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Fri 11 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos
 Posts for the PPV are go!
Charlie Boldsworth
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Fri 11 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1 Triple Threat
In reply to David Diamond (msg # 1):

An article posted on the NEW website is titled

'Charlie Boldsworth, Bold? Yes. Worthy? Maybe.'

It reads as follows:

With Sunday, Bloody Sunday now fast approaching, Charlie Boldsworth, NEW's toughest new title contender sees himself in his first Main event, in his first PPV show, in his first title opportunity, in his first Triple Threat match having disposed of two fan favourites, Everest and Lady Love in the first few rounds of this tournament for the NEW Heavyweight Championship belt.
Also, in a surprise turn of events, The Blacksmith has been booked to fight alongside his previous opponent, Lady Love, in a Tag-Team Championship match against The Metal Mob.
In a week of so many firsts for The Blacksmith we caught up with him in some rare downtime for a first response on the match card and some comments on his last fight.

You're coming out of your second win in this tournament, you must be feeling good. But your last fight with Lady Love was very, very close. Do you think you deserved the win?

"What kind of question... Yes Wendy, I think I deserved the win, do i think Love deserved the loss? Perhaps not, she fought hard and well, against any other fighter last week she may have come out on top. I managed to catch her off guard and overpower her, if it wasn't for a momentary lapse in judgement, who knows!
But as I said last week and the week before, I have been working my arse off for this tournament, I took my first few losses well but this opportunity... This means too much, I am giving it my all and so yes, I think i deserved my win."

That's a fair point Charlie, thank you.
Now, the match card for our upcoming PPV event, Sunday, Bloody Sunday has just been announced, and in a surprising, unheard of turn of events you have been matched up with Lady Love again, this time on the same team in a bout for the Tag-Team Championship title against none other than The Metal Mob. How has the surprise booking affected you and your confidence for the final of the Heavyweight Championship tournament?

"I have to say, i'm absolutely gobsmacked. I wasn't expecting to see Love for a few weeks, let alone fight by her side. I think it's important to try my hardest in that fight, I have never actually had the privilege of seeing The Mob fight and i feel honoured to get a shot at that belt, going up against them with someone like LL will make it even more special.
But I'm keeping my reserves for the Main Event, the Tag-Team title would be great, but I have had my eyes on Ramses' belt for weeks now, and I am not going to do anything to sabotage my chances in that match. The Mob will face enough of a test from me, I'll be banging the heads of those headbangers, but I'm not going to go all out and will rely mainly on LL to keep me fighting fit for that Final."

Ok great, so looking ahead. You are billed to fight in the main event for the upcoming - event, this is a huge match regardless of any title opportunities. How do you plan on impressing the hundreds of thousands of viewers who have never seen you fight?

"Honestly, It's something that has been playing on my mind but at the end of the day, I don't care who I impress and i don't care who likes me. I will go out there and I will beat seven shades of **** out of Marvel and Rondel and whoever has ever wanted to see either of those guys get their arses handed to them is going to like me, that's about as much control i have over that."

You mentioned your opponents, First i wanted to ask you about Blue Marvel... He has made an outstanding impact here at NEW debuting in this tournament and earning as many wins as yourself, even beating the former Intercontinental Champion, Pantalones Lobos in a heated contest.
You have had a while to size him up, what's your take on him?

"He is definitely quite the character and quite frankly i think he's ******* hilarious. But at the end of the day I don't know if he's anything more than his gimmick, its new, its funny, people go for it. But when he goes toe to toe with men like myself and Jay... He'll be wanting the real superheroes on the scene fast.
I don't know how he pulled off that stunt last week against Lobos, someone must have spiked his kibbles and bits that morning.
I don't want to write him off but this championship fight is more about substance than style, I don't think he's got it in him."

Those are big words, you might have earned yourself Villain status with that one.
You mentioned Jay Rondel again, the former Tag-Team champion, it's clear you have been paying him a lot of thought, how do you plan to deal with him?

"Yeah, Jay is a force not to be reckoned with... Lightly at least. The guy has a lot of heart, I remember seeing him take loss after loss in his first few weeks and still get back out on the mat and fight his arse off. I saw him fight in a bloody tux for Christ's sake. That's why im gonna go all out, I am going to bring my A game and make Jay work harder than he ever has. I know what he's capable of and I know that if im not up to scratch, the Wreckoning are going to have another belt under their names. So Jay, I would find another wedding to attend, a doctors appointment, anything... Cos i'm comin' for ya fella."

That's a wise view point as far as I'm concerned, you are confident as ever, Charlie! So it seems like you know what you're getting yourself in for, but do you think you will be ready come Sunday?

"I'll be more ready than ever, I'm hungry for this. This is the most important night of my career and one of so many new experiences, If that doesn't motivate me then nothing else will."

Well, If anything, it will be a very exciting night. Good luck, get training... There will be a lot of eyes on you this week.

So there you have it guys, Charlie Isn't about to lose focus of his shot at the Heavyweight title, even if it means not giving it his all in the surprise Tag-Team Matchup.
Sunday night will prove to be the making or breaking of the The Blacksmith, with two title opportunities and a whole host of tough opponents out to get him, even his Tag partner may want to see him lose... It's going to be a tough week ahead for Boldsworth.
We will update you with more as we speak to the other Superstars set to fight at Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

by Wendy Reed.

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Charlie Boldsworth
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Fri 11 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1 Tag Team match
In reply to Charlie Boldsworth (msg # 2):

The show returns from a commercial break to show a camera pointing at Charlie Boldsworth, sitting in a makeshift office space. The feed then cuts to the view of that camera, who is focused behind Charlie, pointed over his shoulder at the screen.

The Blacksmith is seen sitting at his mahogany desk in a high wing-backed chair, upholstered in a claret velvet, pressed to the dark wood by brass buttons, he is scrolling through his Spotify Library, past names like AC/DC, Motorhead, Guns 'n' Roses, Anthrax etc.
He switches windows to the NEW website, on to a page where his match card has been posted. After a short pause he switches back to Spotify again and types in 'the Metal Mob'  a whole slew of Singles and Albums fill the page,  he scrolls for a short while before happening on a track titled 'Business is Good' and, seeing as though it was the only phrase so far in the listings that he had heard the two use, he decided to give it a listen.

Normally a man of relatively good judgement, who's tastes in Metal music are broad and forgiving, Charlie is visibly having trouble listening to the inane caterwauling and droning of the Mob's vocals and the intense, mish-mash cacophony of brutal thrashing guitars and double pedal drums, he had had enough. "Not only are the Metal Mob making bad music, they were making a LOT of it." he mutters to himself as the song reaches the crescendo of its umpteenth breakdown.

"Who even listens to this rubbish?" Charlie ponders, force closing the music player and returning to the NEW webpage. He clicks the address bar at the top of the page and types in 'Metal Mob NEW fights' in hopes of finding that Crunch and Doom are better wrestlers than they are musicians... Most of what he finds are low budget chat-show type recordings and cute sketches where one of them dresses up as another wrestler, The skull-faced one seemed to be calling most of the shots and talking most of the shit whilst the Funeral Clown seemed to be more of a sidekick.

After a short while of watching them fight, Charlie closes all of the windows on his laptop and sits back in his chair, a smug look on his face... He turns to the camera behind him  "Well, looks like this is one won't be too difficult... Maybe i should try to find Love and work out a game plan for Sunday, She has been quiet since our little ruck."
He says with contempt as he stands from his desk and grabs his car keys from the table, cell phone in hand ready to dial.

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Fri 11 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
We fade up into Everest's trademark white room; it's completely empty. The chiming sound of a guitar chord fills the air. The screen flickers as Everest appears and disappears, as a singer begins to sing a sad refrain.

I can't believe the news today. I can't close my eyes and make it go away.

We get some scenes from recent events now; Everest entering the arena as Rameses, Boldsworth hammering away, Joe stealing the envelope. Back to Everest in the room now, still flickering in and out of existence, the lights on the walls now turning on and off with the same rhythm. We cut to Everest's hands, which are clean, but then for a split second are covered with blood.

But I won't heed the battle call. It puts my back up. It puts my back up against the wall.

We now cut to Everest fighting Charlie Boldsworth, hard-hitting punches and slams, with the blacksmith eventually pinning him. Everest just sits there in the ring, looking confused and angry, not moving. Then, we see the footage of Spartan climbing into the WWE car. Finally, we end up back at the white room, with Everest sitting there. He looks into the camera.

"There was a man who inspired me, who once talked about hard times. He knew the truth, that for all the trials and tribulations that we face in the ring we live a pretty charmed life. When people out there are hungry, confused, poor, and fearful, we gain perspective. You can fight for yourself, you can fight for the sport, but in the end if you don't fight for the people then you decieve yourself."

"I know you believe that deep down Spartan, so why are you so quick to deny it? Why is the chip on your shoulder so large that when you don't get the respect you feel you deserve, you turn your back on these people? Yes, you were wronged. It happens. If you have something you want to prove, then come at me with all you've got. Because I've bled for this sport, and for these people, and I'd do it again, even if they turned on me."

The lights go out for a second, and when they come back on, Everest is covered in blood, the walls smeared in it too.

"And at the next Pay Per View, I intend to do the same to you. Be ready."

And the battle's just begun. There's many lost, but tell me who has won.

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Lady Love
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Sun 13 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
<Dave Diamond used with his permission>

In between matches at a Thursday night event..the jumbotron shows the interior of David Diamond's office

DD's intercom buzzes....

Sir.....I think Lady Love is here to see you... the secretary's voice squacks, a note of puzzlement in it....

You think? She does have a meeting with me...but you think it's Lady Love?

Along pause.....Y..yes...umm...I'm sending her in..... she replies, a note of panic now in her voice. Dave looks puzzled as his office door slowly creaks open. For a moment no one is there...then in an instant a woman fills the doorway and strides into his office, right up to his desk silently...staring staright ahead, her ice blue eyes almost boring into him. Dave looks stunned Love? he asks.....because the woman before him is vastly different from the Lady Love he's spoken to in the past....he looks her over, recognizing it is her, but clearly she has made some changes. Gone is the mask....replaced instead by bizarre Kabuki make-up. Her attire is different as well...a petite red kimono barely covering her body. Gone is her unitard, instead replaced with a leather bikini top, elbow length gloves, square cut shorts and knee high boots. Her long hair is now chopped and dyed...but it's her expression.....silent....staring is if staring into his soul.

Dave clears his throat....Ummm...well let's get to it. Love...your match with Boldsworth was one for the fact it's one of our top viewed replays on our YouTube chanel...

Lady Love stares.....silent....

Right......I mean you should be proud....11....yea...11 near pins between the two of you...Heck...I thought you had him after that 619 followed by the modified Senton Bomb.....

Lady Love blinks.....but her gaze only intensifies...

Dave tugs on his collar....Anyhow....we need to discuss the tag titles.....You're hot right now and I don't want to strip you of the titles. With The Metal Mob returning I think they would make a great opponeent for you....and the partner I've assigned. Now're going to think I'm crazy but......I'm pairing you up with Charlie....damn the pair of you have so much heat right now I think it's going to work!!!

Lady Love licks her lips....but only stares into Dave's eyes....

Look....Love...I heard about your...ahem..visit to one of Charlie's, I am going to overlook it but you two have got to get along for this match okay? Win or lose Love, this match is only going to increase your value.....maybe even help you get a shot at whoever wins the title next Sunday...what do you say?

There is a long silence......Lady Love staring into Dave's eyes....Dave stands...Look..I'll walk you to your car and....

Lady Love holds up a hand..and Dave drops into his seat....

When the Monkey King asks so much of the Cobra....does the King realize that the Elephant is in peril? Does he not feel the pillars of Heaven and Earth shake?

Dave looks around....Umm.....what?

The Cobra does as only knows what it one knows the Cobra but.....The Cobra... she continues as a sly smile now forms on her lips. Lady Love then leaps onto Dave's desk...squatting down so she is nearly face to face with him.....The Elephant is the key......the King must know or he is blind. The Cobra seeks what it seeks......and if the Cobra must sacrifice itself to obtain it's treasure it will.

Dave pulls'll defend your title?

Lady Love pivots on Dave's desk, sitting sideways in a come hither pose....a very seductive grin on her face....

The King asks a test of the Cobra.....two Jesters! The Cobra will solve the riddle of metal and prove to the King that it is worthy of the Elephant........Metallic Jesters <LL laughs girlishly>such a treat for a hungry Cobra........when the day of the sun is upon us the Cobra will have proven itself.....

Lady Love rolls then stands....and just as quickly she is gone.........

Dave sits in his chair.......Note to self......make sure Lady Love's psychiatirc coverage is paid up....

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Lady Love
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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday LL and Boldsworth tag team promo #2
<this is a joint promo between LL and Boldsworth, it's the 2nd tag team promo for both>

The camera clicks on to see the driver's side door of Charlie Boldsworth's BMW z8 slam shut and the entire chassis of the car drop about two inches as he forces his colossal frame behind the wheel, Wendy is already sat in the passenger seat of the small convertible, camera hoisted on her shoulder, half hanging out of the car.
She spoke to The Blacksmith as he sat down "Hey, thanks for letting me tag along. I know you hate the cameras and stuff so I really appreciate it." her tone was sincere.
"Well i figured you'd have just followed me anyway, so i might as well let you do your job, but don't forget this is a favour." He screws up his brow as he gives Wendy a look from the corner of his eyes.

Turning the key in the ignition the car roars to life. Pausing to connect his phone to the bluetooth central console, he speaks to the open space around him "Siri, Cal 'Double L'" A small beeping sound is heard before a voice responds "Calling, Double L, mobile." He pulls out of the studio parking lot and the tearing of the engine echoing through the floors drown out the sound of the ringing through the speakers.
When the noise dies down the phone plays out a final two drrrriiinngg.... drrrriiinngg's of the dial tone before the call clicks off and Lady Love's answering message begins to play "Hyello - you have reach a answer phone for number one female wrestler in world, Lady Love. If you pleases you, make leave your message after a beep." Charlie throws the Camera a cringe followed by a shrug, he clears his throat as the beep plays
"'Ello Love! Now... I know we've had our differences, and i know you've been leaving these crazy symbols all over my workplace..." The blacksmith is silent for a moment whilst he pulls out on to the freeway before continuing "...But i think we need to put that behind us, for this week at the very least. I don't know if you've seen the card yet, but Dave has only gone and put us in a fight against the Metal Mob... For the bloody belt! Not the Wreckoning, Not the Sons of Olympus... Me and you! I haven't got a scooby why, but we need to have a word, I'm ten minutes away from yours, get your shit together cos I ain't fighting these nutcases by myself."
He ends the call by mashing a large thumb on a portion of the touch screen on the dash, turning to acknowledge the camera before putting his eyes back on the road he says in a serious voice "If she doesn't answer i'm taking that door off its hinges." He puts his foot down on the accelerator and the camera fades out.

After a short commercial, Wendy's exclusive footage picked back up outside Lady love's home. Charlie has his car parked in the drive, he tried calling Lady Love again on her phone to no avail before stepping out of the car, who's suspension let out an audible, mechanical sigh of relief as he did so. Wendy quickly followed behind him, the clacking of her heels on the driveway made Charlie flinch. "Ok, be cool Charlie, remember how mad LL is with you right now." She winces as he slams a huge fist down on the door, ignoring the doorbell entirely THUD THUD THUD...

Before Charlie can smash the door opens on its own..slowly and with a creak. It appears as if no one opened it..and the house inside is dark.

"Umm.. Okay... I didn't realise LL was a long lost Addams Family member." Charlie snickers to Wendy as he steps over the threshold, in to Lady Love's home.

Inside the house is dark....only beams of sunlight from the windows are visible. Wendy looks around I think she's really gone off the deep end....maybe we should go....

The camera pans around then locks on the top of the staircase....Charlie....look! Wendy calls to the Blacksmith.

Perched on top of the banister, squatting, is Lady Love....she Kabuki makeup glowing in the blue eyes glaring down at them, a devilish smile on her face.....

Ahhhh......The Peacock has brought the Elephant for the Cobra.....a lovely party. It wishes to know how this one will solve the riddle of metal and dethrone the Jesters no?

The camera spins again to catch Charlie as he spins on his heels, surprisingly deftly for a man of his size, to face the staircase. His eyes widen as soon as he lays eyes on the spectral Lady love, her new look had accomplished its goal, if it's goal was to unnerve The Blacksmith, that is. Her eyes pierced in to his and he catches himself swallowing hard, she cocks her head from side to side like a parrot as he begins to move.
"Wow... Err... 'Ello Love... You look... um, Lovely... But If you're referring to me as the Elephant, I'd really prefer Bear... Or Hippo at least." He walks across the the foyer toward the stairs "Listen, about last week..."

Lady Love let's out a girlish giggle...The Elephant thinks itself amusing...but The Cobra only laughs because only it knows the truth...

Not breaking his stride, Charlie raises his open hands in an 'Im unarmed' apologetic manner,
"Okay... okay... Maybe we should leave that for now... Focus more on Sunday, Bloody Sunday... I assume the 'Riddle of Metal' is referring our match with the Mob? The jesters being Crunchy Clown and that Doom goon?" Charlie folds his arms as he reaches the bottom step. He looks up at Love, anticipating a Swanton Bomb or Five Star Frog Splash to come raining down the staircase at any moment.

From her perch Lady Love stands, arms out to the side and leans if performing a swan dive. She drops, at the last second rolling up to break her fall...and in an instant is behind Charlie....

Again it amuses the Cobra.....but the Cobra laughs because the Elephant thinks itself wise. To solve the puzzle of metal and dethrone the jesters the Elephant must trust the Cobra...but that is unwise as the Cobra wishes to strike. The Elephant is lucky.....the fangs of the Cobra seek another. Would be kings have stormed the Monkey King's empire and the King himself has called upon the Cobra....a test for the Cobra...... Lady Love smiles slyly..Yes....this one will give aid to the Elephant as this serves it's own purpose...

Lady Love steps close, her hands lock on Boldsworth shoulders..her eyes bore into his....For you a test of 3...pass you must! The Cobra demands this...for without the Elephant marching to victory...this one has no purpose....your foes of 2 beware...for the Cobra stalks them... Lady Love releases Charlie...her hands wide.....

Charlie glances over his shoulder at Wendy with a bewildered look, who shrugs behind the camera "Test of three? The Triple Threat match?" He pushes her hands away with force "I came to speak about our tag match, Love. If you're gonna keep talking in poxy riddles, I'm leaving." The Blacksmith grits his teeth and clenches his fists.
"My match with Jay and Marvel is nothing to do with you. I suggest you focus more on this Tag Team title and let me worry about those two." He asserts, pointing his finger in Lady Love's painted face.

He lowers his hands and turns away from the far-gone Lady Love, lowering his head and taking a deep breath before starting again...
"I'm not looking to go out there against the Mob unprepared, I get that you're mad at me, maybe even just bloody mad in general, but the quicker you snap out of this..." Charlie pauses for a moment, pondering the recent course of events and how on earth LL had managed to go from one extreme to the other, he actually felt quite smug in the fact that he was instrumental in her breakdown. He turned back to face her, his expression a mix of excitement and caution.
"You know what, this might be a positive... The Metal Mob are pretty reckless, but you... This new you... I think the minute those boys step in the ring with you, and they see me on the ropes waiting... I think they are going to quake in their boots." He then places his hands on Love's shoulders, much in the same way that she did to him a moment ago "Ok Cobra, The Elephant is listening."

Lady Love giggles and runs her fingers under Charlie's chin....Elephant will follow...and together with Cobra the riddle will be solved......Peacock will stay here...Lady Love says wagging her finger towards Wendy as she steps down the hall into darkness....Elephant...follow please.....

Charlie quivers involuntarily at Lady Love's touch, shuddering afterward, shaking any shivers she just gave him, off.
He looks back at Wendy and gives her a slow and deliberate nod, "If i'm not back at the car in about twenty minutes, come and find me." He emphasised the last two words as he spoke, before turning and following Love in to a darkened hallway of her home, a slight chuckle escaping his lips as the camera clicks off.

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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
Monday Night Prime November 7th
Nashville Tennessee
8:00 p.m. Eastern

Just after Prime opens the lights go out and the big screen shows a clock counting down.

-------Note that the time on Prime actually reads 7 days 0 hours 58 minutes and 48 seconds. Counting down.--------

Underneath the timer there are several characters written out. Gibberish characters.

¤<*#t'$+n @£ E%_/*.İo*n

Devin Danvers gives a sigh, "What now? What craziness does Dave have planned?"

Adam Little answers, "I'm being told that Mr. Diamind has no idea what this is about. I guess we'll find out next week."

As the night rolled on the timer would appear sporadically throughout the show. Each time the characters underneath would start making more and more sense.

C<*#t'o+n @o E%_/*.İo*n

C<*nt'o+n to E%_/*.İo*n

Count'$+n to E%_/*.İo*n

Until the show ended with:

Countdown to E%_/*.İo*n

Monday Night Prime November 14th
Athens, Georgia
8:00 p.m. Eastern

Before the opening song for the show plays the timer returns. The clock shows one hour remaining and doesn't have the words beneath it. The clock rolls up and off the screen as a phrase rolls up from the bottom.



Then the show open plays. The screen then cuts inside the arena filled with cheering fans as pyro goes off.

"Welcome to Monday Night Prime. I'm Adam Little and as always I'm joined by Devin Danvers. We've got a knockout program lined up tonight."

"Don't just ignore that! Countdown to Extinction? I don't like the sound of that at all!"

"That is quite the scary proposition. But the show must go on."

Prime continues as normal and it seems everyone has forgotten about the pending Extinction. At the 9:00 mark a match between two unknown newcomers is scheduled to take place. The wrestlers enter the ring to little fan fare and get underway.

Neither man seems to care much for being in the ring. They are just going through the motions and barely hitting any major moves. The crowd thanks them with a BO-RING chant. Both men look at each other and decide to say 'screw it'. One of them starts to leave the ring while the other goes to his corner and grabs his cell phone. He starts tweeting right there in the ring!

Just then the lights go out.

The timer appears on the screen again.





The Metal Mob walks out!

The last time they were seen on NEW television they were far from fan favorites, but that was weeks ago and the fans have clearly missed them. The arena roars along with the Black Sabbath song which continues playing throughout this segment on a loop. And in the internet age it is exceedingly diffcult to keep a secret, so there are many metal heads in the crowd wearing Mob t-shirts and headbanging like there's no tomorrow.

The Mob stands at the entrance ramp for a few seconds soaking in the warm welcome. Then suddenly they bolt towards the ring! The gather up the two half-hearted wrestlers and toss them out of the ring. Skip calls for the bell and declares the match a no contest while Crunch calls for a microphone.

"What the hell was that!?" the big man yells as the crowd continues to go wild. "That ain't how things are done here at Next Era Wrestling! At least it wasn't before we left ro go on tour. Well don't worry Mobsters, the Mob is back and we're here to BRING THE THUNDER!! Apparently we got back just in time to take the Tag Titles from a couple more new faces. Well, you better believe they're gonna get the same kind of warm welcome those two losers just did."

He hands the microphone off to Doom...
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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
Doom takes the microphone from his partner. "Oh yes, we will welcome them to the jungle, of that you can be certain. We enjoy making music and playing it live but it just isn't the same as coming out here and putting the fear of the dark into someone." The crowd continues cheering, if anything getting louder at the end of each sentence.

"All that talk of love and pictures of little hearts is far outside my purview. Despite Mr. Boldsworth's words we would be more likely to be afraid of that. Fear of the unknown and all that. On the contrary I was very pleased to see the new Lady Love. If she can play the guitar we would be willing to give her an audition to join the band. The Cobra, what a fitting moniker. But let me tell you what happens when The Metal Mob meets a Cobra:

We grip the snake

Firmly by its tongue

Crunch will lift you high for me to strike

Soon our work is done

The Mob sends the giant snake

Bleeding to the depth

Where Ragnarok awaits

I cannot wait Miss Love, this match will be one for the ages.

"So Mr. Boldsworth thinks this will be easy does he? Thinks that we are merely a psycho circus? Let me show you one of the bloddiest clips in NEW's archive Blacksmith."

Up on the big screen a video plays. It shows the Sons of Olympus jumping Doom. Then Crunch arrives to help but he is basically fighting two on one after they double teamed Doom out. The two Metalheads refuse to stay down but after getting to their feet the Sons spear them through a set of windows, slicing them to bits. The Mob is put into an ambulance

Now we see Adam Little speaking in a couple of different clips.

I'm being told that the ambulance never made it to Mercy Medical Center...

"What?! The Metal Mob just drove the ambulance back into the building?!"

The Metal Mob walks to the ring bloody and battered, still pulling glass out of their bodies. They go on to fight the Sons of Olypmus in a losing battle but in their condition that is no surprise. What is a surprise is just how much fight they still have in them.

"Funny how he didn't show that one in his little assessment huh?"

"Indeed Crunch. These are the kind of men you will face at Sunday Bloody Sunday. I doubt it will be easy for either side to win. As you can see, and as your entrancd music states, you cannot kill the Metal. But as a blacksmith you know that. You know that Metal can only be melted down and reformed. I'm sure you think that you and Love will transform us into scrap but you will find that this Metal is much too strong. No matter how many times you beat us with your hammers we will bend in a direction of our choosing. At the end of the night we will quench ourselves in the blood of the Blacksmith and the Cobra and the Metal Mob will be reforged into Next Era Wrestling's tag team champions. You see...

Killing is our business..."

"And business is good."
Jay Rondel
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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
Once again, a video was loaded to from Jay's personal webcam.  It showed him in his hotel, sitting on the bed and staring into the camera.  He took a few deep breaths, then shook his head.

"It seems to come down to this a lot.  Another big, beefy bastard standing in my way. Another triple-threat where the odds don't look great for me.  Hell, another crazy guy in a mask looking to play spoiler!  But the fact remains, I've been here before.  I'll be here again, and I learn my lessons well."

Jay leaned in, the camera focusing on the steely, cold look in his eyes.

"Marvel, I could like you.  You seem like a nice enough guy.  But I've got to cut you off before you even get started.  If you haven't been paying attention, the Wreckoning represents the heart of NEW.  We're here to compete.  No tricks, no gimmicks, no bullshit.  We're the heroes around here.  So if you want to fight, I'll throw down, but don't try to paint me into a corner if you can't handle not being the only one worth cheering for."

Jay's eyes narrowed and his voice took on a colder tone.

"Boldsworth...I've seen the crap you spew.  Time wasted on trying to string Everest and Love along.  You've got actual talent, but you only fall back on it.  I hear you're going to spare me the usual routine.  That's good.  Do what the best always do; bring everything you've got, and leave nothing but your blood, sweat and tears behind.  I've stepped in with some of the best big men in the sport.  If you want to know how it goes, ask Ramses.  Ask Spartan.  Ask Lucius James if you can find what unemployment line he's on.  Any other day, you'd have a real shot.  But Sunday is my destiny.  That title is mine to take.  Marvwel, Boldsworth, terminus est.
Tyson Gunn
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Wed 16 Nov 2016
at 18:31
Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
Tyson stopped as he stepped out of the NEW medical staff's office, scowling as he looked at Joe and his camera, "What's the matter, ain't had enough big stories lately so now yer stalkin' us to look for one?"

Joe smiled as he replied, "Don't be like that Tyson. The fans deserve to know if there is anything wrong. You and Blue Marvel had an incredible match, and then were left off the last Prime card. Everyone saw your promo supporting your stable mates that you eluded to an injury. Now we find out you here. Care to tell us anything?"

Tyson shrugged, looking at the camera, "Ain't much to tell. Blue Meanie's super punch caught me pretty good an' the doc wanted to make sure nuthin was broken. This is a contact sport despite what some people think, and people can get hurt. It's a risk we take every time we get in the ring. Lucky for me, it's just bruisin'. Nuthin that's gonna affect my match Sunday wit this week."

"That's good news Tyson." Joe replied. " Anything to say about your match Sunday against Bastion Blud?"

"Me? Come on now, why would y'all expect me to say anything?" Ty replied, but could not hold back his trademark grin after a moment of silence. "I mean what can I really say? Once again the powers that be want the night to start off with a bang wit lil' ol' Tyson welcomin' another newcomer to the big show. This week we welcome Bastion Bloodsucker to tour the Gunn Show. Now in case y'all missed it, this here's a case of another businessman with delusion of grandeur thinkin' he can do whatever he wants cuz of hie's got money. At least this one's not headed to Washington." He grin grew wider. "Y'all thought you had a rough intro to NEW with my bro Jay, y'all is in for a rude awakenin'. See, you ain't the match I want, but Double D decided to give everyone's favourite jobber a title shot fer bein' loyal unlike his tag partner. Too bad it's against Nick, who's gonna wreck the big goon. So I can't complain too much. And I ain't gettin a shot at the tag belts since my partner is gonna be the next Heavyweight champion. So I'll just have to make due with the match I got. When I get done wit your Twilight rejected ass, the only thing that's gonna sparkle 'round you is gonna be the monitorin' 'quipment you'll be hooked up to. Good thing is after I Carpet Bomb you yer face into the mat, all help ya with yer bloodsucker image a lil', since you'll be suckin' yer meals through a straw fer a while. Blud, yer gonna be prayin' someone brought a stake after the wreckonin' y'all's gonna take Sunday night."
Bastion Blud
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Wed 16 Nov 2016
at 21:50
Sunday, Bloody Sunday Promos #1
A view of darkness greets the viewer before showing Bastion walk across the screen."Tyson, you espouse to manhandle me and I just won't have that. The reason you are not in a more elaborate match is you have nothing to offer the NEW World, except of course a blood sacrifice, which is exactly what you are. A sacrifice to me Bastion Blud. I admit my plan for domination has been delayed but I will go through each of your 'bros' eventually, but You are a good place to start,"
Lady Love
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 10:53
Sunday, Bloody Sunday LL promo #3
Between matches......the arena goes dark......the jumboscreen flickers....streaks of grey cut across it at random....

Slowly the screen dissolves into a black and white image of a long abandoned warehouse, half of it in ruins, in a bleak and empty field....

In the distance a crow squawks..then Lady Love's voice echos....the screen continuing to show the bleak image....

Before there was love...there was nothing.................................before nothing there was pain.....................This one knows true pain, this one knows emptiness.....this one knows....................all

A long pause.....the image on the screen dissolves into a black and white image of an abadoned schoolhouse, a rusted swing slowly moving in the breeze.....

To know know must experience must experience pain. On the day of the sun....the blood red sun...comical jesters of metal try to become kings...this one, with it's knowledge of all and a companion of steel and fire will teach will be held..and the lesson of the day.....

The images cease......a pause...then in black and white Lady Love's face, adorned with black and white kabuki makeup fills the screen....


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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 17:10
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #2
After a match on Monday Night Prime the week before the big pay per view the show goes to a commercial break. After a few ads for soap and cars we see a car pull up to  spooky looking house. Crunch gets out holding a map and scratching his head. He flips the map around as though he thought he was holding it upside down. "They're gonna have the show here?" He shrugs and starts walking towards the entrance.

We cut inside the building. Crunch is wondering the hallways. "Hellooooooo?" There is no one else in sight. Until he passes a lounge of some sort. There he sees a bar and a man wiping glasses behind it. He walks over.

"Hey there Crunch. What can I get for you." The man asks in a posh British accent.

"Have we met?"

"I don't believe so, no."

"How do you know my name?"

"You know you'll have to kill them don't you?"

"What? Kill who?"

"Your wife and child of course."

"Uh huh, I'm not married ya weirdo."

Crunch walks away shaking his head and continues exploring the building. He comes to an elevator. "Where the hell is the ring?" he asks before this happens:

A rush of blood comes pouring out of the elevator when the doors open. The big metal head looks into the camera and shrugs again. He reaches over and grabs a table, turning it over and using it like a wake board to ride the crimson wave down the hall.


A stylized graphic pops up on the screen...

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

As a narrator speaks.

Next Era Wrestling presents Sunday, Bloody Sunday. November 20th. Call your television provider today.
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 Metal Mob
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Fri 18 Nov 2016
at 18:54
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #2
A video posted to

Doom is sitting in a dark room at an undisclosed location. As usual for his segments the only thing visible in the low lighting is the skull painted on his head.

"So Mr. Boldsworth isn't going to give his all in our match. He somehow thinks this will protect him so he can stay in fighting shape for his match later. There are two problems with his plan. Problem number one is that it makes me angry. The tag titles are below the singles belt? How disrespectful. To those of us who specialise in tag matches and to the fans who pay to watch them. This ties into the Extinction that comes with the Mob's return. It is an Extinction to boredom, an Extinction to the mockery the tag division has become, and an Extinction of this slapped together tag team holding the titles. The belts are both held by a single woman because her partner decided she didn't want to play anymore. So now she defends it with some heretic that doesn't even want the belts and doesn't even care for her.

"And this compounds problem two with his plan. If you don't give your all Mr. Boldsworth then Crunch and I will destroy you. Take it easy on men like us and we will snap your fingers, snap your neck. You won't have to worry about the main event, you'll be in a hospital.

"So let's talk about someone who seems to care about the match."

Doom leans forward into the light just far enough to make his mouth visible. He is smiling. As he begins speaking he leans back. "Oh Ms. Love. I love this new direction you are taking. I wish that you, Crunch and I could all hold the titles as a trios team. You truly have become a kindred spirit in these last few days. But alas, it isn't to be.

"I'm afraid you have chosen the wrong time to try out this new persona. If you were defending your belts against the Wreckoning or the Sons of Olympus you may be able to shake them with talk of pain and death. But against The Metal Mob you are merely making our return even warmer. Entering the ring with you and your poetry will feel like going home for Thanksgiving dinner to Crunch and I. We are no strangers to pain. You saw the clip I played, pain is our bread and butter. And you think you can teach us something about Death? Why you must have forgotten my dear that...

"Killing is our business..."

Crunch walks forward out of the darkness, his face paint just visible as well.

"...and business is good."
Charlie Boldsworth
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Sat 19 Nov 2016
at 12:01
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #2(Trip threat) #3(Tag-team)
Charlie Boldsworth enters from under the titantron, no music, no fireworks, no clamouring from the crowd, everything was eerily quiet as he stood at the top of the catwalk.

"Well Devin, you gotta say our Mr. Boldsworth looks like he mean business tonight, only one more day left until Sunday, Bloody Sunday  Right here on NEW. What sort of chances do you think The Blacksmith has, if any, tomorrow night?" Adam Little speaks to his fellow commentator at the announcement table

As he begins to walk toward the ring, light murmurs from the semi-sophisticated crowd turn in to howls and whoops as a makeshift menagerie forms in the stands, there are people hissing like Snakes, trumpeting like Elephants and deafening laugh-like screams pierce the scene as the Monkeys in the audience pipe up.

"You know you're not wrong Adam! We have seen it before, this man's raw strength and power, but he faces a tough challenge tomorrow night, not only with The Mob, who are angry with The Blacksmith for not being too interested in the Tag Team title." "Yeah well do you blame em' Dev?" Adam interjects "But also lets not forget the Triple Threat matchup with Jay Rondel and Blue Marvel. But i can't call it Adam, either fight could go either way, the beautiful thing about this sport is... You never know whats going to happen!"

"Yeah you're definitely right about that Devin." "And would you listen to this crowd here tonight? They want jungle warfare right here in Des Moines!"

In the midst of the the noise Charlie reaches over the barriers in to the audience, he pulls a young fan from the crowd, a boy around 9 or 10. He hoists the child from a deadlift pose, high  above his head, parading him for the camera before letting him fall in to his belly, giving the boy a bearhug then lifting him back over in to the crowd.

"Oh my god Adam! Did you see that?! Charlie Boldsworth now using young children to showcase his strength and his dominance!"
"Well, maybe he was just giving the little boy exactly what a little boy would want from his wrestling idol? Good move as far as i'm concerned."

He continues on his trip to the ring, the crowd now in full swing, boos are permeated by chants of 'BOLDS-WORTH' and 'BLACK-SMITH' as he approaches the apron.
He reaches out to an official, who passes him a microphone as he enters under the top rope of the ring.
He takes a long moment in the ring, walking the outer edge and leaning over the turnbuckles, soaking up the newly acquiesced adoration from the NEW universe.

He clears his throat and looks over the crowd as he begins to speak
"Ladies and Gennelmen, boys and girls." The crowd roar into life again as Charlie speaks, he raises his hand in a shushing motion, the crowd comply almost instantly "You've heard a lot over the past few days, about me and the 'Crap i spew' and about my Apathy for the tag-titles... Well i'm here to set the record straight."

He rolls his shoulders and clicks his neck "First of all i need to address Mr. Rondel, seeing as though he thinks that his heart is enough to win this match... You said a few things that i take umbrage with, Mr. Rondel... You said I would be sparing you the usual routine this week, which i don't really understand... I've never stuck to a routine and I still haven't settled in to my style, so if you think you know what to expect, you dont. You always come out here, week after week, relying on past successes or your little boys' club and the one or two big wins you have had in your career. You post these short and to the point video's on the website which would be fine, if the point you were getting to wasn't completely deluded in principal.
You have fought with some of the best big men in the sport, and lost to all...Sunday is not about destiny Mr. Rondel, oh no. It's about passion, hard work, its about desire, the want to win. Its not about thinking that you are entitled to it, or that you deserve it.. It's about working for this, harder than you're worked for anything else. Not relying on destiny and things being handed to you.
Tomorrow night Jay, my boy... You will need to fight tooth and nail if you want to stand an iota of a chance in Iowa."

The blacksmith spits on the mat and takes another lap around the edge of the apron

"Well Well that was a real send-for Jay there by the Blacksmith, calling him out on a few of the things he has said this week and i think he's partly right Adam!" Devin can be heard, eager as ever at the announcement table.
"Partly, fully, not at all... Whatever the case may be we know one thing... Charlie Boldsworth isn't happy!"

Charlie walks over to one of the turnbuckles, on the mat at the bottom is his welders mask, the broken visor still unrepaired. He lifts it high above his head, out toward the crowd. He places the leather halo-like strap that fixes the face-mask to his head on to his crown, sitting parallel with the floor. The giant lifts the microphone to his mouth and begins once more "Now that i have dealt with that chump, I'ts time to address the Mob, Krusty and Sideshow Slob, The boys fixing to be dropped. I made em mad, seems like i do that well, doesn't it? If all the athletes in this league are going to go batshit or completely change their entire persona, every time i have a bit of a barney with them, Diamond might fire me... Or worse... he might... Reign me in!" The blacksmith shuts the face of his mask, covering his entire head in a sheet of metal.
"The fact of the matter is, anger doesn't win fights, not that composure does either, but coming out here and shouting at you guys, or posting video's where all you do is spit hatred, that isn't good for the NEW fans, or for the wrestler portraying that persona. SO lighten up a little!
I'm not taking the tag-titles very seriously, its true.. But why on earth would I!? I was forced in to defending a title that isnt mine, with a woman who I hate, who I broke... against two people who haven't fought to earn a shot in weeks. Why on earth should i be happy or enthused about this damn fight?! Munch and Boom may be veterans of this company, they may have earned everything they've been given up until date... But if these clowns think that they can come out here on Sunday, after months without practice, months without taking a punch in the face, months without standing down a real opponent... If they think that this match is going to be a walk-over after all of that, they are in for a huge shock. Cos metal might be moldable, but you're not that clever Doom, I'm not the metal..... YOU ARE!

Charlie throws the microphone to the mat with force, it smashes in to bits. He walks one more lap with his arms in the air before exiting under the same top rope that he entered the ring in, jumping on the to mat and heading up the catwalk, he only ever pauses to turn to his new fans, soaking up the chants of adoration.

"Wow-wee Adam... I wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of that attitude this Sunday."
Devin turns to his announcing partner "We are going to see a great PPV tomorrow, that's for sure!"

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Nick Plissken
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Sat 19 Nov 2016
at 18:07
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #1
Nick Plissken stands in front of a blank wall.

"You know I could ask what the hell Mars has done to earn a shot at this belt." He holds the Transcontinental Title up for a few seconds then tosses it over his left shoulder. "But I won't. Hell, I already know the answer: Not a damn thing. But it really doesn't matter anyway. I said I'd defend it against all comers and I mean it.

"I doubt it will be a match worth my time but that's what I get paid to do, kick peoples' asses. I bet he didn't know that he was about to have to face off with me again when he went blabbin' about his neck. If he did I bet he'd a kept that to himself. Or maybe not, he don't seem all that bright to me. Either way it was a mistake. After Sunday night his neck will never be the same. I'm thinkin' maybe an stf is just what he needs. Maybe the next match will be a good one."

Bastion Blud
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Sat 19 Nov 2016
at 21:51
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #1
Bastion did something he rarely kdid, he walked down to the ring. His leisurely stroll carrying him past the cacophony of quiet that allowed his theme music to be heard fully. The announcers Wer quiet never sure what to make of this individual.

Bastion entered the ring and produced a microphone that was emblazoned with alternating symbols of Red Inc and NEW.

"NEW world! you have seen me a bit here, making my presence known a bit more often. You saw me in a battle with Jay Rondel. He won and learned. I appreciate him and will teach him things the next we meet. I'm here to talk about Sunday, delicious Sunday! I call it that for my battle with Tyson will be the beginning of a feast to be had for all of you are as Bloodthirsty as I am and I plan to be a chef that who samples my own creation! Tyson Gunn, it is important you know...Guns don't kill people I kill people!"

Bastion says the last cackling as the lights flicker red once and then out. When the lights come back on fully bloody money rains from the sky.
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 Metal Mob
 Screaming for Vengeance
Sat 19 Nov 2016
at 22:52
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #3
Sunday November 20th. Sunday, Bloody Sunday begins. The pay per view opens with a shot of the night sky. It is a cloudy, rainy night. The sound of rain and thunder can be heard quietly as the camera pans down to see Crunch and Doom standing in front of a large bonfire.

Doom steps forward. As he begins speaking a song starts playing quietly.

"I am disappointed Mr. Boldsworth. I thought maybe you were a real competitor in this sport. But you have proven otherwise with your own words. I would think that the opportunity to hold one of the top championships in the sport would be reason enough for enthusiasm. We aren't singles competitors but if Crunch or myself were handed the chance to win the heavyweight title we would give our all for the chance to become the new Monarch. But you apparently would prefer to cruise through the ranks of NEW performing the minimum amount necessary."

Doom chuckles, "And you say I'm not that clever? In my metaphor you are referring to I said we were the Metal, not you. So who's not so clever now? I do take umbrage with your insinuation that we are mere characters. With the Metal Mob what you see is what you get. If you think we are playing a part then you've got another thing coming.

"And finally Mr. Boldsworth, you misunderstand my point about our anger. We aren't going to win because we're angry. We will carry the night because we are a well oiled Machinehead whereas you two have never even teamed before. No, our righteous fury is the thing that will deny you your chance at the heavyweight belt. You have annoyed us and we will take it out of your hide blacksmith. And what makes you think we haven't been in a fight? I take it you haven't ever been in a mosh pit. I daresay some of our fans would make you quiver in your boots Mr. Boldsworth. Now if you'll excuse me, Crunch and I have to hone our rage before the show."

Doom turns and walks towards the bonfire as the intro to Sunday, Bloody Sunday begins in earnest.
Tyson Gunn
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 02:27
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #3
"Tyson, do you have anything to say in response to Bastion Blud's comments this week?" Joe asked as he barged in across from Ty  just finishing getting ready to head to the ring.

With a bit of a glare at Joe, " Y'all know By now I's always got sumpthin to say. First off, dunno where Blud got this e-spouse crap from, I ain't never even looked at no internet datin' sites. Second..., Joe? Y'allight?"

The camera was shaking a bit, but Joe answered, "I'm fine, sorry."

"Ok. Second thing is my opponent shouldn't be puttin' himself down like that. I mean I already realized it ain't gonna be a show closer since y'all proved yer outta yer league with Jay, but I can guarandamntee I'm gonna make sure the fans are gonna get their money's worth watchin' me stomp yer ass into a mudhole."

"Third, the real reason I ain't in a title match is simple. Nick's defendin' one, Jay's winning the other, not to mention it's hard to reclaim the tag belts without a partner available. Thought you business types was smarter then that. See the only sacrifice is yer sorry wrestlin' career, so y'all is better off crawlin' back to yer boardrooms and office buildin's before Sunday night. I'd hate to have to knock them dollar store halloween dentures back yer throat because yer stupid enough to step in the ring wit me. But yer right, guns don't kill people, but this Gunn is gonna knock the livin' hell outta you. That's fer damned sure.
Jay Rondel
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 03:45
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #3
As Charlie made his way back up the ramp, a new sound played over the arena's speakers.  It was a sharp, slapping sound.  slow at first, then picking up.  After a couple of seconds it was obvious that someone with a live mic was applauding for him.  The spotlights and cameras zoomed through the crowd until they found Jay sitting in the upper decks.

First thing's first; sorry Tyson, I may have ripped you off a little, but I actually bought a ticket, so call it half-credit.  As for you Boldsworth, you've got some real fire.  Good.  It just means we'll have a good time beating each other senseless tomorrow.  I can work with that.  But what you should think of doing is looking through my old footage.  I gave up on entitlement about 3 months back.  Every match I have these days?  I earned it.  Plain and simple."

Jay slowly started walking down through the seats, coming closer to Charlie, but making no effort to actually come in contact with him.

"As for that 'boys club' bullshit?  We both know it's not worth saying any more.  You think I coast?  Or that I ride 'one or two' victories?  By that logic, Boldsworth, your ass shouldn't be in the ring tomorrow either.  I'll say it until someone finally understands it: I live this sprt.  I eat it.  Sleep it.  You cute me and I bleed turnbuckle coverings.  You take an MRI and I've got ring ropes where tendons should be.  NEW is my life.  It's me.  You want to talk about clawing, scraping, giving it everything you've got?  Listen to your own words, Boldsworth.  Tomorrow, I'm going to take everything you can dish out.  Pray it's more than what I'm throwing back in return."

Jay dropped his mic and walked back through the crowd to wild cheers.
Tyson Gunn
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 10:02
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #3
The Wreckoning

The jumbotron lit up and the crowd came to life as Van Halen's haunting chords began to play. Instead of going to the ramp however, the spotlights panned the the lower bowl until they found Tyson approaching though the crowd. He made his way to ringside, giving his hat away to a young fan as always, this time to a little girl in a Mysti shirt, before hopping the guard rail. He dove into the ring and climbed the far turn buckle to acknowedge the crowd, egging the crowd on as a Wreck-O-Ning  chant began, a wide smile on his face.

Adam tossed him a mic and he hopped down, facing the ramp. "All right, calm down before all yer noise scares Dragula back to hide in his coffin." Ty grinned as the crowd laughed. "See, that is how you connect with the fans Blud. You just come out here and show them them how much you appreciate them. Not shoot off some corporate crap about how yer gonna rule or how badass you are. Ya prove that out here, which you ain't done yet, and ain't gonna happen to ight either. So let's not waste time and yacan drag yer Count Chocula ass out'ere so I can stomp it into a package to fit into the mailslot to send back to Trannsylvannia, or whatever hole you crawled outta."

He tossed the mic bac to the announer stand and listened as the Wrckoning chant began again.
Blue Marvel
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 13:44
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo

 An unannounced, but familiar sounding narration speaks up over the new logo.

"Face Front, True Believers! There is a New Hero in town!"

 Blue Marvel is seen looking down from the top of a building.

 "Whether he is battling supervillains like psychotic blacksmiths or just helping those in need, The Blue Marvel is always fighting for justice."

 Footage of Marvel chasing down and tackling some purse snatcher is shown.

 "Keeper of 100 amazing powers, he does not see a reward for that is not the way of the Hero. Nuff Said!"

 The Screen shows the logo again.


 The clip ends and now Blue Marvel stands in the ring before speaking up.

 "I was told that Jay Rondel and the Wreckoning are heroes. This will be my first team up if that is true. I will keep an eye on Jay Rondel as we work to keep NEW City's supply of Gold out of the wrong hands. It is hard to tell where Anti-heroes stand, so I hope Jay Rondel can be trusted."

 Marvel points to a camera.

"Make no mistake Jay Rondel, if you or our villain, The Iron Brit, try anything, the hammer of justice will fall swiftly upon you! This is my promise and I always keep my promises, that's Marvel Power 55!"

 Poses Dynamically.

 "I must be going. The Iron Brit plans to steal NEW City's Gold and I must catch him in the act! WOOSH!"

 Marvel runs out of the ring and up the ramp with his arms outstretched. The camera goes to the next section of the show.
Bastion Blud
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 14:42
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo
As time drew closer to the opening of the show and Tyson was speaking demanding Bastion come down the camera view switches to backstage as Bastion was removing his jacket. He turned back to face the camera.

"London. I was born and turned in London long ago. I have made the pilgrimage to Transylvania of course, its important to do. Another is to show dominance when necessary and it seems that I must make an example of you Tyson. I would apologize but I wouldn't mean it. I'm going to enjoy what I'm going to do to you," Bastion wrapped his fists in what appeared to be already blood splattered tape.

"Time isn't wasted for me, I have so much of it... unfortunately for you...yours just ran out. Cue my music," Bastion said starting the walk towards the ring.
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Sun 20 Nov 2016
at 15:00
Sunday, Bloody Sunday promo #2
The camera cuts to a near empty arena, deathly quiet apart from the sounds of NEW workers setting up for the Pay-Per-View. The ring was half-constructed and the crowd fencing was being placed, banners were strewn near the walls. We pan up to the rafters, where Everest is sitting, alone. He talks quietly, looking directly into the camera.

"And so here we are again. New town, new arena, different set of fans but the same goal and the same passion and commitment. Lots of people talk about fire, effort and skill, all things that we need to ensure that we put on a show that inspires and entertains. Others try mind games on their opponent, looking for the psychological edge or to batter them down into submission"

"The truth is, it all comes down to three things. How hard you can hit, how fast you can dodge and how much you can take before they pin your shoulders to the mat or until you tap out. Everything else hangs on that foundation. And as everyone knows, my talent seems to be taking severe punishment. Week upon week, match upon match, chairshots and tables, beat-downs of all shapes and sizes: and I'm still here."

"This Sunday, we will do what we always do: live up to our reputation and the name on the marquee. You will see two of NEW's finest knock seven bells out of each other, and it's not even one of the main events. What other wrestling show can give you that experience, at such an affordable price? NEW can. Why? Because we do it for you."
The screen fades to black, as the Sunday Bloody Sunday title appears, along with the date, time and ordering information.