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Wed 20 Jan 2016
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NEW Staff

 Characters you are likely to encounter that are part of the Next Era Wrestling staff.

 David "The Perfect" Diamond
: A former child actor turned former Pro-wrestler and now the CEO and General Manager of Next Era Wrestling. He is a thin, but fit man with long platinum blonde hair and movie-star good looks, even at his age. There is some argument if Diamond is insane or eccentric or both. He takes advice on occasion from his "assistant", a little white hamster named nibbles, who he claims to be able to understand.

Ruben Vasquez : NEW's Senior referee. He's an old-school by the books ref with no tolerance for any antics (that he manages to see).

Billy "Skip" Wilson
: NEW's junior Referee. Young and impulsive, Skip is easily fooled and a favorite of Heels hoping to take an advantage.

Adam Little
: NEW commentator and analyst. Usually serious and respectful, but he occasionally takes a break from calling the match call his partner out on some of the things they say.

Devin Danvers
: NEW Color Commentator. He is entertaining and charming, but clearly favors the heels and often makes excuses to justify their behavior.

Wendy Reed
: Backstage interviewer. Miss Reed is a generally sunny personality, but is not afraid to ask the tough questions from time to time.