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Sun 24 Jan 2016
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Three Feet from Death
There is a saying in Rokugan: A samurai lives at all times three feet from death, as that is the reach of their iconic weapon, the katana. To be a samurai is to be expected to follow the code of Bushido fully, uncoditionally and to great personal cost. At its core L5R is a game about sacrifice, duty and tragedy, and that is how I intend to run it.

With that in mind, players should fill out the following RTJ form:

Character name:
Character clan:
Character appearance:
Character personality:

Then, answer the Game of 20 Questions, found in the L5R Core Rulebook.

As a sidenote, this game will not involve more than 3 players. I like the idea of a very tight-knit party roaming the Emerald Empire together.
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Sun 24 Jan 2016
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Three Feet from Death
As I will be starting the game off with the Topaz Tournament module, which I find rather excellent, starting characters should be no older than 16 or 17 at most, and would be considered prodigies by their respective families. The Topaz Tournament is essentially a very prestigious gempukku ceremony (essentially a coming of age ritual) where the Great Clans send off their most promising young samurai to compete for the sake of earning future political appointments honor.

This adventure will be Core Rulebook only, so player choices from published supplements will not be allowed.