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Sat 12 Mar 2016
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House Rules
-Cover increases the character’s ranged defense by 1.
-Talents that remove setback will grant boost dice if there are no setbacks to remove.
-Jury-Rigged cannot be used to reduce the advantage cost of Auto-fire. Additionally, Auto-fire additional hits are capped at your ranks in the relevant Ranged weapon skill, with a minimum of 1 extra hit. (EG - with 2 ranks in Ranged (Heavy) your character can activate Auto-fire to generate 2 hits beyond the first, assuming you have the advantages to do so. With no ranks in Ranged (Heavy) you may only generate one additional hit.)
-Pressure point talent cannot be used with brawl weapons (shock gloves, vibroknucklers, etc.) Additionally, the soak negation is reduced by one per rank of Adversary the talent posesses.