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Sat 27 Feb 2016
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Game Style and Setting - Read First
This is supposed to be a Black Trenchcoat game

Black Trenchcoat games focus more on gritty realism. Bullets and magic are much more deadly, the world is less forgiving of mistakes, and teams tend to spend a lot more time planning their runs and carefully infiltrating their targets instead of busting in with guns blazing. You’re much more likely to see intrigue, backstabbing, and double-crossing in a Black Trenchcoat game; player characters are suspicious and bestow their trust rarely, and even their own teammates might be pursuing agendas that put them at odds with each other. Black Trenchcoat games might also get into some of the darker aspects of the world, like torture, extreme violence, and sexual themes --> this game will not, however, it still is rated PG-13

Things we encourage in this game:
+ Pumping Neurostun into the air conditioning to knock out security
+ A hacker creating a fake personnel file and then using a disguise to walk in though the front door
+ Using non-lethal weapons if a fire fight happens

Things we discourage in this game:
- Using a Panther XXL to take out a sole security guard
- Leaving a note as we leave daring the corp to try and catch us
- Streaming the run live to the Matrix for all to watch

Seattle 2075, March
It is raining again, the sky a lead-gray color. If people have any business that requires going out, they do so in a hurry, not looking to the left and right. A cool wind is blowing, too, reducing any umbrella to a tugging nuisance at best.

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Game Style and Setting - Read First
Seattle map: