented and the face of NEW; The Tattooed Vixen, Figlia Prediletta Del Diavolo, The Devil's Favored Daughter; Serena Di~Scenzaaaaa~" The man spoke loud and clearly with a crisp Italian accent, extending an arm toward the main stage.

I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight'

The lights dimmed as the familiar words echoed through he arena before the place was bathed in a torrent of purple, pink and red lights. Seconds later, Serena DiScenza came walking out on stage, arms out stretched at her sides and welcoming the wave of cheers and screams from the max capacity crowd. Wearing form fitting black leather pants, high heeled leather boots and a dark red leather jacket, Serena unbuttoned the leather jacket before tossing it aside to reveal the red bikini top she wear underneath. With a slow spin for the fans to see, it was clear Serena was still in perfect shade despite her absence. The artistic canvas that was her skin had a few new additions in the form of tattoos, small and large.

After a slow, confident, stroll down the ramp and entering the ring, the music faded and the lights returned to their normal state. "Serena DiScenza!" The Italian announcer proudly introduced her again before handing her the microphone.

"Well that was an unexpected reaction. It looks to me you guys missed me more than I miss you!" Serena teased, flashing that smile of hers. "I know, I know what you are dying to know. Where the fuck have I been? To keep it short, I've been enjoying myself on tropical beaches, getting paid to look fantastic and drinking wine more expensive than most of you can even dream to afford. On that note, Alberto!" Serena explained, raising three fingers as she spoke. With the summon, another Italian man wearing a fine suit came jogging out from the stage and made his way to the ring expertly carrying a platter holding a bottle of wine and a glass. Inside the ring, the quickly poured the drink and offered it to Serena as he offered the wine's details to the woman.

After taking a sip, Serena smiled again. "That's better. Thank you Alberto. So, you must be wondering what brought me back here after four months..." She began as Alberto removed his jacket to reveal and classic Double D David Diamond t-shirt and putting on a long blond wig before dropping to Serena's feet and begging to her. "There I was, getting ready for a photo shoot for a prestigious Italian magazine when our very own Double D came to me and begged me to return and save his company. I had a mind to tell him off, of course, but contrary to popular belief I actually do have a heart. The scene was simply too pitiful for me to refuse." She explained as Alberto began kissing her boots. Serena then began slowly pacing the ring, speaking and pausing every now and then for a sip of her wine.

"Every since I left, the ratings have been on a free fall, attendance has been getting weaker and weaker and people simply stopped caring about NEW. I mean, was there really anything worth watching anymore? Clearly there wasn't as I am the face of NEW and I carried this whole show on my shoulders since day one. A would be business savvy man, Diamond attempted to replace me and recreate the magic I brought. Why else would you explain What's her face? Misty? They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but sweetie you're pitiful attempt was quite insulting. And now they want me to partner up with Mini-Me?"

Serena's personal announcer approached and whispered something to her. "That got changed? Who the fuck is Lady Love? Ah, what does it matter anyway? Lady Love, Rob Peck, Otakuchan... Whoever they throw my was as a partner, it's clear they will just hold me back. But I get it, Devastation needs some star power and who better than the unbeatable Serrassi? I have done what no one else has done at NEW and I have single handle defeated the biggest names NEW could offer. Spartan? defeated! Nick Plissken? Easy! Ramses? Didn't break a sweat!"

The crowd quickly began chanting for Rob Peck's name after she brought him up and to remind her that she had indeed lost to Rob Peck. A smile spread on her red lips, the kind of smile she would give a mistaken child who didn't know any better.

"Do you really think Little Robbie had what it takes to defeat me? I'm not saying the result were fixed, but there were some in the back who thought a "fresh" change would be "good" for the company. Let me tell you, Peck's title run was as disappointing as the day he finally dropped his pants for me. Winning some gold means nothing, it's what you do with it that matters."

The crowd showered Serena with their disapproval for her attack toward their people's hero but the reaction simply made the ex champion laugh more.

Once Devastation comes around, I will be reminding each and every one of you in the crowd, at home and in the back that I am the very beast this business has to offer. And there is nothing, and I mean nothing, that those two punks currently holding those titles, can do to stop me. As far as I am concern, they can go seek out their little friend Nicky and tag team his ass because once they step into MY ring, they will be the ones getting F-Beeeeeep!-'d" Once Serena was done, she tossed the microphone to her announcer and grabbed the bottle of wine before making her way back.
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Wed 28 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promo 1
Just as the crowd starts to settle down after Serassi's departure, the lights dimmed and a now voice came across the arena speakers, ""Well, ain't she just a piece a work."

The crowd started to get rowdy again as the cameras panned around the arena, trying to find him. "I'd say welcome back, but I ain't never met her 'fore, and I ain't exactly sure I missed anything either."

A spotlight finally settled on the top row of the lower level, where the crowd was reacting differently. Tyson was seated with a man in a wheelchair wearing a Firefighter's uniform, except for a newly released Wreckoning ball cap. As the crowd reacted, Ty shook the man's hand before taking his own cap off and giving it to the girl seated next to the wheelchair. He stood up, a bit gingerly, with a big grin and saluted the firefighter before rasing his mic, In case y'all missed it, this here's what a real heroes looks like. It ain't no overgrown jobber ridin' on the coat tails of his champion partner," he paused again as the crowd started to laugh and cheer, and it sure ain't no tramp stamped part timer that shows up when she feels like it either."

Tyson walked to the stairs towards the ring, high fiving fans on either side until he reached the bottom. "Nick, Jay and I, we ain't no heroes either. We're just three hard workin' sonsabitches who got each other's backs. We don't need no fancy introductions or wine an' cheese parties in the ring. We just work our tails off to give you folks get your money's worth fer comin' out to see us. And, well, maybe a little more than that." He looked down at the tag team championship belt around his waist.

"Now, come Devastation, Nick is gonna finally take some gold of his own, and me an' Jay, we got Queen Bee y'all just heard out here rantin' an' ravin. Hell, she blew her own horn any harder, the damn thing probly would'vefloated off like a balloon" He grinned as he got some laughs from the audience. Now Lady Love got stuck in this mess cuz no one's seen Missy fer a while now, and if I had to share a corner with that ego, I'd probly not show up either. Feel kinda bad cuz from the video I seen, your pretty upstandin' lil' wrestler, and you got dumped in a mess you should want no part of. Serassi on the other hand, well y'all just seen the kinda crap in the ring the Wreckoning got together because of. So  Sunday night, a Wreckoning is coming. You best have yer little italian stallions there on standby to help pick up the pieces and the belts stay right where they're at."

He tossed the mic to the announcer's stand, and exited back through the crowd.

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Nick Plissken
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Wed 28 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promo 1
Prime goes to a commercial after Serrassi and Gunn have their say. When the show returns there is a masked luchador standing in the ring. The crowd doesn't recognize him and are quietly waiting to see what happens.

They immediately stand and cheer as Plissken's music begins playing.

He stalks to the ring looking as determined as ever. As soon as his feet hit the canvas the bell rings.

A few short moments later Plissken stands up from pinning the luchador after a DDT. He signals for a mic.

He starts speaking, not winded in the least, "Personally I like practicin' against live opposition Lobos. Dummies don't try to hit back."

The crowd cheers wildly.

"Damn people just can't stop talkin' 'bout me can they. First Warcrap says that I'm goin' around callin' women bitches. When did that happen? Sure I said 8 bitches on a bitch boat but when I picture that I see 8 Syds tannin' on a pontoon. And hell, it could be a delivery boat takin' some female dogs somewhere. So the fact that you think I meant women says more about you than me.

"Speakin' of Syd, Jack says Syd ain't fought nobody. Well he fought me so that's some weird shit to say since I've beat you twice Jacky. Do y'all think Onecup will beat Jacky? Nevermind, who gives a damn."
He finishes quickly before the crowd can answer and gets a few chuckles.

"Then we've got Serena comin' back braggin' about how easy she beat me. Why don't you go back and watch that match honey and see just how easy it was. You had to hit me with everything 'cept the kitchen sink. Or better yet, go watch our unofficial match and see how easy I whipped yer ass."

Another explosion from the fans.

"And finally we got some green as grass punk tryin' to make a splash by puttin' the rest of us down. I learned three things about this jackass. One. His name's Warfare. He must be one of those dumbasses who thinks havin' a tough soundin' name makes him tough. Two. He can knock Everest down as long as he attacks from behind. Real impressive there buddy. Three. He don't know jack shit. I had a match comin' up in just a couple minutes when Sparky gave that open challenge so I wasn't payin' attention. That's a lame excuse but its what happened. You better believe that if I heard it I woulda been out there whoopin his ass for him. Again. For you to say that I'm lazy and a coward shows just how little you know. Callin' me lazy is like callin' a tree a fish, its so far off it ain't even wrong. You need to come up with a new word to describe that. As soon as you feel like buckin' up to somebody face to face I'll be happy to knock yer dick in the dirt for ya."

The audience really likes the sound of that. The start up a 'Plissken's gonna crush you' chant.

"Now on to Crazy Britches. I gave ya a hard time a second ago about the dummy but at least yer gettin' ready. Real smart on yer part. If you don't come ready on Sunday things will be embarrassin'. Ya see, you've got somethin' I want, the Transcontinental Title. And standin' between me and somethin' I want is a recipe for gettin' crushed. Sunday night I ain't walkin' outta that arena without the belt. That's not a guarantee of victory, I am sure I'll win but I'm makin' a different statement. I'm either leavin' Orlando as the champ or they're gonna have to carry me out. You ain't gettin' a pinfall on me unless you break every bone in my body. And you can damn well count on me bein' prepeared to do the same to you. So the one thing I'm guaranteein' is that the folks watchin' out match are gonna damn sure see some Devastation."

Plissken walks out of the arena to make way for the next match as the crowd cheers wildly.
Ramses XII
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Devastation Promo 1
 Ramses is seen in his dress attire watching a replay of Spartan's rant backstage. It reached the end and the Pharaoh scoffs before noticing the cameraman and speaking.

 "It doesn't seem to matter what I do in this company, every time my opponents refuse to show me the respect I deserve. I have done much during my time here, including forming a group of the best wrestlers in the world and dominating the company for months. Of course my deeds go unrecognized as some choose to dwell on trivial matters. I am a busy man with many matters to attend to, in and out of the ring. I am not always present here because I have family duties and issues that need constant attention. Besides, I am not some pathetic whelp who needs to remain in the spotlight to desperately remain relevant with the audience."

Ramses has he screen behind him show Spartan in matches and segments.

 "I was finally awarded my opportunity against Spartan for the World Championship. I could say that I earned my shot at the title, but Xander Mars was not enough of a challenge to honestly say that. Instead I will say that I had earned this chance a long time ago and was constantly denied. Now at last, the powers that be have given me what I have deserved all this time. They have handed Spartan to me in an act of Providence."

 Ramses looks back to the screen with Spartan calling Ramses a jobber at best.

 "Do I need to remind everyone again that I defeated the champion fairly in a non-title match? If I am a "Jobber", Spartan, then what does that make you? Losing to me proves that you have less of a right to wear that belt than I do. It was through my dedication, my conviction, my sheer force of will that has brought me here and has forced the management of this company to give into my demands at long last. Spartan tells me I am a part-timer. I have been on the card of almost every event and I have shown up to those matches. How is that being a part timer? I have more important things to do than to put on a disgusting show for these insolent fans every day. Spartan claims me going for his title is an insult to him, well I am insulting you Spartan, you pathetic worm. Tell me, how do the boots of Mr. Upperman taste? Say what you will about me, Spartan, but I am a free man. When I am finished, NEW will no longer suffer reign of a chained champion."

 Ramses smirks before speaking again.

 "Spartan has requested a Sarcophagus match, however I feel my opponent is thinking too small. Let us match this match even more interesting. Why stop at just a sarcophagus? I'll bring something else as well to match this match spicy beyond your expectations. You wish for a representation of me in a sarcophagus, this will represent you..."

 Ramses leans down and picks up a large length of chain.

 "A twenty foot logging chain. To represent your relationship with Mr. Upperman and add even more to this match. Yes, to win one must put the other in a sarcophagus and close the lid, but before then, we will be beating and choking each other with the chains that weigh you down as a champion. The burden of leash. I will free you Spartan. Once you are no longer the Champion, Upperman will no longer care about you and drop you as a client. You will be on your own at last and when you are a free man, I will welcome our rematch so our wills my truly clash and our convictions be put to the test."

 Ramses drops the chain, spreads his arms, and looks to the sky.

 "Gaze on my works, ye mighty, and despair. My name is Ramses, King if Kings."

Jack 'Union Jack' Riley
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Devastation Promo 2
“Seems I silenced him good,” Jack said to nobody in particular as he surfed the web for news. The chihuahua on his lap raised its head for a second, only to sigh and close its eyes again.
“But now we have Plissken shooting his mouth again. Some people just never learn do they Killer?” Riley poured himself another glass of wine as the Chihuahua ignored him, before turning towards the camera, drink in hand.
“So Wendy, how have you been? Jailtime been good for you?” His grin was wicked, belittling. As he sipped his wine, clad in his silk bathrobe, he repulsed Wendy Reed.

“None of your business, and not why I am here,” the ravishing reporter Wendy Reed replied. You said you wanted promo time, the network gave you promo time. They even said specifically that I had to do the interview, because Upperman ordered it. So here I am, but I don’t have to like it. And I don’t have to explain myself to you Riley.”

“That is correct indeed young lady,”
Riley smirked. “Yet the fans might want to know why their star reporter has been behind bars these past few weeks. But hey, whatever, I couldn’t care less. Leave the fans hanging. The American way and all that crap.” He downed the last bit of his wine, putting the glass back on his dressoir. “Anyway, I digress. I wanted some promo time indeed. As to why they sent you, I had nothing to do with that. I actually preferred Joe and his cameraman. Perhaps Upperman doesn’t like you.”

“Really? You think so?”
her voice oozed sarcasm.

“Yes, I do. Anyway, promo time.” Riley stood up from his recliner, causing the chihuahua to snarl at him as he put the animal back on the floor. It snapped at his feet once before strolling casually to the pillow in the corner of the room, joining its three sisters.
Riley turned to face the camera directly.

“Sunday. Devastation day. Several other wrestlers have already told you  viewers how good it is going to be, how much carnage there will be, how titles will change hands. So I am not going to point out all those obvious things to you fans. No, I am going to tell you to tune in at seven sharp, so you can see at least my match. You get the match from the beardy bloke for free first. What a man that is huh? Robust, rotund, and hairy. A regular papa-bear. So that’s nice. After that, its me and screwcap.  And for you fans I will make sure it’s a quick match, because we can then all together change channels and watch the Miss Drag USA election on the pink network. It starts at eight, so once I finish my match with that war-chap we can all get some snacks and a decent glass of wine and be in front of our telly on time. Who cares about the rest of the Devastation PPV anyway? What have we, a couple of title fights, by testosterone infused idiots with egos bigger than their willies. Nope, best we all watch some quality television. And who knows, we might even see that obnoxious know-it-all Nick Plissken there. He would probably have more chance winning that title than beating Lobos. His brother could do his make-up and such. Put him in one of his mommies dresses. Success guaranteed. But in his fight… not a chance. Lobos should have a field day on him me thinks. And watching DiScenza and her toy geisha Love tear apart Ronda and Gunny won’t be all that interesting either. Nor seeing Ramses decimate Spartan. Not a single interesting match-up there. Nope, coming Sunday, the Pink Network is the channel to watch. Right after you all watch my match that is.”

“Are you seriously promoting another network Riley?”

“Seems like I am doesn’t it Wendy? And guess who will be held responsible for that, by none other than Blake Upperman? You, the interviewer.”

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Thu 29 Sep 2016
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Devastation Promo 2
The promo ended with Ramses raising his gaze upon the sky, calling on his mighty to see him. As the screen cut to black both men remained silent for a long time. So long even that Joe started to doubt his decision to show them Ramses’ promo in the first place. He had hoped for some reaction. Any reaction really.
Spartan was first to break the silence. A booming laughter filled the locker room. Quickly he was joined by Mars, both men losing themselves in a fit of laughter so loud the entire NEW headquarters would probably be able to hear it. For a few minutes the men could do nothing but laugh aloud, tears rolling down their cheeks. Their laughter was so contagious Joe and his camera and sound crew could not help but join in.

“Thank you Joe,”
Spartan finally managed to mutter after several minutes. “Thank you for showing me this. I needed a good laugh.”

“Hilarious, just hilarious,” Mars added.

“At least he managed to amuse us,” the Greek Giant stated wiping a tear from his cheek. “If only his wrestling was that good. But seriously, I should reply to him right?”

“If you have a few words for him, sure, the camera is rolling,”
Joe added catching breath.

“Yeah, make him laugh too,” Xander chuckled, “Before you make him cry coming Sunday.”
Spartan turned to face the camera, focusing on putting up a serious face. Not an easy feat after such a promo by his opponent.

“Ramses. Ramses, you are a funny man, you know that? You talk about this company needing to respect you. You talk about having this big stable that is dominating the NEW roster. You mention management finally noticing you and giving you the shot you so rightly deserve…”

“He did beat me,” the Roman chuckled, still trying not to laugh aloud. “But then again, that was the idea right?”

“Ramses, buddy, let me tell you this…”
Thomas Spartan leaned forward a bit, closing on the camera to emphasize his words. “Yes, you beat Mars. You beat a lot of people on this roster. You beat me. I cannot deny that, because it is a fact. Unfortunately its about the only fact in your entire speech. You deserve no respect my friend. Not from me, nor from any of the other wrestlers on this roster. That stable of yours has been dominating NEW by cheating, lying and scheming their way into things, and one after another they slowly dropped out. Mastermind Avery left you hanging. Hunter Cole dropped you like a bad habit. And it seems now even your Englishman Riley has had enough of you. Your once proud Apex is quickly crumbling into just you and the two metal stooges. Tell me again why I should respect that.” Spartan shrugged, slowly shaking his head.

“Now don’t get your panties all twisted right away though, I’m not done yet. You call me a chained champion. You accuse me of licking the boots of Blake Upperman. You clearly haven’t been paying attention. Blake Upperman has left this company, after the Sons of Olympus fired him and kicked him out. So explain to me where the boot licking part of that equation is, because I clearly don’t see it. But then again, maybe its because you spend so much time outside NEW doing ‘Important things’ that you fail to see what is going on in the company. Perhaps you should be here more instead of part-timing.” His fingers made an accolade gesture at the mention of important things.

“Lets cut to the chase shall we. You, Ramses, are indeed a competent wrestler. A wrestler that, if he gets his priorities straight, might even once become a valuable champion to NEW. However, NEW does not need a lying, cheating and scheming champion. If you need knuckledusters to beat up an opponent, that’s not winning a match fairly, that’s cheating. If jumping a wrestler with four cronies is your thing, that’s not winning a match fairly. That’s cheating. Sure, you beat Mars. I asked him to be beaten. I am glad he delivered. Sure, you beat me. And I admit, you beat me fairly that night too. Something you have failed to do on many other occasions. Respect, Ramses, is earned because people put in hard work, because they do what they can, for as long as they can, no matter the consequences. Nobody respects a cheater. Especially not one that calls his own cheating trivial matters.”

“Come Sunday you get your chance Ramses. You bring your sarcophagus, you bring that chain, you bring whatever it is you think you need to take this title from me. Hell, you can  bring the two metalheads for all I care, and arm both of them with steel pipes. It might even get you the title, but it will not bring you any respect. None. Respect is something you need to earn. Something you get once people think you deserve it, not when you demand it. Everest, Plissken, Peck. Even Otakuchan. Those wrestlers I respect. We might not always see eye to eye, but they stand up for their believes, and they keep standing up until they no longer can. That I respect. Not your backhanded dealings.” Spartan sat back, still staring at the camera.

“Come Sunday, you and I will fight for this title. I expect you to cheat, to scheme, to con your way to victory. Because if you do not, there is no way you will get this title from me unless you kill me. Any less and I will just keep getting back up, and I will most certainly kill you for it. I know you are most likely prepared to kill for that gold, but ask yourself this… Are you also prepared to die for it? Because I am.”
Nick Plissken
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Thu 29 Sep 2016
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Nick Plissken, Tyson Gunn Promo 2; Jay Rondel Promo 1
"And we're back with 'Between the ropes', Your favorite, number one podcast for the world of professional wrestling!  I'm your host, 'Copper' Mike Sharpe (no relation).  Now, as some of you may know, we've gotten ourselves a bit of a reputation lately.  As it turns out, the fine men and women of NEW are big fans of our little podcast!  In fact, some of you may recall one of our highest-rated broadcasts came back in May when we had a couple of surprise visitors...well, they're back, they're bad-ass, and they've made a new friend, I'm pleased to bring you Nick Plissken, Jay Rondel and Tyson Gun, NEW's own The Wreckoning!"

Quiet cheers erupt from the producers and techs in the studio as the members of the Wreckoning enter and grab headsets, getting themselves situated.  "Gentlemen, I wanted to thank you all for coming on our show today.  Now, don't hold it against me, but we heard there was some tension between the three of you after Doublecross, and we saw a video uploaded to NEW website recently where you almost came to blows!  So tell me, is the Wreckoning in danger of, well, wrecking itself?"

Nick Plissken jumps in to answer,"Aw hell no. When three competitive bastards like us start travelin' the country together sparks fly sometimes. Its like Ty said a while back, we're a family and nobody can get under yer skin like family. But family always hashes it out and moves on.

Jay chuckled into his headset and shook his head.  "Nick said it pretty well.  And hell, there are some advantages to a family like this; back home, if I tried to put one of my brothers in a cross-armbreaker, my mom would disown me.  With these two, I just take my chances on a future ass-kicking.  It great for working out tension.  But no Mike, we're not about to split.  We've had each other's backs before, and it's not going to stop now.  Plus, while we haven't given up on our mission, I think it's time NEW remembered that the you can't spell Wreckoning without 'wreck'.

"I think you mean a guaranteed future ass whoopin' Jay. Plissken says with a chuckle

"Nick, save the whoopin' for those that deserve it, but maybe a miscue or two in practice as payback."Tyson was a bit subdued compared to his usual self, "I'll take credit fer the rumours that there's even a video out there.  I was still pumped up from our win when I'd seen Nick's clip. If I'd been thinkin' straight, I'd have gone to Nick a lot smarter than gettin' in his face like that. An' I'm gonna have a lil' talk with Joe when I get ahold of him."

"Tyson, you okay there?" Mike asked, looking across the table at Nick and Jay.

Ty gave a thumbs up, "Just still recoverin' a bit from Monday night. Somewhere down the road, Syd won't have Crazy Pants to hide behind.

" Don't worry about it Ty, you had best be worried about them ladies ya got comin' up."

"Let's talk about that. Sunday the entire Wreckoning has gold on the line in one fashion or another. Do you guys have any game plans?"

"Of course we do, the question is whether we want to let our opponents know what they are. I don't mind lettin' a little of mine out there. I plan to beat the hell out of Crazy Britches. He said that it don't matter who wins or who walks out with the belt. I disagree. The belt is the only thing that matters. He's right, we will burn down the house but you can count on me walkin' out of the rubble just like I always do.

"We'll have a plan by the time Devastation rolls 'round. Been watchin' some video figurin' out the ladies, though ain't sure who we get for certain. Mysti ain't been seen since she an' I threw down, so I guess we're gettin' a substitute to keep Queen B company fer her comeback tour." Tyson replied

"Game plans?  We've never made a secret of it, Mike.  We watch, we learn, and we stretch the holy hell out of whoever's coming from the opposite corner.  Hell, i even heard Di Scenza had a few things to say about us.  Let's get one thing straight; everyone you've beaten was good, some even great, but not untouchable.  And we need to get one thing straight right now, Di Scenza: it's not your ring.  Maybe it used to be, but you left..  You lost the right to that ring, to those fans, and to these belts.  We're trusting you to be at the top of your game in time for Sunday, and if we shake hands I'm counting my fingers afterwards, but you huaven't stepped in against me and Tyson yet.  You will get wrecked."

"Oh, she had a few things to say all right, but my big mouth had to fire back a lil' after that."Tyson grinned. ""Figured if the nest is gettin' riled up, I might as well give it a good kick."

"The way I see it is simple. Lady Love is a high flyer that's gonna have her hands full with two boys our size considerin' the two of 'em together ain't as big as me. An' even if TrampStamps can knock the rust off in time, they ain't gonna have much for the teamwork ya need to be tag champions. Last week we got off our game, so we gotta make up for that an' prove we deserve the belts we earned. Almost feel bad that means we're gonna stomp a comeback and a debut flat in the process, but that's Double D's decision, not ours. Devasation's a good name, cuz that's what's gonna be left when the Wreckoning is done Sunday Night."

"Ya know everybody is always arguin' about who's ring it is. And it don't really matter, like I said once before Dave is the one who paid for it. But Devastation is our show. Ever since I came here my name has been associated with Godzilla and destruction so devastation is right up my alley. And any time somebody gets in the ring with one of us devastation is what happens. I think Dave named this one with us in mind. Sunday night you can count on Lobos and whichever girls go after these two to be devastated both physically and mentally when its all said and done.

Tyson covered his mic and looked at Jay and Nick, " Thought you said there was bar fights doin' this show? Was lookin' forward to a lil' fun"

The segment went to a sponsor promo when Mike could not hold in his laughter.
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Nick Plissken, Tyson Gunn Promo 2; Jay Rondel Promo 1
Serena Di Scenza:
Backstage the camera follows the sounds of two women arguing in Japanese. Turning the corner it shows Lady Love seemingly to be pleading with her translator and manager Miko-Chan. Miko is nodding no and looking very displeased. As Serena comes into view the women stop arguing and turn to her.

Serena had been walking around the building looking for her would be tag team partner for the upcoming special event. She wasn't entirely sure what the woman was supposed to look like, but the vague description she'd been given was that she was a petite Japanese masked woman. When she turned a corner, Serena noticed the pair and knew right away she'd found who she was looking for.

"You must be that Lady Love I've heard so much about." The tall raven haired woman said as she approached with expertly faked enthusiasm. While Serena wasn't all that tall herself, the high heeled boots at her feet made her tower over her smaller partner. With that million dollar smile of hers, Serena pulled out a few items from her bag to hand them over to Lady Love.

As Serena speaks Lady Love listens with genuine interest while Miko seems annoyed.

"Since you're new at NEW, I brought you some gifts to help you get the feel for the place. Here's a "Best of Serena DiScenza" DVD. It contains all my matches so far. Here's the official Serrassi Effect merchandise . Hmmm... Maybe something from the children section would fit you better? I'm sure we got something in the shop."

Serena looked Lady Love up and down as she spoke, sizing her up and didn't seem entirely impressed with what she was seeing. "Where's my manners? I'm Serena DiScenza, but you already knew that of course." She said as she held out her hand to Lady Love.

Lady Love accepts the gifts and bows but Miko quickly snatches them away and steps between her charge and Serena. With a look of annoyed anger she speaks to Serena: "I am afraid that Lady Love wishes to refuse her partnership...." But Lady Love barks in Japanese and turns Miko to face her. Pointing her finger in Miko's face she argues in Japanese then points between Serena and herself.

Serena had raised an eyebrow at the rude refusal by Miko but found herself quite amused at the argument that had unfolded between the two Japanese women. Serena leaned against the wall and watched with an amused smile.

Miko turns back and with a very fake smile and forced humble tone she says "Appologies.......despite my advice Lady Love will be your tag team partner...." She then gets is Serena's face and whispers "I was here first! She has been mine for a year, and I will not have her stolen by some.....some....floozy!" Miko turns and storms off.

Lady Love looks confused then turns to Serena and tries to speak English "Appologize......Miko Chan not like I team tag. Miko say I no need partner but Lady Love wish make wrestling debut. Lady Love honor to be match with you"

Straightening up from her casual position against the wall, Serena clapped her hands together and offered a slight bow of the head. "The honor is all yours, darling." She politely replied. "Teaming up with me is the best thing that could happen to your career. Look, I'm sure you did things in Japan paid your dues over there, but this is NEW, baby. I won the world championship on my very first match at NEW. You do your best to keep up with me at Domination and you too will be getting some gold on your debut."

Serena spoke with a motivating tone before leaning closer to Lady Love and grabbed her by the shoulders. "I only have one question to ask you, Love. Our match being past your bedtime curfew isn't going to be an issue, will it?" She then asked quite seriously despite the nature of the question. Lady Love looks perplexed but shrugs Match to be in bed? she makes a big okay sign. "Lady Love say...okay!"

Serena's head dropped low from exasperation following Lady Love's cheerful reply. "Oh sweet child. This is going to be fun." She said before straightening up again and letting go of Lady Love. "Lady Love and the Red Queen of Hearts; Spreading for Love." She then said with a wink. "How does that sound?" She then asked.

Again Lady Love looks a little perplexed, trying to understand Serena, but she gives a thumbs up and turns her back to the camera......and performs a split as the screen goes to commercial.

Collaboration Promo between Lady Love and Serena DiScenza.

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Sat 1 Oct 2016
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Everest Promo #2
We cut to the arena, as Everest's theme hits and he begins his walk through the crowd to his podium with a spring in his step and a determined smile on his face. He greets the fans around him as he goes along. A month ago this would not have been normal. As he reaches his podium, a microphone is passed to him and the music cuts. He waits for the crowd to calm down before speaking.

"Good evening NEW," he announces "It's not long now until Devestation.". The crowd begins to cheer again as the titantron shows the Devestation Pay-Per-View logo. "As usual, I have a lot to say, so lets start off with the elephant in the room. Everest: Are you a new man? The answer is simple. No. I have always been what you see before you, ruthless and brutal in the ring but reasonable and decent outside of it. This is how it has always been, since my time of arrival half a year ago; there is only one difference." He pauses, as parts of the crowd shout 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY'.

"Damn right. After all that time of working, and gettting nowhere, I finally won an opportunity, and that gave me the confidence I needed to be more social. I never made it a secret that I needed the fans, as long as they accepted that when I go through those ropes, I would take no mercy on my competitors. And speaking of those, let's quickly get through the recent news, so that they're out the way." He brings his glasses out of his pocket, and puts them on, as he is given a sheet of paper.

"So lets see: Warcup's shown he has no principles, as expected. Wolfpants has a rock band. Nick states that giving yourself a tough name doesn't make you tough and while he has a point, I'm not the one comparing myself to Godzilla. Joe probably needs some sensitivity training."
Everest then lowers the paper, and stares directly into the camera. The smile on his face has gone. "Jack, I may respect you as a wrestler, but if you try and cause trouble for my friends I will deal with you. Harshly. You know exactly who I'm talking about." He looks at the sheet again, and his tone is lighter again. "And finally, it looks like Devestation's main event is going to be a mixed-gender tag match. Serena, the Brock Lesnar of NEW, and the recently signed wonder from Japan Lady Love are going to bring the fight to the Wreckoning. Don't ever say that we don't give you guys the best. And Mr. Jim Ross, I have to say, with respect..." The crowd starts to stir again, a mixtures of cheers and boos, "that while you may be one of the most prolific and distinguished announcers in the business, your opinions on this subject are severely behind the times. Lighten up." He puts his glasses back in his pocket and throws the paper away behind him.

"But now, on a more serious note, I want to talk about my next opponent, Warfare. I'm not going to stand here and talk smack about him, because I don't know him. True, he attacked me during my match against Rameses, and I do not appreciate that, but he hasn't been here long enough to know what a mistake he made. If you want to know why I didn't take the open challenge, it's because I don't need to. I have a shot whenever I want to, and right now, I have bigger fish to fry. You come here and judge us? That's fine. But beware what you ask for. Because you may have climbed Everest, but I doubt you know what it feels like to be stuck on it for nearly two years, left for dead, freezing and surviving off whatever scraps of food you can find. At Devestation you're going to get your first taste of what it's like to be in the biggest independent promotion in the US, and I guarantee you that if you're half as tough as you claim to be, you'll fit right in."

"But, if you're not, you know exactly where the door is." Everest drops the mic and jumps down to greet more of the fans, as the camera pans away to the titantron, and the Devestation logo. Then, commercials.
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Sat 1 Oct 2016
at 19:11
Everest Promo #2
After the commercials, a loud bang can be heard as a big fist of orange fire trying to break its way out of the titantron. As Warfare starts walking towards the ring, his song, 'The Mercenary', starts playing. Before entering the ring, the forcibly takes a microphone from the hands of a man who was working together with one cameraman.

When he gets on the ring, the music silences. Warfare starts speaking.

"Before I address my opponent at Devastation, I want to direct some words to a man called Nick Plissken," he says, speaking his name slowly, putting emphasis on it. "At the moment, you're the one that showed the most courage until now. You're the only one that addressed me without being attacked. You're still using a stupid excuse regarding not answering an open challenge for the NEW Heavyweight Belt, but at least I think you have an ounce of pride. I like it. After Devastation, come and stand in front of me and let's see if your words have any value. I'll be waiting for you," Warfare completes, measuring his words about Nick Plissken, keeping an open mind about him. The future encounter, assuming Nick will answer to his challenge, will decide what kind of rivalry they'll have in the future.

"But now, let's talk about this man called Everest. A man that claims he didn't answer the open challenge for the NEW Heavyweight Belt because he has bigger fish to fry. A fish bigger than the goddamn champion! Drop this bullshit of a claim, it doesn't make any sense at all."

"Getting stuck into a goddamn mountain for two years doesn't make you a survivor, but a stupid man. The mountain isn't actively trying to kill you. In fact, the mountain doesn't give a goddamn fuck about you. So long you obey her rules, you'll survive just fine. But if you try to be a goddamn stupid man, you'll force her to claim your life. If you had all those troubles, it's your own damn fault," he says, pointing to the camera as if he's pointing directly to Everest.

"You see, Everest, a mountain isn't like a battlefield filled with people desperate for survival, whose only option to survive is to defeat other desperate people. You see, NEW isn't the only battlefield on this world. You came from the goddamn mountains? I came from one of the various battlefields around the world. A mountain is a goddamn nanny compared to a real battlefield. There are no nannies in a battlefield, you're either the hunter or the hunted. The stronger makes trophies with the others. I'd love to say that I would make a trophy out of you, but I'm not convinced that you're worthy or that your words have any weight."

"At Devastation, you'll have the chance to show me who you are. But let me make something clear to you. I am the criteria. I am the unit of measure. We're going to fight at Devastation and I expect you to give me a good fight. And if you somehow manage to survive our fight, please don't do like you did with the mountain and try to call youself Warfare, you're going to confuse the hell out of these people," he says, dropping the microphone on the ring before leaving the arena.
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Sat 1 Oct 2016
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Everest Promo #3
It's the night of Devestation, and after the opening promo and titles are shown, everything fades to black. Suddenly, we get footage of Warfares last promo, cut together. "NEW isn't the only battlefield on this world. You came from the goddamn mountains? A mountain is a goddamn nanny compared to a real battlefield. The stronger makes trophies with the others. Let me make something clear to you. I am the criteria. I am the unit of measure." The footage cuts out, as the lights suddenly spark to life and illuminate the blank white room that Everest is standing in.

"I see. I think I've gained an understanding now of what kind of a man you are, Warfare. You have a pedigree, a legacy even. You've been around the world, fighting the good fight wherever you find it, whoever challenges you. And now you come to NEW, the big fish looking to take over the little pond." The camera cuts now to a close-up on Everests face. There is no smile there, as there was before. His staring eyes focussed forwards, not even blinking. "If that's how you feel, then I have something important to show you."

We now cut to footage of training, not just Everest but from all the active competitors. Warcup on his treadmill, Nick Plissken lifting heavy weights, Tyson Gunn duking and diving, Pantalones Lobos wrestling his dummy. "You've walked into the lions den, Warfare. Do you honestly feel that just because we don't think like you, we haven't worked as hard as you?" More footage: Spartan and Mars sparring, David Diamond jogging round an atheletics track at dawn, Lady Love doing pull-ups. "This isn't our first rodeo. We've all spent our time in other promotions, honing our skills until we got the call from Mr. Diamond." Now a few shots of Serena, Peck, Nick, Otakuchan, Doom and Crash, and others all holding belts from other companies. "Oh, and we won some gold too."

"And when we're not training, we're still working."
Cut now to the Wreckoning studying footage of their latest match, Crash and Doom playing a concert, Mars on Late Night TV, Everest reading books on wrestling and Serena doing promotional work. "You say we lack guts, but I don't know a single other company that is full of hungry people, who give so much of their lives for this sport." The screen goes black for a second as the music stops. "And then? We give it all in the ring."

Finally, we get a montage of in ring action; of DDT's, springboard moves from the ropes, bulldogs, chokes, punches and kicks. Everest spearing Plissken off the balcony, Otakuchan moonsaulting Everest through a table, Rob Peck's championship-winning reversal and the end of the match that started it all, as Serena eliminates Peck in the fling of the ring. The screen goes dark again.

"So you may call yourself the unit of measurement, Warfare, but in the end there's no-one who needs to prove anything other than yourself. So bring your A-game"
We get one final close up of Everest's unflinching, icy stare. "You're going to need it." The music stops as we cut to the ring. It's time.
Nick Plissken
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Nick Plissken #3
On there is a new link entitled The Next Epoch. When clicked on it opens a page with the following description.

The Next Epoch is a new web series giving an in depth look at Next Era Wrestling's stars. Each episode features your host Adam Little giving a detailed analysis of a NEW wrestler.

There is currently one video on the page entitled The Kaiju.

The video begins with an opening that showcases several of NEW's athletes performing many hard hitting moves. It then shows a clip from Nick Plissken's first promotional video:

A dark shot of a figure walking towards the camera. In what little light there is viewers can see a shirtless man with thick arms and a thick torso but his face isn't visible. He is clearly powerful but doesn't have a six pack or the definition most wrestlers have nowadays. He continues into the light and Nick's face appears.

The screen goes black and then shows the title card for the show. As it fades we see Adam Little standing in front of an empty ring with a graphic under him stating his name and position in the company.

"Hello and welcome to the first episode of The Next Epoch in which I'm going to take an in depth look at a different wrestler in each episode. Since this is our first show we thought we might as well start with NEW's first signee."

We cut away from Adam and a montage of pictures begins. The pictures are of a young Nick Plissken. Adam's voiceover accompanies them.

December 8th 1984. Ronnie Plissken takes his wife Mary Jo to a hospital in Oak Ridge Tennessee where she gives birth to their first son, Nick. A few days later they take him to their home in Coalfield Tennessee.

We switch to a shot of a man who looks very similar to Nick sitting alone in a blank room:

Dewayne Plissken
  Brother of Nick Plissken

He is apparently being asked questions by someone off camera.

"Yeah, we didn't have a lot of 'stuff' growin' up. But I wouldn't say it was rough, its all we knew so we were happy. Especially on Saturday mornin's, thats when we all sat around the tv and watched wrestlin'.

We return to Adam Little.

"Nick grew up in a small town in the south watching wrestling, like so many other young men. But Nick decided very young that he was going to be a wrestler himself one day."

The show cuts to an old home video recording of an amatuer wrestling match from the 90's. A 14 year old Nick Plissken is wrestling another boy about his age in a small gym somewhere. In the background a younger version of his mother and brother can be seen sitting in the front row of the bleachers. They are flanking a man who could only be Ronnie Plissken. He looks like a broader version of Nick and has an even deeper scowl than Nick usually does. All three Plisskens are watching intently as Nick wrestles. Nick pins the other boy and they all leap to their feet and cheer. Even Papa Plissken who now has a beaming smile that almost seems out of place on the stony faced man sitting there a moment before.

Dewayne Plissken
  Brother of Nick Plissken

"Our Daddy was a hard man but he lived a hard life. He and Mama always supported me and Nick in whatever we chose to do in our lives though."

Back to Adam.

"Nick dropped out of high school to become a professional wrestler."

Now we see several clips of a Plissken as a young man wrestling in extremely small venues.

Plissken worked his way through several independent promotions but never seemed to really hit his stride.

The clips change to shots of Plissken training with several Japanese wrestlers in a dojo. Then move on to Nick wrestling in major Japanese arenas.

Until he made his first trip to Japan that is. He was able to earn a spot in one of the top wrestling dojos and the discipline there clicked with him. He worked extremely hard and became a major  star in the land of the rising sun.

We return to Adam in front of the ring. "The fans there started calling him the Gaijin Kaiju due to his unstoppable nature. His reputation caught the eye of David Diamond who called him up as soon as he started his new wrestling company where he quickly established himself as a tough competitor."

Now we see clips of his match against Serena Di Scenza. Most of the highlights show Serena hitting him with big move after big move and not getting a three count. Then quickly switch to Serena in the same place as Dewayne from before

Serena Di Scenza
  Former NEW Heavyweight Champion

"I rarely ever had anything nice to say about Lil Nicky, but as far as opponents go, Nick Is up there with the best NEW has to offer. Yeah, he's good, but he ain't good enough to beat me."

Next up is the video from Plissken and Di Scenza's unofficial fight. We see Nick pinning Serena as the crowd counts to three.

Now we see several highlights of Plissken taking on Spartan. Both men are beating the other senseless in each one.

  Next Era Wrestling Heavyweight Champion

"At first i thought like, you know, he was just some loudmouth. Now that I have wrestled him, I'm sure he is. Dont let him talk you to death. But the man delivers. As crazy as that hillbilly is outside the ring you better not let your guard down. He is a methodical fighter inbetween the ropes. Best way to handle him is just hit him untill he no longer gets back up."

Now we see Plissken wrestling Jay Rondel and then Tyson Gunn. We also see the Wreckoning's debut.

Tyson Gunn
  Wreckoning member and NEW Tag Champion

"What was it like wrestlin' Nick? It was probly one of the toughest matches of my career. He's stronger than he looks and a helluva technical wrestler. We beat the livin' hell outta each other 'til he slipped a DDT on me I din't see comin'. I'd seen video when he was overseas, but it ain't got nuthin' on jumpin' in there with him."

Finally we see Nick Plissken taking on Everest in the infamous 'I'm an idiot' match. The clips jump wildly across the entire arena as each man tries to bring it down around the other.

  NEW Wrestler and current Golden Opportunity Holder

"I nearly killed myself. And it was still a draw."

Back to Adam.

"And now Nick is about to wrestle Pantalones Lobos for another chance at his first title with NEW."

Nick Plissken
  The Most Dangerous Man Walking The Planet

"Of course I'd rather have the world championship but I can see what Dave's plan is and I think it will be an undertakin' worth my time too.

Someone off camera says something inaudible.

"Let me tell ya a story. A couple years back a company called New Japan Pro Wrestling introduced a new belt, their Intercontinental Title. One of the first men to hold it, and the man who's had it the most, you may have heard of. Shinsuke Nakamura. At that point he was beyond a secondary belt but the brass put him in contention for the intercontinental belt figurin' he'd win, which he did. Then all of a sudden it was a major championship. At one point the Intercontinental championship match took the main event spot over the world title at their biggest show of the year due to a fan vote. I'm sure Dave is tryin' the same tactic. That's no knock against Lobos, he's a fine wrestler, but I've been around longer and people know me. After I win at Devastation that belt will no longer be a secondary belt. The person carrying a title is what makes it prestigious. I'm happy to build up this title for Dave. Maybe soon I'll be takin' the main event away from Sparky."

Another unheard question from off camera.

"Well yeah, I might lose but that wouldn't ruin Dave's plan. If Lobos beats Nick Plissken in his first title defense then he must be a bad ass right?

"Don't worry though, that ain't gonna happen."

One last segment with Adam Little.

"Will Nick win at Devastation and continue his rise? Either way one thing is certain, Nick Plissken will continue wrestling and putting on 5 star matches. Join us next time as we take a look at another of NEW's top stars."
Sydney J. Warcup
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Nick Plissken #3
Sydney walks up the ramp to the ring, sans music.  His face is blank.  Joe, the new NEW interviewer, is waiting for him.

"Sydney J. Warcup, for your upcoming match--"

Sydney grabs himself two handsfuls of Joe and unceremoniously chucks Joe over the top rope.  He picks up the microphone.

"Union Jack Riley," he says slowly.  "Allow me to disabuse you of something, in the interests of sportsmanship.  You don't have to... in fact, you can't afford to... worry about Plissken, or Lobos, or those little boys you love to eat for breakfast, or Upperman, or Kelly, or any of the other pointless crap you talked about in your overly long, coma-inducing promos.  You've got one problem to worry about at Devastation, and you're looking at him."

He grins, glorying in the disapproval of the audience.  They don't exactly love Union Jack, so there are a few scattered cheers as well.

"You're taking this way too lightly, pal.  Which is fine by me, but I kind of feel sorry for the people at home.  Even if half of them are bloviating ignoramus male sluggards who desperately need to attend a re-education camp at Duke University, they still pay good money, and they expect to be entertained.  I hardly think that you qualify.  You think you can look past the Paladin of Social Justice?  Think again.  On second thought, don't think, as that always seems to be your first mistake."

Someone, for some reason, claps.

"Please don't embarrass me with your support, sir.  Thank you very much."

The man shows Sydney his favorite finger, and Sydney is delighted to return the gesture.

"So, basically, at Devastation, I'm going to beat the living crap out of you, and while you're recovering in the emergency room, you can watch all the Fawlty Towers you want.  This concludes the first part of my promo.  Now let's move on to the next, and more important part.  You called me Cindy, like that's an insult?  Bro, I feel really sorry for you, because obviously you have major issues with women.  Dude, I would love to be a woman.  I feel ashamed to be a man, in this blatantly sexist rape culture that we are cursed to dwell in.  When a pathetic creepo like you makes casual comments like that, unknowingly revealing the hate that he barely bothered to conceal in the first place, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.  Sometimes I do both.  How do you live with yourself, Union Jackoff?  When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you see yourself for the pathetic sociopath you really are, or do you see something else?  Whatever you think you see, you aren't a man.  Not really.  No real man talks like that.  In fact, talk like that shouldn't even be allowed.  One day the Supreme Court will recognize that hate speech ain't the same thing as free speech, and then (BLEEP!) like you will be carted off to prison where you belong."

The crowd begins chanting its favorite synonym for the human anus.

"Go ahead and chant all you want.  See if I care.  Most of you are probably just like Union Jack Riley: a bunch of privileged, entitled, overpaid, overindulged (BLEEP!)-ups who live off the fat of a land that was built on the backs of slaves and disenfranchised natives.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  If you really wanted to do yourselves and everyone else a favor, you'd go home and stick a McDonald's fork in your own throats."

Amusingly, a chant of 'McDonald's, McDonald's!' immediately starts up.  Sydney looks utterly disgusted.

"Idiots.  Maybe eugenics wasn't such a bad idea.  Anyhoo, tune in to watch me kick the living hell out of that woman-hating, high-flying (BLEEP!)-up.  And don't forget the tea and crumpets."

Sydney tosses the mic over the top rope.  The camera focuses on Joe's dazed face.

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Ramses XII
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Promo 2
 Ramses looked over the footage of what Spartan and Xander had to say in response to his last statement.

"Spartan's sense of humor, needs work. I give him a dire warning about his lack of inner strength and conviction and he sees fit to find it amusing. Then he deserves everything he gets tonight. At Devastation, I will claim what is mine, whether I deserve it or not. I will not be denied again and I will rule on high as is my destiny. Spartan, your wrestling King, your God demands a tribute of gold and a sacrifice of blood. Your body will be broken by the chains that bind you and you will be buried beneath the sands in the Sarcophagus you asked for. As you lay there desperately gasping for breath, I want you to reflect one how this is all your fault."

 Ramses Looks serious, even scowling before he continues.

"It does amuse me how very wrong you are Spartan and how much you think you know. There is nothing more hilarious and adorable than a fool who believes himself smart. Waste your time with the weakling Xander Mars and think you are superior instead of training, it will make my conquest simply easier. You have become soft and without Upperman holding your leash, you lack guidance. You are a dog that needed boundaries to shatter and you no longer have those."

 Ramses shakes his head with a growing smirk.

 "Yes, I did say that Upperman still controlled you and yes, I did just contradict that. I am aware that you and Xander... I believe the expression is "kicked him to the curb", so you are not officially under Upperman's control, but you are still influenced by the slimy Rat. I still smell his stench on you, in fact the halls of this building still reeks of him. You only prove to be more of a fool by believing he is gone. Upperman has molded you into a good little champion and you, whether you know it or not, still follow his model for you. By all means don't believe me. Think it all a joke, I will prove my dire words of warning in the ring when I take your tainted title and cleanse it."

 Ramses looks positively cocky as the villainous smirk is in full force.

"So Apex dominated out of lying and cheating. Does that matter? It is only cheating if you get caught and if you get caught you don't dominate. By that definition, Apex played completely fair. As for Apex falling apart, Cole and Riley have recently been replaced. No, not replaced, improved. My latest acquisitions are superior to that shiftless Australian and that pompous diva. This new incarnation of Apex will crush all of it's opposition and by hook or by crook, Next Era Wrestling will belong to us and I will be it's ruling monarch as Champion. You will respect us by our actions, not our words. If you don't, we will take great pleasure in demolishing you and leaving you as a broken example to others who would oppose us."

 Ramses crosses his arms, acting as superior as ever.

 "You are still chained, you just don't see it. You are the champion and Upperman got you there. You still obey him by being the Champion. You still lick his boots every day you remain Champion. If you want to be free, truly free, I will help you break those chains. I will remove your shackles of your Title and as a righteous and merciful king, will cleanse the curse from that belt."

 Ramses looks to almost laugh quietly.

"I thought you were a warrior, Spartan. If the officials are too incompetent to catch someone bending the rules, you rise above adversity and beat the cheaters anyway, not whine and complain about that person not winning the match fairly. Those are the actions of a weak and pathetic child, not a proud warrior. Continue making excuses for your failures and I will crush you without a second thought. You expect me to cheat tonight in our match, but how could that be possible? As a Sarcophagus match, there is no disqualification. How can one cheat in a match with no rules? Anything goes and we both can do anything to each other. It's hardly my fault if you lack the creativity that I do. You ask if I am willing to die for what I want. First, I'm Egyptian, death means nothing to me. I would rise in the afterlife as champion, but that is a moot point. Dying is what failures do and as your Pharaoh, I will prepare your soul to be weighed by Anubis in the underworld."

 Ramses looks upset again before speaking.

 "Spartan, you say I failed to defeat you fairly several times before. Aside from my "fair" victory over you, we had only fought in singles competition one other time. Then I lost to you, and it wasn't fair as the odds were stacked AGAINST ME! You were part of Di Scenza's harem at the time, or have you forgotten? It was that moment that made me form Apex in the first place. I sought to use the same power that was used on me and prevent the numbers game to be used against me ever again. The only difference is instead of complaining about it, I did something about it. That is why I am better than you, action instead of talk."

 Ramses glares at the camera furiously.

 "I don't want the respect of a spineless whelp like you! I don't want the respect of the peasants in their seat, but they WILL worship me, that is a fundamental fact of the universe! None of my dealings will be backhanded as you put it. You will know what you are getting into with every one of my matches, even if it isn't "fair". I will see you in the ring Spartan, where you will relinquish your championship to me and in your actions proclaim me King!"

 Ramses spreads his arms and looks up to the sky.

"Gaze on my works, ye mighty, and despair. My name is Ramses, King of Kings."
Tyson Gunn
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 15:33
Promo 3
The Jumbotron lit up and electrified the crowd

The Wreckoning

At the same time, intro music began to play as they entered.

With his tag team championship slung over his shoulder, Tyson high fived fans the entire way down his side of the ramp, smiling and repeating the same phrase over and over so all the fans within earshot could hear him. By the time they reached the bottom of the ramp, it had grown into a chorus that was spreading across the arena...

Wreck - O - Ning!
Wreck - O - Ning!

Wreck - O - Ning!
Wreck - O - Ning!
Wreck - O - Ning!
Wreck - O - Ning!

After giving his cap to a young fan ringside, Ty climbed up to balance on the opposite turnbuckle facing the crowd and and edging them on before hopping down into the ring. He listened to the chanting, glancing at Jay with a smirk before signalling for a microphone. " All right, make sure y'all let Nick hear that when he comes out later, though I'm pretty sure everyone back there heard ya. Is everyone ready for a fight?"

He paused and looked around as the fans cheered before raising his mic again, " I know we are, and I'm damned sure we're gonna get one outta the ladies.. Ain't sure how much teamwork we're gonna see considerin' Serena don't seem to wanna play well with her partner Lady Love. Guess she prefers to play with herself." He could only grin and shrug to feign innocence as the crowd got rowdy at the insinuation.

" So ladies, if you got yer makeup and hair done, come on out and play. Time to get Wrecked."

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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Promo 3
Spartan approaches the ring just after the last commercial brake before his match with Ramses, already fully clad in his wrestling gear. Over his shoulder and dragging behind him is a twenty foot length of strong chain, with a single cuff and lock at each end. Reaching the ring he throws it in before himself stepping on the apron. There he gestures for a microphone.

he calls out towards the entrance. “Ramses. You honour me too much stating you created Apex just for me. You must truly be set on beating me. An honour, really. You surround yourself with others, because I did so too? Nice. So whats next?” The crowd roars.

“By your reasoning you should now join up with wendy, because hey, you wouldn’t want to mix up the timeline right? Man what a load of bull. We are all here for one thing only, and that’s winning. You formed Apex because you couldn’t win on your own. We formed the Sons while we were already winning!” Again the crowd goes wild, chanting Olympus several times before Spartan motions them to stop.

“You say you can beat me now, tonight, without help? I say come and put your money where your mouth is. I’m here, alone. I brought your chain. Its just me on this end.” Spartan hooks his left wrist into one of the cuffed ends and locks it, tossing the key into the audience.

“Just me, all by my lonesome. Just Thomas Spartan, boogeyman. Come and get me. But make sure you come prepared to bleed. Maybe even make you cry. See how your mighty will gaze upon that? Because trust me Ramses, I will hurt you, hurt you good! So maybe you should bring the rest of your Apex!”

Tossing the microphone aside he waits…

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Serena Di Scenza
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Sun 2 Oct 2016
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Promo 3
Right on cue with Tyson's invitation, what sounded like classical violin began playing for a short moment before the sound distorted and the light went out. The static sound of corrupted violin audio continued before an unexpected theme began playing.

As the song began playing, the lights illuminated the area with shades of blue and purples and the words "Figlia Prediletta Del Diavolo" flashed upon the screen. Serena stepped out on stage wearing a glorious black gown over her wrestling attire, accompanied by the two well dressed Italian men. The Tattooed Vixen stood on stage, arms outstretched to allow the gathered crowd to marvel at the sight of Serena DiScenza. One of the men, carrying a silver platter with a glass and a bottle of expensive liquor upon it. Handing a glass to Serena, he poured the drink for her. The woman took a sip, handed the glass over and removed her gown before giving it to the second man.

Serena took her time as she performed the diva stroll to the ring, ignoring the two large men in the ring as she smiled that smile of hers to the crowd. Once in the ring, one of her man servants ran by and handed her a microphone of her own.

"So this is the Wreckoning I have never heard about until today, hmm? I was expecting something a little more interesting. Jay Darling, would you be a doll and tell Silent Bob over there to stick to the gimmick and shut the fuck up." She began once the music died out.

"Now, before we get this little dance started and take you boys to school, I have a few things to say. First of all, I would like to personally congratulate you both on your accomplishments thus far. I mean, you have been keeping busy since your arrival. You were able to defeat Little old Ramses' job squad and ... hmm... Well that's about it really. You two have been waddling in a puddle of mediocrity that this place has been since I went on Vacation a few months ago. Sure, we've had a great Champion in Spartan, but then again unlike little Nicky, I know how to build a proper team."

Serena paced around slowly as she spoke, flashing her smile at her opponents.

"I know, I haven't had many nice things to say to Nick, but to be entirely honest that buy his as talented in a ring as Ramses is talented at spitting nonsensical bullshit, and that's saying a lot. Unfortunately for the lot of you, talent can't be transmitted to partners so I'm afraid you've been kissing Nick's ass for nothing. You boys can talk about my ego all you want, but baby the only thing bigger than my ego is the beating that you two are about to receive. Two two got the size, but honey size ain't gonna do you any good if you don't know how to use it."

With that said, Serena tossed the microphone away and awaited for her partner to be ready so the match could get under way.
Jay Rondel
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Mon 3 Oct 2016
at 13:43
Promo 3
Jay took the kic from Tyson and stared up the ramp at Serena and shook his head slowly.  "I haven't missed this, Di Scenza.  You've got real freaking talent, and you're great to watch in the ring.  But every time you grab a microphone and open your mouth, i remember why I was so much happier when you were busy walking out on us; you have <i>one,/i> note.  Bitchy, slightly trampy entitled brat.  You're not funny Di Scenza, and I don't really care how you look."

Jay stopped for a minute, as the crowd booed, but didn't look even slightly surprised.

"I know, i know, I broke the first rule by insulting the hot chick.  Look, you all came here to see a pretty girl wrestle her ass off?  I actually have no friggin problem with it.  But as much as I like getting cheered, when that girl is facing me, I'm not going to lie down and die.  Your talk's as cheap as your ringwear Di Scenza.  So sit down, shut up, and grab your partner, because it's time to get wrecked!"

Jay tossed the mic back to the announce table and started stretching, keeping his eyes locked on the entranceway.