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Thu 24 Jan 2019
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Enke and the dogmen

Enke and tyhe two dogmen go down to the Gabrielle.

Gregor Pulaski

Olav Snabjorn

Pulaski is team leader. He is Polish. Snabjorn is Norwegian. Neither speaks English well, but Olav makes a point of not speaking Norwegian with Enke while Pulaski is around.

Once you arrive, First Officer Turlow meets you and says that the dog cages are in pieces in the number 5 tween-deck hold.  "Please put them together, would you?"

As you walk over the ship's deck to the hold, Pulaski speaks to Enke apologetically:

"Enke, I know you were to be leader of dog team. Not me. It was accident. No hard feelings?"

Enke Fiskarson
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Thu 24 Jan 2019
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Enke and the dogmen
"Is okay, Gregor," replies Enke. And adds with a grin "But if we meet strange creatures, as boss you go to shake their hand first, eh?"

Once in the hold, Enke will carefully inspect the unassembled dog cages, and make sure they will not cause harm to the dogs in any way.

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Wed 30 Jan 2019
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Enke and the dogmen
The dog cages are all disassembled., lying on thd deck of the Gabrielle.

"OK, let's get to work!," Paluski says.

In a short while he's back, and the three of you are hammering cages together.

There are a lot of them. It takes about 6 hours. You make small talk. Enke and Olav talk about Norway; Paluski talks about how he came over from Poland.

And dogs. You talk about dogs.

Then you go into the tweendeck to put them in place. To reach it, you have to go down a ladder, through a narrow tube.

Beneath the tweendeck is tha main hold, which is currently closed.

Uh-oh! The cages are each two inches too wide to fit between the metal bars of the frames intended to hold them in place.

"Damn it," curses Pulaski, as Olav snorts.
Enke Fiskarson
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Wed 30 Jan 2019
at 12:57
Enke and the dogmen
"Idiots!" scoffs Enke. "Those cages are already small. Steel bars must be moved. I will talk to Herr Moore."

He climbs back up the ladder, idly wondering how the hell they're supposed to get the dogs down this narrow tube, and goes in search of Moore in order to inform him of the problem.