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Thu 10 Mar 2016
at 16:02
So you want to join us, eh?  Oh you poor, poor fool...er, oh you wonderfully tasteful, delightful player!  Seriously though, I always like to see interest.  And in the spirit of capturing that Whedonesque feel, I'll do things a little differently for my RTJ.

First off, I have always been a firm believer in choices.  I'll be taking RTJs for about a week, then deciding on a Cast.  You can pitch multiple concepts, but please note that until I figure out who's in, "what do you need" questions will probably not be answerable.  Anyway, here's what you'll need:

Concept: you have a maximum of two normal-sized paragraphs to introduce me to your character.  History, personality, foibles, That Thing We Don't Talk About At Thanksgiving, whatever you want to push to the forefront about your character to make me say "I need this character in the game!"  You've got 2 paragraphs or less, make 'em count.

Casting: who do you envision playing your character?  Why?  And is it a particular version (for example, inspired by an actor's role in one particular movie/tv show, or does something about hem overall draw to you)?

Credits; 3-4 briefs scenes of your character that would make it into the opening credits.  Another chance to give me a snapshot of your character and how they fit into the world.

CineUni experience: are you familiar with the Cinematic Unisystem (mainly represented by Angel and B:tVS)?  Not owning the core rules is not an unforgivable sin, but not knowing the way the system as a whole works could be a problem.

Whedonverse RPG experience: have you played in any Buffy or Angel games?  Doesn't matter if they're tabletop or online.  If you have, feel free to brag.
 GM, 4 posts
Tue 15 Mar 2016
at 16:49
Quick update: I will probably cut off RTJs on Friday.  Very nice group of them so far, so it's going well!
 GM, 5 posts
Sun 20 Mar 2016
at 19:33
RTJs are now closed.  I'm (fairly) sure I should have a Cast chosen by Monday night, EST.
 GM, 7 posts
Thu 24 Mar 2016
at 14:33
And we have a Cast!  For anyone who wasn't accepted, I will assume you'd like to be waitlisted unless you tell me otherwise.